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  1. Brian Barczyk says:

    So sorry for not having the podcast. We tried so haired to get it to work. We took the studio on the road and just could not get the connection to be able to stream. I was so bummed. We will be back home for next weeks podcast and we will do one on Wed and another on Friday! So sorry everyone.. Brian

  2. CurisityKilledTheCat None says:

    Wow love the huge cages. Can I move in? They Look so cool! I could see this being my new bedroom, Lizards and all, lol!! Those reptiles are going to have it made. They are going to think they are in the wild. Don't get lost in the new huge cage, lol!

  3. CurisityKilledTheCat None says:

    Now that you have new huge cages you can get a sloth and a Komodo dragon🤣🤣

  4. Leslie Williams says:

    I love this! I'm going to be working on my first large iguana enclosure once taxes are in for my nearly 2 year old iggy. She's my baby and I figure if I am going to have a 5-6ft tall enclosure then I want it to be presentable and not like the typical shelf and ramp set up. She's always been in a bio active enclosure so I wanted the space and freedom for her to climb and not lose that natural feel.

    This shop is amazing and I wish I could afford to go or even just pick the brains of these guys.. <3 These set ups should be how all reptile enclosures are.

  5. Emma Lael says:

    Brian just for reference i found it hard to enjoy the video bc of the camera skills they were not too good at all

  6. Antonio Capulera says:

    Brian, is there anyway that you can get Albert Killian on your podcast or on the show?? I know that he’s kind of a chill guy but I would love for you to talk to him about his Snakes and career. I appreciate you for all your work.

  7. Jody Boatright says:

    It's getting exciting 😍

  8. Cameron McCorkle says:

    Wait you where in kentucky dude that's coolio I live right across the river from Louisville lol love the videos man keep on keeping on

  9. Giraffe Jack says:

    I feel like these enclosures don't offer the animals as much privacy and security as the ones in the other half of the reptarium.

  10. Emilia Cann-Sagoe says:


  11. guardians animal rescue/ state certified 501c3 says:

    How do u have so much energy.

  12. ABI STARR says:

    I'm not really getting the double glass cages. How do the animals get away if they want to hide from the guests? They need their privacy

  13. Gerson M says:

    So these cages are for the growing bigger animals? Or new additions ..?

  14. Harry Bowes says:

    “It drips”

  15. ODAWG 77 says:

    **3/4 of the reptile 'community' 'All Brian's cages are too small'

    *Brian – builds 12 ft cage

  16. Nimbo Xno says:

    I’m excited to see what it will look like when it’s finished and you open the new reptarium if I spelled it wrong I’m sorry hopefully one day I can go to and see the animals I’ve wanted to see ever since I started watching you which was a long time ago

  17. Kyle Madeira says:

    Manbearpig cages looking good

  18. rebecca ednie says:

    Do the rhino iguanas need such a huge cage? It’s gorgeous but it seems like a cage for a huge snake!

  19. Susie says:

    I recently started watching your videos and I’m obsessed! All your reptiles are cool and your positivity is amazing, love your videos!:)

  20. Crystal Sharp says:

    I love how excited u get talking about the enclosures and all the progress. I would be as well. I'm living vicariously thru U. You're living my dream! 😍

  21. PotterfanKat87 says:

    Can't wait to come see them all in person!

  22. SCREAM'N DEMON says:

    What wouldve been absolutely insane is to attack the cages by the area of the world the animals come from so like a green tree maybe do like an Aztec or Inca ruin temple theme a Burmese python could have the Indian pagoda theme

  23. sashamoo1 boo says:

    Why am i getting notification 7 hrs late ? Is it cos im in UK?

  24. PixelJunk 89 says:


  25. My E'klectic Life says:

    They're looking so amazingly great! I want to see Ivy's cage!

  26. sashamoo1 boo says:

    I need a holiday in the states…. just so i can visit you guys xx

  27. Nate Dawg says:

    I work right down the street from universal rock. Can I come by to meet you?

  28. Exotic Paradise says:

    I Love the step by step progres of the 2nd repterium.. Always sening Love.. Hit like for the suporter of Brian like me..

    Btw I'm trying to hit 1k sub so I can make my channel work.. Many love.. Thanks..

  29. Jen T says:

    getting closer to it being done cant wait til all finish goal for this year to make it over ure way to see the reptiles and snakes meet u all

  30. Benjamin Phelps says:

    You and chandler have inspired me greatly. I'm looking into getting a custom terrarium for a dekays brown snake. It's not easy because the needed plants are a bit too tall for a standard terrarium so I need a custom so that it will be bioactive. The snake eats worms so food won't be an issue.

  31. Ellie Young says:

    Looking good Brian x

  32. Michael Jasper says:

    You pronounced it wrong!

  33. Joann Lee says:

    Cages look awesome! How about a cage with glass on three sides?

  34. monty_art_design says:

    I go to that hotel all the time when we go to Ohio and West Virginia 😂

  35. mark harris says:

    Wow the new cages look amazing ….. ive definitely got to come to the Reptarium now this is number 1 on my bucket list .

  36. Linda Geribo says:

    Cheer up are a happy Man..cant wait to visit in july..Nan Linda jays Nan.


  37. Andy Saunders Planes and more says:

    Next time you are in Louisville I'd love to meet you all and show a really good restaurant.

  38. david brown says:

    Those cages are sweet. Do they sell backgrounds for any size enclosure for exo terras?

  39. Sam Brears says:

    are you doing an anaconda cage this time around?

  40. LongRodVonhugeNdong says:

    Waay excited to see it when its done!

  41. Vicki Jampetro says:

    I cannot wait to come I will be there this year if it’s the last thing I do

  42. Lois Jones says:

    Looking great!! Can't wait to see things getting installed😍👍

  43. Ten Dragons says:

    The enclosures are still too small for what you're going to put in them.
    Croc Monitor should be in something at least 3 times bigger. At the very least. Unless it's a baby.

  44. john rosciolo says:

    Signs were showing to drink, minds aswell drink😂

  45. TJ Saltsman says:

    "I got my beer, it'll be a quick drive"

  46. john rosciolo says:

    Installed about 30 cabinets in a kitchen I'm remodeling today, been wanting to build a sweet enclosure for either a burm or retic!

  47. Hoptoit says:

    Those enclosures are insane Stuart sure knows his stuff.

  48. Bassassin says:

    Kentuckians are gonna FREAK when they her dude's pronunciation of "Louisville". SMH…

  49. Kratos Rage says:

    I'm so sad to hear one of our fellow comrade Jay station girlfriend alexia marano died in a car accident from a drunk driver lets give her a moment of silence till we move on back to doing our thing

  50. Christina Kinch says:

    7:15 Lucy is jealous. Love from Barbados ❤🇧🇧

  51. Bassassin says:

    I hope there's gonna be live plants and automatic misting systems in these enclosures.

  52. Marisa Fox says:

    Hotel DEFINITELY forgot to check/clear out the fridge. Their loss!! 😂

  53. Charlyann Knopf says:

    A while back you talked about selling similar looking enclosures for pets. Is that still in the works? I would absolutely love an enclosure like this for our tegu! Everything looks awesome and I can't wait to see the new Reptarium!

  54. Bob smarts says:

    Walk through looks like a good sloth hangout!

  55. Hoptoit says:

    I can only imagine how excited you must be to see it all come together because I sure am!

  56. BraapBraapCrf450r says:

    did you all catch the news about florida, i came accross this video today, i wonder how Gatorland is doing,, it makes me sad to know the weather is going to wipe out so many reptiles not just the lizards falling out of trees.

  57. Psalmoftheson says:

    Man having a cage like that for my reptiles would be insane!

  58. ivey ivey12 says:

    it's always so rewarding to see ones hard work has paid off after all these years being consistent and hard-working through the ups and downs but it's so amazing when everything comes together

  59. Laverne Blair says:

    Wow, Brian! Those are looking great!! Great Vlog! BTW

  60. Shane Forsythe says:

    i see you've played "knifey spooney" before.

  61. Chad says:

    Love your passion. Please keep doing what you do.

  62. Cindy Dew says:

    So happy for you, Brian! I'm excited to see this vision come true this summer! Can't wait for our tour with you!

  63. SystemOfTheKnot K says:

    Hey Brian, what’s a good starter snake for a first time snake owner?!

  64. Jeff Mueller says:

    Lol huh ur putting them 2 small lizards into that huge enclosure you'll barley see them

  65. Bryan vyse says:

    Cant wait to see
    It in person!

  66. Ang Macca says:

    That is huge enclosure

  67. Sandy Conner says:

    So excited for you! Can't wait to see after the installation.

  68. Senegal01 says:

    Looks like a trip from to NY to your location to see your place after all this is installed and open!

  69. 11c airsoft says:

    I'm building my boa a massive cage for my living room and ive been planning for the last 2 month's. I only hope i can make it look the way I see it in my head. I know I can build the cage without problem but i want a natural interior. I want it to look as if i found the boa in columbia took the cage and sat it over her and bring home anything that's inside too. I want to to be bioactive so that's gonna take planning. I also need to figure out how I can keep live plants with her even if they go high and have fake low. My key thing to add is a small pond with waterfall.

  70. kk 416 says:

    wheres the lori chips

  71. Hannah Palmer says:

    I just to work as a house keeper for comfort inn and after guests would check out it was our responsibility to clean and set up rooms for the next guest. And obviously someone did not do their job and properly clean that room. But hey you guys seem to look at the bright side and appreciate the nice little gift left behind lol. We were able to keep anything like unopened alcohol left behind. You would honestly be surprised some of the things I would find left behind. I would bring my dad home lots of different expensive beer and alcohol. But sometimes I would find some not so present surprises left behind. I bet you can only imagine… Some crazy stories from my days of working in comfort inn. I almost miss it at times. It was most definitely a job that kept things interesting.

  72. Izices says:

    I worked housekeeping for a month, and i tell you now checking the fridge was my favorite part.
    Cause if there was food or drink left behind that was unopened it was fair game. It's a college town, we're all broke and hungry.
    It was a party when we found an unopened jug of OJ I tell you what.

  73. Jeremy Smith says:

    Does anyone know if rj is going to be included in the expansion?

  74. Brett Adamson says:

    You should give that cage to a single bearded dragon

  75. Adam Ayotte says:

    Turtles have more space than crocodiles?

  76. Angelo DiMeo says:

    This is so awesome I can’t wait more whoever gets cage

  77. REPTILE LEGACY says:

    Can Brian reply to this comment plz😅

  78. Blake Fain says:

    Lewisville. Like Lewis and Clark. not Louisville

  79. Matt Curreen says:

    Looks bloody awesome can't wait to see it all installed. Watching from nz!

  80. Tracy Bagwell says:

    So are you ever going to shave?

  81. Eric Lenk says:

    Shout out to Marble Falls, TX! Live 45min from there!!

  82. Chaz * says:

    Wears t-shirt all winter in Detroit, goes to Texas, wears sweatshirts 😂

  83. Tricia Abrams says:

    Eeekkk! I know you're getting excited now! It's all coming to fruition!

  84. Neil Laney says:

    liked for the enslaved hoodie

  85. Charlene Townsend says:

    I’ve been watching your channel for about a year now and I seriously just love you and am so excited to see what this project looks like finished! I live in California and just recently went to a very small reptile museum and man…. my dream is to bring my daughters to yours one day! You’re energy seriously makes my day!

  86. Sirena Staedtler says:

    Did he just say he got his mold from a rock formation in Marble Falls Texas? That’s pretty freaking cool. I am a proud Resident of Marble Falls, and a proud subscriber of your great channel.

  87. Michele Alfo says:

    Everything look so amazing! Can’t wait to see your new space & the enclosures in the next stage of your Reptarium! 💜❤️

  88. Midnighter 95 says:

    I want to use this stuff your using for gaming room. To make it look like a cave

  89. Abisai Lopez says:

    How come your building it ain't you paying them to do it

  90. ranelle manning says:

    I just rescued a ball python who was left by the owner. Co worker didn't want want it since he didn't know much of how to take care of him. I would like to be able to identify his breed.

  91. Paul Rebel says:

    12 pack a day keeps the vegans away

  92. brad bboggs says:

    I am extremely excited to see the sing come together you have work so hard over the years building the old reptarium this expansion is going to be so

  93. Hingeback Tortoise Central says:

    Wow, more reasons to visit The Reptarium! Who has gone? What did you think?

  94. Angus Wooley says:

    Hi i was wondering if you ship snakes to Australia because i am looking to get a ball python for my first snake

  95. Laura Tran says:

    I love these videos so much ! It's great to see people get so excited about taking care of their animals ❤️ I'm going right now to pick up a little royal baby so excited

  96. Tyler Humphries says:

    I love the YouTube channel but I’m bit worried for the new enclosure you’re building where it will have class both sides because the animal could get very dressed because it have no where to hide because it will have people looking in both sides so it might feel like it being threatened but hope it all goes well sorry to be a put down

  97. Stas Kalbas says:

    Oh that workshop is freakin heaven. When I built my terrarium, it weighed like 350lbs….I could use some of those materials! Ugh my minds runnings now, thx =D

  98. Gabriella Dorsey says:

    Hi, I have a large ball python I got from a person rehoming him, he is refusing to eat frozen but I can’t find any store near me that will sell live rats (new Jersey) any recommendation

  99. sashamoo1 boo says:

    Hey Brian and subscribers. I have several lizards that I keep in fairly sterile conditions. All have more than adequate vivs. Temps. Heat gradient and humidity. I recently took on a painted dragon. ( rescue) and his viv was covered in feces whereas mine are spot cleaned daily. Anyway I immediately sent a fecal sample off for testing and it has come back flagellates protazoa Trichomonas. I'm seeing exotic vet Monday. Has anyone else come across this and how bad is it ?

  100. The Jones Family says:

    Hey Brian how about I took my 12 year old son to his FIRST hockey game back in November!! It was the red wings at the Hurricanes and the Canes won by the way 7-2!! We had Amazing Sky Box seats with Free Drinks and 1 FREE meal!! Got tickets from my mom and her job!! He Loved it!! Great Vlog and Good Luck with meeting your Deadline for your Grand Opening!!

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