Best YouTubers To Watch in 2020 (Top SoCal Family Vloggers Under 10,000 Subscribers)

Best YouTubers To Watch in 2020 (Top SoCal Family Vloggers Under 10,000 Subscribers)

Hello Bloggineers. Today we’re going to show you eight family-friendly bloggers in Southern, California with under 10,000 subscribers that you should watch. We have reached the Bronze level on YouTube, which is 10,000 to 100,000 subscribers. And we have more than 13,000 subs. And we would like to help these YouTubers reach our level and beyond. Before we begin, please hit the subscribe button and turn on the notifications bell so you won’t miss a video. First up is Carter Carter. This is a kid vlog with an educational spin. Their goal is to teach children and adults that you can find something to learn in everything you do, as well as encourage people to learn something new every day. The channel started with Carter doing toy reviews. [Carter] Hey guys. Welcome to Carter’s Corner. Today. I made an open two Minecraft toys. Since then it has evolved into vlogs and travel videos. [Carter] We are at… [Cater] Buckeye Hot Springs. The best part is that his videos incorporated educational trivia. [Carter] Here’s a fun little fact about the hatchery. In 1918, they began the golden trout hatching program. The golden trout is the California state fish. Carter and his brother Preston still do toy reviews and movie trailer reactions. Okay, that didn’t look as much as I expected. They also feature their pet lizard, a bearded dragon. Carter and Preston like to dance and rap. [Carter] And now for my first official song check it out. And Preston even has his own show now, Preston’s Playhouse. Carter Corner. Support! C-A-R-T-E-R. That’s it. And don’t forget to learn something new every day. JCTV Our Family Adventures is next. This is an uplifting and encouraging Family vlog with two special needs boys who are guaranteed to make you smile They make videos to bring positivity to the world and encourage families to go out and live life to the fullest The brothers produced shows to improve their speech and understanding of everyday life They also do a lot of challenges such as this what we want to do is just order Exactly what the people in front of us ordered, but I don’t want you to tell us what they ordered This is part of a challenge we’re doing For Kung Pao and orange chicken so Jonah likes that one chicken you like that I like taking pal general and it’s all chow mein Like tell me Jonah got some orange chicken cooked. You can see trick shots And here Jonah Singh I gonna sing blue to coma by Russell dickerson Let nothing hold you back next up is adventures with the best kids Welcome back adventures to the new people. I see out there today. We are ventures of the best kids adventures with the best kids our Brody Eva and Sophia their home park is Knott’s Berry Farm and they are always looking for new and exciting adventures That I don’t let them They also do food reviews can’t afford perfect for 569 And visit other attractions Making lunches on Janus Yamanaka channel megan reviews food at county fairs Disneyland SeaWorld museums zoos and Knott’s Berry Farm If I have here the chicken skewers with boysenberry aioli. Yeah, you get two skewers with a sizeable chunk of chicken on them it’s so we’re here at Natsuki farm and we’re trying some of the Halloween bakery items we have a pumpkin patch brownies a biscotti version of the Eclair this is like a pumpkin bundt cake and there’s probably something in the middle if they usually put something in the center so we’re here at the 17th Food Festival here at SeaWorld and I have the pork belly calzone which has lots annatto kale and balsamic Teardrop onions in it. Ok, so we went to chicken Charlie’s and we got their new Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich These are fish cake They’re kind of like rubbery and the interesting they come in ramen a lot So if you’ve ever heard from it and you’ve had these it’s the same thing And you can also watch videos of crazy Kirk and the hillbillies on the channel Who is the daughter of hot mama travel and her channel features crazy challenges dancing singing and more just um Left us and bumped our boat that were stuck in the middle of the tree. Our spirit is not steering and like There’s alligators in this pond Her channel highlights her Girl Scout Troop this whoa Here’s a montage of wood showcased in her videos Merson is Oscar back to another video today. We’re at Long Beach Comic Expo Oscar takes you to the coolest events for kids is a day rent not scary fun And he always wears the best costume grab your popcorn and your tickets for the greatest show Hey gamers, it is awesome back to another video today. We’re at not spooky farm. There’s Oscar interviews every day people industry folks celebrities and robot culture an Oscar is quite a good dancer – Hey there everybody is pulling real-life quotes started her career as a child actress He’s sweet, even with 1/3 less sugar than soda She was also a kid correspondent for local news a group of kids find a treasure map in their Attic and so they go out and they try to find it and it is an amazing adventure Now Chloe makes videos on fun events And activities And She walks from Japan quite often and the coolest part is that she’s a Knott’s Berry blogger which grants her behind-the-scenes access to the theme park Hey nuts, can you please make us berry bloggers too last but not least is Latino kids TV Logan and Luke are kids from the livin la vida loca blog and they make family-friendly videos the channel features special events Toy reviews Food challenges hmm. They look like cotton candy and fun places to go And those are the eight youtubers you should watch please support them by subscribing to their channels

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