Bali Bird & Reptile Park

Bali Bird & Reptile Park

Hello guys I am Luisa and I am in Bali for a Semester abroad together with my husband and our two kids we always travel around the island regularly to discover new spots and this time we were at the Bali Bird & Reptile Park and if you wanna know if this trip was worth it, then stay tuned! and this is how it is when you go to the Bird Park in the rainy season it could start raining We’ve been in Ubud for 4 days and it really was raining everyday for about 2 hours yesterday it was even raining for 4 hours, that’s why we basically hung around in our accommodation the whole day and now we’re in the Bird Park for 45 minutes and.. tadaa.. it’s raining You see that? it’s so annoying By the way, the entrance costed us 1 Milion Rupiah for the three of us, Nevio got in for free 1 Milion Rupiah converts around 70 Euros So it’s not so great when it starts raining after 45 minutes And Alessio really wants to show you his helicopter opened door and closed and turn it exciting, right? so and now we go to the reptiles the stones are amazing, right? – Crocodiles – Somewhere over here should be saurians Nope, there’s nothing inside Ah, yes, up there! – It was half dead already – It wasn’t half-dead Yes, we paid 1 Milion Rupiah for entrance for 4 persons, well it’s 2 adults and 2 kids and that is around 70 Euros It’s not very cheap, but we really had a lot of fun there especially the Reptile Park was really funny because one of the stockmen started to show us around a little bit and told us a little bit about the every animal and she helped Alessio looking in the display case or over the fence and in the end she put an iguana on our shoulders, that was pretty awesome that’s why I would say that it is worth it to come here How do you get there the easiest way? From Ubud the Bird & Reptile Park is half an hour southerly away that means, it’s a pretty good combination if you wanna go to Ubud anyways to go to the Bird Park for one day We’ve been there for around 2 hours to the detriment of our drivers. He was in a rush, because he had to go to a ceremony Well, there’s not much more to say Let me know if you liked the video then just put the thumbs up button If it sucked just press the thumbs down button For me, it’s just a great orientation to see what I should film, how I should film it etc. Just let me know what you like and what you don’t like. What should I film next? Do you have any more questions? Just type down everything that’s crossing your mind directly under the video in the comment box Furthermore, I would be happy if you’d subscribe my channel So we will see us again next friday with a new video from Bali See you! I always push up one eyebrow while I talk

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  1. baumfrei says:

    Wahnsinn, was es dort zu sehen gibt! Das sind ja die buntesten und tollsten Tiere! Wieder ein DANKE fürs mitnehmen!
    Alles Liebe

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