Bats Are Weird, Gross & Beautiful

Bats Are Weird, Gross & Beautiful

Hello, and welcome to “Weird,
Gross, and Beautiful,” a casual discussion about
animals that I think are weird, gross,
beautiful or all three. And today, we’re talking
about little batsies! [SQUEALS OF DELIGHT] Oh no! I just love them. I saw a bat once. I saw a bat when I
was talking a walk, and I just about peed
myself from excitement. I was so happy that
I got to see him. Bats are nocturnal,
and there are over 900 different
types of bats. And some experts even think
that there might be over 1,200. That is so many cute,
adorable, little bats. The largest bat in the whole
wide world is the flying fox. And their wingspan can
reach up to six feet in their cutsy-fuzzies. And the tiniest kind of bat
is a Kitti’s hog-nosed bat or a bumblebee bat. And their wingspan
is six inches long. Oh my god! Most bats will eat either
insects or fruit or blood. There are three different
kinds of vampire bats, but you cannot find
them the United States. You can only find them
in Mexico or South America or Central America. So just don’t worry about it. Even if you were to come across
a little vampire fruit bat, they will bite you
and then they will lick the blood that comes out. And they can feed on you
for up to 30 minutes. Very, very rarely, they’ll
eat human blood, but mostly pigs and horses. There’s isn’t really any
danger of blood loss, but the only danger that
comes from being bitten by one of those is rabies
or disease and infection. Because bats are nocturnal,
they will go hunting and stuff at the night time. And so in order to see,
they use a special skill called echolocation,
where they’ll make a real high-pitched
noise [IMITATING BAT NOISE], and then they wait, and then
they listen for the echoes, and then they
adjust accordingly. And it’s [SIGH] just amazing. That’s so cool. In the night time, when a
bat will catch its prey, like an insect or
something like that, it can cause
momentary blindness, because they can’t
meet the squeaks with their mouth is full. And so in order to
work around that, they’ll make little
noises through their nose. And they have evolved an
awesome a variety of little nose outgrowths, so they can direct
their noises and [SQUEAL]. That’s so cute. It’s like bat oinks. Bats are the only mammals
capable of true flight. They have four bones in their
wing, which I did not draw. They have four bones in their
wing, and then in between is a super-thin,
little membrane. And when they’re hanging upside
down, they wrap themselves up. And they’ll give themselves
a nice little hug. Ohhh. The skin of a bat’s wing
has tiny little bumps all over them with a
little hair in the center. And they’re called Merkel
cells, and so what they’ll do is they’ll feel the wind and
the temperature and stuff like that in the air. While they’re flying, it
allows them to adjust and fly more efficiently,
because they can feel it. Bat mommies will only
have one baby a year, which is why some of them
are a little bit in danger of not being there anymore. What is cute is
that the mama bat- they can pick out their baby out
of thousands or even millions of them by their own distinct
scent and voice. (IN BABY VOICE) Oh, Mommy! Mommy love them. Ooh! They’re so cute. Oh my god. She’s like no, that’s
my baby, because you’re unique and special. And I love you, and
I appreciate you. Thank you for watching
“Weird, Gross and Beautiful.” My name is Catie Wayne,
and if you would like to, you can follow me on
Twitter at catiewayne– that’s my name– mmmm. And you can tell
me what animal you would like me to
cover next time. And this episode was
suggested by studio robb. And you’re welcome and he’s
been very nicely bothering me forever, since the
beginning of this show. So you’re welcome, and
I hope you liked it. You can check out
these videos over here, and do all the subscribing
and the liking. And I just love
you guys so much. And I’ll see you next time. Bye. [KISSING SOUND]

Randy Schultz

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  26. Dovahdu vokun says:

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