Ball Python | How to sex? (2020)

Ball Python | How to sex? (2020)

hi Charlie hi what are we gonna do today we’re going to sex snakes what kind of snakes are we going to be sexy pythons yes okay we’re going to sex the ball pythons have you ever sex the ball python before no I have not this is good it’s going to be your first time how are you excited I’m excited how excited I’m very excited tell them tell the camera here I need excited to sex some snakes oh very good and I’m the most excited [Music] welcome to our channel if you enjoy learning about reptiles and having a good laugh what are you waiting for hit that subscribe button help smash it smash it smash it right now and don’t forget to hit that notification down on the camera voices like hi everyone and welcome to beauty Boas if you don’t like or subscribe just subscribe or like or both there’s about 80% of you watching these videos that are not subscribed and if that kind of behavior is in the chip to move look at my poor baby only have to eat her bananas by the way these snakes they don’t have any water no hides anything they just live in there like that because that’s how I like to keep my snakes just kidding no because people like sea snakes in the container and then they’re just like clothes on how they live no we’re just holding them in this container to show you I got a smile a today every eating you can’t be so greedy like it’s not going anywhere just eat it she takes these giant bites like she thinks someone’s gonna come and steal her food Avery come on [Music] she likes the white ones gentle gentle gentle gentle show the cameras show the two more hobbies my hobbies mo hobbies I don’t know sometimes they’ll see people they just roll the tail up but something that helps is we find the butthole or the cloaca or whatever it’s called and we squeeze it just a little bit right here so dudes a little bit of pressure there and then then we’re gonna do our little a little roll thing the student delight this looks like a female let’s clean that off yep that looks like a female so you see like on the sides here there’s barely anything coming out there’s like a tiny thing but it’s not a Winkie so the one with the spot is a female that’s a different feeling email and now the one without the spot I’ll put pressure on the butt [Music] and grab the tail stretch it a bit and slide this one’s looking like another female yeah two females see if we find a boy oh yeah let’s differentiate again this one has seen lots of time how I can tell the difference is something there’ll be some with no spots and then see how this one has a spot so that’s all know which one is which so squeezing this butt and I’m sliding and hmm yep that one’s a male see that little red thing that’s his Winky so they’ll be two of them it’ll be one on one side and one on the other you see how it pops out we got our first Winky [Music] we’re gonna win good once again we are going to squeeze it right by the butt and then roll sometimes there’s a little bit of peepee or poopoo yuck let’s try again do we have a Winkie when you know where to sometimes they gotta pee it doesn’t sweeping them a little peepee where they can clench so they can finish and they can clench to hide it so sometimes they kind of like fight you a bit but this one’s looking female [Music] we’ll see what do this I can see the sperm plugs so there you go that’s that’s that’s a male that’s sperm so just just let’s fill another but um so that’s how you’d know that’s Melbourne with the females you’ll just get these full yeah like poop wonderful I got poop and pee and see me so you see a male can kind of like clench and hide it see there’s it’s easier to get the sperm hog out of them than their winking there see this thing that sticks out see that game that’s a Winky so you know the winky just pops right out this okay there you go huh okay this – okay whoa right in the eye good job it peed in my eye this one is the only one that’s actually been like kind of struggling a bit so like you said before does it hurt them no it doesn’t really hurt them it just makes them feel uncomfortable it’s not something that you want to do a lot you just do it you figure out your sex and then that’s that so see females have like these two things on the side but they don’t have those like the Winkies that come out do you see the tooth there’s a thing right here there’s the thing right there no no hemic being is no pp and I just died baby no no pp No this is called fob you think you want to have a nice amount of pressure but you don’t you don’t want too much because you don’t want to hurt them watch more videos out there about it and this one so once again I squeeze it here then I grab it by the tail and I roll up and no Winky comes out no Winky so that one’s a female just to confirm we have the Mojave with the spot that’s a male that’s this one coming out right now so I’ll show you again just so you can see with this one so I’m squeezing it here then I’m grabbing it here and I’m rolling my finger up see that I came out so that’s a hammer pain you see that you know 100% Oh check out with the other male the lesser with the smaller it’s a lot easier to miss sex a female than a male like if you see that the Emma beans you know 100% it’s a male if you don’t see the Hema beans it might still be a male that’s kept them hidden inside so you have to do it a few times but you see that I push it down there squeeze it out and there it is so you see that red thing sticking out that’s how you know it’s a male with the other ones that didn’t happen and just to confirm again with the females we’ll use the two white ones because we know they’re both females squeeze it here roll it and we don’t have anything but it but and then we’ll do it again with three other white one so squeeze it down so you squeeze it support it you don’t want to be cracking it’s fine or anything you just roll your finger up give that pressure and it should just pop right out but since it’s a female nothing’s coming out now you know how just sex a ball python see smile it’s the smile for the there you go that was wonderful wasn’t it now make sure you yeah click the circle and then watch this video or this one yes it’s not that hard which one appeals to your more [Music]

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  1. Benjamin Brandon says:

    Hey man, liking your content, keep it up! Just wanted to mention something, the stuff that you're seeing coming from the females when they're popped is actually their musk glands. Both sexes have them, but the female's are much more pronounced, as they don't have hemipenes blocking their view. Just figured I'd Let you know!

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