BEARDED DRAGON – Finally Caught One!

BEARDED DRAGON – Finally Caught One!

(dramatic music) – Lizard, lizard, lizard. Right there, right there,
right there, right there. He sees us. OK, if it darts, I’m
just going after it, so follow after me, and watch
out for these logs here. – [Mark] Get it?
– [Coyote] Got it. – [Mark] Nice! (upbeat music) – The Australian outback
can truly be hailed as one of the most iconic
landscapes on the planet. And visiting this location
had long been a dream for the Brave Wilderness team. This vast expanse of open
grasslands and arid terrain is home to a plethora
of reptilian species, many of which we hope to get
up close for the cameras. So to have the best
chance of finding them, we traveled far
beyond the city limits of bustling civilization,
and headed westward toward the tiny rural
town of Meandarra. Exploring the outback
requires a bit of experience, so we teamed up with
animal specialists Lockie Gilding and Max Jackson, who own and operate Australian
Wildlife Encounters. Working under their
special permits, we will be spending
peak daylight hours driving the countryside
in search of ideal habitats to explore. There’s something on
the road right there. Once a viable location
was established, the goal was to break trail
into the great unknown, and begin our search
for any species that could be safely presented
in front of the cameras. Guys, so right now
we are out exploring in some backcountry. This is officially
the Australian bush. And it’s very disorienting. I spin in a circle like this, and I bet it looks the
same in every direction. Alright, I’m
disorienting myself. I know that I came though
from that direction, so I’m gonna head back
and meet up with the crew. The bush, as it is so
iconically known in Australia, refers to any sparsely
inhabited region, regardless of vegetation type. And given the fact that we
were well over 300 miles away from any major city, this wilderness could
definitely be considered true Australian bush. Look at that. That’s a wild pig
skull right there. Now these hogs are
feral here in Australia, and I’ll tell you what, you do not wanna run
into one of these out there in the bush. Those tusks will
do a number on you. Wow, pretty cool find. Wish we could keep it, but it’s gonna stay
here in the environment. Alright, let’s keep
going that direction. Deep within the brambles, it would be nearly
impossible to find, let alone pursue any
fast moving reptile, so we made our way
toward a clearing, when all of a
sudden we came upon one of Australia’s most common,
yet iconic, lizard species. Lizard, lizard, lizard. Right there, right there,
right there, right there. – [Mark] I don’t see it, oh. – [Coyote] It’s right
there on that log. – [Mark] I got it, I got it. – I think it’s a bearded dragon, but it’s really dark in color. Can you come up slower? Mario, see if you can zoom
in and get a shot on it. – [Mario] Got him. It is a bearded. – Wow, it’s a lot darker
than I thought they’d be. OK, come on, slow, slow, slow. Oh, oh, oh. He see us. OK, if it darts, I’m
just going after it, so follow after me, and watch
out for these logs here. – [Mark] Get it?
– [Coyote] Got it. – [Mark] Nice! – Woo hoo! Barely even moved. It was like perfectly
camouflaged, and it just said,
OK, you can’t see me. I tell you what, I did see you. That is a bearded
dragon right there. Whoa, whoa, calm down
there buddy, wow. – [Mark] It’s spiky. – It is super spiky. OK, very stark
lighting right here. Let’s kinda duck
down into the shade. I think that’ll be
better for your cameras. And let’s get this lizard
up close for the cameras. Oh man! First lizard of the trip. This is awesome. Whew! Watch your footing
through here, guys. Alright, here’s a good
shady spot up here. Let’s hunker down
and film this scene. There it is, guys, the eastern bearded dragon. Now, let’s talk about where
this lizard gets its name, the bearded dragon. And let me see. Alright, buddy, can you kind
of flare up your beard for us? He’s actually
staying really calm. As you’ll notice,
the temperature, well you guys can’t notice, but what we’re noticing is
that the sun is very hot, but the temperatures are
still very cool in the air. And like all reptiles,
this one is ectothermic, which means that
they’re using the sun to heat up their bodies
so they can head out and hunt for the day. And the bearded dragon
is a diurnal species. And there is the central
variety and the eastern variety. And the big difference there
is that the eastern variety is much darker in coloration, and the interior of
their mouth is yellow, as compared to pink. Alright buddy, can
we see that beard? You guys wanna see
that beard, right? – [Mark] Oh yeah. – Alright, let’s see if I
can kind of tickle his chin. Whoa, starting to puff up
his body a little bit there. Pop out that beard for us. Wow, he’s staying
actually really calm. Look at that, I’m not
even applying any pressure holding onto the body. It’s just chilling out
on my hand right now. OK, you can kinda
see the beard there. Look right underneath the chin. Now when they’re
really aggravated, they will puff up their bodies, and puff up that beard, open up their mouth and display
that yellow interior color. Now, in a sense that’s
aposematic coloration. They are not venomous,
but that bright color, and that (hisses)
sort of display often times will ward off
any potential predators. Now, when I do touch the beard, it’s a bit softer than the
very rough spiny scales on the back of this lizard. Wow, I cannot believe
how calm he’s being. Oh, now it’s trying to take off. There we go, there you go. Now you got the
beard puffed out. Wow! That is one
impressive beard, sir. I think you could probably
win a beard growing contest. And you’ll notice the
very triangular shape of this lizard’s head. That’s one feature that
distinguishes it from many of the lizard species
here in Australia. Now often times you’ll
see them like that, just perched on
the side of a tree, facing downward with
that head protruding out, absorbing the sunlight. – [Mark] Man, I can’t
believe you got one. – I know, and on my
first attempt, as well. I’ll tell you what’s
impressive about this reptile is its claws. Let me kinda just
see if I can get one of its feet out here. Oh, he’s actually missing
a claw on one side. They’re excellent climbers, and often times early in
the morning like this, what they will do is climb
up on the side of a tree or perch out on a log where
they’re absorbing sunlight. And like I said,
it’s an ectotherm, so they rely on the
sunlight to heat up before they head out
and hunt for the day. Actually, I think at this point, he is just using
my hand as a perch. I’ve got him sort of
propped up in the sun there. I think he’s saying to
himself, huh, this is perfect. – [Mark] Is this
normal behavior? I mean that lizard is so calm. – I honestly expected
it to jump off that log and take off, and I’d be
chasing it across the bush, but I think it was relying
more on its camouflage than anything to keep it hidden. Now this is an
opportunistic predator, and they’re primarily feasting on small insects and arachnids, however, they’re omnivorous, which means that if they find
a chance to eat some plants, some berries,
something like that, they will scarf up
that as a meal as well. Look at the length of
this lizard’s tail. Beautiful, right? Now, unlike some lizard species, they’re not able
to detach that tail to help them escape
from predators. And actually if I can, I can actually balance the
lizard by the end of its tail, and keep it on my
hand like that. And that tail is
incredibly spiky. Go ahead, Mark, reach
out there and feel how rough those scales are. And if you run your hand
in the opposite direction, that’s where you
really get ripped up. I’m getting little
lacerations all over my hands just from handling it. – [Mark] I don’t even
think there’s sandpaper that’s that gritty. – [Coyote] Right? – [Mark] Wow. – Let’s look at the
underside of the lizard. The belly is much
softer than its back. Almost like the belly
of a horned lizard. Go ahead and zoom in there. You see those large ear sockets? They have excellent hearing and wonderful eyesight
during the day. This is without question one
of the most iconic species here in Australia. And I know for you guys out
there watching, Coyote Pack, that you have been requesting
a bearded dragon episode for quite some time. And I think it’s really
fitting that our first lizard of this Australian trip just
so happens to be that reptile. Well, this was pretty cool getting the bearded dragon
up close for the cameras. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave, stay wild, we’ll see you on
the next adventure. Alright guys, what lizard
are we gonna catch next? Getting to see, let
alone safely catch, and present a bearded dragon has been a goal of
mine for many years. These rugged lizards
define everything that I’ve always
loved about reptiles, and their even keel
demeanor makes them an instant favorite amongst
herpetology enthusiasts. As a team, we do
our best to follow the suggestions of our audience, and if the Coyote
Pack makes a request, especially for something
as safe and fascinating as the iconic bearded dragon, you better believe we were
going to make it happen. What do you think guys? Who has the better beard? Coyote Peterson or
the bearded dragon? (sleigh bells) What’s going on, Coyote Pack? Winter is coming, which means it’s starting
to get cold here in Ohio, and most of us are bundling up. Now, some of us
are wearing fleeces and some of us are from Florida. Yeah, that’s a snow suit. But when it comes to me, I simply layer up by
wearing as many t-shirts as I possibly can. – [Mark] That’s a Brave
Wilderness t-shirt. – That’s right, Mark,
an official Brave
Wilderness t-shirt, which is available
now at the BW store. – [Mark] Whoa, do
people know that we have a Brave Wilderness store? – Well if they
didn’t, they know now. Do you guys wanna see
some of these epic designs that we have ready
for the holidays? – [Mark] Uh, cue the
fashion show montage? – Here we go! (bear growling) OK guys, so you see
this shirt here? This is the gray official
Brave Wilderness logo. I love this one
because it’s resistant in all climates. Now, underneath this
shirt, wait for it. (Coyote yelling in pain) We have the BW logo shirt. You see that? The classic BW symbol that
you’ll often times see on YouTube and up in
the corner on the videos as the watermark. You wanna see the next one? I bet you do. Here we go. – [Marl] The watermark’s on
the other side, by the way. Nope. – Hmm, yeah. (Mark laughs) (frog meowing) See that right there. That’s the Brave Wilderness
logo on a brown shirt. Totally camouflaged
in the environment. Ready for the next one? – [Mark] Whoa, a blue shirt. – Be brave, stay wild,
the blue version. This is absolutely one
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ready for the next shirt? – [Mark] Let’s do it. – Let’s do it. It’s just like the
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shirts do you have? – It’s an endless
supply of shirts. In fact, we have around
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– Like 12. 12 is close to a million though. And I’ve got all of
them on right now. (screaming) This is actually a
youth sized extra large. It’s pretty tight, but there are plenty more
where this came from. We’ve got adult
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that’s a kid’s shirt? – That’s a kid’s
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– OK. Now, aside from shirts, you can also buy the
official leather walker Coyote Peterson hat. That’s right, and if
you don’t wanna wear a leather cowboy hat, guess what else we have? Ball caps. Ready? We’ve got the gray one. Check that out. Pretty cool, right? We’ve also got the black one. Check that out. And we’ve also got the blue one, which matches pretty
much everything. Now, aside from hats,
we also have posters! You guys like posters, right? – [Mark] Tour poster. – Now if you don’t
want a poster, we also have the
Brave Adventures book. Looking pretty epic. This is an autographed copy. And aside from that, we’ve also got stickers, lots and lots of stickers. – [Mark] Now, you’re gonna
pick all that up, right? – I’m gonna pick all that up because we don’t wanna
litter in the environment. Guys, right now, all of
the Brave Wilderness elves, who magically look
just like Chance, are hard at work in the
Brave Wilderness factory packing up gifts for all
the good little Coyote Pack boys and girls, so make your way over to
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can so that your gifts show up just in the
time for the holidays. Whew, it’s really
getting cold out here. I better put my shirts back on. (bright holiday music) (wind blowing) If you thought the bearded
dragon was a friendly lizard, make sure to go back
and watch the episode where we get another
spiky looking reptile up close for the cameras,
the horned lizard. And don’t forget, subscribe
so you can join me and the crew on this
season of Breaking Trail. Real cryptic colors that
blend in with all the sand and the rocks.

Randy Schultz

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