Bond Swamp & Tiger Chases

Bond Swamp & Tiger Chases

just a second I’m gonna walk over there
and see them say that we just got out of a Peterbilt a while
ago a big fat Peter bill and now we’re way out in the swamps where the hills
have eyes I mean it’s actually really neat you know I could push you I mean
yeah you could go fish in here yeah it looks like it’s moving kind of quick
form and it’s that ain’t a gator is it stick or something on the bank move that
was it right there do you see the ripple that’s what I was pointing at that was a
freakin Gator I hope you get to see it on my thing I kind of look like a stick
but I think it was a gator did you see it take off yeah I guess I can get here
in this water where we saw a frickin Gator okay if it wasn’t a gator we’re
gonna say I’m gonna say it was a gator you can say it’s whatever you want it
was long I’m not an editor it was long I’m not an editor
he’s our editor because he’s brilliant with those things maybe he can zoom in
on it a little bit maybe even got chairs set out here for us I got him I got the
turtle you bet you did too I’ll shoot them yeah that’s what they’re
gonna do they’re gonna go pick up bitches
I mean bitches and hoes bitches and hoes are they making him fucking pedals worst
his ass hats are we gonna go through them or does it just turn around over
there let’s get down it was cooler in there oh yeah you can see their tail
lights down there Sam would you want to go in this under you
think it goes the same way okay hold on slow down I could get turned
around on these dang rocks position goes out the other way – it
doesn’t does it what do you mean no I don’t well I don’t think I mean
it’s a it’s a regular Road you know just a regular fake route
No maybe you should do your swerve ease all
over the road look they messed up this gravel acting a fool so at six miles an
hour I can hold it up but I don’t think that can’t afford pain I don’t do that
kind of stuff very often anymore now I can’t say eyeballs at some point
I’ve decided I’m not going to do Willy’s on the ramble but I just don’t know
probably easier don’t you want the ground no no we’d have to jack it up I
mean you know speed it up yes for me oh yeah they’re safer but what I mean is to get to to get the wheel off the
ground it takes some sort of tour and when your way you know 200 it might get my willy for you you’re
significantly lighter than I yes that would do it if I slid back to do it but then I can see myself sitting in the
parking lot of the bike goes off yeah I’m sure you would be I don’t think we’ve ever showed them any
proper battle scars on that bike are you gonna make up stories about how how that
got there stories of grand jury about how battle
wounds got on that one all right I’ll tell them all about it no ok what’s your
story we were running from an alligator and they go 35 miles an hour and then it
was like up what’s it called Mowgli or the jungle book or whatever
and he called in his cheetah friends do you want to take over now or do you want
me to keep going you gotta add a little and then I’ll add a little wait a minute
wait a minute I’m sure everybody saw that video on Facebook where that Tiger
was chasing them people on a bike we were right in front of them so we were
part of it you just didn’t see us on video go ahead now where was
rikki-tikki-tavi when you needed him right I mean and then the snake came
along oh my god then the bike fell over and the alligator ate the girl that’s
the end of story Wow and a very good story you’re
supposed to say let’s see then the snake came along the snake is
the princess one that tells everybody what to do right and she said don’t
leave our friends that’s the dog whisperer
he picks up strays and feeds everything that gets near him he done rode his bike
down a mountain cliff bitch she saved him and put him back up on the road so
the only thing that was damaged was the bike okay now you can tell your story about
how the bike got its battle scars okay all right our trailer is three and a
half feet tall no two and a half feet off whatever anyway anyway it hit been
raining yes and and I put the ramps down now we have been loading the v-star up
and down them ramps with no problem I just drive it right up you know it just
chugalug love you know how slow the 650 bar well compared to this back yeah and
the bottom here alright so this here when you when you hit it it gets it so I
go up that ramp a little bit too fast and it hit just they just rained a
little bit and the engine that we had hauled had had lost a little grief on
the on the on the ramp likely excuse right but anyway when I put my brakes on
when I got to the top of the deck the bike went to slide me to the right
and when when my I put my feet down they started sliding to
so I came off the bike onto the ground and in the trailer then a bike pal of
all of me and it’s scratched up my mirrors that fringed he rolled out of
the way so the bike didn’t land on top of him right and I got a dent in my tank
over here no wait a minute at the time it was still my tank that’s
right and breasted the tale wide and the
something else yeah oh like tomorrow
it’s messed up everything all within its first 30 miles like the
second or third day after we had it but we still liked it
we bought it to use not the baby right we can go home for over two months right
so we couldn’t drive it in that condition so we just carried it around yeah it’s Fambrough that’s right I don’t
know if the RIC broke it though they got hollow kickstand so you can’t really
leave it down if you trailer it around much yeah actually we need to probably
put that in one of our review videos that that’s not the case I know a lot of
people say oh if you trailer bikes that’s you’re not really riding but we
were in Ohio a couple days ago and now we’re in Georgian who knows where it
will be a couple you know Dallas Seattle who knows where we’ll be so ours go on a
big trailer oh yeah I mean we’ve already put along 40 miles today and we’re just
out looking around it’s clear and we’ll probably do another
60 miles I’m not enough hurry to go back are you No no I probably got about an hour’s worth
of fuel but beyond that I’m good why is that I mean do we need to go to school
or anything if you want we can drink some water I’m not thirsty but as hot as
it is it probably wouldn’t hurt you want to go to that one part by the airport do
you want to get water first sure do you want to go to that park by the airport
so you know that side road did the same thing as the other one I kind of wonder
if some of them will disappear down in the socks too I think a lot of them do
you are stopping getting water and get fuel or you want to start at that other
part first I’ve got water in my backpack you see how that water over there
there’s like a river or lake or something
now there’s a lot of lakes over here but there’s no access to them they’re just
random Elise there’s swamps right it’s getting late
well that’s got a keypad so we can’t go that way
somebody’s house maybe it’s going pretty fast eights they’re not going to let us
come back there I like that house there Jim thanks nobs why wouldn’t they let us
come back there you know I really like Georgia
I really do if they had better taxes we’d go look at that plantation house
want to stop here and have a drink of water and then head to town or wherever
you’re going to take me okay you know park under the thing there’s the trap out is still wearing I finally look what cited earlier that
back tires and a giant hole see it oh well I’m gonna do about it you’re a dirty girl you know you’re a dirty girl Oh end up your leg and that was cool
pops keeping a jumper in the trick stop that was nothing my phone is not operating correctly I
think it’s hot yeah it won’t open the GoPro app you get for
me urrh-sa’ I guess you got you got biker skills you
born to be a nasty biker you’re so funny in there
well you lately she left me a sip well I was trying to leave you some I look you
can’t Bank your skills we should probably get straws we’re gonna do that
I said I wouldn’t really search you but I think it’s so easy to get dehydrated
it don’t hurt just to drink extras okay yeah I mean sun shining on it and it’s
hot out here if it rings you ain’t gonna answer it on
the bike anyway okay you gonna buy one or get one from
the trip the trucks are all tall oh my keys in here I’ll stay here doo-doo-doo I can hear what you’re
saying in there okay there’s a place in France where do women wear no pants I hear you flirting with that girl in
there you know what you see this thing here on
the back of my bike this loose piece yeah I mean it doesn’t seem like it’s go
fall off but it is getting looser everybody here does railyard stuff it
looks like this guy’s been in and out of here three
or four times today oh he’s got a little girl with him get a
be nice here is tiny
you just what maybe three tops you see you he’s been in and out of here several
times I guess he dropped stuff off and somebody else picks it up or something I’m gonna go past the airport to that
one part I don’t know if there’s anything back there
but I just got a circle around and go out
the other way

Randy Schultz

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  1. Big Dog says:

    1st lol I never did that before

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    hi for the uk in wales to my friend princeess prissy

  3. curtis mccorkel says:

    Welcome to our world military

  4. Les D says:

    RoFLmAo… Mercy mercy… never figured Miss "Fancy" PPP could tell such amazing stories and the sound of the snake… Lol… I won't go into detail how that sounded, but I'm sure that Mr. "Fancy" TRC laughed a lot and got excited from the snake noise…. LmAo

    I didn't just go there, did I …. LoL

  5. MUD FLAPS GHOST says:

    So funny

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