Bearded Dragons Tasting & Reviewing New Foods!

Bearded Dragons Tasting & Reviewing New Foods!

(upbeat music) – So I survived eating calci’ sand. So now I’m joined by five
of our bearded dragons. We basically went from me having none, to now it’s five in the room. Now there’s only one that belongs to me, this is my dude right here. So these are not staple foods. Meaning you’re not gonna be feeding these, to your dragon every single day, but these are all healthy, and can be fed as occasional treats, like some of these can be fed every day, like collards or whatever. But since we have 10 foods here, I thought it’d be a great way to see, what all the different dragons would like, so I know what to feed ’em in the future, and maybe it will give you some new ideas. We’ve got beet, tomato, orange pepper, butternut squash, yellow squash, an unripe mango, kale, avocado. (chuckles softly) – [Camera Lady] Collards.
– This is so hard. Kale, collards, pears and some Bluey Buffet. And I haven’t actually had all of these, ’cause I live at Taco Bell. So I’m just gonna try
each of these with Neddy, and see what I think. So we’re gonna go down the
line starting with beets. (upbeat jazz music) Neddy had no interest in beets. (upbeat jazz music) I really don’t feel like trying it. I mean maybe there’s something
he doesn’t like about it. It really just tastes like, it’s a little sweet but
there’s nothing to it. Ooh ooh (bell dinging loudly) ooh. (upbeat jazz music) Tomatoes the most acidic here, it’s probably not something
they should have often. (upbeat jazz music) Tomato is a thumbs, a thumbs, a toes up from him. (bell dinging loudly) ooh ooh ooh. (bell dinging loudly) (horn blows slowly) (upbeat jazz music) Next up we’ve got orange pepper. There’s a lot of different
colors of pepper. I don’t know if the
color effects anything, they’re all the same price. It’s a good pepper. There’s gonna be lots of
different textures too, like that was really crunchy. I’m curious to see if
we can actually notice, any differences to
whether they’re more of a, mushy fan, or crunchy crispy fan. And he just keeps biting
it out of my hand, and then he leaves the
crumbs on the ground. He’s very wasteful. (upbeat jazz music) (bell dinging loudly) ooh. (bell dinging loudly) Next up is butternut squash. There are lot’s of
different types of squash, I believe just about
all of them are healthy. They’re more of a staple
than other vegetables, but they’re not something
I give them every day. (slow upbeat music) Not great. Let’s see what he has to say. People are gonna be mad, that I’m like sharing this food with him. (slow upbeat jazz music) ♪ I got ♪ ♪ I got my style ♪ ♪ I got ♪ ♪ I got my style ♪ ♪ And it’s all right ♪ (upbeat jazz music) ooh ooh ooh ooh (bell dinging loudly) (upbeat jazz music) Next up is yellow squash. This is one that he’s very
used to and he immediately. (chuckles softly) That was some of the fastest response yet. Neddy’s quite a fan of the squash. Good texture, soft, I
forgot to eat the squash. (upbeat jazz music) (bell dinging loudly) ooh ooh ooh. (bell dinging loudly) (upbeat jazz music) I don’t know how to pick mangoes out. I didn’t get a ripe one. So this might be unfair towards mangoes, any mango lovers please don’t sue me, for like messing this up. ‘Cause I didn’t know. I don’t really know what
mangoes supposed to taste like. He’s doing the same thing he
did to one of the first ones, where he kept licking it, and kinda skinning it with with his lips. I think he’s just too pampered. He’s just like getting
used to being hand fed. He’s just making me do all
the work of sitting here. (upbeat jazz music) (bell dinging loudly) ooh ooh ooh ooh. (upbeat jazz music) He’s just very, he really thinks about it. Like so many animals in the room, they don’t care what it
is they just go for it, and they find out if
they like it afterwards. But he’s very meticulous. He has to give it a couple lick. Well he smells it first, and then if the smell
passes he gives it a lick. If the lick test passes then he bites it. He only ate a small bit. I would expect him to come
back and eat this more quickly, maybe that means he
doesn’t like it as much. I don’t know. We can’t ask him. I’ll just assume that’s a thumbs up, but not super excited. (upbeat jazz music) (bell dinging loudly) ooh. (bell dinging loudly) ooh ooh. (upbeat jazz music) Next up is collards. Which is a usually one
that is super healthy, but most of the animals
that I personally own, have not liked it in the past. I can’t remember if he does or not. So. Let’s find out. (chuckles softly) (upbeat jazz music) (bell dinging loudly) ooh. (bell dinging loudly) ooh ooh. (upbeat music) The last vegetable we have here is a pear. A brown pear, I thought pears were green. I don’t know if there’s
multiple species or what. But it said it was a pear. It smells really good. Wait pears are fruit isn’t it? So we’re. (chuckles loudly) We’re done on vegetables
now we’re moving on, the one and only fruit. – [Camera Lady] Technically
tomatoes a fruit. (chuckles softly)
So is the mango. (upbeat jazz music) – So this didn’t take ’em long at all. There’s a very strong smell to it. A very sweet smell, like not a bad smell. (bell dinging loudly) ooh. (bell dinging loudly) ooh ooh. (upbeat jazz music) And finally Bluey Buffet. Now we have an even number of the 10. I don’t think I’m gonna try this. Someone gave it to us. We’ve been giving it
to animals throughout. Not as the primary staple, but it has a lot of good stuff in it. It’s call Bluey Buffet. Blue tongued skinks and beard-ies
have very similar diets. So slightly different ratio’s. It’s the weirdest. So it comes in a powder. You add water, put it in the
microwave, and let it cool. And then you’ve got this
weird jello stuff going on. (upbeat jazz music) (bell dinging loudly) ooh. (bell dinging loudly) ooh. (upbeat jazz music)

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Bearded Dragons Tasting & Reviewing New Foods!

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  6. Beckasin says:

    So funny seeing that beardie B-line for the kale as soon as it spotted it instead of whatever you offered at the time XD

  7. Dashing Wolf says:

    My beardie is problay jealous of these other beardies tails. He lost half of his due to shedding.

  8. lily pow says:

    If it has seeds it’s a fruit

  9. Ani N.G. says:

    Beardies shouldn't be given beetroot ('beats')! It's really bad for them – also no citrus fruits or spinach and avocado is highly toxic to them. Cute video though. 🙂 mine loves butternut squash and red chard.

  10. YouDo You says:

    8:50 – 9:03 cringe at the level of intelligence.

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    Beardies are the funniest animals just because sometimes their reactions are incredible, like when I'm tryna feed some kale and he just closes his eyes. Bruh. Watching them chase mealworms is hilarious also

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    You pick mangos by the feelmthey should be semi soft, but not mushy.
    Also dont eat the peels.

  16. Noah says:

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    Beats are super high in calcium. Don't dust with calcium powder when feeding beats with your veggies or you risk calcium blockages

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    How don’t you know your fruits and vegetables ? THE DISRESPECT

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    I love the one that always like flinches when you put food in his or her face like “get that ? outa here boy.”

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    I love beardies so much but I just can't get over the insect diet

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    Oh, sorry I mean vegetables.
    (My beardie named Phoenix likes mustard greens a LOT.)

  57. Exotic Anthony says:

    Don't ever feed them kale it is very bad for there growth

  58. Malane Qi says:

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    2:49 thats actually terrifying

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    My first beardie absolutely had a favorite food, dandelion flowers, if it was on his plate he was on it immediately. Another one violently hates strawberries, shook his head to get it out of his mouth and didn't touch the plate after for the rest of the day.

    Additional fact, if I walked into my room with watermelon, no matter if it was sliced or an end, my iguana would cross the room in seconds to get some. Like crawled up my leg and started trying to take bites out of it.

  62. Liam fishing says:

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    Human " here eat it please"
    Beardie"Uh no -_- if I close my eyes it won't be there anymore"

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    Aren't those Foods kind of big for their mouth? I always thought they had to be the size between their eyes. They seem to be eating them but I was worried they were going to choke on them. Cute video though

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    Don't let those people pick on you about your fruits and vegetables. I'm sure you were nervous about making this video. I'm sure you know what a fruit is and what a vegetable is. Those people need to understand that and get a life

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    Blueberries! Are the perfect treat. My little beardie will literally chase them around the floor to get them. ?

    Sidenote: seeing the one go after the entire bunch of Kale is such a mood. My beardie sees me coming with a bunch of kale to rip up and feed her, and she tries to get into the bag before I can tear some up.

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  88. Chelsea Lopez says:

    You should not give bearded dragons beets or kale, it causes impaction and diarrhea.

    Second, squash is given to ours daily.

    Third, don't give them much fruit, too much sugar.

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