BREAKING: Tigers star James Wiseman ruled ineligible by NCAA

BREAKING: Tigers star James Wiseman ruled ineligible by NCAA

Randy Schultz

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6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Tigers star James Wiseman ruled ineligible by NCAA

  1. Vincent Nutt says:

    This is dumb on NCAA's part. Penny helped the family move to Memphis when he was coach at East High School. Penny paid moving expenses to recruit him as a high school athlete. Penny was NOT giving ANY incentives to the Wiseman family for him to become a College athlete. The NCAA needs reform. Athletes need to be able to go to the school or coach that gives them the best shot for development of their skills. Poverty or lack of funds for moving expenses should not stand in the way of that. He did not buy them a house or a car – he paid the movers!! Get real.

  2. Yolanda Greene says:

    This is FUCKED UP! Memphis had too much damn talent for them. They had to find something to go against Memphis. Penny is too damn smart to pull some underhanded stuff like this which he know would harm his team. To be honest, I think this a bunch of BS. The Association never did like the U of M anyway. I’m hoping we beat this. How could he get penalized from assisting his family relocate.

  3. Yolanda Greene says:

    Ok let me re word….. This is very unfair to penalize them from Penny assisting his family to relocate. From my understanding, that’s helping someone family so they could be close to their son and maybe support him as he play as a Tiger. I refused to believe Penny meant harm in doing so. Penny is a smart guy and understands the repercussions behind doing what they are portraying that he’s done. I hope they fight this situation and come out on top

  4. gmoneyboys1 says:

    Ncaa ain't shit!!

  5. Blackg Vdhhd says:


  6. Mel Wood81 says:

    Kentucky,Kansas,Duke hating on the Memphis Tigers.

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