Cape Tribulation – Crocodiles, Reefs and Vegan Pizza Vlog!

Cape Tribulation – Crocodiles, Reefs and Vegan Pizza Vlog!

Cape Tribulation is one of my favourite destinations in the world. hey there Leaf. That’s not raining in the rain forest anymore last night when we arrived It was just a downpour, so we’re a bit nervous about today It’s a gorgeous day, so I’m just going down to the beach to have some breakfast There’s a reason Far North Queensland is probably one of my favourite places in the world Here. I am in Cape Tribulation where The rainforests have been around since the dinosaur age. It’s one of the oldest rainforests in the world Majority of it is still preserved and a jungle in there So now there’s a chance to see so many different types of animals You can even hear them, I’m staying at the cape trib beach house which boasts for its eco ways I don’t really know what eco here means so that is definitely one of the things I’m going to find out Cape Tribulation is completely isolated so everything they have here is self-sufficient Their toilet facilities and everything have to be eco recycle with new things and they get all their energy from a big power grid The great thing about being up north in Queensland is the abundance of fresh fruit that is around So I’m enjoying my breakfast and lunch of just Bananas around the tens. This is a weird thing I can’t I can’t remember the name of Kiwis. Just anything I can find and it’s absolutely delicious, so My friends who I’m here with actually went on an ocean safari today where they got to go snorkeling and check out the reef unfortunately due to my health in the past week where I’ve had pretty severe tonsillitis and The fact that it costs a lot of money I decided not to go on the tour however. They do have my GoPro with instructions to take some photos of the reef so I can see Is going on a little bit better? Yeah Great yeah that thing will take on small invertebrates To the ones at the back are also quite centering if they’re waiting for something a technic on behind, yeah

Randy Schultz

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33 thoughts on “Cape Tribulation – Crocodiles, Reefs and Vegan Pizza Vlog!

  1. David Girsh says:

    Awesome part of the world

  2. Nancy Plants says:

    That place looks beautiful!

  3. Lenka Koutnakova says:

    what is the name of the yellow fruit which you are eating at the beginning of this video?

  4. Rebecca Vocal Athlete says:

    Wow looks amazing. I want some of that fruit

  5. Vegan Diver Katt says:

    Have you travelled to Far North Queensland?! This is just a snippet of the most amazing place in the world.

  6. Tommy Kelly says:

    What a beautiful place 😃

  7. Mike Merrill says:

    Total Awesomeness

  8. Melissa Thorburn says:

    One day I will visit, Looks so lovely.

  9. Centsible Living With Money Mom says:

    The pizza looks so yummy  to me.

  10. Madalina Zbranca says:

    That place looks amazing! And all that fruit… Yum! I need to travel more 🙂

  11. Living the life you love says:

    I STAYED HERE! OMG! SO MANY FEELS hahahah you're killing me. Such a beautiful place, the beaches are beautiful and the stars. Omg. ❤️

  12. Gaby Fernandes says:

    I loved this!! You made me want to travel there so badly haha, can’t wait to see more of your videos!

  13. NASHA Travel says:

    i love how resourceful your channel is. seems like your living such a calm tranquil lifestyle

  14. Gemma Jordan Vlog says:

    I love it there I visited a few years back! I had a wonderful few days! Love your video! PS. Your accent is lovely where is it from?

  15. Ziva the dog says:

    we are new subbies

  16. Cristian Gabriel Groman says:

    Super! 😉 Nice places!

  17. Retete usoare says:

    i sub to your beautiful channel

  18. Ann David says:

    Beautiful video….Hope you are feeling better…Tonsillitis is no fun…Returning your visit.

  19. O W N B Channel - Old Wine in New Bottle. says:

    Awesome..!!!👏👏👏Beautiful video 👌👌
    Subbed 👍👍liked👍😍😍Stay connected ❤️💙💚💙👍👍👍

  20. Danni says:

    Wow it looks so beautiful there! Love your personality and all your videos are great 🙂 can't wait for more!

  21. Takis Travel says:

    Very nice and informative video. 👍👍👍👍👍
    Thanks for your subscription. I subbed back.
    Warm greetings from Athens.
    🌺 🌺 🌺 🌺 🌺


    Hi it’s me again doll😍🌺💕🌸I’m happy to have subbed to your Channel and hit the bell 🛎 too! Let’s keep in touch!!! I adooooore your location 🌸🌹🌺☘️🌱🌴🍀☘️🌿and I do diving and snorkeling in the Mediterranean but Australia must really be wonderful 🏄‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️🏖it’s full different animals and insects …. such a nice place for living 🖼

  23. TaraLee says:

    wow it is so beautiful there!
    its amazing the species are remaining unchanged!
    glad humans haven't ruined it.

  24. The Not Busy Life says:

    You had me until the spiders!

  25. Marine Research Expeditions - Project Manaia says:

    Hey its been a while but i kept following (when connection was available). Was wondering if you would still like to do a colab sort video? I am back in relyable internet land for the next three weeks, so coukd be a great time! Thanks already!

  26. Glamour girl says:

    Love Vegan pizza 😍😍 Australian Beaches are the best !!

  27. SunFlowers Vixen says:

    Looks beautiful and health vlog

  28. Marianna Vlogs says:

    That beach is so beautiful!! Also that pizza looks amazing ❤️❤️❤️

  29. Tianna Ouellette says:

    AHHH!! that looks like so much fun! im watching this and im stuck in snow!

  30. KWOT altern says:

    It's GREAT!!!

  31. The Wander Life says:

    Will be hitting Aus in August for 2 years. This place is definitely on the to do list – the spiders though – the size of that thing.BRRRR YUCK haha

  32. Linny is says:

    Wow, it looks so amazing and tropical there! I loved seeing the reefs and the exotic fish. Also that pizza looks delicious! 😍

  33. Chnae Alisha says:

    This video makes me want to visit Australia so bad! The reef and fish look amazing!

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