Blippi at the park excavating dinosaur egg fossils | Dinosaurs for Kids

Blippi at the park excavating dinosaur egg fossils | Dinosaurs for Kids

hi kids
today we are going to study dinosaurs “roar”
they are small and VERY BIG. I’m afraid of them
today i’m going to go digging eggs like BLIPPI and find ancient dinosaur fossils
kid, quickly subscribe to the channel and we start. Oh. It seems someone is coming! quicker! wow! kid, look How many dinosaurs are here!
let’s count them. 1,2,3,4,5. 5 dinosaurs! they all are so interesting. hmm ..
and let’s find out more about dinosaurs with you. And these smart books will help us
thay say, that dinosaurs lived 225 million years ago. it is very, very long time ago.
and they ruled the land for 160 million years. and then..
and then something happened. and nobody knows about it
perhaps it was a meteorite fall “vzhuh”
maybe it was a volcanic eruption and the dinosaurs disappeared from the face
of the earth. let’s find out with you what dinosaurs are
and what colors they are. let’s start exploring dinosaurs with you
hmm .. which one to choose ..? let’s start with that one. wow! he has a very long long neck
Why do you think he needs it? right! in order to eat leaves, from very,
very high trees. and which animal has the same long neck? which
exists now on earth. right! it is a giraffe
he has the same long neck. This dinosaur’s name is Diplodocus! Here it is in our book. Let’s see what color it is. green. and what about the book? and in the book it’s
red! hmm ..
in fact, kid, no one knows what the dinosaurs were and all that we see now is just an approximate
color. but let’s take a close look at who is standing
next to me here. right! one more diplodok. well, or long-neck. so it’s easier to call it like this. look, it was made by cardboard.
and it is very, very big. ūūū
dinosaur made by cardboard very cool. I made it in one of my videos. ūūū
Here is a cardboard dinosaur I have. it is a diplodok. the length of his neck could reach 25 meters.
it’s weight was 10 tons This is a very, very hard dinosaur. he had a little head. but predators were afraid to approach him. “av-av”
because he could trample them. The diplodocus was the biggest dinosaur in
the world. “fr-tush-tush”
and therefore, almost nobody could offend him. especially when he was in the flock. let’s repeat what his name is. Diplodocus. right, kid. let’s explore predatory dinosaurs with you. “agr” This is Alazavr
Predatory dinosaur ate other dinosaurs. “ahgr”
Alazavr is a very dangerous predator because he had very sharp canines
“hrr” he had claws by which he could pierce other
dinosaurs. And he also had a very flexible tail that
he could wag here and there, and knocked down other dinosaurs. who wanted to attack him. some two-legged dinosaurs were very, very
small. thay had same size as a chicken. Alazavrs always were in flocks, to get their
prey easier. “hrrr”
what colour is it? – it’s red. And here it is purple. Alazavr is very similar to Tirinozavr Rex
Which we are going to see with you now. And it is a very scary and terrible dinosaur
Tyrannosaurus Rex. “agrr”
Tyrannosaurus Rex was a very dangerous dinosaur. he had poverful legs. tuff-tuff. Very sharp teeth. same As on this picture. and very small legs
but, at the same time, he had a very strong and dangerous tail, by which he could scatter
other dinosaurs. what colour is it?
right! it’s green. The height of the Tyrannosaurus Rex reached
12 m, and its weight was 7 tons. his paws had to hold a very heavy load because
he walked on them. tuff tuff
just like a human. )
everybody were afraid of Tyrannosaurus Rex. It is the most furious and predatory dinosaur. Here, he is trying to track down his prey,
on the picture. if other dinosaurs heard the terrible tramp
of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, they quickly ran away: aaa
Tyrannosaurus Rex is the most powerful and angry dinosaur. “hrrrr”
What are these dinosaurs? look kid. they are very kind and it is clear that they
are herbivores. These dinosaurs are called Vulcano Donna. Here they are on the picture. they had the herd way of life. and ate grass only. am am
and they never hurt noone. take a look. there is even a monkey on it. )
Hi Hi! This is a monkey who sat down on Vulkanodonna. Vulkanodonna had a sharp claw on the front
paws. by which, elsi, he could defende itsalfe. take a look. That’s how they walked before. They were very kind dinosaurs. What color are they? – green and green. And what about little monkey? – And our monkey is white and brown. Right kid. There were also dinosaurs who could fly like
birds! “hur-hens” These dinosaurs called Pterodactyls. And here they are in my picture. They had very very light claws. the length of their wings in width could reach
15 m! They were very large flying bird dinosaurs. They ate fish and could dive under the water
and grab a little fish. Kid. let’s repeat the dinosaurs, which we studied
with you today. let’s count them. 1 dinosaur, 2 dinosaur, 3 dinosaur, 4 dinosaur,
5 dinosaur. there are 5 dinosaurs here.
and what colors are they !? green dinosaur, red dinosaur, green dinosaur
with yellow color, green dinosaur, green dinosaur with a monkey. Right kid. And now we have a fairy tale about dinosaurs. – I am very hungry and I want to eat water
plants. – me too. but it is very dangerous. because there is the dangerous dinosaur next
to the algae. – do you have any ideas?. – I do not know. dinosaur is very dangerous and it can eat
us, and even your monkey. – aah! no, don’t eat me! and these are the algae that dinosaurs are
talking about. and this is an evil dinosaur that does not
let anyone to reach the algae. grrr – let’s think of something.? – let’s ask Tyrannosaurus Rex for help?! and
then he will be scared and get away.

Randy Schultz

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