Camp Camp: Episode 3 – Scout’s Dishonor | Rooster Teeth

Camp Camp: Episode 3 – Scout’s Dishonor | Rooster Teeth

Ah… another wonderful day at Camp Campbell. All that’s left to do now is recharge with a full eight hours of lying in bed… Awake! Waiting for tomorrow! Alright, guys, our first attempt to bust out of this god-forsaken hellhole didn’t work. But tonight’s gonna be different. Because we have a secret weapon… Billy Nikssilp. Call me “Snake.” He’s ex-Woodscouts. And he’s one of the best. Isn’t that right, Billy? *biting* Got my search-and-rescue badge in two weeks… Got my wilderness survival in one. That’s amazing! I never had a choice. The Woodscouts are some of the most intense, militant campers on Lake Lilac. Billy here escaped. …And why is he helping us? I’m not doing this for YOU. I made a vow. *Crickets chirping* …Well, o-kay, let’s get in the boat! So… what’re you gonna do on the outside? Probably live with the animals. Try and get raised by wolves, maybe work my way up to alpha. Pee on stuff. What about you guys? I think I’ll go to my dad’s house and tell him that mom sent me to an abusive summer camp. Pretend to like him more so she’ll try to buy back my love. That’s really dark, Neil. How ’bout you, Max? …Max? Billy… Where are you taking us? …Shortcut. *gasp* Aah! JESUS CHRIST! YO! WHAT GIVES?! NO GIRLS ALLOWED! NIKKI! Neil, quick! Grab his-! Aw, shit. *THUD* You never left them, did you Billy?! I made a vow… to show others the glory of the Woodscouts. And I told you… TO CALL ME SNAKE. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! There’s a place I know that’s tucked away, A place where you and I can stay, Where we can go to laugh and play, And have adventures every day! I know it sound hard to believe, but guys and gals, it’s true! Camp Cambell is the place for me and you! We’ll swim through lakes and climb up trees, Catch fish, bugs, bears and honeybees There’s endless possibilities, AND NO, THAT’S NOT HYPERBOLE! Our motto’s “Campe Diem,” And that means I’m telling youuuuuuuuuuu….. We’ve got: Archery, Hiking, Search-and-Rescue, Biking, Horseback, Training that will save you from a heart attack, Scuba-diving, Miming, Football, Limbo, Science, Stunting, Pre-calc, Spaceships, Treasure Hunting, Bomb defusal, No refusal, Fantasy, Circus Trapeze, And Fights and Ghosts and Paints and Snakes and Knives and Chess and Dance and Weights! It’s Camp Camp! *Groans* WAKE UP! Aah! Ah! H-wa? …Nikki? What am I wearing? Where are we? Where happiness goes to DIE. OH. MY. GOD. Is that… Nikkaaaaay? Heh, hey… guys… You know them? Ew, who is thaat? Tabbii, Erin, pleeze. A Flower Scout always welcomes others with daintyness and respaact. …Flower scouts? *Angelic chorus* Nikki? YOU were a Flower Scout? Ugh, yeah… …But they were totally boring, so I bailed. *Ahem* It’s sooo good to see you again, Nikki. And, um…? Neil: Ne-
Nikki: ANCY! Nee-ancy…? YES! It’s uh… spelled REALLY DUMB, it’s French. Oooh! Fraaance! I’m Tabbii, with two “i’s!” Well, come on, Neeancy! Our morning activities are starting! …You can come too, Nikki. Man, we really lucked out. GRaraARgrah! Hey… you think Max is okay? *Sirens and thunder* Why do yoU KEEP HITTING ME?! AND WHY IS IT ONLY CLOUDY OVER YOUR SIDE OF THE LAKE?! That’s enough, Petrol. Don’t want to over-tenderize the new meat. Who the hell are you? Cedar Scout, First Class, Edward Pikeman. Senior Patrol Leader of Woodscout Troop 818. And it looks like you’re our latest recruit. God, your face is gross. …What…? Oh, sorry, that just slipped out… Dude… Sorry… I know… That was mean. It really was… It’s just… you were so close… Enough! Enrollment into our organization has reached and all-time low. So we have no choice but to forcibly recruit new members into our program. I mean, have you considered that enrollment is low because you guys do things like kidnap other campers? Oh, we don’t kidnap campers… That’d be immoral. Max: That guy LITERALLY stabbed me in the back. No… he RESCUED you. After you ran away from Camp Campbell. Remember? And now… we’re going to make a Woodscout out of you… MAX.>Prepare the ropes course!Hey guys, check it out!

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Camp Camp: Episode 3 – Scout’s Dishonor | Rooster Teeth

  1. Nevaeh Allen says:

    He sounds like Prince Zuko.

  2. hell hound says:

    4:35 dood

  3. Lilith Johnson says:

    Maby i dont hate camp. Maby i hate everything

  4. mark sanders says:

    Did anyone notice the Red vs Blue easter egg at 7:21?

  5. mrdeathrow gaming says:

    One of your best shows

  6. siren says:

    1:50 10 year olds fighting to see if minecraft or fortnite is the best game

  7. Chance Johnson says:

    Is that…Nikkaaaaaaaaaay*insert car noises *

  8. Killer_ Nightmare says:

    Dose any one know at the songs thing two people flep in the POOl

  9. Killer_ Nightmare says:

    Why would nikki put the ? thought her nose

  10. Voo says:

    "you know, maybe I don't hate camp camp. maybe I hate everything"


  11. imamoose007 says:

    JROTC students be like.

  12. Samara McKenzie says:

    M A X I S A M O O D

  13. Nexiloo Xx says:

    The weird giy with pimples……He… Looks like Tord…

  14. AdenIsBored says:

    7:01 donut caboose nice

  15. Golden Wolf Nation says:

    “Tabii with two i’s”
    Not for long

  16. Autumn▪Falls says:

    And at first I thought this was a kid's show-

  17. Jackson K says:

    6:48 there’s a reference to Red vs Blue in the background I just now noticed, the donut sign reads “Donut Caboose”

  18. Floor World says:


  19. New Rome says:

    Is no one going to talk about how Snake the Woodscout is clearly a reference to Metal Gear Solid

  20. ur.little.sunshine Star says:


  21. Chance Johnson says:

    I’m tabii with two “I,s” (soon you gonna have one eye)

  22. օʀɛօ kɨttɛռ :3 tʍ says:

    "he can pee in me anytime"

  23. Emilia Bowden says:

    He can pee in me anytime.


  24. Hello Hi says:

    The jazz music has stopped but it will never play again XD

  25. arsenic Catnip says:

    8:09 me going to school

  26. Vortex Lord says:

    Snake. What a coincidence.

  27. zaumipha kitsune says:

    He did learn something

  28. Constellation Animations says:

    Zuko? Is that you? (If anyone knows what i mean i love you and you are my best friend)

  29. Itty Bitty Animates says:

    w e l l t h a t w a s s u p e r g a y

  30. Hi Im Jade says:

    Me after 2:20
    * cheerful music plays*

  31. Unownshipper says:

    Pretty good, but too short. I feel like the Wood Scouts' storyline was jettisoned and I need me some more Dante Basco

  32. Nate Sullivan says:

    When you're hearing zuko

  33. Samantha Shaw says:

    Is Snake voiced by Zuko???? A.T.L.A???

  34. sage [Fly me to the moon] says:


  35. Lion O Cyborg says:

    Don't think we didn't notice the Doughnut counter sign labelled "Donut Caboose".

  36. Cotton Fluster says:


  37. ronnie says:


  38. Yeeszus Kriminy says:

    Omg it's prince zuko !!!

  39. Kaden Pringle says:

    That moment when you relize Billy Snake is voiced by Dante Basco!

  40. Andy Blanton says:

    He can pee in me anytime
    I can't believe a show with that line exists

  41. Can and will adopt ya says:


  42. Zachary Crockett says:


  43. Øc Creation Animations says:

    Let’s talk about the 3 times Max got stabbed-
    1. By Snake
    2. By the Russian Spy
    3. Daniel-

  44. Le Meme says:

    Snake sounds like Zuko.

    Yes. I am 3 years late.

  45. ChowderHead says:

    No, not the heathers

  46. Queenie Of The Galaxy says:

    I love this episode so much.

  47. Sir waffle man says:

    6:50 donut and caboose from rob

  48. Jimins JAMS says:


  49. 렌지날드베이글 says:

    캠프캠프 존나 오랜만에 보네 ㅋㅋㅋ 이거 본게 중학생때 였는데 다시보니까 감희가 새롭다 ㅠㅠ

  50. winter melone says:

    "I'm Tabbii, with two e y e s "

    i see what you guys did there lmao

  51. Omar Fuentes says:

    Anybody saw donut caboose from red vs blue?

  52. Freddie Toffee says:

    That’s Fing ZUKO

  53. Euphoric Fox says:

    "Maybe I don't hate Camp Campbell. Maybe I hate everything "

  54. BrokenAm says:

    Call me snake.

  55. kziiv _ says:

    Billy sounds like zuuko from avatar the last airbender

  56. Karson Son says:


  57. Brock Garretson says:

    Adult swim creeping up

  58. Steven Hub says:

    This show is like South Park, except it's actually good!

  59. The Random Anime Weeb says:

    “I’m tabby with two eyes”
    forshadowing goes though my mind

  60. -Melville says:

    4:29 all I could think was fix those pimples

  61. -Melville says:

    7:45 so I can replay

  62. Rinnie Day says:

    even in other shows zuko is still down an eye

  63. CONNOR M U R P H Y says:

    yo I ditched the girlscouts because it was trash

  64. Jurrassic Dragon says:

    did anyone else notice the easter egg of donut and cabooses shop in the background of the final flowerscouts scene??

  65. Barbara Moss says:

    Stereotypic h..s

  66. hamster T00ns says:

    "he could pee in any time"

  67. Spinel SU says:

    Why does Edward look like Tord before puberty?

  68. Bowen Orcutt says:

    Oh no, a character played by Dante Bosco showed up and ended up literally back-stabbing someone. Who could have seen that coming?

    No, but seriously, them managing to get him to play a recurring supporting character is, to me, even more awesome then that time they got Elijah Wood to play a discount Sauron.

  69. -BOBOMB - says:

    Maybe i dont hate camp camp. Maybe i hate everything.

  70. america roleplayer says:

    "You know, maybe I don't hate Camp Campbell."
    Me: the first time I watches "Aww. . . now he's gonna learn some boring bs lesson-"
    "Maybe I hate everything."

  71. bubba channel says:

    Why tabby

  72. Sapphire says:

    I feel bad for Max

  73. nuttiebun says:

    I love how every single comment quoting Max’s “Maybe I don’t hate Camp Campbell” line is getting it wrong

  74. Harmony Chan says:

    I thought this was a kids show…

  75. mememewtf okay says:

    Is that a reference to Billy and Mandy??

  76. Aki Chan YT says:

    "Boys are supposed to be tough"

    "And rigid"

    "aNd iF TheY pEe oN yOu, YoU gEt pRegNanT"

  77. Little YT says:

    Yo its Zuko!

  78. Mary-Catherine Collins says:

    Anyone else think snake sounds like Zuko?

  79. Rainbow Eclupse says:

    Um did anyone else notice that David said lay in bed awake for 8 hours.

    David must not sleep.

  80. Coco Meador says:

    Snake sounded like zuko from avatar the last airbender

  81. Ciara Martinez says:

    wait is camp camp breaking gender stereotypes! 😀 yay

  82. KRASH-BrawlStars says:

    i can't get it out of my mind

  83. Jason Damrau says:

    Didnt realize snake was played by Dante Basko until watching it this time

  84. Fatima Rizvi says:

    I love how dark this show this is, abuse, trama, anxiety according to Gwen, its so weird yet pretty entertaining

  85. sua mae says:

    "He can pee in me anytime"

  86. Your Daily Dose of Stupidity says:

    "He can pee in me anytime.."

    And I will NEVER forgive myself for writing that sentence.

  87. maxdragon783 says:

    Billy? But isn't that Hoss? Hoss Delgado?!

  88. Maxis says:


  89. TaterzChan says:

    It's so weird to see Tabii without her eyepatch

  90. sHuT yOuRe wHorE mOuTh hArRiSoN says:

    “He can pee in me anytime.”

  91. gacha wolf101 says:

    and if they pee in you, you get pregnant
    woah, tabbii
    My sister told me

  92. Rat face says:

    Yeah, you do hate everything max

  93. sh00ting_ starz says:

    "t h a t w a s s u p e r g a y"

  94. Stalking The Damned says:

    "Ya'know… Maybe I don't hate camp Campbell, maybe I hate everything."

    Ya'know… I can relate…

  95. Duckcat studios Unedited says:

    I would go to the boys scout camp to be honest. Just gotta do what Neil did.

  96. MOHAMMAD UDDIN says:

    entire fandom gonna hunt down Billy for his sins

  97. Moustic says:

    "He can pee in me anytime"
    I can't believe I still thought this series had one ounce of purety

  98. GEXtheGecko117 says:

    Anyone else here Zuko immediately?

  99. Dr. Bright says:

    I'm pretty sure David is on meth. That would explain why he's so chipper despite not ever sleeping

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