Can These Chefs Turn A Kid’s Dragon Drawing Into Delicious Dishes? • Tasty

Can These Chefs Turn A Kid’s Dragon Drawing Into Delicious Dishes? • Tasty

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Can These Chefs Turn A Kid’s Dragon Drawing Into Delicious Dishes? • Tasty

  1. Roli Srivastava says:

    I HATE Merle she is just jealous

    It’s my OPINION btw lol

  2. Mya Beauty says:

    I love Keturah lol

  3. This Is Our Life Edits says:

    Why she eating on the first one like if she never ate before

  4. lorrel ッ says:

    honesty id ask for a super fudgy cake with fondant flames with a dragon made from fondant on the top 🐉 🥴

  5. ItzMe A Røbïn says:

    I bet you if the Asian woman was in the kitchen she would’ve throughly if boba. I’m so freaking mad

  6. am a DoRiTo LaLaLaLaLa says:

    19:13 lol😂😂😂

  7. no one says:

    The kid literally said that she liked spaghetti and fish, clearly she's more into savoury. Why would you make a plate full of sweet

  8. Chilun L says:

    But spaghetti and fish taste gud together , here in the Philippines put tuna in our carbonara

  9. Clark says:

    Keturah is THAT BITCH . WE STAN 😔🙌

  10. joy Stilton#1 says:

    I would love to be in one of your shows!! I'm 11 and I'm vegan so yea these people will be perfect

  11. Louise Denehy says:

    Ketura reminds me of Tahani from the good place. 😂😂😂

  12. Afroze Khan says:

    "use your imagination dahling"

  13. Whacky Science says:

    "I've never been to a dragon's birthday party" UNBELIEVABLE

  14. Rona Tadifa says:


  15. Latonya Wilson says:

    The moral here: Stay in your lane.

  16. Cata Pezo says:

    I’m really hoping Keturah wins, I just like her energy and all the creativity she’s putting on her plate
    Kids usually pick the sweet dishes, despite saying they like savory food, so I’m nervous for her 🤞🏼

  17. NayNay H. says:

    Im going to start doing this with my kids

  18. MyBTSbabiesareinthebuilding! Plusthevamps27 says:

    I’m hoping to be a professional chef and I immediately figured out what could be used too make this plate

  19. Hqiey says:

    The cake wasn’t vegan tho

  20. Adalyn chung says:

    The cooks are so creative!!!

  21. oof_Dog 0911 says:

    Omg tilapia is my favorite fish and bangus 😍😍

  22. GalaxyRose 83 says:

    “It’s a lava rock”
    Me: excuse me, did you even do year 6 science?


  23. Elizabeth Roze says:

    6:15 use your imagination darling.

  24. Sailaja kl says:

    At 2:04 who laughed she said mom's spaghetti 😂

  25. Loly Lol says:

    Keturahs dish would be my dinner and merles dish would be my dessert

  26. Trojans Trojans says:

    Merle: are you ready for this?
    Me: zimzalabiiiiiiiiiiim

  27. Esheemah Basila says:

    Did no one think of a Sherly temple as a drink

  28. Mady Marshall says:

    10:38 her face sells it all, lol

  29. Rori 123 says:

    Why the British girl all fancy bro! If I was doing that tee-shirt and a bun NO MAKE UP or at least a little

  30. Aili Purples You!!!: I no longer have jams. says:

    19:42 Am I the only one who thought she said so cruel.

  31. Madeline Nguyen says:

    I want to be in this I’m a old child;-;-

  32. BERNARD SOO says:

    how about keturah and rie compete each other

  33. ꧁ARTYX꧂ says:

    Shes way too cringy for a nine yr old unless she just turned nine

  34. ꧁ARTYX꧂ says:

    These arent the things dragons eat. These are what they produce

  35. ꧁ARTYX꧂ says:

    You win a pathetic picture. By a nine year old.

  36. IX Fireninja1000 Gaming says:

    I would expect a kid to pick the cake cuz u know kids but I mean good choice

  37. Angelica Bundza says:

    I would use popping candy for the rocks lol

  38. Farahshady Kamel says:

    What the heck

  39. Farahshady Kamel says:

    How didn't the cake win

  40. Ashley Burns says:

    How do you get on the show because I’m 10 And really like the show and want to be on here

  41. Zuhera Abdurahman says:

    Kid:I'm gonna say the suppergeti
    Other chef:hahaha (sarcastically )
    Me:oooff 😯 I can see the saddnes

  42. Sav's Stories and Stuff says:

    I want to see more of the girl In the pink outfit she cool

  43. Tori Robles says:

    For the drink i would do bubble tea ☕️

  44. jadai Boulware says:

    i love merle's dish.

  45. Katherine Guillot says:

    I really wan't to be on this show cuz im a kid sadly im not gonna be on this show T-T

  46. Alaina P says:

    “She likes pasta and fish…”

    Merlee: *gives her a full plate of diabetes

  47. Reese Main says:

    I think the dishes complemented each other it was like dinner and desert

  48. Butthole Sadness says:

    She looks so awkward

  49. Hello Hello Hello says:

    “Bobs your uncle, Fanny’s your aunt,Magic Kay Presto,Boom Bish Bash Bosh” 😂😂😂😂

  50. Alexes Wright says:

    Mom’s spaghetti. We all heard Eminem right

  51. xPitki says:

    0:25 hi my name is catrina

  52. lemon cream says:

    I wanna be in dis show!

    Mostly because of the food

  53. Kylie Star says:

    I think this little girl is happy that Australia is burning 😦🔥🔥

  54. Tropic Sunday says:

    Hey did they not make a bubble tea like :-=)

  55. Savannah Espinoza says:

    Why did no one do boba it would have been perfect

  56. White Walker says:

    The difference between the 2 dishes and the efforts omg

  57. Madelyn Kuehne says:

    I thought they would have done bubble tea

  58. Charlotte Brackenbury says:

    Why is only Asian or black kids on this show.. this show is racist against white people

  59. Nha Nguyen says:

    Jolly ranchers don’t taste good together different flavors and melted

  60. Kissiedhat 24 says:

    De hecho yo también pensé que elegiría los spaghettis, por que nada se compara a la sensación de estar comiendo algo que nos prepara mamá

  61. ———Lucky Chan——— says:

    Imagine working at a restaurant and you ask the kid what they want, and they pull out a giant board and draw their dish 😂

  62. Banana Bread says:

    How do you get on the show?

  63. Dont Click says:

    I like the taste of flames

  64. Cece Bug says:

    4.40 “she said I’ll be wearing”

  65. Iry Brown says:

    Is it just me it is Keturah’s accent all I could focus on.

  66. London Beadley says:

    Yassssssss girl

  67. The 1Rommie says:

    How was Merle throwing some hate on Katurahs dish?

    If she’s not that’s alright but does anybody know?

  68. dewd im an idiot says:

    Keturah, darling… I love you so much 😂 gap twins! 😆

  69. Aqua The Wolf says:

    Her reaction scared me it was so big

  70. Marisol Willard says:

    I’m vegan 😁

  71. Star Sushi says:

    Oh mah GAAAAAAAAAAAH it’s amazing.

  72. Eamane x says:

    I need Keturahs Energy. And her accent! She‘s so fricking beautiful 🥺💫

  73. Ilaria Capasso says:

    9:52 she breaks spaghetti in half
    Me(an italian):*dies in pain*

  74. Ashantii VU PRODUCTIONS says:

    I would’ve made a strawberry lemonade

  75. DanceBaby03 says:

    Ok bring them both back on the show

  76. Jazlyn Martinez says:

    I want to be on this show I'm 11

  77. Madx xKnight says:

    Me right when I hear about the rock drink:BOBA

  78. YouTube Account says:

    I thought of Boba tea on her drink ;-;

  79. YouTube Account says:

    These kids are lucky I would've took the whole dish home both of them

  80. RioSipsSomeTea says:


  81. Paolo Miguel Bongalos says:

    what's the taste of a popcorn dipped in chocolate?

  82. Girly_things_ Kenzie en jo-ailey says:

    You should have used boba tea, that would have been perfect!

  83. Isabelle Burdge says:

    Keturah is so elegant and lovely!

  84. Hailey H. says:

    I like katurahs more💕

  85. Sandy Charlot says:

    Cook for me

  86. Kikka Paprika says:

    She-she— broke the spaghetti—

  87. Art is Love! says:

    Honestly if the girl where me I would be likr if you can that fabulouse outfit you can make mah dish

  88. Mask Heart says:

    I would want to be there as a kid

  89. Fan Pet says:

    I've seen a couple comments about the vegan thing but-
    Y'all, she has to taste her food. Even if she wasn't an activist she would have to make something vegan (or just eat something non vegan) to taste it to ensure it's good.

  90. Precious Kagaoan says:

    I love how they are so diff from each other lol

  91. Sweetdnlg says:

    She said spaghetti and fish like that ain't normal together 😂🤣

  92. Celine Angelica says:

    if im not seeing keturah again im suing

  93. Stor_ mi says:

    Idea: get a drunk adult to draw a picture and you have to make it

  94. Zoe Honovi says:

    "Broke a tree, you're hitting a little to close to home"'

  95. Naznin's pakghor says:

    Really just clicked cause keturah looked so gorgeous!

  96. Harim says:

    I want more of Keturah,she's so elegant and just so..

  97. Harim says:

    Merle's vibe was kinda shady and rude. Keturah was literally QUEEN

  98. Fake Name says:

    No offense, but Merle looks like one of those VSCO girls who was super annoying in highschool, its probably just me who sees it, but oh well its my opinion.

    Edit: spelling error

  99. Cookies N Cream says:

    If you wanna know who wo first you gotta see whos dish is on the tumbnail and then youll know who won

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