Binging with Babish 2 Million Subscriber Special: The Every-Meat Burrito from Regular Show

Binging with Babish 2 Million Subscriber Special: The Every-Meat Burrito from Regular Show

Introducing our new every meat burrito! It’s got every meat! Beef! Bacon! Crow! Gator! Bison! Chukar! Puffin! Crustacean! Naked mole rat! And every other! Hmm, tastes like chicken. Hey, what’s up guys? Welcome back to Binging with Babish. Where this week, we’re celebrating two million subscribers the only way that seems suitable: by making the every meat burrito from “Regular Show.” It wasn’t easy to procure every meat feasibly available to the US consumer, so I thought it’d be fun to take another look behind the scenes of “Binging with Babish” because this turned out to be potentially the most expensive and time-consuming burrito ever made. Test. Test. Test. Testes. Always hilarious All right. Let us embark upon this meat journey. Tips for hunting meat: call ahead of time. Because we’re driving all the way down in Brooklyn today and we are going to get some exotic meats. We can never get there because it’s New York City and all these people are animals on the road. Yeah, go ahead- go, sure you had a red light like 20 minutes ago. Alright, so now we’re a little close to the Park Slope, or maybe like Cobble Hill or something like that. I don’t really know where we are. I should look and tell you after I’ve checked. We’re going to Los Paisanos meat market, where they’re known for their very exotic meats. And this is where we’re hopefully gonna get some elk, some caribou, some rattlesnake, some…some…some alligator and really round out our every meat burrito. Let’s go check it out. I know you guys have some really exotic meats like rattlesnake and stuff like that, so I need every weird meat that you guys have So you want to go back? So is this all the exotic stuff here? Alright, let’s stock up. Do you have like a basket or something I can load up? Oh my god, this is way better than I thought! Alright, let’s get started here. We got camel, emu, elk, bison, ostrich, kangaroo, that’s a lot of kangaroo, python fillet, horse, rattlesnake, oh we got wild boar, alligator, bull fries… Correct me if I’m wrong, but is this not a testicle? It is. Bull testicle, of course. I’ve got, probably, I don’t know, 20 different kinds of meat in here. We’re stocking up. What’s the grand total? $576 $576 makes this by a wide margin the most expensive episode of all time. Thanks for doing all that, I appreciate it. Have a good one. Thank you too guys, take care. Have a nice day. And that guy was a stone-cold pro like he didn’t even bat an eye. He was like “okay, yeah. Rattlesnake, python, bull testicle…what else do you want?” We gotta get tortillas, so we were heading to Mi Barrio, which is a tortilla factory. Not only do we want quality tortillas, we need a big tortilla because there’s so many meats going into this burrito. We’re gonna need room for all of them. My full-time job before Binging with Babish was my full-time job, was as a visual effects artist in the commercial industry. My whole job was all the little things that you’re never supposed to notice. Like if an actor was wearing a shirt with a Nike swoosh on it, I would get rid of that. Or if they had bags under their eyes I would lighten those up and sometimes it’d be crazy things like, “can you change the color of that guy’s shirt?” “We don’t like blue and pink stripes. We want blue and orange” or something like that. So just all the all the things in commercials that you were never supposed to notice. I was in there messing around. I either have “Frasier” going in the background, “Star Trek: The Next Generation…” And music-wise it’s a collection of electronic, funk, hip-hop… You can actually listen to my playlist that I made called “Bangers with Babish.” Search for it on Spotify. And you can listen to my playlist of preferred tunes to hear when I cook. I got into cooking because my mom taught me how to cook at a very early age some very simple things like chocolate chip cookies, and stew… And that just sort of implanted a love of food and cooking and cooking for family and friends in, deep in my heart, and I can’t get it out. She passed away when I was very young so it’s a very nice way to just sort of remember and feel closer to her… And I’m very happy to play a part in getting other people to try it out too. Because that’s what she did for me. I had no idea. I used to live like two blocks that way, I had no idea that there’s an apparently amazing tortilla factory right here called Mi Barrio. We need tortillas. We need big tortillas, flour tortillas, the biggest one you got. For burrito? Yeah. We’re gonna get them out the back. We’re getting the tortillas out the back. Oh yeah, that’s what I’m looking for. Big tortillas. Anything else? Maybe just a few keys. When you have this much frozen meat there’s only one way to defrost it. Ooh, that’s hot, that’s hot. Cold, we want it cold. See ya in twelve hours or something. Ah, so anyway, that is the journey that led us to this point… Where we are now cutting up all 27 different kinds of meats and grinding them into a burrito friendly state. Making this not only the most labor-intensive episode of Binging with Babish ever, but maybe the most expensive burrito of all time. We’re talking about almost $600 worth of exotic meat. All different kinds of stuff. Ranging from chicken, to beef, to pork, lobster, shrimp, fish, duck, lamb, turkey, bison, Cornish game hen, goose, pheasant, qual, rabbit, squab, venison, boar, alligator, antelope, caribou, elk, ostrich, turtle, rattlesnake, and kangaroo. Oh, and bull testicles of course. What every meat burrito is complete without bull testicles? And you may notice that I’m also adding bacon here because it was one of the very few meats specified by the gym bros that I could actually get a hold of. And even this relatively small constituency of the meat kingdom smells like death. The only spices that seem to make sense are a bit of chili and lime, in the hopes that they will somehow make this cacophonous course of foreign flavors somehow work together. And while this is a great opportunity for me to practice my burrito-rolling skills, something I’ve admittedly never done before today, I could tell just by the smell that this burrito was doomed from the start. Even the smell aside, crumbly overcooked ingredients and chewy undercooked ones, I suspect rattlesnake and python, prevented me from swallowing even the first bite. I’m sorry you all have to see this, but this is the pirce that we paid for science. I tried to jazz it up with some standard burrito ingredients… Black beans, Monterey Jack cheese, salsa, and sour cream, but to no avail. This mixture was full of wild game and meats that were meant to be simmered for hours to bring out their tenderness and subtlety. All of which came together to make a burrito that was at once crumbly and chewy, gamey, and not much else. All that I know is that we can do a whole lot better. What about instead of an “Every Meat Burrito,” an “Every Pork Burrito”? Something that includes chicharones, carnitas, chorizo, al pastor and of course bacon. We’re starting with chicharones, a piece of pork belly, that we’re going to cover in baking soda and salt and refrigerate on a rack for two to 24 hours. During which time we’ll start to make our spice paste for the al pastor tacos. I’m boiling five each guajillo and pasilla chiles for about 15 minutes or until they’re nice and soft. At which point I’m going to strain them and reserve their boiling liquids. Wearing seemingly pointless protective gloves, while I scrape out the seeds from each and every pepper, returning them to their soaking liquid once they’ve been deemed seedless. Then we’re adding these peppers and their soaking liquid to a high-powered blender along with a little shake of onion powder, a few cloves of fresh garlic, a little shake of cumin powder, a generous pinch of Mexican oregano, and a spirited sprinkling of freshly ground annatto seeds. Once we blend this on high for about one minute, it’s going to create the smooth and flavorful spice paste in which our al pastor pork is going to live. Speaking of which, we now need to break down a pork shoulder into slices no thicker than a quarter of an inch thick. We’re trying to mimic the conditions under which al pastor is normally created, which means thinly sliced pieces pork rested for at least two to three hours in our al pastor marinade, massaged briefly and covered in tin foil, kept in the fridge while we prepare the other porcine players in our porky parade. Next up is carnitas, a kind of pork shoulder that has been braised in orange juice and spices and then shredded and fried until crisp. First up, the braising, wherein we are squeezing a whole orange cut into quarters, and then adding the squeezed orange flesh to the meat mixture along with a few halved serrano peppers, a whole onion, roughly chopped, a generous drizzle of vegetable oil, and a healthy seasoning of kosher salt and freshly ground pepper. We’re also going to add four fresh bay leaves and six whole cloves of garlic halved. I’ve never made carnitas before and it seems to be a dish that relies heavily on picking up flavors from its surrounding aromatics. So I’ll be curious to see what it ends up tasting like. We’re going to give it a little massage to let those flavors get to know each other, and I almost forgot two cinnamon sticks underneath a tightly foil-wrapped package that we’re going to braise at 275 degrees Fahrenheit for three and a half hours. In the meantime, let’s get our chicharones ready. We’re cutting our pork belly into half-inch pieces that we’re going to place in a wok and barely cover with water. Bringing it to a simmer, and skimming off any scum that comes to the surface over the next two to four hours. After which all the water will have evaporated and all that will be left will be the fat rendered from the pork belly in which the pork belly itself is going to fry. How barbaric is that, yet how crispy and delicious? Set aside while we remove our carnitas from the oven, removing from the fruit and spices and shredding to a shredded consistency. Which we are going to set aside and refrigerate until needed, because in the meantime, we need to make pork al pastor. We are borrowing a relatively ingenious tip from “Tasty” videos… Placing some bamboo skewers and a piece of pineapple, and, using them to layer our meat into a sort of makeshift shawarma that we’re gonna place in a 350 degree fahrenheit oven, right up against the side wall of the oven rotating frequently to get that sort of charred schawarma effect. As for the rice factor of our burrito, we’re simply taking three cups of boiling water, adding two squeezed limes, a little shake of cumin, and combining that with two cups of long grain white rice in a casserole tightly covered with aluminum foil hat we’re going to bake for 20 to 25 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. In the meantime, we’ve got our pork al pastore, which we’re going to shave off, much like a shawarma, setting aside while we prep our other burrito ingredients. We’re going to start by crisping up our chicharones and carnitas, maybe a little bit of bacon fat because we’re feeling frisky, before spreading down our base layer of white lime rice and a few slices of our chorizo sausage; I forgot to mention this before, but this is in every pork burrito. Followed by our nice crispy chicharones and carnitas, and honestly I would have included puerco pibil if not for al pastor, which has a very similar marinade and frankly a more impressive presentation, that we’re going to top this off with some Monterey Jack cheese, some salsa, some sour cream, and now that is what I call a burrito. Oh, I’m sorry. I almost forgot the bacon. This is, after all, the “Every Pork Burrito,” which I would venture to say is even meatier than the “Every Meat Burrito.” So if there’s one lesson to be taken away from this experience, it’s not the amount of meat, it’s how you treat the meat. Huh. I think I’m gonna have that put on a t-shirt.

Randy Schultz

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