Bearded Dragon Eats Real Food for the First Time

Bearded Dragon Eats Real Food for the First Time

The bearded dragon is over two years old and has never eaten anything other than pellets. Turns out he didn’t know how to eat and tried to lick it up like he would a pellet so it took a little practice.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Bearded Dragon Eats Real Food for the First Time

  1. GoHerping says:


    If you're interested in purchasing this beardie, check out and add your email to the mailing list for updates!

  2. Totes legit reviews Yee says:

    If I were a beardie I would eat the strawberry

  3. Kades Critters says:

    Pampered boy❤️❤️

  4. Kevin Nguyen says:

    ya yeet

  5. Haven Greene says:

    0:26 i saw the nail polish and was thinking
    “wow cute nails alex!” but no it wasn’t him ahhahaha

  6. Galactic Chicken says:

    That babbit at the end tho

  7. Jordan Smith says:

    as soon as I seen this I clicked it

  8. Jade D says:

    Wait when did you get a rabbit

  9. Fearlesschi says:

    really interested in a video of the rabbit at some point. any plans to make one?

  10. H says:

    Going vegan for the first time be like

  11. Lil' Sprout says:


  12. Jenna H says:

    Coming down 4 minutes after upload to see that people have commented 2 days ago… Yea I can't afford to be a member 🙁

  13. Geo Vonnie says:

    How have almost 500 people already watched this

    I just got the notification that you posted this

  14. Lisa Janine says:

    Seeing a neglected beardie eat greens is so heartwarming for me. Never thought id say that in my life but here we are.

  15. KN MA says:

    Yeet, yote, yeetethed!

  16. Chappell Outdoors says:

    What kind of camera are u using for these videos

  17. softu says:

    is that a natural color for beardies or is his color a result of his diet?

  18. NoraDR says:

    Poor friend :c

  19. S L says:

    Precious beardie that must be protected

  20. Davis’ Exotics says:

    Cute beardie OH MY GOSHHSHSHS! My dubia roaches just arrived and I’m spooked as frick!!

  21. Lizard Wizard says:

    good job man you take great care of your animals

  22. Brooke Mockett says:

    This is good content

  23. PAPER CRANES says:

    He's adorable. Good thing you're getting him some variety

  24. Matts Exotics says:

    Awesome poor baby keep up the amazing work cab you do a update on the tegu

  25. Motivated Pain says:

    Is this the beardie on emerald scales?

  26. Sophia Lewis says:

    omg so early hay

  27. Dra the Awesome says:

    You should have dipped the veggies in calcium sand first… give him the 5 star treatment!

  28. Avery the Cuban-American says:

    That’s great that he’s opening up his pallet

  29. Sophia Lewis says:

    what are your veiws on black and white argentine tegus thinking of getting a male pls respond

  30. Eleanore Rigby says:

    Quality content

  31. bootymagiclol says:

    Well he definitely likes strawberries! 😀

  32. Owen Freyberg says:

    I never noticed how weird and human looking a beardie tongue is…

  33. Dai S. says:


  34. Briggan says:

    Que the epic montage of cutting vegetables!

  35. end me says:

    cross contamination….? I know it's not that big of a deal but

  36. Timothy McDaniel says:

    I like this nice video, and it doesn't matter that it's short.

  37. Zephyr says:

    That beardie must’ve been thinking “this is some serious gourmet shit”

  38. Sydney s says:

    Why did the pellets look like actual rat feces

  39. TheCluelessBell says:

    Hes got to be like.

    "Is this what royalty feels like?!"

  40. Sophia Howrey says:

    What kind of reptile was finishing the beardie's food? Looks cute.

  41. Sydney Cole says:

    Who ever owned this beardie before you ??????????????????

  42. Viviana OwO says:

    Wasn’t expecting the bunny, 10/10 would be surprised again

  43. That Nodule says:

    Surprise guests:

    1 Rabbit
    2 Refer to one

  44. Stout Shako says:

    Alex, you don't even know that mangos are a fruit. What gives you the right to judge this pure boi?

  45. Xymus D says:

    He looked like he perked up a bit after eating his greens! Now he’s gonna be one healthy man!

  46. SnowSketch says:

    This made me tear up he looks so happy eating real food

  47. Kenny Lutz says:

    Look at his lil smile!!!

  48. Greg the Grey says:

    You guys are awesome. This needs a million likes.

  49. flyingrabbit says:

    This made me hungry.

  50. flyingrabbit says:

    The bunny will teach him.

  51. Jo DF says:


  52. Manitoba Nature News says:

    When will you come out with YouTube 2 Alex?

  53. eternalozzie says:

    adorable little 2 minute video. what is the fluffy looking floppy eared lizard eating the salad at the end?

  54. Steve Gee says:

    How can this get downvotes?

  55. Hum Lumfenstien says:

    The veggies were paid actors as shown by the patrons

  56. elliewellie says:

    Snake Food Cruelly Steals Starving Beardie's Meal (not clickbait)

  57. JDN says:

    That's a fucking sin! Pellets are garbage! Glad he's safe, happy and eating properly now. Bunny is also smol and cute.

  58. Last Man Gaming101 says:

    Dude, I think the last reptile is broken, maybe turn it off and back on

  59. gecko spoons says:

    Please do a boarded dragon care guide

  60. Cam Head says:

    Its so cute that you're doing videos with your girlfriend now

  61. Exoticddguin says:

    How would you like to eat the same thing for every meal?
    Say, cereal. Would you want to eat cheerios for every single meal, your whole life?
    Animals need a variety!!

  62. Shaneal Hogaluk says:

    is dat ur gf

  63. Karen Mcisaac says:

    That’s wonderful

  64. Maddie's Menagerie says:

    He K R O N C H

  65. Gamer1 says:

    This is some gourmet shit.

  66. TaylaChan says:


  67. JANE CENTUAR says:

    Whoever was cutting the food up I like your nails

  68. Armored Wings says:

    Surprised he even ate anything

  69. Flaxon Jackson says:

    That shot of the plate of vegetables sliding in front of the dragon is cracking me up.

  70. Stephanie K says:

    Hoping that manicure was paid for as a business expense

  71. Hokusai says:

    Haha well that was super enjoyable

  72. Archer960 says:

    thats so cool!

  73. EarthsGeomancer says:

    More bearded dragon vids, please!

  74. cool kid says:

    This reminds me of that one guy on buzzfeed who never ate fruits or vegetables

  75. Pooka Clubs says:

    Little boy loves the cronch!

  76. A Ribs says:

    This is so pure ??

  77. Weirdanimalguy says:

    01:08 "Delicious, finally some good fucking food"

  78. Reddragonair 3 says:

    Haha. She said don't include that failed cucumber part, but you ended up including it not once, but twice. Good man.

  79. Rachel Hornak says:

    He's like me when I first tried fine dining lol. "What is this tiny and strange-looking, yet delicious and filling food?!"

  80. Illyanna Turtle says:

    ok ok ok, I'm the one who messed it up. I changed it from 888 likes to 889 likes. plz forgive me

  81. Pandenguin Is Odd says:

    the shot at 1:13 is pretty awesome!

  82. Emily Durkee says:

    I'm so proud of the little guy I'm crying. Guess it's been a long day

  83. Autumn Smith says:

    The title made me sad ?

    but I’m glad he’s going to have a good life now ❤️ poor baby

  84. Becca Girvin says:

    It's like seeing a dog touch grass for the first time after living life in a cage. So yum!!

  85. Sam Watts says:

    Absolutely totally shocking! Poor baby

  86. Yerlin Santamaria Montoya says:

    Alex is your girlfriend ever going to show her face or does she rather not be on camera I’m guessing it the last one I’m just wondering

  87. sammy clark says:

    Lol just found out u were Yang Gang today. What a coincidence

  88. Alex Po says:

    imagine being 2+ years old and just then getting the achievement “eat”

  89. BEANS says:

    Is that your rabbit or a friend's?

  90. Greg Williams says:

    I’m glad that he did eat some of it. Another example of a pet purchased with no knowledge on how to take care of it??

  91. Dan's Reptiles&Arachnids says:

    My rescue is in a bad way with obd so he can't chace food. We have to tong feed her every other day. I'd say every day but she simply wont eat every day. She wont eat greens so a make sure the crickets eat lots of kale with dust just so I know she is getting a full hit of nutrition

  92. Monika Sturm says:

    Oh i need one of those salad disposals to clean up my beardie's salad.

  93. Lokoschade says:

    The way bunnys eat ist really stinking cute.

    My grandma had a bunny that looked almost exactly like yours, only the hair tuft between his ears was much longer so he looked a little crazy, thats why his name was Einstein. 😀

  94. Heythereitsricki says:

    this was so wholesome ?

  95. Kage Hikari says:

    Wait, you mean animals dont eat only one type of food??? (shock) J/K XD yay for more variety in his diet now!

  96. mMeFlora says:


  97. Este Mastenbroek says:

    The bunny at the end is so cutttteee !,

  98. free wifi says:

    Remember when he said he won't be getting bearded dragons ?

  99. soka alshatti says:

    missed your videos!

  100. Kitty Stalk says:

    Watching him have to learn to eat actual food is just QAQ

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