Cap Maison St Lucia Experiences – Turtle Hatchings

Cap Maison St Lucia Experiences – Turtle Hatchings

Leatherback turtle hatchings are common at the Cap Maison beach. About November to March about 200 of them was hatched from the sand coming up. And uh, While they were making their way back into the water this little one this little baby in the hatching leatherback turtle was washed away. The waves were very intense. It got washed back onto the beach. We had this lovely guest which nurtured that that really lovely turtle back to life. Give it some… give it some water give it some seaweed like like in it’s own habitat. In a, in a little container. And when it got it’s strength back this lovely guest walked it back bypassed the waves and let it, let loose of it. Everybody dreamed about seeing this and um uh To see that… hundreds of them hatch it’s a once in a lifetime dream.

Randy Schultz

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