Camouflage as a crocodile to approach a group of crocodiles

Camouflage as a crocodile to approach a group of crocodiles

This time, which animal has he got to approach? And this is… Here? How large! Crocodile! OMG! Not again I’m looking forward so much But i think that there is no way to approach crocodiles (Staff) They are very dangerous , but these is just a haft Where Kanoya comes is Crocodile Park There are approximately 80 crocodiles at here How far he can approach this wild animal? Quite dangerous What costumes he has to wear? This Oa… ow…How realistic! Amazing! It totally looks like crocodile I feel this time totally doable Kanoya has to wear this costume and the person has made this costume is Mr Nishima The most importance part is figure so that those crocodiles can’t recognize real or fake Morever the skin has to look rough and scabrous such it would be easier to approach crocodile This time the costume was designed conform for moving like reptile Because crocodile is very dangerous so we have to ensure safety So that the crocodiles won’t be able to approach the head part of Kanoya The head part of costume has been made bigger more 4 times than real crocodile In addition, the arms and the legs are also equipped carefully In case he had to fight with them What dose the manager requires to pay attention to? 1, Approach by head. Don’t use hand 2, Due to such quick actions would be bitten quickly so absolutely should not act fast 3, Avoid being dragged into the water Frist time fighting with reptiles If he can succeed? Action How big is this crocodile! Impossible It’s about 5 meters now It’s so scared at here slowly crawling through there Impossible too fast! It’s comming Oa~aaaaa 3 meters remaining Although it’s very terrible, Kanau is gradually shortenning distance About final 30 minutes, the distance is now 1 meter 1 meter remaining , 1 meter remaining brave is he! Look! There is a crocodile watching him Around one meter So nervous I can’t see where their location is Have no idea if they would bite me Seen from this angle crocodile felt something so terrible so terrible May be he will attack this crocodile from left side. The distance is about 50 mm Kanou-san! It’s time to action Finally, Kanou has came in front of a crocodile Hurry up! Hurry up! Kanou Wait a minute, it looks so terrible ! You have to bite it This moment… One…two…three Wait a minute So good OMG! I might be bitten That time the distance was about 10mm Approaching has been successful I done Uhm…This time isn’t counted What the hell?? Because It’s unclear can’t confirmed Seen from other angle, it is also unclear Seen from other angle, it is also unclear It’s clear that i done The result isn’t able to confirmed so we can’t accept that To accomplish the mission, Kanou has to approach crocodiles one more time Kanou is moving step-by-step He has waited for 30 minutes Very good! Approaching Look at them! Some are awake, some are seemly sleeping It’s time to fight Omg they seemly detected me Due to Kanou want to succeed this time, Kanou decides to act follow the way not allowed I comming Touched it , Touched i! i have touched it for sure He really has touched it. Approaching by hand was successful There is no objections this time Touched it But the nearby crocodile is indignantly looking at Kanou Omg Omg Omg He is being dragged into water. Save him! Pull me up! Pull me up! Everything’s alright That was close I has just been sank down. That was close Pull me up! What’s your feeling just now How did you feel when you are dragged into the water? Frist, why are you so calm? Frist time approach crocodile. Success!

Randy Schultz

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