Beautiful Kalco Lighting

Beautiful Kalco Lighting

Hello I’m Jim Fleming with Kalco Lighting.
Kalco is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We’re a company that hand crafts our products. We
have hand blow glass, we paint hand finishes in Las Vegas. Our product is hand forged in
an old fashioned way. What we do is we allow you to create a distinctive lighting design,
select your own finish, your own glass or shade option, thus creating a fixture that’s
uniquely and distinctly your own for your home. This is a Kalco Tribeca fixture. This
really exemplifies Kalco’s free flowing, hand forging, hand forming of iron. It’s a thick
iron, it’s available in color options. What you’re looking at here is a glass that’s hand
blown and hand formed. It’s available in 6 different color glass options. Very sculptural,
very artistic, unique distinctive lighting fixture to compliment today’s homes. What
you’re looking at here is something very unique it’s called penshell it’s a natural shell
taken from the ocean and what we do is we’ve been near it over a fiber glass mold and allows
it to be very warm and natural. There’s no two that are the same, it’s a mosaic, a natural
material, really adding an elegance, grace, something very distinctive with warmth for
today’s homes. This is one of the newest and most innovative elements to come into the
decorative lighting industry. It’s called calcite, honeycomb calcite. It’s only found
one place in the world. Kalco is the company that has an exclusive on calcite. Creates
a beautiful luminaire, it doesn’t burn or scorch like alabaster. It brings tremendous
warmth into a home and really compliments what’s happening in today’s decor with natural
materials. This is another Kalco Lighting exclusive, this is mosaic penshell. What you’re
looking at here is a natural material taken from the ocean and then it’s veneered and
it’s mosaic to create a distinctive pattern. A lot of warmth, beautiful warm glow in a
home. Natural organic material. We’re looking at an elongated Kalco hand forged iron penshell
sconce. Perfect for today’s homes with higher ceilings where you need a wall sconce with
a little more height. Again this penshell material is available in many different shades,
many shapes, many sizes. This is a new design collection designed just by Kalco. It’s called
Aspen and integrates hand forged iron, real mahogany wood with a natural mica stone. When
the light illuminates through it it almost is a sunset, brings a lot of warmth into a
home. Combining many elements that we’re seeing in today’s home design. This is a new collection
Mirabel by Kalco Lighting. New hand forged lighting sculptured metal, beautiful hand
blown glass, available in 26 finish options. Here we’re seeing antique copper. A Kalco
Lighting fixture is truly made to order. You get your order, you select from your 26 finish
options from your various shade and glass options and then we custom make that fixture
just for you. With Kalco there’s over 300,000 design options, it’s the largest decorative
lighting available today. This is Kalco’s newest introduction, called Newport. Newport
is urban modern, the highest quality hand forged iron. Water glass outer shade with
a scovel glass inner shade diffusing the light. Here we’re seeing another Kalco Lighting original
it’s called Ponderosa and we’ve executed an outdoor design, an exterior lighting fixture.
The highest quality bringing distinction and character to the exterior home. This is Crystal
Elegance by Kalco Lighting an integration of hand forged iron and unique crystal components
and artistry. True jewelry for the home. Kalco Lighting designs allow you to be able to create
a lighting fixture that’s all your own. That reflects your own personal style and very
specifically compliments the decor, the finishing, the colors you might have in your home by
selecting your own finish, glass and shade.

Randy Schultz

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