Baby Sea Turtles: The Hardest Animals to Film? – Ep. 9 | Untamed with Filipe DeAndrade

this is one of the most prehistoric unique badass looking creatures I have ever seen in my life it is a sharp contrast to what we’re actually out here to film that being one of the cutest creatures in the world the baby sea turtles but you know what buddy if this were turtle tender I’d swipe right what is going on wildlife warriors so stoked that you could join us for another untamed adventure we’re heading over to st. Augustine Florida this place is home to some of the coolest creatures in the water Kingdom but the real stars of the show baby sea turtles 90% of loggerhead sea turtle nests reside right here on the east coast of Florida and between May and September of every year thousands of dashing darlings flood our Florida beaches and try and make it into the ocean considering that only 1% will make it into adulthood this is a phenomena that we are incredibly thrilled to capture but you know what in order to see these things we’re gonna have to film in the dark so we’re out here 30 minutes north of st. Augustine Beach and this 10-mile stretch has about six sea turtle nest sites in it all of these nest sites are around 60 day incubation period which is right in that sweet spot where we want to be to film these hatchlings is gonna be amazing who set all this stuff up this is gonna be our home our degrade my enjoyment level right now yeah via negative six all right I didn’t think it was gonna come to this I’m gonna try to summon these Turtles out with this ancient Brazilian tradition shouldn’t be sharing this with you but uh here we go come on out come on Turtles get them out of here no thing we can do about it but wait so yeah we didn’t get the shot in the last ten minutes that we’re out here filming we get crabs sounds like spring break it’s obvious that what we’ve been doing isn’t working so if we want to capture this then we’re gonna have to switch it up finding these sea turtles it’s got a lot more adventurous we’re heading out with Scott Eastman who’s a sea turtle biologist here in the st. Augustine Scott’s gonna dig them up see what the situation is under there see how healthy the site is and if all of our upper was in vain or not so that’s fun to find out 38a Scott counts 38 eggs that have already hatched at this site are those top ones an indication for what the rest of them will look like likely will be probably another 50 or 60 underneath they’re in a similar state I guess that means a few more all-nighters but it’s still exciting to know that it’s a healthy ecosystem and ultimately that makes me feel good so this evaluation shows that there have been sea turtle hatchlings making it into the ocean we just haven’t been in the right spot to film it I guess we’re bracing for another all-nighter they haven’t been successful thus far but all that matters is we have one successful one and we film some hatchlings [Music] [Music] six days doing nest patrol and nothing we have an experience that we haven’t seen it it’s part of wildlife filmmaking you go into it knowing the risk that obviously you may not get it but when you put not only your time and effort but other people’s time effort it’s a really hard pill to swallow yeah it sucks [Music] guy you see him you see is the over by you oh my god okay clues you camera where’s the camera put on here oh my god they’re moving okay so when I when I walk backwards just just follow me so that we don’t step on anything okay we’re coming over the water hi so we’re gonna lose them pretty quickly so just keep the light on him oh my god oh my god oh my god they have it so fast oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god can’t believe that happen do it so

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