– Let’s see what we got here. Oh, that’s nice lookin’ snake right there. That is definitely You know, speaking of boys, I mean, what is up with seahorses? I mean, don’t seahorse males have babies? Oh yeah! Oh, what, what, whoa. What the heck is that? Hey, good morning everybody
and welcome to the vlog. I hope the start to
your day is incredible. We are gonna just jump into it
today with some egg cutting, but we have a lot of
things goin’ on today. This actually is a chocolate female bred to an extreme gene banana male. So could be some pretty cool stuff. Might be a little hard to tell which ones are chocolate
spider stuff in the egg, but nevertheless, we’re gonna give it a go and absolutely enjoy this. What do we have right off the rip? We have what looks like
just a spider extreme gene. No banana, no chocolate, which is okay. So, at least we know
that is the daddy right? Now we understand that. Bunch of eggs in this clutch, so we have a bunch of really
cool potential for sure. So let’s see what our second clutch. Weirdly enough, it looks
like our second egg is the same as the first egg, which is pretty cool. The extreme gene and spider
mix together really well. Same thing with pinstripe. It seems like when you
mix them with animals that have a reduced pattern,
like a spider or a pinstripe, makes it even cooler. Egg number three. Let’s see if we start gettin’ some combos here of some different things. Oh, well, okay. Well we have definitely
a little banana here. But doesn’t look like it’s anything, maybe an extreme gene banana. Hard to tell really, but none
of the other combinations. So far we haven’t got any chocolate stuff, which is a little bit bizarre, I guess. And then it looks like we have, again, you can see, this
is a normal extreme gene. Kind of typical of the way
Extreme Gene patterning is. They usually have like some
stripping down the side and some little dot dashes. So that’s an Extreme Gene right there. Still no chocolates,
which is really unusual. Let’s see what we have
in this one right here. Hoo! Get away from there. All right, well we have, actually, a banana extreme gene spider right here. So that’s pretty cool. That’s pretty awesome. Let’s see what we have in this next egg. Hoo. All right, these little owls. What we have here is just a Banana. Could be an Extreme Gene, not a 100% sure. Let’s see what we got here. Ohh, that’s a nice
looking snake right there. That is definitely a
banana extreme gene spider. And I’m sure it’s a chocolate! – Chocolate! – So I’m pretty sure we hit the
all gene animal right there. It sure looks like it to me. It’s weird that we’ve had what, two, four, six, seven eggs
before we had one chocolate. But the thing that was awesome was we hit the extreme gene
chocolate spider banana. How awesome is that? Can’t wait till that one
crawls out of the egg. We’ve got two little eggs left. Let’s see what we have here. Okay, another what looks like
actually a banana chocolate. Doesn’t really look like an extreme gene but that’s pretty cool. We’re starting to get a
couple chocolate things. You know I love the
banana chocolate stuff. – They’re selling chocolate! – So that is really, really cool. And then lastly, it looks like we have just a little Banana here,
possibly a extreme gene. So, I got some pretty cool combinations. They’re all in all pretty good. So we’re gonna jump into
the rest of our day here. I do have another clutch
to cut later in the vlog but nevertheless I’m pretty happy with the results on this one. I’ve got a tour in the house. How are you guys? – Good. – Good, it’s great to meet ya. Where you guys from? – White Lake. – White Lake so not too far, so awesome. Good, we’re gonna have a good time, see a bunch of cool stuff. Are you ready to go? – Yes. – Let’s do this. (heavy bass pop music) First tour of the day is done and it kinda really made me think how important I think education is, right? It’s like, that’s kinda
what my life has become. It’s like, I want to educate
people here at the Reptarium. Don’t get me wrong, I love breeding snakes and I think that even
selling snakes to people so that they can own a snake
is kind of an education, right? Cause if someone has a snake,
they’re educating their self how awesome they are. Or a reptile of any sort for that matter. But you know, now with the Reptarium, I get to do this every day. Bring people in. So tours and birthday parties, which by the way we have
here later on in the vlog, we have a birthday party. It’s just awesome, you know. I mean we have a great time not only showing off animals that I love and just getting a
chance to share this life but also educating people. And we had some people in this last tour, that were all awesome, but they were very fearful of reptiles. And at the end they really appreciate ’em. They’re like, “I didn’t
realize how awesome Elvis is, “and Bella is and Perdida
is and Sunrise and so on.” So that’s what we do and that’s really what
drives me these days. Believe it or not my career
started way back in the 80’s, breeding Corn Snakes of all things. That’s right and I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know that back then I ever thought about the educational side. I just wanted to work with cool animals, things like these Corn Snakes. I’ve been doing YouTube
for like, 12 years now. Even though the vlog is
only a few years old. I was YouTube-ing before
that on Snake Bites TV. And it’s kinda always been
about education, you know. I mean that’s what it is. We actually term it edutainment, right? Cause we wanna entertain you
and we want to educate you. And in a way, even if I get bit by a snake and you see that I’m not
reacting like you would think, that’s kinda a form of
education in itself, right? So we wanna make it fun but
we also want to teach you guys that these animals are
absolutely incredible. Pretty excited. I’ve got a little package here. My buddy over at Boas and Balls, Mike, actually sent me a present! Ohhh, doggy! That is incredible. This is actually a Motley
Jungle that is het for Albino, I believe, I think it’s
something like that. But wow! That thing is crazy. I’ve always liked the Motley Boas, it’s one of my favorite mutations. This is a little boy that
we’re gonna raise up. Absolutely incredible. You know, speaking of boys. I mean, what is up with seahorses. I mean don’t seahorse males have babies? I mean where do seahorses come from? Think about that animal in the wild. I mean, a seahorse. That’s like out of, like, some
kind of mythological thing. But, regardless, back to the snake, I’m pretty excited about this boa because I love boas. And I have a couple
really cool female Albinos that I think when this guy gets up to size I can actually try to breed ’em. I could produce some like, Jungle Albinos, Jungle Motleys because Jungle
and Motley are both dominate or co-dominate or
incomplete dominate animals, meaning that when you breed ’em, right off the bat you’re gonna get things. So you could get Jungles,
you get Jungle Motleys, you can get Motleys and of course the albino
is recessive regardless, beautiful snake, just look
at that stripe down it. Hoohoo, doggy, that thing is gorgeous. Back to the egg cutting, this is actually an enchi female bred to
a banana enchi pinstripe and as you can see, there’s
already a couple babies out. Some other eggs that pipped out. And you guys know that I
typically only cut eggs a day or two before they’re
actually gonna hatch. So this is right in the
wheelhouse, you know, I don’t wanna cut ’em too early because then it can be a problem. We have just a little
pinstripe ball python out here, nothing special other than that, it doesn’t have any enchi,
doesn’t have any banana in it. And again, we could get
some super enchi pins, we could get some super enchi pin bananas, super enchi bananas. Here’s a little banana enchi
that hatched out as well that’s absolutely beautiful. So we’ll just set kinda
set those guys aside and kinda cut around ’em,
if you know what I mean. So let’s go ahead and
jump into this first egg and see if we can actually
see any of the results. Oh yeah, right off the rip. Unbelievable, hoo! That is really nice, that is actually probably a super enchi
banana right off the rip. And you can tell with that
really reduction of pattern, the way the kind of widow’s peaks happen. Absolutely incredible, that is cool. Now the only other thing we can hit, the all gene, would be
that plus pinstripe. So we’ll see if we get that and it might be a little bit hard to
tell in the egg anyways but you never know. Looks like we have just another
just normal pinstripe here. Which is a little bit
weird but that’s awesome, that’s good, I love baby snakes regardless and it’s always cool to cut babies. Let’s see what we have in
this little monkey right here. Oh yeah, oh wait, wait, whoa. What the heck is that? Okay, I was sitting here
thinking that is super reduced! Hoo, doggy, that thing is incr- That thing is absolutely incredible. This is absolutely a super enchi banana but it is super reduced so I almost wonder if there’s another gene
floating around in there because that is ridiculous. Okay, we are on to a few more eggs here and then we’ll be done
for cutting for the day. Let’s see what we have here. Okay, this is a beautiful animal here. This is a super enchi pinstripe, doesn’t have the banana
so this is just missing the banana and then
you’d have the all gene. But that one is gorgeous. Let’s go ahead and see what we got in this little egg right here. What do we have, what do we have? Okay, another super enchi
banana, so that’s really cool. And the super enchi
banana stuff is amazing ’cause it mixes really
well, it’s really beautiful and, of course, everything you breed to it is gonna be enchi because
that’s what supers do. So that’s really cool. I can see inside this last
egg and it’s not a banana so we are not gonna
hit the all gene today. But looks like we hit just a
normal enchi ball python here. Possibly, nah, I was gonna
say possibly a super enchi but no, that’s just an enchi so that’s it. Some pretty cool results. We didn’t hit the all
gene but we definitely hit some amazing animals and that is your egg cutting for the day. I had this amazing clutch just hatch out. This was actually a
pinstripe that was bred to a cinny cypress. And this is a little
cinny cypress right here. It is one of the nicest
ones I’ve ever seen, really beautiful color and that cypress often times has that dorsal
striping in it, right? So this one is actually
obviously a really good example of a cinny cypress ball python. Hoo doggy, I tell you what, that’s nice. Now this one, ironically enough, might be a low expression cinny cypress. You can see again, that striping. Now really, cinnys can sometimes have that striping too, so once it sheds, I’ll get a better
understanding of the color and pattern and stuff like that. I think it might be a low
expression cinny cypress or really a beautiful
normal cinny, not sure. And then this little
monkey hatched out too, which is hoohoo, doggy,
that thing is incredible. That is a pinstripe cypress ball python. Doesn’t have the cinny in
it, but I tell you what that cypress really has
an amazing expression on the pinstripe. With that solid stripe all
the way down the dorsal so this was some really beautiful animals and great expressions of
the actual cypress gene. I’ve mentioned this before, guys, on September 22nd, we have our one year anniversary party, it’s a Sunday. So from noon eastern standard
time til eight o’clock, we’re gonna be open here at the Reptarium. Normally, we’re only open three to eight but this time it’s gonna be noon to eight. We’re gonna have things outside like food, we’re gonna have beverages,
we’re gonna have face painting and a bunch of other really cool stuff. Maybe some prizes that people could win. So if you’re thinking about
coming to the Reptarium, come celebrate with us for
our one year anniversary September 22nd, noon til eight o’clock. We got a birthday party
in the house again, just one more aspect of educating and I absolutely love
it, I mean it’s so cool. (laughing) And these guys look
like five or six years old. This should be a really fun time. Again, I absolutely love birthday parties. I mean again, it’s just cool
to see the kids so excited. Every animal we brought
out, they were screamin’ and I know they’ll remember
this, they’ll talk about it. And you never know when one of these kids is gonna grow up and be a famous scientist or maybe a politician that’s gonna be influential for the future of the hobby. So these kids here are so important and every kid and every person, really, is important because you
never know what the future is. Maybe one of these kids is gonna save a species one day
and it might have started with the love of animals
in a place like this. So I feel very blessed to be able to have this time and I enjoy every minute of it. And obviously when we’re
open up at the Reptarium, that’s like the best way to
really educate a lot of people because we get tons of people coming in and the crew does an
amazing job of showing them the animals, doing all that so it’s gonna be cool. We’re opening up to the
public here in a minute so what do you say we
get this party started and open up for the Reptarium. As always, having an
absolutely amazing time here at the Reptarium tonight. Great people, hey how are you? – Hi! – (laughing) All right, let’s go back to having a good time. Been an absolutely rockin’ night here, we’re just kinda winding down. Maybe 15 more minutes til close so. Isn’t it crazy, I tell
you, I love the Reptarium. I love these nights,
people just make me happy no matter what because
it’s just so much fun sharing this with everybody. There’s not too many clutches left to cut for this year but it’s been a really amazing year. I hope that you guys
enjoyed the egg cutting and you guys will miss it when it’s done. We still have a handful more to cut, so don’t you worry. If you liked this video,
you can check this egg cutting video out here, an entire playlist of egg cutting. You can subscribe over here, turn the post notifications on. Remember to be kind to someone today and I promise I’m gonna
see you guys tomorrow.

Randy Schultz

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