Ask The Host Show! With Special Guest!

And welcome everybody
brother Dan Goodwin here your host on this edition
of prophecy in the news as you know this is our ask
the host show that many of you have been waiting for
several weeks all many of you have sent
your questions in and finally that day is
here I have in the studio a special guest and nobody
out there knows who it is and we have
kept it a secret and we’re going to reveal
him right now he’s going to help me host the
program today I don’t think he knows much about
hosting a program but we’re going to
see how he does and so we have in the
studio with us today Dr Kevin Clarkson now you
know and then Man oh man you know how long I’ve
been waiting to get on this side of the fence and
be the host and you be the you be the victim over the
Ok Well I’m here for a lot of joy of course one of my
dear friends yeah we met on the set and we met
right here 2014 or 15 something where you hosted
processing news for how many years a little over
4 years and you did a fabulous job I had some
all that love coming here we had some real good time
we used to sit at that table out there yeah and
I’d come in with you know we talk about we discuss
what we’re going to talk about on the show have
silly and I used to joke about you so I wish we
could record what we talked about out there and
use that because off the top of our best stuff yeah
usually it was stuff we weren’t going to talk
about on here but we I wish we could have
recorded the roundtable it’s a round table out
there and well thank you for coming on and it’s a
pleasure you know all the people always ask and
Where’s Dr Clarkson What happened Dr Clarkson Well
he’s right here we’re here and you still live in the
area you’re still in the black if still preaching. Doing some business with
my son to help and him kind of get started
launched in life and discuss a lot of things
going on we just welcomed our 7th grandchild last
month so yeah God’s good will you are a friend of
Prussia news and Chris I know Linda church back
there in the church the family behind the
ministries here. You are a friend of this
ministry and you always will be your friend of
mine it’s good to be back I’m tickled to death
to have you here and we’re going to have
our ask the host program and we’re going to let you
help us answer some of these questions or I will
do our best so under the law right as we get
started we’re offering a couple of books that I
wrote back when I was a young whips Now I wish
they could see the picture on the back I wrote this
in 2003 it’s called answers to life’s biggest
questions I thought this kind of goes hand in hand
with the program today because it’s called
answers to life’s biggest questions and a lot of
folks have questions about some things we’re offering
that we’ll put that up on the screen for you and also this is a
question that came in this week is this question
about biblical forgiveness am I supposed to figure if
everybody that wrongs me I wrote a little booklet
it’s only like 30 pages 35 pages life changing this
book right here so we’re going to offer those I
want to get that out there now because our will get
talking and I’ll forget so Rex will put that up on
the screen for everybody to see and we’re going to
talk about some of the questions that are
in those books and but dark Let’s get started
here if you’re ready I’m going to let you answer
some of the Ok I’ll answer some we’re going to get
better at back and forth I want to give you the hard
ones though Ok that sounds like you and we’re going
to start on the very 1st question that came when I
when I announced the show. Was this one
right here and. It’s this rather than here
let’s see this is from Barb I won’t give the last
name but Barb I think from Florida but moving to
Georgia and that’s how she wrote it here she’s a good
friend of the Ministry here and Barb says Brother good
when I have a question we all know our families
will we know our families when we get to Heaven
she asked will I know my parents will I know
my miscarried child. Now it just so happens
that in my answers to life’s biggest questions
book that’s one of the questions that I put all
right because as a pastor I pastor 3 times I didn’t
learn my lesson but I passed it through
different churches a while back and one of the questions
that I got asked more than anything was Will pastor
will we know our loved ones when we get to heaven
and I wrote just a few things here
I’ll share and. Number one we will not be
dumber in heaven than we are here on Earth that’s
good to know isn’t it yeah I mean if we know our
loved ones here who wouldn’t we know them
there of course we will yes we’ll know
our loved ones but the Bible says and 1st
Prince 1312 for now we see through a glass darkly but
then in other words when we get to heaven face to
face now I know in part but then shall I know even
as also I am no name in Biblical proof right there
will know each other and have will know even as we
are known a king David expected to see
his son in heaven and so you know he said I
shall not go he shall not come to me but I shall go
to him now if David is concerned about seeing his
son one day obviously he’s going to know his son and I think I think
they’ll be full grown think will be of
mature age in heaven. So he Alija Moses knew
each other on the mountains figuration they
were born hundreds of years apart they knew each
other by the way Peter James and John had never
met them had never seen a photograph of them yet
they knew who they were and that interesting
that’s the 1st place I turn to I mean I when when
that question came from Barb I came to Matthew
17 open my By Ok of the Transfiguration Jesus is
in such glory a glorified state in assume that Moses
and Elijah are as well and they seem to intuitively
recognize right keep in. Peter James and John did
not grow up as little boys in a Jewish synagogue with
pictures on the wall in Sunday school that looked
just like Moses and Elijah Yeah they really did never
use me and I mean had a certain character common
likeness they would have been bearded probably were
in flowing robes I mean it could have been hundreds
of candidates but they instinctively recognized
or Intuitively I would say recognize a man they had
never met face to face they knew and beyond just Barber our
families I think we’re going to be saved a whole
lot a little name tags and introductions in
heaven I think the Lord is going to impart to us an
intuition of who everybody is now she mentioned a
miscarriage you want to comment on that well we do
believe that life begins at conception and for all
those who have you know had their their life in
their womb ended by some kind of miscarriage or
tragedy we know that those little ones are safe in
Jesus and I know my wife has had more than one
miscarriages over the years and I think almost
almost every woman these days has at least one
miscarriage in their life and I like to say then
that if if a child and even that kind of
a pre-born infant but even a child this side
of birth if they’re not old enough to know
right from wrong and they’re not old enough
to really understand these things what we call the
age of accountability in the Bible recognize Jesus
in age 12 going for the bar mitzvah right son of
the law but then there’s in my heart this this is
in scripture this idea that they’re not saved in
the sense of understanding it but they’re safe in
Jesus right and so all those children and all
those pre-born who have gone on. Have been I believe
gathered to the Lord because it says that our
mighty God in Isaiah 40 not only is leading the
flock of sheep that he carries that little lamb
right next to his sorry 100 percent I think at the
rapture all the pre-teen anyone beyond below the
age of knowledge is so to speak I think they’re
going to rapture little babies an infant in the
womb would be taken. I believe like you do and
David seem to understand that David said he did my
son will come to me he’s gone but I’m going to see him
again I’m going to him David seems to give credit
credence to what you just said that he had those babies or
those little ones when they die they go to
be with the Lord because they’re beyond God’s a God
of justice and I mean you wouldn’t send somebody
that’s never had a chance to you know receive Christ
there be what we call you know beyond you know they
haven’t reached the age of knowledge as right call
it so I hope that helps Barbara it’s a great
comfort yes it is and I know you pastored you’re
going to pastor for years you’ve done many funerals
you get the same question and of course
I’ve got $100. 00 times I have a son in
heaven that was you know a 25 year old when he was
taken so believe me I look forward to going to him
when the time is right all right well here’s a here’s
the next question This one’s from Sally I don’t
know where Sally’s from but Sally asked this she
says I have a question about the dinosaurs do
you have them living with people in the pre-flood
air or how does that compare to the gap there
or somebody else apt asked about the gaps or maybe
maybe we’ll hit that in a few minutes but what about
the dinosaurs What’s your what’s your take on
my understanding. My understanding and I
wish I had the exact verse but in Genesis one where
the Lord creates it says Let man have dominion over
the fish the sea and over the fat of the air and
over all the earth so this is done at the end of
creation and all of the animals have been
there always 1st $21. 00 Genesis $121. 00 God created
great whales and actually the Hebrew
term there is the one that is used to describe the
lizards the great lizards believe it or not and I
believe it’s a reference to these 9 a source
and they were present. In the garden when Adam
and Eve were there and of course they were not
carnivorous at that point because the curse had not
been pronounced but we also in this world have
a place like Glenrothes Texas and there are others
on this planet where you have human footprints
embedded in the very same strata as dinosaur print
right so you have some evidence there in the
geological record and the Biblical record
you believe the dinosaurs live the same
time span as man and the only way to get
away from that is the 2nd part of the question the
gap theory right and we’ll deal with that in a minute
we’ll skip that for now let’s see on the dinosaurs
a minute because I I think that you know they would
have even been preserved on the flood as as little
babies the baby reptiles but obviously if you
accept kind of what we’ve been told by science about
how the atmosphere would have changed after a global flood because it’s
not just water coming down it’s water coming up
and it’s like a total destruction of the canopy
over then the ultraviolet radiation it seems that
God brought them through the flood the dinosaurs
and yet on the other side of the flood just as
man diminished in a the dinosaurs kind
of went extinct. And it seems like in job
there chapter maybe 39 or 40 where he’s talking
about Leviathan about the great creature and then
talks about and that would have been like
a brontosaurus. Or something that stands
in the water in the Marchioness So humans back
then or reptiles they tell me keep growing until
they die right back then creatures live a lot
longer than they do now they would have got huge
right magine an alligator be a dinosaur on them and then there’s this
ferocious one that almost sounds like a dragon it
says even the fire come right out but it’s covered with
scales and know me and containment and god it’s
almost seen telling Joe give it a try if you dare and the point is Joe was
not what he talking about I’ve never seen these
animals Evidently he even though he was a
contemporary probably of Abraham It’s not that long
after the flood right fact I know it was just
a few lines up from from Abraham Ok good all
right as you know because you watched it I did a
Hugo a few weeks back that was a little controversial
should have been but it was we did one called The
Truth About the sons of God right now because of
that I think some of these questions we’re going to
get next to came as a result of that people
watch the program maybe they’ve maybe they
misunderstood or maybe they’re just confused. But I want to throw most
of these out to you because I did the program
and I gave my view I’d like for the audience to
hear your answer on some of these so these are
questions that came in just a few days ago
for the program. The sons of God in Genesis
6 are they men or are they fallen angels that’s one
question that we got and that’s how the questions
phrased right yes yeah and we take that and I thought
you gave some good answers in your dealing with that
you know in Genesis you talked about the context. And Chapter 6 as it’s
beginning is setting us up for the flood and why
God’s going to bring judgment and it describes in the
context again sons of god daughters of men but also the broader
context even goes back to Chapters 4 and 5 where
he’s contrast ing this line of Cain and line of
Seth and he gives all these genealogy good
points and all that him and yeah it’s just a
little before there but he’s bringing up all these
the godly seed and the and the the ungodly and you know I understand
I understand the position of those that want this to
be a mutant offspring of demons and humans but as you
pointed out again and Jesus said the angels
aren’t really created with reproductive organs they
don’t really copulate and. It’s a real stretch to go
there and then you begin strongly with everything
born after it’s kind. Now you know the answers
that would be given to what I just said there
are those that say well cyclist deliberately
trying to pervert but at the time and create Satan
cannot create all we can do is counterfeit right. You know what they’re
asking us to believe is that an angel in heaven
and they’ll admit in heaven they can they
don’t create they don’t procreate they don’t have
children because Jesus said you’ll be as the
angels in heaven you don’t marry her given in
marriage everybody seems to agree on that part but
what they’re saying is when they fall from heaven
suddenly we’re being asked to believe that now they
can not only procreate but not even with each
other to procreate outside the line of after his
coming because angels are not our kind they’re
spiritual beings right and that if an Angel died an
angel isn’t going to die and I want to make that
clear and there’s no death outside of our universe
Angelus don’t die and you don’t see their skeleton
laying on the ground like like we heard about
a few years back but I thought they’d found
a demon a skeleton or some something I mean
I don’t know. That’s all going to happen
there are spiritual beings they are spiritual and
we’re being asked to believe that when they
fell from heaven now not only not only can they
procreate but they can procreate outside of their
lineage or their wrists their species or their
kind it’s gone and I think that’s a stretch and I get
asked all the time well brother guru How do you
answer how does a giant come out of the line of a
man and a woman I don’t know and I tell him you’re
asking the wrong question what you ought to be
asking is How can an angel that has no he’s not he he
may be masculine but he’s not he’s not he’s not. He doesn’t procreate
there’s neither male nor female and he enjoys we’re
being asked to believe that that suddenly when he
falls from heaven now he can create life not only
create other angel but he he can create a half human
and a half something else we’re being asked to
believe that that’s the question that ought to be
at How is how cowers that possible I can answer the
how how how the limits of Seth in the lineage of. You know I’ll side of
South the saved and then say I can see giants but
the problem is the Giants were there before this
union and I pointed out in the video the Bible says
here in verse 4 there were giants in the earth in
those days you know that much things Jenna’s rights
for and all and all here that after that and I made
a big deal about after what is after me after you
were already there before this right Union and one thing I would just
like to point out because we wrestle not against
flesh and blood but against you know
spiritual forces you know some are trying to and
could even read what we’re saying is dividing this
into like it’s either a supernatural answer
where you have a mutant offspring of demons and
people or it’s a purely natural humans lost and
saved I’d like to mix a little bit of supernatural
in it still being humans intermarrying in the fact
that I think that you had a man here named La mc
that was full of evil 7 times more so than Cain he
boasted you see a power of violence and wickedness
multiplying on earth I think that at this point
demon possession was happening. And I know some Bible
scholars would argue that this is the monstrous
offspring daemonic demon possessed let me say demon
possessed parents they’re still human it’s the
human sexual organs but those are demon
possessed people that have totally revolted against
Jehovah God that are intermarrying with the
line of sath and their offspring there’s at least
an element supernaturally there through
the possession. All right now the
question here. It goes right along with
that I was asked Can angels have children can
they reproduce gene from Wisconsin asked that can they can do you see
anywhere in the Bible were an angel can and we don’t
have children I think as you worded it we don’t see
annual babies in where we have those big family
Bibles with pictures of little neck and babies
with wings that we call cherubs But the Bible
doesn’t refer to angels having babies I think
those are human demon babies as well thought
they might be we’ve all had some kids around that
we wanted to do to throw in the corner somewhere
because they crying or something. So I don’t see that and I
don’t see angels reproduce and I don’t understand the
philosophy of saying why didn’t these are fallen
angels something different so you said it earlier
Satan cannot create is the great counterfeiter
exactly and in the tribulation I believe the
anti-Christ is going to be wounded and some
please he dies and he can be brought back
to life now Satan cannot bring somebody back to
life I believe that’s a big a big scam right a
big hoax because he’s a counterfeiter kind of a
hoax I believe of the resurrection of Christ
he’s got a phone he’s got to imitate Christ Christ
rose from the dead and then a crisis going
to rise from the dead but I don’t believe he’s
really dead I believe it’s a big hole spin as I
believe I don’t not believe Satan can create
life did you have some you want to add to that well
you’re in the line there really toward that point
of the anti-Christ and no I was thinking of the main
scripture in Matthew 22 where Jesus was asked a
hypothetical question about a woman with 7
husbands and right who’s wife would she be and the
question that occurs to me is what kind of
cook was she of. Jesus as you I think
pointed out in your explanation his 1st
statement and I say this to all liberalism all all
wrong doctrine whether it’s even conservatively
going off the deep into or whether it’s liberal I
love his reply you care you’re deceived that’s
what that word means right how we deceive not knowing
the Scriptures or the power of God. Right those are the 2
things that liberal theology doesn’t really
know well the scriptures in the power of God
because they deny miracles many and many liberal and
I’m going the opposite direction nestling here
but the point is there’s all kinds of deception
and it says in the resurrection they neither
marry nor are given in marriage but her eyes
the angels of God and we that’s a person ask
from our Saviour’s lips and he says same one in
John 3 who told naked Amos believe what I tell you
because I came down from above and declare to you
what he is up there so he knows what he’s speaking
of Ok All right we’ve got another tough I’m going to
give you a question and I’m going to share with
the audience about off Ok you can be thinking on
this this kind of goes right along the line there
why did God know this is Genesis 6 again why were
the angels not mentioned and I think this is Jim in
Ohio why were the angels not mentioned when God rebuked what
happened in Genesis 6 you’d be thinking on that
all right while I tell the audience about the offer
they We’ve got 2 books we want to offer you that
kind of go hand in hand with this this ask the
host thing I’ve got a book called answers to life’s
biggest questions let me just read just some of the
topics in here is there are God and can I know
him can a person be 100 percent sure of going to
heaven when does life begin and I think we
talked about that a little bit. Is there really a hell
with literal fire why do bad things sometimes
happen to good people. Let’s see I don’t like
this one but homosexuality gay or nay. I don’t like that one but
it’s important it’s in there is there
really a devil. What a loving god send a
person to hell these are questions that I had when
I was a teenager are we living in the last days
will we know each other in heaven we talked about
that what about capital punishment so those are
just some of the chapters that are in there and we’ve got the biblical
forgiveness book that explains real biblical
forgiveness I don’t know if we’ll get to that in
the show but there’s a question about that and
I’m not sure we’ll get there so how about a doc
Genesis 6 I think it says look at it’s in verse
5 God saw that the wickedness of man by the
way the context of the whole chapter is man isn’t
it it’s very clear came to pass in verse one when
men began to multiply you mention chapter 4 and
5 the context that the different lineages of
nothing about angels hear nothing about them
at this point and and then the sons of God
saw the daughters of man I personally believe the
sons of God or redeemed man but you get to chapter 6
verse 5 God saw that the wickedness of man was
great this is after the union of the sons of God
The dogs of man in the earth and Jim is asking
why the angels not mentioned here are they
now if they’re involved in this how come they were
let off the hook well that’s to the point of
what we’re saying if if it were not mutant offspring
angels were not involved that’s why they’re not
mention Ok So isn’t that some evidence here that
this is not angels at all would not go on Him
mentioned Satan or the angels in Genesis 3 he did
Satan was in her 1st along with the course the woman
and the man the earth was cursed Satan was cursed
because he had a part in that. If the Devils have a part
in this as far as being physically involved how I
don’t know how physical and spiritual can be
involved in a union like that I’ll let somebody
else figure that out. So it seems to me this is
evidence that these are not angels at all and it seems that you know
that some would cite 2nd Peter and Jude about the
angels that get not their 1st estate right but
a house in chains an everlasting darkness
they’re trying to tie it to this episode I say
that’s when their judgement came but I think that refers to
the end riginal fall of the angel as you do Satan
himself false 1st and leads a 3rd of them astray
and God dealt with them and that happened outside
of time right and another dimension just like Satan
Satan fell from heaven that’s one of our
questions here but when did Satan fall from
heaven right there is no when he fell
outside of time and Satan is not part of
the creation story in Genesis one in the 6 days
of creation you won’t find angels there because
they were not created when it says in the
beginning he’s talking about the beginning of our
universe separated by time and space here in the
beginning does not include eternity right in heaven
and the angels and all there was no beginning
right in there only the ending out there but in
the beginning of what in the beginning of our
universe in our head I mean based the
7000 year period. I believe that’s what he’s
talking about the clock is running Doc I want to
write with one or 2 more here Ok where we go. John in Florida wants to
know what the Bible says about the gap theory in
2020 seconds can you hit that 20 seconds there’s a
gap in my knowledge about the Gap Theory Well of
course the Gap Theory is a is a position of those
who believe in an ancient Earth and Universe and
they would say that between Genesis $11. 12 that there
is a great gap and define time that
elapses and say it’s been just. And thrown down to earth
and then God rec’d forms or refashioned just
renovates the earth in chapter one to rest of it
that gap theory holds to that and it seeks to try
to reconcile evidence for an ancient universe which
is trying to time the bible evolution together
with creation I believe there’s a ton of good
evidence for a young earth I mean the deposits of
minerals and now I’m a young earth guy the dust
on the Moon Yeah there’s just I lot of evidence for
the earth being less than 10000 and the minutes we
have we can’t go into great detail
right that but. Let me ask you this
the gap theory. Does it not go hand in
hand with the sons of God in Genesis 6 the people
who believe those are fallen angels It seems to
go hand in hand with the gap theory yeah it would
conveniently work together with that and I don’t
believe in either so absent. And I’m not mad at folks
that don’t do it we’ve had some emails have been
pretty yeah pretty rough I want to say nasty but I
mean pretty raw I mean sincere Christians have
some differing views arms and I had a good preacher
friends that disagree with me all my my stand on is
you know we don’t fight back we laugh about we
have fun with it I’ll tell you hey I think I saw all
of the fallen angels over there and you know we’ve
caught up with the right half right but I’ll tell
you some of the folks a row row e-mails in I mean
they were they were there were people I’ve been
watching for 10 years I’m you know just upset and listen if you know
what you believe there’s no reason to be upset if
you if you’re settled on the fallen angels don’t let me upset you I
can object if you know what you believe in why
you believe me I shouldn’t be allowed I shouldn’t be
able to push anybody right but Doc it’s been fun but
yeah I’m We all do we got most of them but there’s a
few We didn’t get to but we got to most of it
thanks for coming on thanks for being a part of
our show today and we’re going to we’re going to
have to be we’re going to we’re going to have you
again and again in the future to be with you Well
God bless you all keep your eyes on the
sky keep looking up.

Randy Schultz

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