BEST Turtle Snorkeling In The Caribbean | Bonaire

BEST Turtle Snorkeling In The Caribbean | Bonaire

Hey guys, how’s the game going? So today, we’re gonna be snorkeling
Lac Bay on Bonaire. This isn’t actually a designated snorkeling spot but
we went down there the other day to see
the conch graveyard and we saw a bunch of turtles coming out,
breathing and stuff like that, so it looked a great place to be. Also, I want to see if the conch are actually making
a comeback because everyone’s saying that they’re still being over-fished,
so I want to snorkel around,
see if I can find some of them guys but we’re on our way down there now.
I’m going to show you what it’s like, show you what the entries like and just get
some nice footage while we’re down there. There’s a few points that you could enter,
but this one’s looking like the best one to me. So we’re going to enter through here.
You can see all the turtles poking the heads up
near all the boats down there. Okay so we just finished snorkeling on Lac Bay,
really really good, saw a big sea slug, and happy to say that the conch look like they are coming back. We saw a ton of turtles and then
got them suckie guys trying to get onto
the bottom of the turtle. But that’s the snorkeling on Lac Bay. See you in a bit.

Randy Schultz

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6 thoughts on “BEST Turtle Snorkeling In The Caribbean | Bonaire

  1. Ian's Journeys says:

    Whoa man, this is really cool! Is this a gopro you're using!?

  2. Tristan Caspers says:

    Loving your Bonaire videoseries (:

  3. MM Cicilia says:

    Awesome video man!! love it!


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  5. Island Mike says:

    Lac/Cai Sorobon is my childhood home..The reef used to be really alive ..

  6. tenacious Dad says:

    Really cool, but super shaky footage there. Still, jealous of the experience!

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