Beyond Dragon Ball Super: The New Angel Merno Trains With Goku! The Grand Priest Trains Vegeta!

Beyond Dragon Ball Super: The New Angel Merno Trains With Goku! The Grand Priest Trains Vegeta!

you’re watching unreal at gaming this is
go Han from Dragon Ball Z you want to see me turn Super Saiyan or should I
take you to the next level I’m also the narrator – next time on
Dragon Ball Z make sure and smash subscribe to unreal end gaming with our heroes now trapped in a
situation to where Moreau has gathered all of Earth’s Dragon Balls and with
Goku having to be trapped within an unknown realm with Merlot now having to
find Goku within it as seen on the previous manga chapter video we not only
learned about the revelation of Dendy and Vegeta sensing that Moreau doesn’t
really have any pure evil intentions within him but being the fact that
Moreau now wants to fight the entire earth by himself the question is what
exactly is Goku Vegeta piccolo Gohan and everyone else going to do a given
murrow’s status of stealing all of the Dragon Balls threatening all of our
heroes in not using any other Dragon Balls being the fact that he will find
them do our heroes have what it takes to stop Moreau in the long run or is Moreau
simply going to overpower everyone once he ends up encountering them again as
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super Kai universe 13 manga chapter number nine special with all of the Z
fighters on commies look out having to be floored by the thought of Myr know
having to wage war against the earth and with everyone left wondering what to do
piccolo went along to comment versus the earth has Myrna lost his mind
with Vegeta having to comment I’m afraid he’s dead serious about fighting the
entire earth by this he’s probably going to do what he did to the people of West
City and transport them all somewhere else if he found great entertainment in
myself in Kakarot then surely he will stop at nothing to get his fun out of
anyone and everyone he could before going after Zeno and the other angels
and with Goten and Trunks quickly chiming in trunks went along to tell his
dad hey Dad I know this guy is strong and all but me and Goten have been
training on and off and we want to help out since we aren’t strong enough like
this maybe we’ll use fusion with Goten than chiming in and commented yeah and
then we’ll show that guy not to mess with us so the boys have absolutely no
idea exactly who Moreau is or what he’s capable of but even then after knowing
the fact that he was still able to defeat Vegeta they’re still not backing
down in suggesting fusion as Vegeta went along to commit to as bad of an idea
this is I’m afraid at this point we have no other choice than to use everything
we have as a measure to stop him for this to work we just may need every
single fighter we can get to defeat him this won’t be easy
damn humor no where are you Kakarot which to be quite honest just off of
this page alone I am getting serious Dragon Ball Z majin buu arc vibes in the
fact that we have Vegeta piccolo goat and trunks everyone’s trying to figure
out what to do and even with Super Saiyan blue at grants him even if the
jutsu were to push himself into using Super Saiyan blue evolution it’s
arguably still not going to be enough to battle against such a being like mur no
considering the fact that myrna was supposed to be one of the
his Angels as vegeta even recognizes the threat at hand and acknowledging the
fact that it’s not only going to be him in Kakarot they need but literally
everyone else especially if Myrna was looking to battle against the entire
earth as only back with Goku and the mysterious individual within the void we
then observe how Myrna appears to be within the void with Goku and this other
mysterious person as Myrna went along to tell Goku and here I assumed you were
somewhere else mortal as go who went along to comment am I seeing things or
is that really him he just popped out of nowhere what’s he up to what is he
talking about mur no sticks his hand out he goes on to
greet Goku by telling him it’s so nice to see you again
son Goku and with Goku then quickly getting into fighting position he then
went along to tell Murr no I know exactly why you’re here Murr know if you
want to finish this then let’s do this I’m already as the mysterious person
cuts in he then goes on to tell Kokua I wouldn’t be so quick to attack now
Kakarot remember what it was I told you before one must first understand before
they take action this is not the real myrn oh this mur no is a creation of my
own in order for one to rid themselves of fear and anger they must first
confront the darkness this Murr know here is like a doll created by me in
order for you to gain a better understanding of this place I am more
than you see or no Kakarot so in case you guys are wondering the MER know
that’s inside of this place with goku and this other person is in fact a clone
just like all of the food that this person had made in the previous manga
chapter out of literally nothing he did the exact same thing here by essentially
creating another mer no just her Goku to confront as Goku went along to comment
hey wait a minute I thought you can only create endless amounts of food how could
you possibly create a living being out of nothing like that so are you like his
dad this is so weird he looks and even feels like mur no that
energy I felt on beerus this planet is the same
as it is here with this clone this is unbelievable why did you do it as the
mysterious person tells Goku ah anything is possible in this realm
saying in fact this clone has the exact battle power of mur no as well there is
nothing I cannot create or do this goes for gods and angels as well miRNA is a
feared powerful angel stronger than most of his brothers and sisters he will be
the perfect sparring partner for you here Kakarot he won’t hold back as the
clone went along to tell Goku I hope you’re ready as the mysterious person
that continues there are rules that all things must go by in the 12 universes
this includes gods and angels in this realm however the only rule is me you
will find this place much different than any other this myrna will be used as a
tool for you to test your powers against I want to see the extent of your powers
against this clone if you fail I will heal you so you may try again against
him mortal and with gohu absolutely taken back and confused he went along to
comments this is all too much to take in at once it kind of feels like a dream
but I’m awake say uh who are you exactly you seem to know more than you let off
you are able to do many things here that I must know who you really are and as
this mysterious individual slowly lifts the hood off of his head he went along
to tell Goku Who I am is not important right now
I am simply a retired old man nothing more nothing less
and neat i chime in and the fact that this obviously looks like the Omni King
even though right now we don’t know who this is if in fact this is the father of
the Omni King if in fact this is an alternative version to the aam making a
much older omni-king this gives me the original Dragonball vibes if you guys
remember when Jackie Chun first thought against kid Goku in the original series
with Master Roshi having to simply disguise himself that’s the kind of vibe
that I’m getting here is the classic Goku and Jackie Chun situation to where
obviously this looks like Z no he has the same silhouette and build a Z no but
the reason why he’s hiding himself quite unknown as meanwhile back on
beerus his plan and we get to see how we stand begins to talk to vegeta as he
went along to comment so my suspicions of him being on earth was correct after
all and this is why you’ve all gathered to come to beerus as planets morel
threatens to wage war against the entire earth it’s a good thing you’ve come as
only then we get to see Vegeta Gohan Crillon Master Roshi tian yong ha
piccolo Android 17 Android 18 go ten trunks and majin buu the entire squad –
Goku is there with piccolo having to comment this is a very serious matter
wheeze with Buu having to also comment they all told boots a fight so Buu
helped bring everyone here to fight scary angel guy they don’t want boo to
sleep so boo wake up and help everyone and I absolutely love the level of
tension here in the fact that not only Vegeta understands that he needs
everyone on his side to win this battle but he also goes on to comment this is
no longer a problem between the angels Wiese miRNA wants to fight all of us we
are no longer going to stand by and watch as creatures like mer No destroy
everything we’ve built so these guys all tagged along because they all want to
undergo training as well by you all of us we don’t have time to waste so I
absolutely love the idea of people other than just Goku and Vegeta receiving
training from the gods in the fact that Gohan wants to be trained by Wiese
Android 17 wants to be trained by Wiese piccolo wants to be trained by we
scrilla wants to be trained by Wiese because everyone has this mentality that
enough is enough we can’t stand idly by in the fact that what if Goku and Vegeta
can’t get the job done what if they simply come across someone and they need
help they can’t do nothing because they’re weak so now they’ve all come
here to get stronger and I absolutely love this fan manga for that as out of
nowhere only then the grand priest pops in as he then goes on to response of
Vegeta well then since this is no longer an issue involving the Angels then we
will help you during this time as weas goes on to cry out father with the grand
priest responding I sense a great battle looming Vegeta son I choose
you you will now face me one-on-one to better prepare you I will train you
myself you have great potential now come as Vegeta smirks he went along
to tell the grand priest to fight the strongest of the angel race
second-in-command sounds perfect to me now let’s just see what you can do
priest has only then we get to see how the grand priest and Elise are talking
to everyone up above them we eerily enough get to see how Moreau
is secretly spying on them by poking his head out of the portal he had created as
he went along to say to himself this is going to be so much fun it’s just as I
thought it would be it you will all soon be dealt with the game is only beginning
first it will be you then my father and lastly you Zeno sama it’s almost time as
the manga chapter special then comes to a close now we are currently translating
the next manga chapter in English to where you guys will be able to find that
video located on the channel in about the next two days or so so if of course
you guys are stoked for that then be sure to give this video a big thumbs up
and what I really enjoy what I really love about this specific fan manga is
the fact that we are getting so many different vibes from Dragonball Z I’m
getting cell game’s vibes majin buu ark vibes and the fact that we have two
different situations going on right now situation number one being the fact that
this mysterious person in this realm seemed to have created this clone for a
go who to spar up against in the fact that he looks like he wants to see what
go who has to offer in terms of being a mortal that possesses God ki and maybe
this person knows the full extent of Goku’s powers or maybe in fact he
doesn’t with Goku being left in this realm by himself to battle against an
unrestricted clone of Myr Noah is definitely a situation that is bound to
get Goku stronger if it doesn’t already get him killed and then the second
situation is the fact that the grand priest wants to Train Vegeta as he does
Dean be worthy enough in doing so but also
the fact that we have everyone else tagging along it’s not just Goku and
Vegeta it’s going on piccolo Tien it’s majin buu everyone is there and I love
this overall narrative be presented because again just like the Cell Games
aren’t we saw how everyone came together just to simply fight against cell and to
see everyone comes together collectively to receive training from lys is
something that I can really appreciate but in the end I want to get your
thoughts in the comment section below let’s say as a hypothetical if we swear
to Train Gohan piccolo majin buu Tien Crillon go ten trunks do you guys
believe that even with their significant power increases that they would be able
to even stand a chance in helping Vegeta against mur No and the second question
that I have is let’s say if Vegeta receives training from the grand priest
while go who trains with mur know who do you guys think is going to become
stronger between the two and what do you think is going to happen to Myrna once
he ends up encountering a much more assumingly powerful Goku and Vegeta in
the long run again thank you all so much for your time if you guys cannot wait
for the next manga chapter special then I do encourage you guys to hit that
subscribe button slap a big fat like down below drop your thoughts in the
comment section below as well because I promise you what you guys are about to
see in the next manga chapters is going to absolutely blow your mind as well as
what’s going on right now with the current situation involving the priests
and we scope of Aegina so again thank you all so much for your time thank you
all so much for watching I know you guys can’t wait so right now we’re currently
translating everything but in the meantime we do have the Dragon Ball
super manga to look forward to in terms of moral having to fight Goku Vegeta
coming to earth so it’s going to be a blast thank you all so much once again
for your time and I’ll be seeing you all down the comments section below
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