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  1. Ofelia Gremio says:

    Why not build a zoo XD

  2. Irie Rogue says:

    Sunrise is one gorgeous baby. Bruce made clipping the babies' nails look easy peasy, I hope it goes just as well for me when I clip my Pubba and Eyebrows' nails!

  3. Josiah Fowler says:

    Brian should make another video dedicated to boas

    Like so brian can see

  4. SalmonBoa420 says:

    12:27 Got'um!! LoL

  5. Elardo Fleming says:

    I dnt know why watching the monitors nails cut was so peaceful and satisfying hard to believe that she was so well behaved great job

  6. Trisha Audette says:

    Another great video!!

  7. Sheyenne Peterson says:

    OMG I love Albino Snakes !!! 😍😍

  8. Michael Ross says:

    You get a new vehicle

  9. Shawn Baker says:

    Brian I thought it was neat you kinda handed the reigns to the staff today! I really enjoyed it. FYI I'm not saying I don't enjoy you lol

  10. Daniel Jones says:

    “And we are about to grill this lizard”
    “No! Don’t say that” 😂😂😂😂😂

  11. sandyc6569 says:

    Loved this with the BHB team doing their thing! Awesome video!!!

  12. Jacob Simmons says:


    You pulled the pin on the grenade. BOOM.

  13. brandon vincent says:

    Loved them all pal including this one.. also how much are the rarest ball pythons being sold for on your end?

  14. Tyler Lavoie says:

    “Its amazing how good chicken strip has gotten” as he continues to go crazy🤣

  15. Monster says:

    After about 4 years, I guess today's the day I unfollow you, your clickbait titles are nauseating.

  16. California Critic says:

    Obasuko, has come so far from where she was. Great job by Bruce.

  17. Tyler Lavoie says:

    I wish you could’ve gotten jungle jack hanna on the Vlog! I love that dude hes absolutely nuts

  18. Samm Da'Mannn says:

    Man you should have your own show on animal planet for real!

  19. Robson de Souza says:

    Awesome video brother….

  20. Chris Johnson says:

    Hey brain I was wondering if you know my boss his name is mike rossco he is the part owner of the reptile shop in temecula ca we are almost done with the move and I take care of all the animals their so if you can please right back to me to let me know if you do know him thanks for all of your hard work I can't wait to meet you one day

  21. rachael archer says:

    Sunrise is a beautiful snake :).

  22. Black Dragons Canada says:

    Bruce is the man!

  23. Jared Toth says:

    Good morning Brian and team, i love the vlogs and all the work you all do keep it up
    How do you keep the reptiles warm during transport especially on long trips?

  24. brandon harden says:

    Wake up watch the vlog that's what's on my mind first thing in the mornings

  25. GalaxyRose says:

    Hi brian could you do more videos with daisy

  26. Randi Kinton says:

    Bruce trimming nails was great—Sunrise is so beautiful

  27. Dustin McDonald says:

    I thought sunrise passed away after the public school thing

  28. Chris-Tina Moore Designs says:

    Do you giveaways python

  29. DJ Pelle says:

    I love the video Brian!

  30. Susan Speight says:

    Noah, your Aussie accent is terrible! You need to stop. OTOH, Bruce has done an incredible job with Chicken Strip!

  31. Chad Tew says:

    Bruce is the man!!!! I cant get my own dogs to stay that still for me to do their nails. Love the vlog!!!!

  32. bratgrl1977 says:

    Bruce is doing such a great job with all the animals! I hope some day in the future I get to visit the Reptarium.

  33. heirofthedog1 says:

    I know it was more of a "need to do" vlog what with you being out on the road, but I really enjoyed seeing more of the crew and their bits. Love it when Lori feeds her tortoises, such a wonderful smile always beams across her face. 💚

  34. John Phillips says:

    The crew are hard workers ✔️ I hate sat navs 😳Lori some beautiful Christmas trees needing homes 🌲 road trip with Brian ✔️ poor Noah must have a bad throat 😱were those ALIENS 👽 Having photos taken. Area 51 🤔. Awesome vlog 👍🏻

  35. BlaireJack727 says:

    I wish the three Labradors I trimmed today acted as good as the lizards!

  36. Kayla Pugh says:

    Loved the Vlog

  37. Joshua Josol says:

    Kudos to yor crew. They're amazing.

  38. Ben Ogden says:

    Think your all amazing people 👍

  39. Matt Denman says:

    Slow mo toothless at 12:28 😂 🤢

  40. Amy Brannan says:

    Omg I'm so sad. I'm in Columbus ohio.

  41. Jan Lovett says:

    I was lucky enough to be able to work at my local zoo when I was younger. It started as a zoology group thing and turned into a job that I will never forget. I got to work with every type of animal and it was like a dream!

  42. Haeli Templeton says:

    Loving seeing Bruce’s work with the monitors

  43. Kristina Fowler says:

    After watching all that all i can think about is where is Casper? Was he in his water dish?

  44. brokenredflag says:

    Bruce slayd it today!!! Well done. I loooooved this video 0o0

  45. Jus a Bunny Haller says:

    Brian, I watch everyday, you’re a great inspiration. I’ve been to the reptarium and hope to get a blue eyed lucy from you guys. Congratulations! You have reached your life dream, you literally are a zookeeper! 🙂 sometimes we need someone else to call us out on our accomplishments. Hope you have a great start of your day.

  46. robin hansler says:

    Noah stop. No Steve Irwin

  47. Mrs. Sery says:

    Bruce's voice sounds so familiar but I can't quite put my finger on it… Like maybe similar to a voice actor in an animated/anime show or movie I've seen, driving me crazy trying to remember which one tho. (Edit) So I re-watched Bruce's portion towards the end, and I think because of the similar tones, and the use of the name "Toothless" my brain matched Bruce's voice to Hiccup's from How to Train Your Dragon… Anyone else hear it?

  48. Steve Lender says:

    Awesome Brian

  49. Sincere Ramano says:

    Brian an Lori hi I just wanted to let you guys know every morning I look forward to watching your videos an even when I'm in a bad mood when I watch your videos it makes my mood lots better I wanna say thanks a bunch for all your hard work keeping all of us entertained an happy 😊😍😘 have a bless day 😘💖💕💕💕

  50. Sandro Siedler says:

    Please more from Bruce and the Dragons 🙏

  51. Shelby Hance says:

    Brian have u ever bred a GHI to a butter morph

  52. Son Of Odin says:

    It makes me sad when the vlog ends😢

  53. Lisa Tomsky says:

    It was great to see Ashley and Jessica and Bruce giving their own class . They are the wheels that pull through the reptarium and BHB it was just nice to see them explaining what they do they should do that more often 👍😁👍💚🐍🦎🐉🐢🐊💚It was Amazing!!!

  54. Lisa Tomsky says:

    I am still shocked that Bruce can open up ubasuko and holds her like a baby on his shoulder that is remarkable he is definitely the monitor whisper great job Bruce 👍🦎👍😁

  55. Lisa Tomsky says:

    Love the dramatic music in the background when feeding Ubusuko !!! 🤩👍

  56. Steven Miller says:

    Bruce, you wouldn't cut my dogs nails that way…………….He absolutely hates getting his nails trimmed you can do anything to him but he goes psyco when you get near his foot with nail clippers!!!

  57. Logan Jones says:

    Brian you have inspired me to want to also become a reptile breeder. Hope I will succeed but I will have to wait a couple years

  58. Michelle Morningstar says:

    Hello Brian That Nice You Will Travel # hours Yes Friends do that as long as they do it back.. your vlogs are the bomb.. epic Thanks so much..

  59. todd moore says:

    Excellent video. Until Noah ruined it.

  60. Amber Jones says:

    Gonna need to see more of " Steve Grills"…😂😂

  61. Jaier Hasnoe says:

    what happened 12:27 ?

  62. Louise Mckenzie says:

    Loved seeing all of the crew ❤️

  63. Crystal yanez says:

    You guys have the coolest job, honestly I want to work with you guys!! I love animals!! Especially reptiles..

  64. Sherry Lynn Madcat says:

    Brian, there was quite a bit to see with this vlog. It was interesting to see how much you enjoy driving and helping out your friends. That one mistake driving was a good outcome on time too. Nice luck on that one. It is nice to see when you enjoy going on a trip. Plus, I understand your feelings about wanting to work as a zookeeper. The zoos are always an interesting adventure. At least I think so. I had a work term at the Toronto Zoo when I did a course in animal care. It was great! You would have loved it. This one zookeeper even showed me this area down a hill which is where movies are often made. Part of Firestarter was made there. So I can truly understand your sentiment about your friend's place. That kind of stuff is so interesting!

    Bruce, it is amazing how you do with the lizards. You have a great feel for how they act and react to stimuli. I am also impressed with your use of the guillotine clippers. The part that moves usually catches when I have used them so I do prefer the scissor style. You also have impressive skills with the invertebrates. I know they were not showcased today but I had to say it.

    Noah, Noah, Noah. You need to work on that accent. It … isn't quite where you would probably like it to be. Either way, that was amusing with you and Eric. Keep smiling and making us smile with you.

    Oh man … gals, I'm so sorry. Sorry. I forget some people's names if I don't say or write them often enough. I'll probably forget Bruce's name by tomorrow. Uhm … the ball pythons. I agree with you about that line. They are gorgeous and I would love to see the purple with the stripes down the back as well. I agree that they would look awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your picks.

    Geckos … sorry, forgot your name too. Jessica? Sorry. Anyway, that hatchling you showed off that was born this year is gorgeous. You showed it off when it was a tiny guy, didn't you? My one girl is a super snow as well but not an eclipse. My Santorma is pretty but that eclipse you showed has a wonderful pattern. I so love seeing the geckos. You do a great job with them!

    Lori, you just love those tortoises and that's all there is to it. That is great to see when you love what you do and how Mattilda loves you back. The smaller shell-backs seem to adore you as well. OH! There was this article in the news that may interest you. A tortoise was burned badly and this Brazillian group, the Animal Avengers (I know it's great) made a custom 3D printed shell for him. If you haven't seen that one you might want to Google it. At least I think you would like the story. The tortoise's name is Freddy.

    This was a fun vlog seeing behind the scenes with the others. Jay, you are blowing us away with those images and all of the video work. The close shots of the claw clipping and how you showed off patterns on other animals are all two thumbs up. Love it!

    Oh boy, this is a long comment. One more idea … Eric, have you thought of maybe lining up the water cups and using a small water jug to quickly administer the water out? That way you would have a line of water cups ready to put into the trays. That could make the job a bit faster and easier on you. Just an idea. You seem to really enjoy the feedings. It's always satisfying to see that they are eating and doing well. Kudos Eric 🙂

    Take care and have fun everyone! L8tr g8trs!

  65. tony 2x says:

    Noah is too much lol

  66. CurisityKilledTheCat None says:

    Could you put chicken strip and toothless in the same encloser? Would they get along or would they fight? I think it would be awesome seeing them make friends!

  67. Kofi Appiah says:

    lol Mr Brian, that means your GPS is shit, should of had the best route from the beginning.

  68. HarleyQuinnSB says:

    Around 2:47 you can see brain spitting while hes talking lol I died laughing lmao

  69. Melissa Vines says:

    Loved the crew doing the vlog for the day. Lots of good info from everyone. And I hate to admit it but the crew is a bit more calm and I do enjoy that a bit more.

  70. Emily Sherrill says:


  71. Shonie Englehart says:

    how is matilda??

  72. Matt Gregory says:

    I dont think brian likes me unfortunately I watch all his videos and support bhb tho

  73. Annie Kwaussie says:

    Bruce has done such an awesome job with training all the lizards. The change I in them is remarkable

  74. Daniel Jones says:

    We need a Bruce and Jessica reptile room tour!

  75. Savvycat Plays says:

    Am i the only one who feels late?

  76. Kunal Solanki says:

    Have more Eric in the vlog he makes your vlog funny

  77. Marshall Hambrick Baseball says:

    Team tree

  78. Sherry Brzeczka says:

    Ubusuku just amazes me in her turnaround. Great job Bruce!

  79. Ackage says:

    The more I see Bruce the more I am impressed, he truly has a gift when it comes to animals

  80. David Gust says:

    You are a zookeeper. 🙂

  81. jashaun gibson says:

    Joe and 5th to get to know if I don't think it will work on a lot rest 5th

  82. DrdiabetesYT says:

    I'm thinking about getting a ball python Any tips

  83. waffleWarrior16 says:

    I like Bruce doing the video too 🙂

  84. Aaron Perkinson says:

    Saving time when I miss my exit literally NEVER happens to me!!

  85. Dave Malin says:

    Is that a van or suv?

  86. Neretaire Amenhotep says:

    Super nifty!!!!!

  87. sheila tennis says:

    Dude (Brian), you own a zoo, silly 😜. I loved the video of the tortoise eating the lettuce 🥬, it was sweet to see her face while she was enjoying one of her favorite foods from one her favorite people.

  88. Randy Potter says:

    HELLO Brian YOU own, run and breed reptiles YOU ARE A ZOO KEEPER !!!

  89. johnny feathers says:

    Quick question do the reptiles have a quick in their claws the same as dogs and cats do?

  90. potato chip. says:

    You are a zoo owner/keeper nice video.

  91. Angela Ruskowsky says:

    Steve Grills, good one. 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  92. Lexus Morrow says:

    I just got my first normal female ball python from you today! I freakin love her, thanks for what you do. You make me love reptiles even more.

  93. Lynn says:

    Looks like Brain lost some weight. Good he has a dangerous job and needs to be fit..

  94. Reptiles OP says:


  95. Stormolaid says:

    I love the squirrel shirt

  96. Davo UpNYa says:

    Music is a bit loud !

  97. Just another gamer says:

    20 minutes, half hour ='s 3 hours later…Kelsey and Jessica back to back…is today my birthday? beautiful goddesses

  98. Linda McAndrews says:

    You all are a well oiled machine, and you all have each other's back. Great job crew. Bruce amazing job, your next career can be an animal nail tech. I've got 6 cats that could use you. They run as soon as they see the clippers.

  99. Laurel’s Tarantula Nook says:

    It’s always a comedic moment when Eric enters the scene 😂😂😂❤️

  100. John Knouse says:

    Ummmmmm, Brian, you ARE a zoo-keeper!

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