Best Pet Snake for Beginners | Pet Snakes

Best Pet Snake for Beginners | Pet Snakes

So what are some of the best snakes we can
buy for the beginner? Well, this guy here is a king snake. He’s docile, he’s beautiful, and relatively
easy to take care of. King snakes are related to milk snakes, corn
snakes, and rat snakes, and the corn snakes have beautiful morphs, beautiful different
colors. King snakes have beautiful different colors
and they all are relatively docile. They’re all in the constrictor family. They are all carnivorous. They all require the basic temperament for
handling, as long as you’re nice and calm these guys are very, very calm. So they do well with the beginner. Their terrarium and their setup is very easy. Normally, probably an easy way of figuring
out, “Okay, I’ve got a snake, what is the space that I need?” Well, if you take the length of your snake
in feet, the length of the terrarium and the width of the terrarium should be a little
bit longer than the length of the snake, and there’s your minimal. So there’s a good way of figuring out exactly
how much we need, okay? Now when you get the terrarium the first thing
that you need to plan on for all of this class, your corn snakes, the rat snakes, the king
snakes, the milk snakes is we need to set up a temperature gradient. It’s very, very important. All snakes are ectotherms. They’re cold-blooded, so they need their environment
to help them heat up. So we want to set up an area on one side of
the terrarium that is high 80’s, maybe low 90’s for these guys, but high 80’s does well. And then at the other side of the terrarium,
a cooler area that is high 70’s, low 80’s. Now the way you can do that is they make heating
tape that you can put underneath your terrarium and it keeps a basic temperature, and you
can use different lighting or heat sources on one side. It is very, very important that when you set
up the terrarium for taking care of these guys that you have thermometers in there and
remember your snake is living down at the bottom. So the thermometer needs to be down here where
the snake is not up at the top of your terrarium, because the temperature gradient isn’t up
here. They’re not up there. So you get your thermometer and you put it
down here where the heating area is and down on the other side so you can tell this side
is high 80’s. This side is high 70’s, low 80’s. And then they’re very easy to feed, they readily
take mice. When they’re younger you’ll do pinkies, and
when they’re older you use larger mice, and the way to figure that out is, remember that
you always check the widest area of the snake’s body. The bait should never be wider than that. These guys are friendly, docile. Their area is very easy to develop. Now they can get larger. This guy here may get up to five to seven
feet. And all of that class will live anywhere from
10 to 25 years. Most of the time it’s in the teens to low
20’s, so be ready to enjoy these guys for a long time when you start with them.

Randy Schultz

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  1. Gola245 says:

    I want a pet snek!

  2. MOLO 27 says:

    this guy only shows 1 snake

  3. ThisIsNotMyRealSelf says:

    Temperature in 90s? You mean 90 degrees Celsius? Isn't that almost the boiling temperature of water?

  4. FootLongK says:

    A friend of mine has 7ft venomous snake. Shes friendly tho. I want to get a snake too i never had one. Where do i get mice tho? My house has none. Thats the only problem i will have. Amy suggestions?

  5. jamie says:

    i've recently fallen in love with these beautiful animals. i got to hold a milksnake and i instantly fell in love with it. i really want one and my mom said i can get one once i get a job this summer to pay for food and such.

  6. Emily Mast says:

    snakes are so cute!

  7. eagleeyedpsycho says:

    what about a royal python

  8. MaxBrech says:

    If I have a snake that's is 3 feet and my terrarium is 7 feet long is that a problem need help!?

  9. Phoe9ix says:

    It can eat a rattle snake

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    I feel like buying a corn snake but my parents won't allow me.

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    People think it's a king cobra, or kobra but it's a king snake there's a difference, kobras, or Cobras are very dangerous and are the opposite to safe

  17. YOUNGHEBREW says:

    QUESTION: What About Humidity?! How High?! Thank You.

  18. Norman Abdullah says:

    Friendly snakes is those inside men's pant..

  19. Dean Allen says:

    Upto one and a half times thicker than the snake the feed must be or the lil guy/gal is under fed! ???

  20. Jim Pickens says:

    I plan on getting a milk snake

  21. Mónica I. Avelar says:

    yay I like King Snakes.

  22. Exzaevieire Cseee says:

    They're not constrictors

  23. Gus of All Trades says:

    So when that thing gets 7 feet, you would need a 7 foot by 7 foot container? That seems a bit excessive for a first time snake.

  24. Jesse Corniel says:

    Can I have it

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  31. Music And Roblox says:

    Just saying guys I used to have 300 snakes when I was an baby and if u get a very friendly snake it will be friendly if u tame it and handle it a lot it will be friendly and know u very well if u get it by baby

  32. Genevieve Castagne says:

    I have a ball python ,chameleon and leopard gecko and to be honest my gecko had bitten me more than the other two so..a gecko isn't what I recommend due to it being scared of everything all the time

  33. Joe Schmoe says:

    One of my first pets ever. California Banded King snake. Such an awesome pet!

  34. banzai Rivera says:

    I'm 10 years old and my parents got me 3 ball pythons already

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    is 27.6×11.8×13.8 inch tank enough for an adult corn snake ?

  41. Kyra Segrist says:

    Ummmmmm corn snakes, rat snakes, king snakes – they aren't constrictors…

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    This guy can teach a tree to talk I swear

  43. Yael Feder says:

    I want a corn snake so bad. There is a corn snake at my mom’s parrot’s vet and we made eye contact- she (the snake) had the most endearing eyes.

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    Have the snakes been nice to dogs and cats

  48. Golden Queen says:

    5-7 feet?! That's longer than my height! T^T

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    I remember finding a lil green snake in between like, 4 water jugs it was a skinny, I assume it was a baby. I also remember going to the Zoo and finding a loose snake, I freaked out lmao

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  81. Ellie Foster says:

    My first snake was a corn snake…was a naughty little thing, would strike and bite, when he could you he would not let go, despite handling him he didn't get any more tame, so unfortunately he had to be brought back to where we got him from, I waited 10 years for that snake, I only had him for a year. 5 years later I have got a 3 year old milk snake, and he is just the best!

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    Somewhere in the world, a vegan just died XDDDDD

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    Btw! That guy have a really good set of hair!?

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