Bill Burr Is Glad Stephen Hawking Is Dead | Netflix Is A Joke

Bill Burr Is Glad Stephen Hawking Is Dead | Netflix Is A Joke

– You know, I’m afraid of robots. (audience laughing) Yeah, I saw one get
interviewed on “60 Minutes”, the top journalistic program
in the United States. And he’s just sitting
there, getting interviewed, not nervous at all, just rattling off all the fucking answers.
(audience laughs) You know, not smoking,
not fucking, you know, leaking oil, whatever you would do as a nervous robot, right?
(audience laughing) And the reporter’s asking him questions, in the end he goes, “So tell us, he’s like,
what are your goals?”. And I am alone in a hotel room, and I literally lean
towards the TV, I’m like, did these fucking things have goals? (audience laughing) And the fucking robot just
answers, he just goes, “Well, what are your
goals?”, and the robot goes, “To become smarter than human beings”. Yeah, and the reporter just blows by it, he’s like, “Okay, and, “what’s your favorite color?”.
(audience laughing) Meanwhile, I’m standing on
my bed yelling at the TV, like, “Dude, unplug that fucking thing! (audience laughing)
“Take the batteries out! “Pull the wires out, do something!” How many sci-fi movies do you have to see before you realize where this is going? (audience laughing) So anyways, every smart person, every super smart person in the world, is saying these fucking
things are gonna kill us. Even your boy here, the
guy who, he recently died. What was his name? He was always sitting down. (audience laughing) Hawkins, Stephen Hawkins, yeah! Too good to fucking stand
up and make his point, just sitting down all fucking sparmy. (audience laughing)
(comedian laughing) Oh, I care so much, I
poured ice on myself! Ah.
(audience laughing) And I showed off my abs at
the same time, for the ‘gram! Nah, I’m just fucking with you. I am so glad that guy’s
fucking dead, though. You know?
(audience laughing) Look at you guys, your heart, how much longer do you want him to suffer? You don’t believe in an afterlife? Maybe he’s up there now,
his fucking legs work, he’s getting an angelic blowjob, how much longer do you want
him to fucking sit there so you can feel better about yourself? Well, at least I’m not
all fucking twisted up, saying smart shit, right?
(audience laughing) I couldn’t fucking stand that guy. (audience laughing)
(comedian laughs) He was so fucking negative, he never had anything positive to say! Hey Steve, what have you got for us today? “In 2035 there’ll be no more apples.” Thank you, Steve, thanks a lot!
(audience laughing) Wasn’t thinking about that, now I am. Hey, so what’s the solution? “It’s too late, we needed
to try 40 years ago.” Thanks a lot buddy, I’m gonna
go cry with my child now! Dude I could hang out with that
guy for about three minutes before I took the brake
off his chair and just zoomed him into the other world. Hey Steve, come back here
when you got something dumb and positive to say!
(audience laughing)

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Bill Burr Is Glad Stephen Hawking Is Dead | Netflix Is A Joke

  1. AthCom says:

    "I can't stand that guy"

  2. Liam says:

    I LOVE unpolitical correctness so many femme sensitive men hot dislike 😂

  3. sebu says:

    Bill couldnt stand the guy cause he was always sitting

  4. Liam Lennon says:

    Just watched the special and was dying of laughter. Fucking epic and on the same level as Chapelle, only different in comedic style. Netflix killed it this September!

  5. michael says:

    It's funny reading these comments. Chapelle's special was just ranting and crying with no humourous logic. Burr's brain is on a different level than Chapelle's. Chapelle took way too much time off and is living off his previous fame. He ain't got no comedy anymore. Burr destroys Chappelle these days.

  6. Ultraviolence MV movies says:

    This is rudeness and not funny

  7. xianneh says:

    Ok can we all admit that we cried at the end part? I know I did. I’m a faaaaaggg!

  8. Zack Johnson says:

    "TOO GOOD TO FUCKIN' STAND UP AND MAKE HIS POINT." I spit out my drink laughing when he said that. This special is so funny.

  9. shahroukh azizi says:

    He was always sitting down," lol i lost it.

  10. Shawn Wall says:

    if just watched it..funny as hell…loved it.

  11. nani says:

    how did he disrespect hawkins and praise him at the same time? legend!

  12. Jawbrace says:

    Stephen Hawking looks down: What a fag!

  13. Dylan Lach says:

    He’s not “actually” glad Stephen Hawking is dead. It’s a joke. It’s comedy. If you’re offended by this you’re not mature enough to watch stand up comedy. People are soo moronic…. unbelievable.

  14. Professor Penne says:

    hilarious special

  15. Raphael Hameed says:

    Dude,,, Bill Burr's 'Paper Tiger' totally crushed David Chappelle's 'Sticks & Stones'… That's right,,,Fuck that,,, I said it 1st… Bill had me Rolling, from start to finish but this new, buffed Chappelle is too damned 'Dark', like implying that it's acceptable to molest a Child if you as Big-A-Star as Michael Jackson… SMH

  16. V. Z. says:

    Bill Burr's prior life: Life of the party, "See that loud drunk over there? Yeah, that's Bill." I can totally see that.

  17. Joseph van Wyk says:

    Dave Chapelle opened the flood gate, and now the return of the pros.

  18. David T says:

    Definitely my favorite of all his specials. Good stuff.

  19. Solaris Twine says:

    love how the brits are just taking it all in

  20. Jonah Simpson says:


  21. shahroukh azizi says:

    dude this special is FIRE

  22. shahroukh azizi says:

    Bill Burr is officially my favorite comedian right now

  23. Trever P says:

    Hey I'll break it down for the unfunny people who see this and get mad. It's funny because we all know Stephen Hawking was Brilliant and this is a ludacris thing to say.

  24. Zach Good says:


  25. Loxx Gallagher says:

    Just finished this on Netflix. Never change, Bill

  26. moist_ cabbage says:

    This was in futurama

  27. LyndaGFavorites says:

    In 2035 they’re be no more apples 🍏 LoL double entendre, I hope 😉 😂

  28. bruce kigllis says:

    From France with laughing…..!!!! 🙂

  29. Annie - Grace - Cooper says:

    I’m in a wheelchair and I LMMFAO..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣..

  30. James Fulmer says:

    My all time favorite stand up comedian!

  31. acastelarac says:

    He fucking killed. Amazing special.

  32. Russell Martinez says:

    Hahaha se pasa de verga! Jajaja pero me cague de risa.. "Even yor boy.. That is always seating down" 😆

  33. Joy Division says:

    For the grammmmm


    This special was “Vigorously” good !!

  35. Captain Mutato says:

    Hands down one of the best specials I've ever seen. Bill Burr is a legend

  36. forza juventus says:

    Best special ever…..finally getting what he deserves

  37. Anirudh Sharma says:

    "He was always sittin down!"

  38. bob thomas says:

    Chappelle, Burr…..I have a feeling Louis CK will be coming with a new one soon. This is great! If netflix brought some Patrice Elephant in the room and brought back Its Always Sunny and some Carlin and Hicks, throw in Stanhope and Norm MacDonald , Netflix would be our savior.

  39. Reksrat says:

    He brings up a good point about his suffering though

  40. NeeroShean Beatz says:

    See, this is exactly how brainwashing people works. twisting words around so people who doesn't know any better or didn't saw the special can criticise him. This whole ( freedom of speech) is a joke now thanks to the whole movements like metoo or whatever.

  41. Thabo Mashiloane says:

    This is the disappearing (or some wish it would disappear) style of comedy. I wonder if those quick to start typing away trolls realize the audience were laughing hard.

  42. Adam White says:

    If Burr didn't make it as Comedian, he would have been some Troll on internet hahah

  43. 50 Cent says:

    hes right. fuck stephen hawking athiest cunt

  44. Nx Doyle says:

    I'm about 15 mins to this special and had to pause so I could check and see if anyone else thought that Mrs Burr's laughter could be heard on top of the audience's.

  45. thatkenyannigga says:

    You could hear his wife laughing throughout the whole special

  46. wayne messitt says:

    Best thing on Netflix

  47. muh diversity says:

    Best special. I stayed up really late to watch this. The reason the applause was so subdued around the #MeToo crap is the women in the audience are uncomfortable being called out over the cancerous culture they have allowed to proliferate. The men are quiet because they are there with their "significant other" and don't want their ear chewed out on the ride home because they laughed at and agreed with Bill. I say fuck em. I'd be on my feet cheering Bill and Dave as loudly as possible. Remember: Believe all women

  48. jaceroy08 says:

    Smart and Negative OR Dumb and Positive –

  49. tommy audio says:

    holy shit! 😂😂🤣🤣

  50. etocadet says:

    While I don’t think robots will want us dead. All it takes is one fucking environmentalist to program these things with that way of thinking and we are fucked.

  51. Chino Vash says:

    This was an amazing special. Love Billium!

  52. Sib's Art says:

    This dude is about to get a ton of shit just like Dave Chappel.

  53. Sudev Sen says:

    Funnily enough, this is at 80% at Rotten.Tomatoes with 1 negative review saying it wasn't really edgy.
    Go figure.

  54. Sudev Sen says:

    Stephen Hawking was never a fan of stand-up.

  55. Sudev Sen says:

    Paper Tiger > Sticks and Stones

  56. Pro Jey96 says:

    Bill sapeeeee

  57. sspn says:

    I wish he would have said something about that french actor Juicy Smullier..

  58. rocking chair says:

    I couldn't stand Hawking either, fuckin' Epstein island visitor…

  59. Mindaugas says:

    Oh man 😁😁 this is gonna couse some fucking drama at npc departant 😁😁

  60. maleman julpax says:

    Angelic Blowjob… 😁

  61. Cristian Ramos says:

    Loud is funny

  62. R_Arriaga says:

    Bill Burr is back! Last special was not even close to Bill's standards but this one hahahahaha! Pure comedy gold!

  63. Tyler Rupert says:

    I love Netflix and Burr is my hero!

  64. kay says:

    love this guy

  65. Wish I Was Sleeping says:

    Difference between Burr and Chappelle? Burr doesn't rely on racist stereotypes to make people laugh.

  66. Nick Mordowanec says:

    I showed off my abs….FOR THE GRAAAAAAMMMMM

  67. Elizabeth Mabry says:

    Fuck robots

  68. Elizabeth Mabry says:

    How did he live so long??

  69. Pumpkin says:

    I can already see in the horizon the wave of idiots who are going to take this comedy special seriously. Dave and Bill are keeping REAL comedy alive no matter what, so SJW's better buckle up. Go silence and censor your own ass in the basement.

  70. Marshall says:

    Ai programmers are trying to win genocide bingo

  71. full throttle 2 says:

    My Netflix account expired just before his special came out for fucks sake

  72. Joe From Cali says:

    F**k the "Critics" score. It's all about the People when it comes to comedy. This new age oversensitive Media is getting on my nerves. Shoutout to Bill Burr.

  73. Tn51 says:

    Chapelle and burr on the same stage at the same time, id literally laugh myself to the grave😂

  74. Gerardo Rodriguez says:

    I hated Netflix because of the movie Bird Box that portrays white people as evil, but this restores my faith in them, i am willing to give them a chance. We need people like this to stand up to the P.C. Overlords. Never forget people like Lenny Bruce and George Carlin that stood up to the establishment.

  75. Julian Marco says:

    Bill Burr making his best angry uncle he's ever done.

  76. Manny Valentine says:


  77. bb77077 says:

    Society hates it when individuals point out there masks and facades.

  78. Cameron Brtnik says:

    This was the funniest part! The rest was forgettable (and I'm a HUGE Burr fan)

  79. Richard La Rose says:

    Just watched it. It was funny. Recommend it 🙂

  80. tenderbastard tenderbastard says:

    the dog said, "he could be funny if he sticks with it.' ~ tenderbastard

  81. Ray Farmer says:

    Come back when you have something dumb and positive to say. Only Bill comes up with that!

  82. daoneproductions says:

    It's too late, we needed to tried 40 years ago 🤣

  83. Alwyn Sam says:

    This is just..mediocre..hope the rest of the special is much better…

  84. Kuda95 M says:


  85. Big Daddy Toyota Corola says:

    wait thats the royal albert hall in london. why didnt anybody tell me he's in town?

  86. IAMForeign says:

    Just came from the Rogan Netflix clip and it's not me. He's just not funny 😂 cause this shit was hilarious. I thought I just didn't know comedy or something

  87. Geoffrey Bovey says:

    Bill Burr: greatest working comedian alive today. Nuanced genius.

  88. Adam G says:

    what's black and sits at the top of the stairs?….steven hawking after a house fire!

  89. EFH says:


  90. Barry Pants says:

    His point is that Hawkins is finally resting in peace. It must be hell being completely paralyzed. He makes fun of the idiots doing the ice "challenge".

  91. Pill Cosby says:

    “At least I’m not all twisted up “ lol

  92. YAYA says:


  93. WEEKLY VIDEOS 360 says:

    I watched this just now and came here to comment…..the very end was put together PERFECT! GREAT SHOW ALL AROUND!!! BUT THE DOG THING I RELATED TO THE MOST!!!! very well worded and put together! All love Mr. Burr

  94. Axel Will says:

    Bill Burr n Kat Williams r the best n tha game among otherz !! ☮️ ..

  95. Bolton Michael says:

    "I care so much I poured ice on myself". Classic.

  96. yookie yookie says:

    Come back when ya got something dumb and positive to say

  97. Vasile Surdu says:

    Why wasn't this in my feed xD

  98. Just Letters says:

    I don't trust Netflix, they are still censoring/editing jokes in 2019. Get outta here, no clue what comedy is about.

  99. Optimistic Outreach says:

    The whiners are whining at this!  lmao. Dave C. and Bill B. have started a movement to get us back to a society that is not afraid to laugh at itself…

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