Carpet Viper (Is this the fastest striking snake?) – with Andrew Ucles

Carpet Viper (Is this the fastest striking snake?) – with Andrew Ucles

but judge now if you want to watch a full documentary all you got to do is click on the below link and I’ll take you right there having said that I’ve got two new views but you’re coming out soon so keep your eyes well this little guy he’s called the carpet Viper they can pack one hell of a punch even though he’s so small this guy here is that venomous that I bought from a guy like this out here you be in all sorts of trouble hey mate you all right you just hear a little noise and he’s making and the way he’s making that noise is this is rubbing his scales together as making that wah is this how super quick is a bite from this guy out here you’re being all sorts of trouble hey you’re right mate look at you you see he’s not moving it’s just keeping himself posed in that s position you just see well he’s got his mouth open you’re right you’re right hey yeah okay I’ll tell you what these guys here at pinpoint accuracy they’ll pick a spot and they’ll hit it 100% of the times they’re so quick it’s not funny yeah okay mate now this guy here particularly out here along the rocks you let anything from insects small lizards I’ll tell you what when you strike setter you hit some so quick it’s not funny yeah this is a story of unveiling the truth not through a pair of binoculars or a car safety window this is Africa through my eyes

Randy Schultz

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61 thoughts on “Carpet Viper (Is this the fastest striking snake?) – with Andrew Ucles

  1. Linus Jörgensen says:


  2. Simon 'Ghost' Riley says:

    This guy have a job? Can't imagine him in desk job

  3. Fank Daggot says:

    I'm still not sure who's cooler. Andrew Uncles or Coyote Peterson.

  4. Aled Siever says:

    Aussie Aussie Aussie …..

  5. joshua morrison says:

    dat sunburn tho

  6. Smetlogik says:

    Insane how quick a strike is from one of those. Even though Andrew was out of striking distance, it's hard not to flinch every time it struck.

  7. Douglas Kelban says:

    Have fun : better you than me : that snake is FAST.

  8. Chikis Martinez says:

    Lmao don't like this comment.

  9. usher smith says:

    what happens to the old Andrew and his old amazing videos

  10. JustJP100 says:

    You Aussies are nuts! 🙂

  11. ZedXFusioN-X7 says:

    Keep yar eyes ouut

  12. Amanda Mammana says:

    Awesome Andrew!! You are SOOOOOO COOL!!??

  13. Dragon Dude says:

    I love this amazing dude he's sooooo cool

  14. Jayden Stacker says:

    Make longer videos!

  15. Naps 187 says:

    keep up the good work

  16. Mike says:

    Ucles you are the greatest!

  17. Kevin Reisch says:

    Go catch me a monitor lizard of sorts?

  18. WillIsRandom says:

    This content is so in-superior to your old stuff. Shame…

  19. B53P_Honda says:

    10 mins of the vid being out and already has 3000 views and over 200 likes

  20. moshtarakman says:

    @0:43 and put it on 0.25x speed. Snake is still fast AF

  21. Mega Grair says:

    I subbed to this channel about 3 months ago. What made me fall in love was the adventures he would take us on, trapping and catching animals, all while teaching about them. Since I've subbed, though, it has been nothing but 1:30–2:00 minute videos (20 seconds of which are the same intro) promoting his documentary. I get that you want people to buy it, but I feel like you should be taking us on more in depth adventures on this YouTube channel. Instead of showing us an animal, show us how you found it, and then teach us about it. This channel is getting right Boeing lately, but I think I'll hold off on un subbing for a while still.

  22. Kirk Turner says:

    I guess you'd be in all sorts of trouble if you got bit by this guy out here

  23. Alex Gibson says:

    Miss your old videos, can you dress up as a hippo to catch a great white or something

  24. Dmetal23 says:

    Have you ever thought about making longer videos along the same style of Primitive Technology? I would love to see you hit 1 million subs but I don't think it's possible with these extremely short videos.

  25. GK PRO 799 says:

    go to alligator

  26. MR_ King says:

    Suode arbiana سعودي يلد

  27. Phoenix Wright says:

    I'm curious how long it takes you to track these animals down.

  28. Gigi Gigi says:

    Dude you are Davy Crockett???

  29. kriswthak says:

    not even funny

  30. Ohad T. says:

    Can't wait to see you on national geographic! I'm sure it will be soon!

  31. Zaber Ansary says:

    Ucles and Primitive Technology – My Fav Aussy Wild Youtubers

  32. slyonme says:

    you have to pay to watch his sellout

  33. Amaranu says:

    I dont want to pay to see the full documentary… what should i do ?

  34. viktor bilalov says:

    Снимай ролики подлиннее американское говно

  35. Ninja Dog says:

    u should hv ur own TV show

  36. Bobwatermellon says:

    you know it must be dangerous if he didn't even pick it up

  37. Sayian_Bobby says:

    what did he do in the beginning of the video

  38. Stevebomer says:

    Steve Irwin+Ace Ventura= Andrew Ucles

  39. La 5.3 says:

    Hey Andrew !!

  40. Alec L says:

    Hits so quick it's not funny

  41. Duke Louver says:

    trying to imitate the crocodile hunter; wonder what will be his demise?

  42. Ginailda Maria says:

    eu sou do Brasil e admiro muito vc Parabéns

  43. Awkward Wendy’s kid says:

    Hey Andrew have you ever gotten bitten by a venomous snake ps love your vids

  44. Mallard Duck says:

    Andrew? you're alive thank god I thought you were dead?

  45. MulishaPatrol says:

    This guy here has just been released from the funny farm haha nuckin futs

  46. PaP says:

    why dont you have your own TV show?

  47. Breaking Toast says:

    more vids please andrew great stuff mate

  48. Omar says:

    alright we get it you have a documentary you want us to buy.

  49. Azamat B says:

    this guys gonna die

  50. Jonny Colón says:

    Hey Andrew, are you planning on making another documentary? I'm hoping you are, man!

  51. John RedWood says:

    You should check out TarraDarraBros in Australia.

  52. AAron Thom says:

    Always great to see your new videos Andrew. ?

  53. Sammi Poulsen says:

    its not funny

  54. Taceu says:

    Hello Andrew!!! GREAT JOB on the videos and content I love the adventurous videos and the great positive energy they have!???? I was planning on going to Australia one day to explore and enjoy the wonders would it be possible to meet with you? and if so where could I contact you to maybe one day explore and adventure together!

  55. Mohamed Tlili says:

    love u man x'D greating from Tunisia v)

  56. c: Methods says:

    If you put the video speed on .25 at exactly 21 seconds into the video, you can see how his brain is functioning at much higher synapses per minute than a human. I have slowed down videos of hawks as well, they have really crazy eye movement speeds when they are in the air ( check the dubai hawk video)

  57. Romni Torres says:

    where dey at doe?

  58. Eddy says:

    you should say the movie is 9.99 because i was over here thinking it was like 30 bucks

  59. nobody has says:

    What's more deadly pit viper Vs carpet viper

  60. Frisbee Freer says:

    I really don't like it when people who are trying to educate us about something like this, take foolish risks. Putting his face and body so close to this deadly snake is not setting a good example. Steve Irwin did the same thing and it made me cringe, because when kids see that, they think it is something they can do. Set a better example, guys!! You can teach us about these animals with out the "macho" performance.

  61. Rodney Caupp says:

    So, if you have a Carpet Viper, half a meter long, and the strike speed rate, is 7 meters per second, at .5 meters distance to your hand, he has injected you in about .o6 seconds. Get away from that snake after having gotten to close. You likely wouldn't make it.

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