Building a LEGO Hospital Cause You’re All Un-Alive to Me

Building a LEGO Hospital Cause You’re All Un-Alive to Me

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Building a LEGO Hospital Cause You’re All Un-Alive to Me

  1. GoHerping says:

    I had to say Un-Alive because YouTube doesn't like mean words about… not being alive. Thank you @laylah_the_pen for that suggestion. Anyway, follow me on twitter @goherping for the content least related to reptiles.

  2. Jaded and Empty says:

    I hate talking on the phone, too. It's like all the awkwardness of face to face conversations magnifies into one super-intense awkward over voice. You would think it'd be easier to focus on the conversation since you don't have to pay attention to their face, but nope. Huzzah for the laws of social anxiety!

  3. My Menagerie ! says:

    I totally agree with you on beginner, intermediate and advanced animals. Those are definers needing to go away.

  4. Keanna Sale says:

    please tell me you didn't just say you exfoliate twice a day honey your poor skin

  5. Belle Dunn says:

    Thumbs-upped for the foster kittens. Love em

  6. Goya Esteva says:

    Hispanic moms:vapo rub cures everything

  7. Goya Esteva says:

    8:17 weeltair?

  8. Jamie Tattersfield says:

    Someone like DUCK’s comment and like it so we can keep it at the top

  9. Jamie Tattersfield says:

    1:22 he said Girlfriend y’all he’s taken ladies

  10. Midnight Madness says:

    Stardew valley is great

  11. wired 9 says:

    So small, so full of rage.

  12. Meagan says:

    I’ll keep watching your NoHerping series as long as you start it with that “we’re at target” clip. It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Also I’m allergic to cats so that’s why I didn’t adopt a kitten

  13. dara rollo says:


  14. Elllixxis says:

    Hey… I'd love… I'd love to watch a Stardew Valley stream if you ever wanted to do one. Or like a video of the game for another NoHerping video. Just a suggestion, that's all

  15. Kingchrome203 says:

    I would love to help you but I’m only 16

  16. Amy He says:

    I appreciate your Gen Z humor. Also, could you make another Harriet video please? I just think she’s adorable XD

  17. Hrp Drp says:

    I swear your the only youber i know that can somehow comunicate so much sarcasm through thumbnail alone, i love it

  18. Samantha Barrow says:

    Harriet is watching him, how cute!

  19. elliewellie says:

    Paratroopers are soldiers with parachutes

  20. Magnakay Violet says:

    I don't think that the concept of 'beginner' is as bad when a lot of people who say that they want to 'try' have no idea what it's like to be 'dedicated'. I understand the frustration of so many animals being hurt in the process; however, I will settle with whatever keeps ethical and illegal issues from happening more often.
    This isn't just about pet keeping; any hobby can have this issue. A new game, becoming a YouTuber, or starting a company has these hurdles that noobs will easily fall on their faces at, cry like babies, and quit, potentially leaving people hurt and confused. Being prepared helps regardless of were you start, but having commitment issues is what really causes others to discourage you from finding your possible niche.

  21. CRJLife _ says:

    Lmao please never change
    Also, I swear you could do standup

  22. elliewellie says:

    You lived in a sweatshop my dude

  23. Myles Daske says:

    what happend to betty dying video

  24. MatthewWuzHere says:

    i just want a compilation of out of context GoHerping quotes so everyone thinks he's insane

  25. Tatiana Sember says:

    I played with a bastion on ranked…. he was doing terrible and missed all his shots (I would know I was a mercy and constantly healing and boosting everyone) and he would switch 😂

  26. Spunky Bryan says:


  27. проколоть субару says:

    A man has fallen in the…

  28. Nasryth Funes says:

    Who's sebastion?

  29. Shannon says:

    in a few weeks I'm planning on starting a bird youtube channel, I have 14 budgies and Im having to rehome some of them, (My birds had 2 clutches of 4 then 5 baby birds.) I want to be able to teach people about proper care for budgies and how too etc pretty much everything, and i also have hermit crabs which will be part of the channel, and I want to make a video on why I regret buying my crabs, and etc I'm super excited to start! and I hope anyone who is interested will watch my videos when I start, ^-^ I've been wanting to start for a few years but Im finally ready!

  30. wavy Devy says:

    What’s the name of his stop motion??

  31. Sayra Evitts says:

    Come to Sedona!!!

  32. Dallas Paige says:

    You literally are my fav human 🤣🤣

  33. spaghetios _ says:

    hmm,, build and banter,,, legos and lectures? idk haha

  34. I'm Lethal says:

    U look like a virgin

  35. Rachel Yee says:

    do you have a favorite kind of lego set? like the creators or the 3 in 1s or something?

  36. She Who Hates Everyone says:

    I cant stop staring at the tortoise in the back playing 😍😍 so cuteee.

    Also Sarcasm on point 💯👌

  37. I am Absolutely raging says:

    Kinda sad ill never get to meet you because I’m broke and live in ny

  38. Benny Bross says:

    Was I the only one annoyed that he put all the bags together in one pile

  39. Detox _ says:

    Send it to china i hear they could use some more hospitals for that wiflu thing.

  40. Kelem Avila says:

    Goherping: i has built hundreds legos
    Also goherping: oop i jus mess up

  41. Nicole Hood says:

    You must get what you want a lot…

  42. Jasper Smith says:

    there's really no such thing as a "beginner" animal. all animals have unique care and their own set of requirements and challenges. some animals are more difficult to keep alive than others, but the information is out there and if you're prepared to research and you have the time, space, and funds to care for the animal you're interested in, there is no reason to be afraid of getting any animal.

  43. MakeupBy Kendelle says:

    Bro, did you say you wash exfoliate TWICE A DAY???? I’m in beauty school right now for esthetics. Please only exfoliate your face twice a week! As well as wash your face with water in the morning and wash it with a cleanser at night. Don’t over wash it, over washing will dry it out and crack it. If you need help please dm me and I will help you😂

  44. Pepperoni_Picca Gaming says:

    Sub urban making legos

  45. Kimberly cabunoc says:

    Have you heard about coby briant

  46. YouGrowGail says:

    You must be a speed reader or maybe it’s because you as the creator already know what it’s gonna say but your side note pop ups disappear way too quick. I’m not a slow reader but I never actually finish reading your pop ups without having to rewind once sometimes twice 😂

  47. SamuriOkasan says:

    Freaking using Brian's face as a censor😂 dead

  48. Mixtape-Ninja音楽忍者 says:

    Well.. Didn't expect something like this. Hope to see you in my nightmares.

  49. Kaylee Duquaine says:

    Ugh I need a vanilla coke now lol yum.

  50. Elise Tamara says:

    The only YouTuber I will let talk shit about my about my existence

  51. Faith says:

    I would’ve adopted a cat but I already have 12:(((((

  52. n cnsnnts says:

    Please stop doing Lego videos you make me want to put them together too, pleabse,, I have too many hobbies already oh god

  53. Lisa Emmerich says:

    Thanx for the video. I used it to time my hair dye. 🤣 I enjoy your content. Good luck with all of your endeavours!!

  54. Amber Nicole Massey says:

    I truly do not understand why ppl make fun of LEGO’s. Lots of people like puzzles. Legos are just 3D puzzles. I never got into puzzles or legos but, my ole man and I did a 500 piece puzzle I think it was and it was pretty enjoyable. Very rewarding in the end. I ended up glueing it to a piece of wood and it is in our daughters room.

  55. Dawson Summers says:

    girlfriend q&a

  56. Savana Thames says:

    Ya girl Harriet is doing her best to get your attention 😤😂

  57. terrius martin says:

    dis man could buy my life bc he got da most pricy box like bro u dont see me on same part of wallyland as da legossss

  58. Mariah Laird says:

    Wait I'm confused he said girlfriend and I thought he was gay due to a few comments and a Joke he made about being in the closet in a video I watched .I could care less but I thought he was gay and that maybe his old partner was his ex .Who knows maybe he is bi, or get he is young he may not even know like I tell my daughter you have time (as she is bi but wonders if she is gay )edit never mind he still has a girlfriend so I was wrong oh well I must have misheard his joke in that video best of luck with your relationship and company your a great young man I'm sure your parents are so proud of you as j would be proud if one of my kids did the things you did but you have viewers of all ages as I'm almost 35 and I watch

  59. Beth Tyson says:

    About the humor, I was discussing pet YouTubers on Amino and the only problematic thing you did was be overly sarcastic so congrats I guess

  60. DeafeningZap says:


  61. Reece says:

    can you please make an updated video on how to get rid of mites!! 🙂

  62. Rayven Goodman says:

    I want one. I never saw the posts.

  63. Natalie Hamm says:

    Please bring the cactus merch back ;^;

  64. NeoKayos says:


  65. Aidan Ann says:

    Alex’s version of “cats can have a little salami” is “bearded dragons can have a little tomate”

  66. Nicole Wilkinson says:

    ALEX HAS A GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Emma says:


  68. Vanessa Perry says:

    I've been wondering when you were gonna build this!! 😂 I've been waiting for No Herping

  69. Jack Sullivan says:


  70. umiumi xio says:

    You remind me of a rat sorry

  71. Aubrey B says:

    just wanted to say thank you for brightening my sad day <3

  72. hitlerslefttoe says:

    send this man to china to build more hospitals for the epidemic

  73. Emma Hipwell says:

    Leopard geckos are titled as beginner reptiles but to this day they make me stressed 😅 there are so many ways u can eff them up just like with any other reptile but I do do my research and care for them to the best of my ability!

  74. Ali Rieder says:

    I only liked this video because I too hate touching people

  75. Skipper says:

    A man has fallen into the LEGO city river, HEY

  76. Cassandra Lemley says:

    I absolutely LOVE all your videos. Your so quirky and real it's nice to see real people on youtube for a change. Maybe someday my son will agree with me and we can get a snake from y'all ❤

  77. Emmy Incatasciato says:

    Why am I watching Reptile Man playing w/ Legos 🥺

  78. pale pale girl says:

    I love no herping episodes

  79. Diet Coke Head says:

    omg you're so cringey and smug…every single video.

  80. fany valencia says:

    this was so fun

  81. Mindless says:

    Do more noherping also more goherping

  82. Charcol's Trash Vlogs says:

    I would have taken the kittens but I don't live in America

  83. J.R. Young says:

    Youve got a good little business going. Stay humble and listen to all pf tje older people who jave done this fornlonger than youve been alive. You criticize too much for instance taking animals to 7 different vets in your state because you dont agree with their diagnosis which again has been PROFESSIONAL AND ACHOOLES LONFER THAN YOUVE LIVED. Soak it all in and listen and dont be so one sided. Optomistic is the words. I had seen an episode where you got morphs that were gorgeous ane you stated how much ypu hated untilnyou got them and saie they were cool. Lomg story short watch the pros channels and learn from those guys. It will help a lot with your speaking to the camera instead of sounding very nieve and clear youtr speech to more professional experiemce instead of negative outlooks on others. The potential and animal care is def. there but sounding like you r 10 and giving opinions on things you have no idea about because your extremely green to all of the pros is a bad look and idea because it appears to your audience that you know alot more than the pros(vets and herpatologists) and its obvious by your speech that you just wing it. Be humble, watch the pro videos and take classes on public speaking and above all be HUMBLE and you will axhieve what your setting out to do

  84. Bart Welch II says:

    GoHerping: I'm building LEGO sets because I hate you all and you're dead to me

    Gooooood… Goooood… Let the hate flow through you. Feel the anger and spite growing within you.

  85. Animal Lover and Erica Detmer says:

    You are very clever I love watching your channel just keep it up

  86. Animal Lover and Erica Detmer says:

    I agree about the beginners because they keep saying these beginner animals they’re actually very hard to take care of their take time to take care the same as any other animal And I hope this comes out right because I’m talking into a pad

  87. Cazmeris landon says:

    I love this video sm💖

  88. beardeddragons says:

    I love you

  89. Spoon beast says:

    Is 28:41 an editing fail or shade at your paid subscribers? Subtly hinting that they should not touch you? hmmmmmm

  90. happymama says:

    'You see this scar? Mr. Meowmeow Mittens, 2015'

  91. Venus says:

    drop a girlfriend care guide?

  92. Venus says:

    i love that alex edited his head onto not just any lego person, but THE LEGO BABY

  93. Chelsea Kush says:

    I love these

  94. Laura Dragon says:

    I have animals and they don’t like other animals

  95. elliewellie says:

    What are you gonna do when you hit 1 million?

  96. Taja Johnson says:

    Love your videos absolutely amazing

  97. Rebel 804 says:

    Nice Deadpool reference unalive is from Deadpool

  98. Zack Harrison says:

    I suck at building legos my adhd I wont let me finish

  99. Kizzura The Ice Dragon says:

    Videos like these make me want to watch you play OW lmao

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