Baby Box Turtles Trying New Fruits & Vegetables!

Baby Box Turtles Trying New Fruits & Vegetables!

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Baby Box Turtles Trying New Fruits & Vegetables!

  1. GoHerping says:

    Watch bearded dragons taste and review new foods here!

  2. Katie Kane says:

    We were pet sitting a Russian Tortoise last weekend. He mostly eats organic lettuces but also enjoyed some pepper & strawberries. I also found fresh dandelion greens for him. Easiest pet sitting critter ever! We had a box turtle we rescued from a forest fire for over a year, until his claws & tail healed. He loved peeled grapes. Alas, the call of the wild got his hormones raging & he dug out of his enclosure. We live in Georgia & had an acre with a creek, I hope Smokey made many box turtle babies.

  3. Big T says:

    They’re All adorable

  4. Dreamfoolgirl says:

    Coincidentally I was watching Gamera earlier today and then I open YouTube to this suggestion. How can I say no.

  5. Cheyenne says:

    me: reads title * clicks so damn fast *

  6. MarxzHD says:

    i got an ad with a tortoise crossing the road before the vid started, touche youtube

  7. MarxzHD says:

    Harriot just did what in your mouth? these turtles


    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, love pizza 🍕 🍕 🍕

  9. Lorraine Zepeda says:

    I have red-eared slider that I've rescued when he was the size of a quarter. Four years later he is about 5 inches long. I love the turtle but I can no longer keep him. Can you give me some information in how I can find him a new home? Great video!

  10. Just a peace of cake says:

    Watching this even tho I will just give my turtles, turtle food

  11. looney blue says:

    harriet somehow reminds me of my adorable lil turtle named gray
    i named him that cuz hes grey
    hes an african side neck and hes super chubby and wide

  12. Nyambui says:

    It's never a good day to be a strawberry around my turtle.

  13. Neon Clover says:

    Box turtles are adorable! I always loved them. So cute that it heals my soul.

  14. Taryn Scott says:

    Beets are really hard. Maybe peel and boil them first. That's how we eat it.

  15. firepiplup says:

    My cat used to eat corn on the cob

  16. Kandi Hinshaw says:

    Warning about feeding your animals Beats if they eat too much of the beats your animal will have pink colored urine or red colored urine which may look like a bladder infection or a UTI infection because of the natural dye and coloration that is in the beat itself can turn pee different colors mostly pink in red

  17. Kandi Hinshaw says:

    Weird question can turtles eat cheese

  18. maria.elena says:

    these videos inspire me to eat healthy

  19. valarie petter says:

    I want like 300 more of these videos please

  20. Thomas Oorbeck says:

    That's so cool

  21. Yael Molina says:

    Have they tried cereal?

  22. Let's Read Textbook says:

    sees intro Damnit just let the tiny guy eat his strawberries 😂

  23. Aussie Roadkill says:

    box turtles sorta have foreskins for their face…

  24. Motion Parasite says:

    I had a a eastern box turtle that never ate anything but worms that would move

  25. Cohen Haley says:

    Can you have a few more videos with opal or rosy please thank you

  26. Ben Greep says:

    My beardy always goes for the orange keycaps on my keyboard lol

  27. Glare-Gryphon says:

    I love that Harriet doesn’t even hesitate. If it’s put in front of her, she just goes for it.

  28. Riley says:

    I've recently inherited a box turtle from a family member who passed away, I'll try all these out and see what he likes! He's an old man– almost 30– so I think he'll like the soft and sweet strawberries best 🙂

  29. MrRed8top says:

    lol omg when you say ‘in the wild they’re not all mushed up’ I suddenly knew exactly what you’re gonna sound like as an old person – very fun vid

  30. L G says:

    That TINY BABY TURTLE hath killed me.

  31. Sheba Alexander says:

    Bro I need an adult female

  32. Purnima Gurung says:

    Harriet is a hungry beast. I can relate

  33. Kaitlyn Holdeen says:

    Thank you for your advice on eastern box turtle 🐢 because I plain on haveing Eastern box turtle as a new pet

  34. Sin Weißfell says:

    I came here expecting baby boxes but all I see are turles

  35. Charlie Paredes says:

    Do a bearded dragon enclosure!

  36. Haven Valentine says:

    Hello! Looking for some suggestions from all of you (if you see this).
    I currently have a 10 gallon tropical tank with eco earth. It used to hold a pacman frog who sadly passed away recently. (Don’t worry, I cleaned the whole thing thoroughly) I’m looking for suggestions as to what other amphibians/reptiles would be suitable.
    I’m willing to change things such as:
    •layout (hides, dishes etc)

    If the animal is only suitable for the 10 gallon as a baby and will need a bigger upgrade later, I’m willing to do so! Please let me know what you think is suitable for this tank, thank you 💓

  37. Tenzin_ Palmo playzz says:

    0:55 no u shouldn’t be holding the turtle like that it rlly hurts to the turtles

  38. lesnyk255 says:

    Before it became illegal, we used to play host to wood turtles my dad had rescued from the road. We'd let them roam free on a screened-in porch for a few weeks before releasing them back into the wild. Each one seemed to have its own food preferences. One loved strawberries & blueberries; another would only touch banana; still another loved raw hamburger. They were also excellent climbers – they'd dig their claws into the screen mesh and end up six feet off the floor, where either my mom or dad would have to retrieve them. They acclimated quickly to being handled, and were very tolerant of being carried around. They'd pull in their legs & tails, but kept their necks extended – one could almost imagine them enjoying the view.

  39. Rosa LoVecchio says:

    The box turtles in my yard eat wild raspberries

  40. • l x m o n • says:

    Harriet: nom nom nam

  41. artcrazed says:

    I didn’t know you were in NC! Me too!

  42. Aiden Ballard says:

    Hey bit random but my beardie as gold looking ring around one eye idk what it could be

  43. Brooks Shelley says:

    This is off topic, but I haven't added any plants or tall things to climb on into my new baby corn snakes tank…..should I add any plants or things to climb on???

  44. Rachel G says:

    My friend's Dad had a small garden, and a box turtle problem. Lol He kept telling his wife it was the same turtle, even though he'd drive it a mile away every time he'd catch it looting his tomatoes. The problem was the turtle would eat the bottoms of all the tomatoes it could reach, not just eat one tomato. So he put one small dot of paint on it's shell, drove it a mile away and some time later…. sure enough he came back! Same turtle. Lol Mike put a barrier around the tomatoes, but always set ONE out for the turtle.

  45. Sydnie Mytty says:

    Middle essence

  46. big brain says:

    Can i keep a bearded dragon on oats?

  47. HoshinJosh says:

    Those beet roots are from pewd’s beet root farm that’s why they are cursed

  48. gemma says:

    where my mushroom hating squad at

  49. Kennedy Rose says:

    This is the kind of wholesome quality content I like to see on youtube

  50. wolfheartspirit97 says:

    Is it just me or was she indifferent about the carrot. She kept looking at him like what is this?

  51. Briana Decembert says:

    This is cute 😀

  52. sam spk says:

    I’m finding so much comfort watching these types of videos, my 7yr old yellow bellied slider passed away a few day and I’m so upset, miss you marmalade! 💖

  53. Александра says:

    What wrong with her shell?

  54. Helsic en China says:

    They are so cute!!!!

  55. Baggēd Fløwer says:

    They look like my full grow box turtles

  56. Lillian kline says:

    I hate mushrooms until I try green bean casserole

  57. Sabina Alexis says:

    YES please I need box turtle care vids I struggle with knowing if my boy is healthy or not😭 Actually I know he’s not but he’s so picky idk what to do

  58. Sabina Alexis says:

    Literally can you adopt my box turtle I’m not giving him proper care 🙁

  59. birdwithabrokenwing says:

    Come on, we all enjoyed the cuteness of watching baby turtles eating 😍 I was definitely making the “awwww so cute” face by the end 😊

  60. Murth says:

    This is a fantastic video! thank you!

  61. Jack the Herper says:

    Hey go herping what size tank should a full grown male ball python need

  62. Stephanie Echard says:

    In all seriousness, I love this. And against myself , All I can see is "Etrayue..avoid the nothing"

  63. 白书理Sauni says:

    I freaking love turtles😭🥺

  64. Tori Spera says:

    These turtles have so much personality to where it was almost like watching reality TV. Lol

  65. Bashy bean says:

    Green pepper, comes in many colors.

    👁👄👁 wut

  66. Ever Dariz says:

    Corn and peppers are no feeds. Peppers have a low calcium to phosphorus ratio and can contribute to kidney stones and mbd. Corn binds calcium and can cause problems long term. The other foods are perfectly fine though.

  67. paola martinez says:

    jenna marbles entered the chat

  68. Nia Nia says:

    At the beginning, Harriet went quick to the strawberries. Like very quick, I thought turtles were slow

  69. Pibly says:

    Can your turtle actually taste flavors ?

  70. Milky The Hamster says:

    2:51 “green peppers come in multiple colours” HmMmMmMm

  71. Nicholas Casteel says:

    Hey GoHerping or anyone who knows i just recently got a ball python and he just ate his first mouse which was not live but he swallowed a little of the substrate which was wood chips and im worried, should i be?

  72. Nowayitsmycookie says:

    This is so precious and wholesome omfg I love turtles and tortoises

  73. dondena21 says:

    So cute watching that one eat all the new foods.

  74. Andrew Schwab says:

    Corn isn’t recommend aswell as peppers.

  75. Antonia Stoynova says:

    My red eared slider, Jeorgie, ate everything. Fish, turtle food, veegetables, fruit… We'd sometimes hand a lettuce leaf over the water and he'd bite pieces off it until he can't reach anymore.

  76. Spam D says:

    he look like the boy version of sofie dossi 😮 .

  77. Canuck Gerbil says:

    I really love this video, fun, informative, and we get to see some great animals.

  78. Saede Kyrielis says:

    Informative and cute. How it should be.

  79. Axolotls-are-awesome -Toothless says:

    I love these videos so much!! Alex should do more with other blizzard or turtles

  80. LINDSAY CLOROX says:

    I also live in North Carolina and one time my family and I were driving in the night and I saw a we drove over a small black thing and I immediately thought it looked like a turtle, I told my mom to stop the car and when I saw it was a very clean polished small box turtle. It looked like it was abandoned considering it was in the parking lot of a shopping mall center. We got it and put it in a pond foresty place and I hope it has an epic life.

  81. Rosalie Bloodmoon says:

    Do you plan to become a zoologist in the future? I just recently discovered you so sorry if this is a stupid question. But I work at an emergency veterinarian hospital and in my opinion I think you would be great as a doctor.

  82. DijoLola says:

    Human! give the strawberry! lol

  83. no no says:

    So is no one gonna talk how goherping is subscribed to Amberlyn reid

  84. markus dahle says:

    Not giving real blueberries…

  85. Sonya Breithaupt says:

    Absolutely love this video and I loved the bearded dragon video too!

  86. Pyrodragon3993 says:

    I have… no idea how I got here… but I do like turtles, so I guess I'll stick around.

  87. CJ says:

    I like these turtles 🐢

  88. Olive J says:

    That is such a well made intro sequence.

  89. Jumpingspider Boi says:

    Harriet it is just like gimme da strawbewwy

  90. Beager ARSENAL says:

    yo do you have some straws

  91. Zachary Wood says:

    “Personal box turtle” 👀

  92. pieterjan29 says:

    I heard that turtels love pizza.

  93. Simone Schultz says:

    I had a box turtle and a red eared slider when I was a kid. If I had a big enough pond I’d love to have turtles. My favorite place to visit turtles is Balboa park San Diego same area as the famous zoo but they have extensive water featured with water lily and many turtles!

  94. Leong Li Yang says:

    when i craving for strawberry ice cream and mom control

  95. Alfie Ingrouille says:

    i hate mushrooms too but i love rasberrys

  96. Mira55X - Planet Nalzena says:

    I loved the sheer determination Harriet showed when trying to get to the strawberries whilst you were holding on to her XD that was adorable!

  97. lowell proctor says:

    Mushrooms are a super food, you're missing out.

  98. Grace Wyche says:

    They also love boiled eggs!!!

  99. Levi Waite says:

    I have a turtle but i have no idea how often or how much i should be feeding him

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