Asteroid that killed dinosaurs hit Earth with force of 10 billion A-bombs, researchers say | ABC7

Asteroid that killed dinosaurs hit Earth with force of 10 billion A-bombs, researchers say | ABC7

[Music] hi there you’re watching I witnessed this and scientists say that they have found rocks from the most pivotal moment in our Earth’s history yeah listen to this they say the finding is the most detailed look yet into the aftermath of the asteroid strike that ended the age of the dinosaurs scientists say the asteroid smashed into the earth 66 million years ago with the force of ten billion atomic bombs causing wildfires tsunamis and blasted so much sulfur into the atmosphere that it blacked out the Sun the discovery of the rocks has made offshore of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico the study found hard evidence of the asteroid impact in the hundreds of feet of rocks that filled the crater within the first 24 hours after the strike you may have also noticed some new billboards in and around La with a shortened version of the word gentrified take a look here the AIDS Healthcare Foundation is behind the billboards and says luxury housing developments are eliminating existing low-income housing laws mandate that there be a number of affordable housing units built in each new project but the foundation claims developers are finding loopholes around that le Mayor Eric Garcetti says he does expect 1,300 new affordable housing units in LA by the end of the year and if you don’t know what a palindrome is here’s the perfect time to learn yes this is why take a look at the dates for the next few days because they read the same for word as they do backward yeah so today’s date is 9 10 19 if you see it forward it’s 9 1 0 1 9 and backwards yep it’s the same 9 101 9 the palindrome dates will continue all the way through the 19th of this month that’s it for today’s I witness this have a great day everybody hello I’m Marc Brown click the abc7 logo to subscribe to our eyewitness news YouTube channel

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4 thoughts on “Asteroid that killed dinosaurs hit Earth with force of 10 billion A-bombs, researchers say | ABC7

  1. Jason Blake says:

    And the earth survived that,,,the left wants u to think that cow farts are going to put a end to the planet,,lol

  2. Edward Gore says:

    This goes to show you the utter stupidity of man: "Asteroid equivalent to10 billion atom bombs killed dinasoars." How so laughable😂😹😂😹😂

  3. N Email says:

    Don't doubt The Vatican killed the Dinosaurs because they kill and rape everything else and blame it on everyone else.

  4. Thefaceoftheword crook and flail says:

    What demented caveman would want to provoke not even one grain count the creators power you have to be the dumbest thing that ever existed. Image of like 30 of them hit Earth mangar and his ego issues smh your most “powerful” people will be instantly incinerated to non existence what cavemonic creature would actually provoke on itself such a disaster that’s not what God wants he loves his animals his planet there’s a lot of children on this planet that’s manages retarded ways

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