– Hey, good morning everybody and welcome to the vlog! Of course I’ve got Salt and Pepper with me and I think I’ve
mentioned this in the past that Salt and Pepper
actually don’t stay out on display, they stay in the back, and they’ve been together
since they were babies. But now they’re getting kind of big and it is definitely time
to move them out front. I showed you last week that we actually got their new enclosures in
that are front-end loading. Well, today is the big day. It’s gonna be an interesting one because I gotta somehow figure out how to get those tanks out of there and get the new ones
in, get them hooked up, and eventually get Salt
and Pepper out front. This is when the training really increases because then we can start
working with them everyday on different things, not just holding, but also like coming to their name, clicker training, all kinds of good stuff. So today’s gonna be a
really fun filled day for my pet alligators. (chill music) I’ve got my siphon, I’ve got my bucket. And I actually have to redo
these cages right here. These are the ones that Salt and Pepper will be in full-time now
when we actually replace them for the next probably several months until they get too big
and we have to increase. Regardless, we do have
some challenges today. I’m not gonna lie to you because there’s some
issues with some holes in the tanks that was sent. I don’t know. It’s gonna be an interesting day. Hopefully we’ll get
this thing figured out. But for now, I have to
siphon the water out, take the bulkheads off, and
get these tanks out of here, and then I can start
working on the other one. So obviously the first thing we have to do is just really unplug
the filters, you know? That way there’s no filtration going on. And then I have to just
get the siphon going with these guys. You gotta remember this
is kinda alligator water, so not gonna be really good to ingest it, but that’s just the way it goes. (chill music) Next up I just have to
actually screw this bulkhead. (banging) (clacking) Now put a bucket of water down here ’cause it’s probably gonna drain out. Just like that as that bulkhead looses up. Face the other water that
can’t siphon out will come out. (loud dripping) I’ll let that just kind of drain down as I’m unscrewing things here. Once all this water is out, I can actually get the bulkheads out. I’ll do the same thing on the other side. I have to repeat on the next tank. That way we can actually
pull the tank out, and actually assess what
we’ve got going now. ‘Cause like I had mentioned before, unfortunately I got the new
tanks from Universal Rocks, they had drilled the
holes in the wrong spot. So we have to work on that. But I’ll get to that later. Right now I’m just gonna
try to remove these tanks. But so far, so good. Again, just get the bulkheads out, get the filtration out, get the tank out, and then we can start
working on the other ones. Got a little bit of a hiccup here. I forgot we actually glued, PVC glued this actual whole piece onto the bulkhead. So there’s no way for me to completely unscrew the bulkhead here
because it runs into this. So I think I’m gonna have to actually just get like a saw out
and actually cut that off so that way I can unscrew the bulkhead. I don’t think there’s
any other way to do it. So okay, well, definitely
the first little wrinkle in what I thought was gonna
be a relatively easy removal. So all right, we’ll get the saws out. – So I’m actually gonna
pluck this hibiscus off and see if we can feed it to Bella. (chill music) Bella! Try hibiscus? (chill music) Bell. I’m goin’ in. – [Man] (laughs) I’m goin’ in there! – All right, how about now? (chill music) Now how about this one? So unfortunately it doesn’t
look like Bella likes it. So that means Mathilda gets a nice treat. (chill music) That’s a little better
that Mathilda took it. How cute was that, guys? – All right, saw’s out. But you know what? I’ll tell you what. I actually have some PVC cutters here. Be better to do this because
I don’t like the idea of having some power tools
like getting into things. So let’s go see if this works first. Again, getting around there,
I think this will be enough to just kind of cut that PVC away. But before we do that,
just want to explain a little bit. I know it’s a wreck down
here in the basement. But listen, we’re working on it. So, basically, this is the actual tanks that are gonna go in and you can see that where the bulkheads
were cut right here, two things, number one. Honestly, they’re the wrong size. They’re too big of holes
for the bulkheads I have. And number two, if I had
the bulkheads coming up here and here, it would
interfere with the surface area of the actual alligators because obviously they need to be in here. So we need the bulkheads to
be back here, and back here. Right? So that way it’s not interfering
with the surface area here. So first we have to actually
see if we can drill out new bulkheads for this. I’ve never drilled but I got an idea I can show you guys, and
then I have to actually cap those off in order to do it. Basically, silicone glass on top of it to stop it from leaking. So, hang low, I wish we didn’t have this extra process that
we have to go through but it’s just the way it is. Let’s see if these PVC cutters will work. Okay so we’re able to cut the PVC off. So that’s a good thing. Now we can actually just get this bulkhead out of here hopefully. All right. Now the bulkhead’s free. I can just push it up and pull it out from the top side. That way we can roll this out. Have to do the other side. And then a-whole-nother tank. – Oh, that scared me, okay. – Just walk this thing–
– Okay. – [Brian] Good? – Yup, good. – [Brian] I’ll let down first. – Okay. – Then I’ll help you.
– Sure. – [Brian] Go ahead, get
your fingers up, good. (chill music) – Pull this out, pull mine a little. – Got the tank up? – Good. – That was a bigger job than I expected. Getting those bulkheads
out were really difficult in a tight spot. So we basically need to now drill holes similar to this in the other tanks, but to do that we have
to go and get a drill. I have never drilled an
aquarium or glass ever before. But I watched a couple videos
so I think I’ll be an expert. (laughs) No, no. We might crack it, guys. We don’t know. So, anyways, these guys are happy. They’re sitting here. We’ll do something. We’ll repurpose this somewhere, not sure. But for now I think we’re
actually gonna head over to Home Depot and see if we can get all the stuff that we need. Andrea’s been working on
Santana the Savannah monitor in ball training. It’s been going well? – It’s been going great, yup.
– All right. Let’s try it and see if
he’s gonna do something. He’s always ready to go. There you go, buddy. Oh look at that, right to it. He knows what the deal is. Oh, that is awesome. Oh my God, you did so good with that. – We’re super proud of him. He’s so small but he has a
really good food response. So he’s a very good
candidate for ball training. – [Brian] Exactly. There you go bud, look at him. He just immediately goes up to that ball. He knows there’s food,
touches it, and there you go. How awesome is that? Oh my God. Andrea, you did so good on that. – Thanks.
– I’m super excited. So just another monitor lizard that is now target trained for the balls. Again, as Santana the
Savannah monitor gets bigger, we can start taking him out more, and get him into an enclosure where people can feed him and stuff like that. But that ball training
worked absolutely amazing and Andrea did a great job. (chill music) So basically I’m here. I’m gonna get a diamond bit hole saw so I can drill through this glass. I need plumber’s tape. I need some plumber’s putty. And I need some sandpaper. So that’s pretty much it here. So hopefully we can find it. (chill music) Another crazy hiccup. They had 1 1/4, 1 3/8, and
then all the way up to two inch so we didn’t have a
one in a half inch bit. I’m not sure if it’s gonna work or not. But this is the only thing I can do. So, I’m gonna give it a shot. (laughs) Now to find the rest of the stuff and get out of here. (chill music) So I actually am gonna
turn in this one here. This is for ceramic tile. This is actually better because it actually is diamond blade. This is what I actually want. I think this is gonna cut. Unfortunately, the same thing, 1 3/8’s, no bigger sizes. So maybe 1 3/8’s is gonna
be okay for this bulkhead. So let’s give it a shot. I swear, well no, I don’t
know what I’m doing, but so I found the diamond
bit, that’s awesome. But then I found this which
is the whole system here. What you want to do is have water when you’re drilling through. That’s why I had the plumber’s putty because I was gonna show you guys a cheat with this plumber’s putty. You know what? I’m just gonna go ahead and get it just so I can show you guys a cheat. But now that I have this, I
don’t need the plumber’s putty. But I’ll show you both ways anyways. This is gonna be perfect. Absolutely what I need if the bulkhead fits through it, that is. (chill music) You guys that don’t know this,
and Jay didn’t know this. – I didn’t know this either. – But when you go to Home Depot, you gotta get a hot dog,
you know what I mean? You gotta get a hot dog. How you doing? (chill music) Okay so we got our stuff,
we are back to the shop, and you know what they say? Nutrition is the biggest
part of your day, right? So I’m not sure that this counts. But let’s get back to the shop. Take a little break from the tank build to actually show you the new chameleon. Remember the female that I told you about is a translucent? Basically a recessive piebald chameleon. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Well we got her setup all like this. She’s actually right
next to Karma over here, but we have a little block so that they can’t see each other. Because when chameleons see each other, they can actually get really upset. Regardless, we have this kind of setup. We’re gonna put some more foliage in here. But you can see there is
a bunch of dirt down here. Now the whole idea is that
she’s got infertile eggs in her. A lot of times they bind up
and they can actually die. So if we can give her a real mellow area where she’s not stressed at all, we give her a nice place where she can dig and hopefully lay her eggs. Hopefully she’ll pass those eggs. Then she’ll be completely fine. She looks great. She’s settling in really good. She’s been eating and stuff like that. So I think she’s gonna be completely fine. I’ll keep you guys updated
on how she’s doing. But as for now, she seems
to love her new environment. Super excited, I got a package! – [Purple Shirt Guy] What is that? – This is actually something
that I ordered from Amazon. So this isn’t a surprise. – Looks heavy. – It is heav– Oh! – [Purple Shirt Guy] What was that? – [Brian] What was that? – How did that just fly out? What the heck? – I have no idea what that is. I have a feeling that that’s
not part of my package. – It’s metal. – If somebody ever on Amazon ordered a metal plate, I got your plate. So.
– What the heck? – Okay, let’s see what’s in here. I’m pretty excited. First and foremost! Boom. – Skeleton hands? – Skeleton hands, that’s right. And then–
– I’m confused. – And then check this out. This is super exciting. Guess what this is? – It is a white box. – Exactly, it’s a white box.
– Okay. – But what’s in that white box? – Whoa! It weighs about a pound,
a pound and a half. – Look what’s in this box. – Get it. Cocaine! – Yes, a kilo of– No.
(laughs) – This is actually plaster of Paris. Are you excited? – I don’t know what that is. What’s a plaster of Paris? Is that a platypus? (he laughs) – Listen. I am not gonna say anymore. I’ve got plaster of Paris and I got bag of hands. More to come with this around Halloween. (chill music) All right, so, again, I’m gonna explain what I was gonna do. Now I’m gonna show you
what actually I can do. Because someone was smart enough to actually build a kit
that I was able to buy which includes this
little piece right here. So I was just gonna take
a coupling like this and basically what you want to do, is when you’re drilling, you
want there to actually be water in here because the glass will heat up and potentially crack. So what I was gonna do is just gonna build this putty up right here. I was just gonna take plumber’s putty, like this, I was gonna basically knead it into a thing like this. Ultimately, I was gonna
take it around like this. Do the whole thing. I would then squeeze this in like this. Then I would build up like this. I would actually make a
reservoir that was water tight. I could then now fill
up that water into here, and then the water stays in there. As I’m drilling the glass
stays cool, doesn’t crack. Then I was gonna use this as a template to put on top of here. That my drill could guide in because as you’re going in by going brr. But once it guides in and
starts to get into the groove, then you can take this away. You can drill the rest away through. The good news is is that
someone really smart did this. They actually came up with
this little mechanism here. This is the size of the actual bit. So this bit goes right
into here like that. Super easy. Now there’s little sticky things
that you put on the bottom of this right here, just like that. You put that down wherever
your hole is, like that. You can put water in this
reservoir right here. And then drill through like that. I mean that makes my life a lot easier. But I wanted to give you
that kind of life hack. If you don’t have one of these, and don’t have access to one of these, again, you could just use plumber’s putty, and you could even use a styrofoam cup, or a plastic cup, put it around, make a little bit of a reservoir in there, that way the water’s in there. Do it, so. Now things are even easier than ever. So, if this works out well, hopefully I won’t crack this tank and we’ll have a couple good holes here in the next 15, 20 minutes. So as you can see, I just
want to place this right here. This is where the actual intake is gonna be, and keep in
mind that there’s gonna be not only a bulkhead here, but there’s gonna be a pipe sticking out. So I’ve got to make sure that it reaches all around my backdrop on the inside. Now once I actually have this set down, this will be water tight. I can literally just fill this whole thing up with a little bit of water. Which is just gonna make that glass not heat up and crack like I mentioned. Now you just basically have to drill. I mean, I’m gonna go in here. I’m gonna start really slow. And just kind of slowly go through. It might take me as long
as five to seven minutes to drill through. So you don’t want to push down. You just want the weight
of the drill to go through. And the biggest thing is you don’t want any kind of a wobble. You want straight down, right? So you just let the weight of
the drill slowly go through. If it takes five minutes,
it takes 10 minutes, whatever it may be, and let’s hope we don’t crack this sucker. (chill music) All right, so like I mentioned, I got all four holes drilled. It went absolutely incredible. I did kind of jump ahead of myself because I forgot we still
have to patch these holes. I still have to get the
glass and silicone in. So tomorrow was a little bit ambitious. But in the mean time, I’m gonna go ahead, take these up there,
get them in their slots, and then I can start working
on the bulkheads tonight and stuff like that, and get ready. With any luck, maybe the
next day we’ll actually have alligators in there. But all in all, it went really well. Ready? – Yup.
– Good. – Yup. (chill music) – We have to walk a little
bit less the next time. I don’t want to tilt. (chill music) It fit like a perfect glove, so. That was a lot of work. But they’re in. (chill music) And they are in, guys! Just in case you guys didn’t understand what I was talking about
with Salt and Pepper, is the fact that we
used to have to get ’em from the back side which was a pain. It was hard, you’re like reaching down, you’re trying to feel for
them, stuff like that. Now we can get them from
the front with these glasses and they can have locks on them. So we can not only put ’em in here and easy access them. But now we can start to
really clicker train them, name train them, and stuff like that. So we can get them to come
to a certain point for food. That’s something we can do now that they’re gonna be like this. So they’ll be out here permanently. Like I said, I still have to
patch these holes really quick and then of course have
to do all the plumbing once I get the other bulkheads because these just are in here just to see and make sure that I did the right thing. For those of you that are thinking, “Hey, I might need to
drill holes in glass,” I hope that this helped you a little bit. In the meantime, I am
just over the top happy that it worked out. So all I have to do is get bulkheads, seal up those holes, and get
these alligators in there. It’s awesome. I know it’s a little departure
from the normal vlog, but hey, this was pretty awesome, I think. As we’re getting close to being finished with Salt and Pepper’s enclosure, I’ve got this monkey to
worry about pretty soon too. Because he definitely getting big. And although he’s got a lot of room and I love this pond, I
always have loved this pond, the fact is, we have some pretty big plans for RJ’s big upgrade coming soon. Are you gonna be happy, buddy? I think that once we move him in, he’s gonna be a lot better,
and a lot better mood, if I’m not mistaken. So we’ll just see what happens with him. The fact of the matter is
we’ll have Salt and Pepper done pretty quick here
and then we’ll move on to maybe working on RJ. If you enjoyed this, actually
this video right here is when I got Salt and Pepper, and over here you can see a whole playlist of a bunch of really cool stuff. Over here, if you don’t mind, can you hit that subscribe button? While you’re at it, turn
those post notifications on. Have an absolutely wonderful day. Remember to be kind to someone. I promise, I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

Randy Schultz

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    Keep the pond for salt and pepper

  87. Jesse Playss says:

    Hey Brian i want to buy a Garter snake but my problem is my mom is scared for snakes so i thought ill choose a small one but she still doesnt allow me for a snake pls help me people and Brian (my Instagram is jessehopmans) dm to let my mom know how cool a snake is

  88. The_Dill _Pickle says:

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  89. Ace Hardy says:


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  92. Andrew Gaff says:

    Must say I like these vids with builds and information, maybe we could get one on different heat sources for snakes and the pro’s and con’s for certain breeds?

    Salt and pepper are lucky little β€˜gators

  93. Nina Watkinson says:


  94. Barbara Weekley says:

    They are so cute

  95. Barbara Weekley says:

    Very calm too

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