Best Snake Repellent Reviews | Natural Ways to Control and Repel Snakes

Best Snake Repellent Reviews | Natural Ways to Control and Repel Snakes

This video review is about how to choose a natural snake repellent that works. Find out if the best snake repellents actually work for keeping reptiles out of your yard.

Randy Schultz

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12 thoughts on “Best Snake Repellent Reviews | Natural Ways to Control and Repel Snakes

  1. Michelle Fields says:

    thanks, very helpful!

  2. DaveTheyCallme says:

    Dr. T's   Snake Away really works, so, don't put the kabaush on ALL snake repellents.

  3. maria wyatt says:

    I just bought moth bolls, will that work to keep snakes away?

  4. Rebecca Wynter says:

    Thank you for your upload. Where would I find cinnamon oil, clove oil & Cedar oil in shake bag or all of them alone? Can you use either, or? Please advise & Thanks in advance.

  5. ghtybn56 says:

    I am using your tips, I'll let you know how it works.  With all the rain out here in TX this year the insect population is high, so the mice, frogs and lizards are in abundance too, and so are the copper heads etc…  I have killed the ones around the house, near the pets and the live stock.  The ones in the my fields are welcome to stay in the field.

  6. Morphs The God says:


  7. Ron Noonan says:

    Snakes are attracted to Chicken Coops, [eggs]~ Dog pens [Dog food]~ Warehouses [mice]~ Homes [mice,rodents] FOOD is the bait! The "Spider Web snake trap" sold on eBay has a 100% customer satisfaction~That is how to have them caught and the friendly ones can be released!

  8. Geo says:

    Is there such thing as a snake attracter? I love snakes.

  9. Isaac De souza says:

    can I soak whale feces in the blood of satan and snake skin powder to repel snakes?

  10. Froggie Lilypad says:

    Orthos Snake Away is an all natural snake repellant that works really well….. it contains cinnamon oil, clove oil, peppermint oil, and other natural oils….. love this stuff!!!

  11. Jeda Reformist says:

    2 python has been attacking our cats and kittens. and noticed them for 3 nights. Just last night saw a Huge python, they've been staying on top of a wall beside the roof of our house. Cannot dispose our cats, really wanna rid of those pythons or hire someone to shoot them.

  12. TheQ says:

    How about sulfur?

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