California King Snake vs. Corn Snake | Pet Snakes

California King Snake vs. Corn Snake | Pet Snakes

What I’ve got in my hand here is a California
king snake and the differences and the similarities between these and corn snakes, quite frankly
there are a lot more similarities than there are differences. They are actually both constrictors. One of the differences is that a corn snake
is more related to a rat snake, whereas the king snake is more closely related to the
milk snake. But they really are, basically they’re constrictors. They’re wonderful, docile snakes. The king snake here if you notice, is banded. The band sometimes can resemble, especially
in our kings and our milk snakes, they’ll have the black, yellow and red bands. And if you are aware, coral snakes, which
are dangerous have the same coloring. It’s important to know that if the yellow
band touches the red band, it’s a coral snake. But if the red band is touched by a black
band then you have a king snake and you can handle him freely, as we are. Now for corn snakes they normally have a beautiful
marbled appearance. They come in many different colors and morphs
now, and they’re both wonderful, wonderful snakes to keep. They’ll grow to probably a length of four
feet, anywhere from three to six feet. This guy can sometimes get to about seven,
Whereas the corn snake normally is a little bit smaller, and four to five feet is normally
the average. They both require the same environments, and
they both basically eat the same. They’re carnivorous, and small mammals, mice
are really the way to go for them, and that’s the similarities and differences between a
corn snake and a king snake.

Randy Schultz

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60 thoughts on “California King Snake vs. Corn Snake | Pet Snakes

  1. Kamori elliott says:

    The title was very misleading

  2. AugustaHeadBusta says:

    Red Touch Yellow, Kills a Fellow. Red Touch Black, Friend of Jack.

  3. ABlackMorman says:

    I was expecting a snake fight -_- like if you where also

  4. dannyferraryV6 says:

    Wheres the fight~~~~~~~~

  5. Vik says:

    LOL people, not a fight, only a compare and contrast .

  6. Lilith says:

    Title wasn't that misleading guys XD. I own a b/w cal king! I love him so freaking much. He's the first snake I've ever owned, and is very easy to take care of, and handle. If you're thinking about buying a snake, I'd recommend the Cal King. If you plan on handling him, make sure to do it often.

  7. Dirrtbox34 says:

    Can they live together

  8. Dirrtbox34 says:

    Oh okay thanks i was just wondering cuz i no nothing about snakes lol

  9. Sarah Sheldon says:

    yello to red you'll be dead

  10. mrmee1229 says:

    Shit I had a red rat snake an he would try to bite until you picked him up

  11. my minds eye says:

    red on yellow, kill a fella, red on black, no attack

  12. antonio williams says:

    It looks like a coral snakes

  13. joe pickels says:

    will they bite u if u piss it off

  14. Natalia Kranz says:

    No corns have no teeth

  15. thinlizard77 says:

    I own a Cali King (just like the one in the vid) and yeah of course they bite but not because they're pissed off. Its a defence reaction along with musking (pooing), or they simply mistake or associate you with food. The more you handle them though the better they become. Just make sure you wash your hands before and after handling. Mine used to be terribly "bitey" because of where I got him from but he's a docile fella nowadays and nearing on 5 feet.

  16. Steven Conatser says:

    Natalia, corns do have teeth -___- they wouldn't break skin as an adult and draw blood if they didn't. It's not like they have major teeth like some of the big constrictors do but they DO have teeth.

  17. Manny Suarez says:

    they do but its for keeping food in there mouths very very small

  18. crankitup86 says:

    Are milk or king snakes more aggressive?? I have a corn and I'm looking for another snake the pet shop has a beautiful milk snake but as I've only had my corn for a few months I didn't no if it's a good idea to buy it as I read there harder to care for and more aggressive as I don't have that much experience should I get another corn ??

  19. Name says:

    This is illegal

  20. Clifton Frederick says:

    I can't pet it. As hell.

  21. Clifton Frederick says:

    I can't pet it. As hell.

  22. Lord Sauron says:

    24 people expected to see a fight.

  23. John Ellis says:

    Except in south america red meets black venom is present in some.

  24. itz Vinny says:

    Which one is more Friendly?The KING SNAKE Or The CORN SNAKE?Plz reply I need to know ,Thanks always.

  25. Rebecca Morris-Miller says:

    info is really helpful thanks!

  26. Jacob Wallingford says:

    My Kingsnake is extremely placid. I love it. It's such a calm and collected beauty.

  27. Jay Paredes says:

    The information about the coral snake and milk snake differences in this video is misleading. Red-touch Yellow / Red-touch Black is only good for snakes in North America. In Central and South America that rules does not apply. In fact the photo of the snake that you show where the Red bands are touched by black is a venomous Aquatic Coral Snake.

  28. John helmy says:

    I have a 10 year old corn snake..

  29. Dragos Vasilescu says:

    A corn snake can eat another snake like king snake?Or only king snake can eat another snake?

  30. Danial says:

    We can keep king and corn snakes in same place ?

  31. Dylan N. Routhier says:

    They are NOT constrictors! WTF they are both colubrids

  32. redfullpack says:

    docile? yeah u r the professional. If i were to handle the King snake, I would piss it off and getting bitten

  33. Bluepeasey says:

    I have got a 4 year old corn snake at 144cm long you will see him on my channel and I will be doing a new videos soon about my other snake and my sisters DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE

  34. Tess Alexander says:

    I prefer corn snakes. They're prettier! Also, I see King snakes in the wild all the time. But, then again, I'm biased. I have a cornie.

  35. Snd's Zoo says:

    why is there a milk snake in the thumbnail

  36. greenbanana1001 says:

    I have two King snakes I love them! But I'm going to be getting a brown house snake and a corn snake soon

  37. Frederick The Great says:

    i was expecting a battle… but oh well… guess ill just leave

  38. skywatcher x says:

    we have two king's in so☆cal the desert California king witch is the one Brown n yellow and the mountain scarlet king snake witch looks similar to the az coral snake, anyways i had both kings before and they both will eat other snakes including rattle snakes or other non poisonous snakes..i personally like the desert king better, then the mt. king. my mt.king was always biting me so i just let it go where i caught it even know it was gorgeous. umm if your gonna house king's with corn snake's or bull snake's it's cool just make sure you feed them mice and make sure there the se size other wise the king will eat the smaller snake that's not a cannibal.. florida speckled king's are awesome snake's two witch i had also..California also has a desert snake called a rosey boa, witch are starting to become rare.

  39. Bob Abooey says:

    i heard the king snake was responsible for the collapse of building 7

  40. Daisee Darthmouth says:

    This guy cannot actually be a vet…

  41. Levente Simon says:

    king snaked are much more aggresdive

  42. mitchell hobbs says:

    ke ola maluna o ka honua, he mea kupaianaha ~ manaolana oe e ola i ka maikai ke ola ~ mai kau keiki

  43. Sarii says:

    I would like to know which snake is better to handle. I want a snake that I can bond with and handle almost every day. I'm okay with a little aggression as I'm not afraid of getting bitten, but I would prefer to have a more docile, friendly snake. I have heard that corn snakes are more shy and will hide when you try to pick them up, so I am wondering if I should go with the king snake? Any advice?

  44. Ni mimi says:

    I hate snakes!!

  45. KVdA says:

    I have a pet store that saus that milk snakes get around 120 cm and corn snakes 160 cm as well as king snakes. Is this true? And this other site says milk snakes get 60cm

  46. Veronica Ramirez says:


  47. 21whichiswhich says:

    Are they recommended for first time snake owners? Other than ball pythons.

  48. Elvin Barnes says:

    i love snakes….the California king ? is my favorite. i held him and fell in love with him. but the exotic pet store had closed down.?

  49. Buritt Inda says:

    it looks exactly like the one on my bag

  50. Kjhn Kkj says:

    red snakes

  51. Ricky M says:

    About a king snake being more closely related to the milk snake… well, species of king snake include the milk snake.

  52. Lorenzo DiPaolo says:

    Now a days the milk snake is related to the rat snake and the king snake is related to the corn snake.

  53. Humphrey Bogart says:

    You say if the red band touches a black band you have a kingsnake but at the same time show a picture of a coral snake with that exact pattern…

  54. Humphrey Bogart says:

    A 7 foot Cali King?? Are you on crack?

  55. Albertosaurus sarcophagus says:

    Corn snakes are rat snakes, fool! Literally they are also called red rat snakes.

  56. john oboczky says:

    Someone get this guy some cue cards.

  57. ÎXx - ŁéôpõÎd'š Pàthš - xXÎ says:

    Question: does the female kingsnake get larger than the male?

  58. Evanimations says:

    1:31 snake try’s to bite him

  59. Ted Carroll says:

    I was just bit by this snake so I had to make sure it isn’t venomous

  60. Alexa Bella Muerte says:

    Bro in the wild im not gonna have time to remember where the red band is supposed to be

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