Birthday Puppy Surprise! ?

Birthday Puppy Surprise! ?

– [Bryan] Look at this face right now, (laughs) what happened up here, Finn? You got your fingers stuck in your hair ’cause you twirled it so much. ♪ This is our life, this is our fun ♪ ♪ This is who we are ♪ ♪ This is our dream, this is our team ♪ ♪ Shot among the stars ♪ ♪ Take this shield and we’ll be fine ♪ ♪ Take this hand and watch us shine ♪ ♪ This is our life, let’s live it ♪ ♪ Live it forever ♪ – Good morning! – [Bryan] Good morning! (laughs) Good morning Ollie, what are you doing? – Trying to grab a chicken. – [Bryan] Trying to grab chickens. We’ve got some friends over this morning, and we’re checking on the chickens, and it is a beautiful day here in sunny southern California! – Heya! – [Bryan] Good morning
Finn, are you happy today? – Yeah! – [Bryan] Yeah, how
are the chickens doing? – Huh – [Bryan] Good! Well, good morning there my
little hen, how are you doing? (laughs) you trying to catch her? Get her! (babbles) Strawberries? – [Finn] Yeah! – [Bryan] Yeah we got
little strawberries growing, but it looks like the chickens
are actually eatin’ them, more than we are at least, huh? – More, more! – You want more?
– Yeah. – Yeah I know, the chickens keep eating
our strawberries, huh? – More! – [Bryan] See? Hey! Hey!
Get out of our strawberries! Those are our strawberries, get out of our strawberries, chicken! (giggles) So Missy is at the barn
this morning with Crystal, and they’re doing a little trail ride, so all the kiddos came over here to play with Ollie and Finn, are
you having fun, Finny? – Mm-hmm. – Yeah (laughs) – Yeah – It’s seriously such a
beautiful day and I have been mainly in the house
playing the new God of War, because I’m obsessed
with the new God of War. I used to play all the old ones
on all the old Playstations. This one is definitely by far the best, and it’s super fun, but I was like, I probably should get some
fresh air with the kiddos too. And mama’s back! How was
your trail ride this morning? – It was so nice. It was a little warm, but
it was really beautiful. – [Bryan] Yeah, and we
are getting some lunch. Oh! And someone is climbing this building. You’re like Spiderman, bro! Oh, you okay? (laughs) – Well that didn’t break my leg! – [Bryan] No it didn’t
break your leg, huh? – Last time I was climbing this, remember? – [Bryan] Yeah, I remember! Ollie loves to climb, he’s actually been itching to go rock climbing, so we’re gonna have to take him again. – I’m gonna climb on this one. – [Bryan] Okay, just don’t
break your leg, okay? – Look at this big one! – [Bryan] That is a big one, huh? – Yeah. These are black,
and that’s light black. – [Bryan] It is, yeah. All right, let’s see you climb it! I love his little thoughts. So there’s so much pollen in
the air right now it’s crazy. Look here, dude, oh, that’s so cool! You okay?
– I want down. – Oh, daddy’s gonna save you! See daddy will always save you, okay? – Okay! I wanna go down. – [Bryan] Hey Finn, show me your tattoo! He doesn’t know how to show
it yet, like this! Okay? – Okay. – [Bryan] He’s like, I got a new location, I don’t think he’s ever had a tattoo here. It says, “Nothing But Net!” You like it? – Nothing but net! – [Bryan] Nothing but net, yep! (laughs) (babbles) – I had a hankering for
some carne asada tacos, so I grabbed some tacos and Missy hit up the poke place next door, so it’s always convenient when
your favorite food places are right next to each other. We are headed into Target because today is Bailey’s birthday party,
and we gotta get her a new toy, right Finn?
– Yeah! – You gonna pick one out for her? – Yeah! – Yes, boys love picking
out toys at Target. – We get to pick out toys for us too for sleeping in our bed all night! – Oh really? Is it your birthday too? – No. – My birthday too! – No it’s not your birthday too! (laughs) Ollie sometimes thinks
he’s gonna get something if he says it on camera
while we’re vlogging, it’s pretty funny (laughs). All right, look what we
just found, you guys. Watermelon water, is that what that means? It obviously looks like a watermelon. Is it like watermelon juice? Oh weird! I’ve never heard of watermelon
water, that’s interesting. So we’re on our way to the
birthday party right now, and the most funniest thing
has just happened right now. Finn has been sitting in the car, you guys know he has a nervous habit where he twirls his hair in his finger. Look at this face right now (laughs). What happened up here Finn? – Hmm. – [Bryan] Oh you got it out! Your finger was stuck
for a while, wasn’t it? – [Missy] Oh my gosh. – (laughs) He was like, “Mama, help!” You got your finger stuck in your hair ’cause you twirled it so much. – [Missy] It’s cutting off
his circulation for a minute. – [Bryan] Are your fingers okay? – Yeah!
– [Bryan] Okay. – That was scary! – [Bryan] It was, huh? But he’s okay. – I thought his finger was
gonna be stuck forever. – [Missy] (laughs) All right, almost time for the party, huh? – [Together] Yeah! – [Missy] Woohoo, you got your present? – [Together] Yeah. – [Bailey] Hi Ollie! – Hi! – [Missy] What do you say, Ollie? – Happy birthday! – [Missy] Happy birthday, Bailey! – Thank you. – [Missy] Oh my gosh!
Bailey, how old are you? – Six. – [Missy] Six years old! Do you guys know that the very first kid that we vlogged with was Bailey? Do you ever watch the vlogs where you’re a little baby in them? – Sometimes. – [Missy] You learned
to walk at our house! – [Ollie] Hi CJ! Hi CJ! – [Missy] Hi CJ.
– Hi. – [Missy] Happy birthday. – Thank you. – Look, I got a puppy! – [Bryan] Whoa, you do! He’s so cute, huh? – Yeah. – [Bryan] He can sit right there. (laughs) What’s that dog doing
on the chair, that’s silly. (bouncy music) – Hi! I’m drinking a CapriSun, because I’m, like, five years old. – [Bryan] (laughs) – There’s nothing else to
drink! All they have is soda. (bouncy music) – [Missy] Ollie, go
show Bailey her present. Which one’s the one for her? There it is! – [Woman] It’s full of hearts, aw. It’s a mug one! – [Missy] I heard you
already got this though. – I already got this. – [Missy] (laughs) Wait, Ollie, don’t open presents! – [Girl] She already got that! – [Missy] And you got
that. You got both those? – [Bryan] All right,
we are now at the barn, because the horses are hungry, aren’t you? Salty’s like, “Hey! You got sum’n for me?” – I am feeding the horses tonight, because Maria is out of
town, just for the night. And so, she’s so nice, she just left all the food right here we need to give them. Of course, I give Nacho his first. And she’s like, so they have spots that you can put the food in, but she doesn’t like to feed him there because their natural way
of eating is down low. So she’s like, “Just
put it on the ground!” – [Bryan] Hey dude! Hang on dude! I’m gonna put it in there! (gate squeaks) (acoustic guitar music) – Why you doing that, mama? – Gotta feed the horsies
dinner! They’re hungry. All right, we got two more – [Bryan] Ollie’s like,
where are the skittles? Oh, you’re going for the toys? Oh we don’t have time
for toys today, Ollie. We’re almost done, kay? But if you play your cards right, maybe you can get a Starburst! You want one? (acoustic rock music) – [Missy] All right, can’t
forget the little pasture puffs. They don’t get ridden, because they have ouchies and stuff. Well, Stella, I guess
she’s a really good jumper, but she has a bad back. And this is Bigsby!
– Oh, hi! – [Missy] He’s a old paint. – So put this one here? – [Missy] Yep, that one’s his. That’s yours Bigsby, eat up! And the rest is Stella’s. Over here, Stella. – [Bryan] Come here, Stella. – [Missy] Stella, don’t eat his food! Wait, she’s probably like,
“That’s my bin actually.” Shoot, I guess he usually eats over here, ’cause he was like, “This is where I eat, this is where she eats,” so we
had to switch ’em around but, eat up guys, have a good night. – What a beautiful horse. – [Missy] I know, isn’t she so pretty? We are home now and just
enjoying a nice sunset with the boys, and Ollie,
show us the sunset. – [Ollie] Look at it! – [Missy] Look at the sky! It literally just keeps getting prettier and prettier, it’s just pink and purple. And it’s just starting to die down now. There is the sun, it’s going away! I mean, the lighting
looks amazing right now. Look how pretty we look, with the sky. – (laughs) Yeah. – [Missy] It’s so cool. That looks like cotton
candy up there Ollie, pink- – Cherry! It’s cherry cotton candy. – [Missy] Ooh. – [Bryan] Babe come look what I just did. – [Missy] Look what he
did, this is so cool. – If you guys didn’t see the
video where we showed off our new day bed, we
got this the other day, and today we got these
two lanterns at Target, we put some lights in them, how’s it look? – [Missy] I love it, I
think that’s so pretty. It’s so romantic now, I love it. And it’s such a warm night so I feel like we could totally be out
here and enjoying it. This is so nice. – What is that right there? – [Bryan] Yeah what did we find? – [Missy] Oh, we found
this just now. It’s a nest! – [Ollie] Nest? – [Missy] Like, baby birdies
could’ve hatched in there. But yeah, we just found it wrapped up in here.
– It was like, in this towel. – [Missy] I don’t think that
anything was making it there. – [Bryan] Guess it just blown away. – [Missy] Guessing it blew over here. Dang, what a bummer. But you know what guys, I have an idea. Hey boys, what if we camped out here in the day bed? We’ll call it a night bed. That’d be so fun, if we
all slept on the night bed. (babbling) The day bed. We could just close this up. – And then look at the stars. – [Missy] I know, and look at these stars. All right, we are all just gonna cuddle in and sleep here tonight, kay? – Yeah.
– Sound good? – Yeah.
– Just kidding. All right, we’re gonna go ahead and end the video, so you make sure you give it a big thumbs
up if you enjoyed it! – [Bryan] Thumbs up, subscribe,
we’ll see you mañana! – We’ll see you tomorrow, ready? – Bye! Bye bye bye! (bouncy music)

Randy Schultz

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