Big Bend Tree Lizard | Expeditions Shorts

Big Bend Tree Lizard | Expeditions Shorts

♪♪>>These sunny, rocky slopes here up into the oak woodland transition zone here are still full of lizards! And this species of lizard is a specialty of the Big Bend region. This is an extremely tame ornate tree lizard that allows me to get very, very close to it. This subspecies is called the Big Bend tree lizard, and if you’re wondering why this little brown lizard is called an ornate tree lizard, all you need to do is flip a male like this over and look at that incredibly brilliant underside that this lizard has. Beautiful blues, oranges, and greens decorate the underside of this lizard, but the top is completely cryptic. It’s completely camouflaged with the rock when it’s basking like this out in the sun and also with its favorite habitat, right on the bark of these Emory oaks that are growing all over this rocky canyon. And these brilliant colors are displayed to other lizards when he’s up on top of a rock doing pushups to expose the underside to lizards that are below him. So an incredibly cool little lizard and one of the most trusting species that we have here, and a specialty, this subspecies found only here in this Big Bend Trans-Pecos region of Texas, one of many amazing lizards in this diverse land. [surf roaring] CompuScripts Captioning

Randy Schultz

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