BROWN SUGAR BOBA BATTLE! Xing Fu Tang, Tiger Sugar, Onezo, Koi, Chatime, Kokumi!

BROWN SUGAR BOBA BATTLE! Xing Fu Tang, Tiger Sugar, Onezo, Koi, Chatime, Kokumi!

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel, Boba Queen Just kidding, my name is Titan If you haven’t seen my channel, I am a boba lover. Today, I have set up GoJek, GoFood, my acquaintances in Onezo, Xing Fu Tang, so that I can do this boba review today. This is a very exclusive review because Xing Fu Tang hasn’t had their grand opening yet. This is a very honest review without any bias at all So this is the brown sugar fresh milk variant, which is only made of milk and brown sugar, and the boba itself And usually, the boba is made using brown sugar too so it adds to the sweetness and aroma to the boba So I will judge based on 3 categories from each drink, I will give 5 points maximum for milk, brown sugar, and the consistency of the boba. It’s very serious today. But this is really my passion The only one that I haven’t tried is.. none I have tried all of them But I have never tried them all at the same time And I also made sure that the time I order the drink is not very far from each other It was very difficult because one Gojek is from Puri, another is from Sunter, they’re from all over Jakarta. I ordered them with no ice and I will add the ice myself, so that the milk won’t be diluted and bland. Let’s get started, are you guys excited. Okay so I will start with Kokumi. So as you can see here, the cup is only half-filled and I think it is very stingy of them So let’s just put some ice in it I use plastic straw for everything. It’s not because I don’t care about the environment, but because I can’t just use one straw for all the drinks because it will change the taste of the drink Forgive me this one time for using so much plastics So my favorite thing about this is the milk The milk is very special and has a very unique flavor, like a paddlepop ice cream for Indomart. Also, the milk is very creamy. The boba is not my favorite because it is just round but the middle part isn’t very soft. This brand is not very consistent because I order this drink from Kelapa Gading. The first time I tried it was from PIK and it was too sweet because there was too much brown sugar. So apparently the one in Kelapa Gading is better guys. I give 4 stars for the milk, 2 stars for the boba because there’s nothing special about it, and the brown sugar, I give it maybe 3 stars. The sugar tastes just like ordinary brown sugar in normal coffee. Do you get it? Next I will try Chatime. Oh guys, I will also give a pro tip on how to insert the straw without any spill. Tilt the cup a little just like this. Don’t hesitate and pierce the area where there is no drink just like this. So here I’m tilting it and HAHAHA faillll K, let’s take a sip I’m confused guys…. What is this flavor, I feel like I’ve tried this when I was little It tastes a little bit like chemicals, like chinese medicines, oh that’s why I thought of my childhood Because when I was little, my mom often forced me to have those weird chinese medicines I think the boba is typical Chatime boba, I like it They’re chewy, they’re consistently round and they’re all the same in every outlet Milk is very ordinary In my opinion, the milk in brown sugar fresh milk , should be a little thicker, very creamy, and flavorful For the milk, I give it a 2 Brown sugar, I give it a one because I really don’t like it And for boba, I’m gonna be a little generous, I’ll give it a 3.5 I’m ready Give the boba queen more boba Tiger Sugar! Ok so the trick is to tilt it a little and… clean cut Omg… The boba is so soft…. It’s good guys! The first time I tried this, the boba was just okay, it was even a little hard But after trying Kokumi and Chatime, this is super soft, you don’t really need to chew on it and you won’t lose your botox chewing this They use diamond milk if I’m not mistaken, so the milk is ordinary, just like Chatime. So for milk I give it a 2, diamond milk is not enough But, don’t worry, the point will go up because I think this is the best boba so far, 4 But in my opinion the winner of this drink is the brown sugar AHhhhhh it’s so hard…… 4.5 So this is Koi, I have tried this and honestly this is the one I least like I always give second chance for everyone and for every boba Ok, let’s give it a try Sorry Koi, I love you and your other drinks but this drink is a no It tastes like a medicine guys So the brown sugar that they use, I don’t know either the way they make it or the brand that they use is the same as Chatime [Titan]: She likes almost everything. [Thea]: Let’s give it a try [Thea]: Why is it weird…… [Titan]: Right [Thea]: The color is also weird I’m so confused why Koi such a big successful company, with mostly good drinks but why their brown sugar drink is so bad because it tastes like medicine Milk is standard, so 2 The boba is Koi’s standard golden honey boba so I like it obviously. Even though they’re small and sweet, I like it. I’ll give it a 2 because I think they should be more creative. If they wanna make a brown sugar series, they should make brown sugar boba that is especially just for this drink Brown sugar is 0 for me So next we have Xing Fu Tang, newest player in town. Grand opening is… today guys So supposedly this drink have the brown sugar swirls on the side as a decor. But the brown sugar has all settled on the bottom but that shouldn’t change the flavor at all I tried Xing Fu Tang in Taiwan and I fell in love The milk was so creamy, as if it was a dessert. The boba was so mochi like, a little bit bigger, just like…. I wanna say it but I don’t know if I can….. as big as…nipples.. Thinking I’m still thinking guys, hold on The milk is different than the one in Taiwan In Taiwan, they used Meiji if I’m not mistaken I know they use hometown in Jakarta Boba is smaller here compared to Taiwan Because in XFT Indonesia, they have their own boba machine so they make their own boba And so the boba is smaller and inconsistent, because some boba is half and the shape is like this and not round like this And with the difference in the boba sizes, it will also alter the taste of the boba because the brown sugar flavor comes from the boba itself But for consistency of the boba, they’re so chewy. I think it’s my favorite boba so far So the milk is more aromatic than the diamond, I give them 3 And boba I give them 4 Brown sugar is 4 Because I think the brown sugar is lacking and there’s no roasted aroma which I had in Taiwan. The brown sugar is not as strong But overall as a drink, I like the combo because they’re not too sweet Okay guys, we’re down to the last one, that is Onezo I like them because they’re so creative So they have a variety of boba, brown sugar, crystal, black sesame, and mango if I’m not mistaken I can be the boba ambassador for all of these because I already memorized all of their menu Too full, please help me drink Whoever works for me, gets boba everyday [Thea]: Whoever wanna work for Titan, comment down below drum roll please Don’t play play you guys, I see you onezo There’s a shocking taste when you drink It’s so different than the others, I like the milk because basically I like the brown sugar Brown sugar is so aromatic and they have the toasted flavor I really don’t know how to give the ratings This is so emotional for me, I drink this everyday You guys know that full cream milk is so dairy But for this one is standard so I give it a 3 Next for the boba, I really like them From the exterior of the boba, to the center, it’s not hard at all I give it 4.5 for the boba For the brown sugar I also give it a 4.5 So that is my review for brown sugar fresh milk Because I’m curious, I also wanna review the brown sugar milk tea really quick The difference is that this one has tea Let’s try the Xing Fu Tang The tea is so strong, it reminds me of chocolate But it’s so aromatic, just like dessert Brown sugar milk tea Onezo is not as good as XFT I have never tried any milk tea with this flavor This one is like a regular milk tea but it is still good Let’s hear the final score from all this [Thea]: For Kokumi average is 3, [Titan]: 3 stars. Ok, next [Thea]: Chatime is 2.17 [Thea]: Tiger sugar, 3.5 Wow, it’s pretty high guys [Thea]: For koi, average is 1.3 Owww… That’s too high for Koi I think the boba helps them. Ok, next Xing Fu Tang [Thea]: XFT is 3.83 So higher than tiger sugar [Thea]: Onezo is 4 So we have a winner guys. Overall, Onezo you have my heart I really hope that this video can give feedback to all these brands So for today’s video, I did my review as objective as possible. But people have different preferences, so you might like others So I hope you can watch this with positivity and I hope you can subscribe because I will make more boba content If you haven’t watched my videos, I made a video where I drank a galloon of boba Comment down below what boba content you want me to make And I post a new video every Wednesday so don’t forget to click the bell notification So you know when I upload a new video I love every single one of you, see you next week, byeeee

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    Dalam kehidupan sehari-hari, ada banyak contoh ekspektasi kita terhadap sesuatu hal dan keadaan, misalnya melihat iklan barang di online shop, tertarik, lalu beli. Begitu barang datang beberapa hari kemudian, ternyata barangnya tidak sesuai ekspektasi / yang diharapkan, yang ada hanyalah kekecewaan. Istilah anak-anak jaman now, realita tak semanis ekspektasi!

    Nah kali ini Duo Ndud’z mau mencoba minuman yang lagi kekinian dan antrian sampai 1 jam, apakah memang sebegitu enaknya sampai "worth-it" harus antri 1 jam-an? Yuk siapin minuman kalian biar ga ngiler nontonnya, dan ajak temen kalian untuk nonton bareng bagaimana ekspektasi vs realita Kak Eve yang sudah antri 1 jam demi minuman ini.

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