Bengal Tiger Hunting Deer National Geographic Documentary

Bengal Tiger Hunting Deer National Geographic Documentary

In the heart of India an extraordinary tiger dynasty is under threat Match knee the great mother has ruled this kingdom for over 10 years now her daughter eyes her throne and so do outsiders But this prize so difficult to steal will prove even harder to keep fierce battles Dangerous Liaisons and territorial Wars lie ahead Who will be the next ruler of ran Tambor? Early morning in Ranthambore National Park northern India and a young Bengal tigress is amin rao Sartre aged almost two and a half has begun to hone her killer instincts Six months ago. She started hunting on her own the crucial first step to self-sufficiency Zara spots a potential victim But success depends on timing She lacks experience it will come until then the deer gets to live another day But it’s not just dinner satoru’s after she hungers to control the whole kingdom She already stands out from her two sisters more detached more independent more dangerous Second sister at ara as a cat’s curiosity, but not its courage and illness their mother’s favorite is the most timid of all And out Tigers are solitary creatures at just over two years old They’ll soon need to strike out and find territories of their own or they can fight for the right to stay here But that won’t be easy a formidable opponent stands in their way Their mother match Lee queen of rant on board Her remarkable 10-year rule has won her fame throughout India H3 she claimed the throne in daring but classic style but opposing and banishing her own mother And she’s fought ever since defending the ranthambore fort territory with all her might laying her life Tigers usually can defend their throne for only seven to eight years match Lee’s extraordinary 10-year reign Attests to her courage and tenacity and the battles worth fighting because the stakes here are so high Ron Tambor is one of the best tiger territories in India Centered around the 1,000 year old fort the landscape provides ample food and water almost all year round the rog bard lake below attracts the prey the big cats need sambar spotted deer and wild boar The National Park over 400 square kilometers of wilderness is one of the last straight Tiger centuries of northern India It’s a haven for other wildlife – Within this paradise match Lee’s produced five litters and raised nine cups to adulthood But none of them dared stay Until now With these new cups and new regime At 13 the great Queen has reached her twilight years five years past her prime she can’t muster the strength she once had And such Ramos’s For now match leave asks in her fading glory, but maybe she senses the end is near Young Sartre the dominant daughter already samples the perks of this tiger paradise Mmm, and she’s sharpening her skills all the time Match Lee has taught her the hunting fundamentals. The rest is up to Sartre It takes patience, but eventually she catches a form Each success increases her independence and feeds her ambition of The three sisters, she’ll be the first one ready to establish her own territory And Sartre plans to stay right here in the only home. She’s ever known even if it means war As the months pass Sartre grows confident enough to make the first move in her bid for power But not against her mother not yet She will have to deal with her family one by one starting with the weakest Unis the most timid is relaxing in the heat of the day Sartre has her in her sights She’s an easy target As cups the sisters probably stopped each other in play fights so unas has no sense of danger Lulled into a false sense of security Eunice plays along Sarris made her intentions very clear and she stalks away The days of innocent sibling rivalry are over SATRA will continue to bully her like this Eunice is now at the mercy of her determined sister The balance of power within the family has started to shift With her first victory Zara’s one step closer to claiming the crown Unis defeated and disheartened slinks off to find the rest of her family She seeks comfort from her other sister atera SOT Reserve Island swipe was no empty threat Yunus knows if she stays here. She risks further attacks Yunus has no choice she’ll need to find a new territory This may be the last time these two sisters are together Queen match, lee relaxes i’m concerned or unaware of sarris plot against her She’s no stranger to conflict and has always crushed her adversaries She hasn’t eaten for days To find in our food match we must control a territory of ten to 40 square kilometers and it’s vital she discovers a water source It doesn’t help that she’s not the only big cat here Leopards also hunt in these hills Both big cats depend on wild boar and sambar Tigers are stronger than leopards but match ly old and slow can’t compete against them for food Even worse her wandering might lead her into the dangerous domain of a male tiger She may spend weeks finding a safe place to settle Saris rain continues So far she’s enjoyed a peaceful wound No more fights But the park wardens have fixed her with a radio collar The tribes mix a signal so they can monitor her movements The brazen Queen ventured beyond the fort boundaries and into poaching territory and the caller will help to keep her safe At least from human threats Not far away a different kind of danger is approaching a Young male called a Tyus He’s come courting lured by the scent of a female in heat When females are ready to mate their smell is stronger a Tyus can follow scent markings and Wars from up to two kilometres away a path to a potential mate and Today that’s illness Within a few hours he finds her Both lack experience and a Tyus isn’t fully adult so won’t be able to father cubs yet But you can’t fault him for trying They may mate up to 50 times a day It’s a tiring business Tigers have several partners over their lifetime a Tyus is likely to stay within us for a few days But since this isn’t his territory he’ll soon move on Next to the raj bog lake queen SATRA patrols her domain Perfuming her path as she goes Like her sister, she wants to attract a mate but inviting a suitor into her lush Kingdom could bring more than she bargained for And who picks up her signals none other than attires? Following the trail he closes in on her d’Alene Since winning this territory sartre fortunately hasn’t had to tangle with any male Tigers which are always heavier and stronger During one onto her turf might be a mistake Their paths finally cross Sartre succumbs to attires his advances In the throes of Tiger passion she flings caution to the women Because a Tyus isn’t sexually mature his attempts may be more futile than her time But for Sartre, this could be a dangerous liaison Atius might want more than just a mate He might want SATRA x’ entire kingdom Lucky at iose has stumbled into a prize territory without any resident males and with two young single females nearby It’s every male tigers dream Why should he think of moving anyplace else Sartre keeps polishing her hunting skills The young queen of ranthambore still has a lot to learn Pitayas is still trespassing on her land and now he’s found her stash of food. He polishes it off Sot res hard won paradise faces a serious threat and the timing couldn’t be worse The annual monsoon is sweeping up from the south With the downpour thumbs upheaval Over 80 centimeters of rain can fall in 4 months flooding ran Tambor from June to September But before the deluge comes the Exodus both predator and prey leave the fault for higher ground It’s the worst time of the year for hunting and the Tigers usually head out to But sartre stays for too If she leaves her kingdom now mattias could make his move and she might never be allowed to return And so Sartre must ride out the storm for four lean wet months Problems rained down on others as well Away from the lake match Lee is also struggling She has little food little shelter and hasn’t found the territory of her own yet She will need to master all her strength to survive the monsoon Finally the rain passes and the floods subside Animals return to the lake And the Tyus who hasn’t shown his face for months returns bolder than ever But Sartre can’t spend all her time defending her boundaries. She needs to eat And while she’s out hunting away from the lake, there’s nothing to stop a tire slipping in He’s staking out all the prime places including saturos favorite spots Hunting takes hard work skill and luck even at her best SATRA bags only one in every 15 The hungry tigress can’t afford to make mistakes She catches a young spotted deer but still has a problem where to hide it from at Isis greedy eyes He’s starting to know her territory as well as she does She decides the long reads by the waters edge of the best place She decides the long reads by the water’s edge at the best place But it’s too late a Tire seems to have heard the commotion of the hunt Stealthily he closes in on SATRA he doesn’t want confrontation just dinner Sartre senses he’s coming She too wants to avoid a battle So she retreats Reluctantly abandoning her half-eaten meal Attire spends over an hour scouting the wetlands. He doesn’t find what he’s looking for, but he’ll keep trying Back in the fort territory Queen SATRA finds her regal role unsettling Taking the land from her weakened mother is one thing holding on to it quite another She tries to rest by a banyan grove But can’t Then she sees what she feared a Tyus the bold and persistent intruder acting like he owns the place He’s in the heart of her domain Zara’s had enough if she doesn’t defend her territory now, she will lose it Mustering the family courage she decides to take him on She’s never challenged a male before But she’s determined to face her fear Heavy plata Tyus knows she’s nearby and prepares himself for battle Queen SATRA will never share her domain Attires heads to a clearing ready for Sartre to bring it on Today the Queen faces the ultimate test the dynasty hangs in the balance Sartre is going to confront him at any cost But at the final moment she backs down Over 250 kilos of brute force is just too intimidating She offers a mating position but a Tyus doesn’t care he’s got what he wants Mattias takes his victory walk Sartre is left lying in the dust her royal dreams are over Like the mother and sisters satra drove out she two faces exile Ironically her weaker siblings have done much better than her Timid illness the late bloomer established a new domain behind the fort and grows more confident by the day And atera thrives in Tsarist a national park Where she controls a territory of over 50 square kilometers? But their mother the once-great queen match li has only her reputation and she cannot live off that Finding food remains a challenge she Tries to hunt deer calves the easiest prayer home But now she can’t even catch them off-guard Match Li is broken hungry and tired Reduced to scavenging she discovers the remains of an old kill but it won’t sustain her for long Her future looks bleak Now for the first time in over a decade ran Tambor has a king At iose one the best territory in India He’ll enjoy the riches of tiger paradise at least until another challenger comes along But for now his future looks secure Sartre is the loser She didn’t have the strength to take on a male After only nine months she’s been knocked from her throne Her courage and ambition had taken her far but she couldn’t hold on to the land. She had won Now the deposed Queen must make a fresh start in a strange land Finding some small portion of this big wilderness to claim was her own But she’s still young and her prime years lie ahead This one-time tiger queen might even reclaim her kingdom and restore her dynasty SATRA lives to fight another day You you

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