Best Day for SEA TURTLES ?  Maui, Hawaii  S1:E4

Best Day for SEA TURTLES ? Maui, Hawaii S1:E4

Hey! (is that better…?)
Hey! I think today we’re going to talk about Hawaiian sea turtles. But before we do… I just got a text saying my package has arrived, so let’s go to the mailbox
and pick up my new fins! Come on! Aloha! And welcome Maui Napper! Yeah… See? These old ones… They’re split right across the blade. That is so not gonna work! Yay! New fins! There’s something
magical about sea turtles! I think we can all pretty much agree on that. Whether you get to see them sunning themselves on the beach, or watch them feeding along the shoreline, or, especially, if you’re in the water and one happens to swim by or
hangs out near you you get to spend any kind of time with them. There’s something
very moving and almost spiritual about the experience that sticks with you a
lifetime. Of all the hundreds of times I’ve been in the water with them, every
time is still just a joy and a pleasure. It’s such a treat to be able to spend
time with a sea turtle. There’s just something about it…. I don’t know you really explain it. There’s probably words, but I don’t know…. It’s kind of beyond words, I think. There are those who may say they’re not a
turtle fan or may even scoff at that, but I think once you’ve actually spent time
with a turtle it’s such a moving experience that it it changes your mind…
changes you! The experience is one of those things that everybody yearns for
if they haven’t had it yet and if they have… they carry with them
for a lifetime. So, today I’m going to share with you an experience that I had
recently of filming a Hawaiian Sea Turtle among the rocks by the shore. A
lot of vegetation grows right there in that surge zone, so the turtles are right
in there with it. It’s a little tricky sometimes when you’re swimming, but the turtles, of course, are built for that… with their tough shells and their
leathery skin. So, no worries for them. So, at any rate,… I’ll show that and hopefully
you enjoy it! If you’re a big Turtle fan, go ahead and click on the Like button. And I
was thinking of making a turtle feature kind of a regular thing… Make,
maybe, a Weekly but I don’t know… What do you think maybe make a turtle Tuesday or
a turtle Thursday or something like that? So, anyway,,, Click Like if you’re a turtle fan… Mention, in the Comments, if you’d like to see Turtle Tuesday or Turtle Thursday… and we’ll see about making that part of a regular thing. Or… at least somewhat
regular! Anyway enjoy the video! Oh! and there’s also a bonus for you at the end
of the turtle video! Enjoy! Well, I hope you liked that turtle footage! They’re so much fun! And now, for your bonus… Last night’s sunset was just
spectacular, so I filmed a little time-lapse of that for you which I’m
going to show in just a second… But I wanted to remind you… Go ahead and hit the Like button if you like sea turtles, you like this video… and Comment down
below if you want to do Turtle Tuesday or Turtle Thursday. And, of course, if you
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anything! Well, anyway, thanks for joining us! We’ll see you next time! Aloha!

Randy Schultz

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5 thoughts on “Best Day for SEA TURTLES ? Maui, Hawaii S1:E4

  1. Electric Didact says:

    Turtle Tuesday! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Super Short Science Songs says:

    I second Turtle Tuesday! Love turtles, and loved the sunset at the end!

  3. Rigged UP says:

    Please keep going with your YouTube career donโ€™t stop now

  4. Enjoy_Life110 says:

    Nice. I get a feel of your great life on Maui.

  5. Maui Napper says:

    I hope you have as much fun watching this as I did while I was videoing it! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you ALL get to experience the magic of Hawaiian Sea Turtles, yourselves! In the meantime, though, please enjoy this video! ๐Ÿ™‚ Please comment and let me know what you think! And don''t forget to Like and Subscribe! I've got several more videos in the works…. Stay tuned! ๐Ÿ™‚

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