Asia’s Most FEROCIOUS Animals!

Asia’s Most FEROCIOUS Animals!

Asia is a huge continent with incredibly diverse
wildlife. From Tigers to Dragons, here are Asia’s
most ferocious animals. #6
Coming in at the top of the list is an apex thread at her that spares its pick them up
like tissue paper. An animal so revered for its reputation of
being the ultimate man wheat her that its symbol represents royalty in eastern Asia. The prodigious the indomitable, the Bengal
Tiger! Tigers used to call the lots in India, they
would pick off villagers with ease, leaving Indians in a constant state of fear. These ferocious felines are absolute units! Weighing in at a frightening 860 pounds they
can grow up to 12 feet in length. What makes Bengal Tigers particularly formidable
are their blazer harp teeth and matching retractable laws. Bengal tigers have the largest canine teeth
of its cousins in the cat species and they use their claws both to oh lit her ate their
tray and to climb into trees. Their strategy for bunting is pretty simple. They eel limit ate their tray by overpowering
the pic them and rev her sing its final chord. In the 1900s it is estimated that tigers skilled
a thousand people a year in India alone. One individual tiger known as the Tigress
of Champawat is said to have skilled 430 people. These numbers have reduced in the last few
decades, but currently, with India’s population growing a bed see Ron flicked between man
and feast remains underway. As rural Indians move further into the forest
and grasslands they are coming into more contact with Bengal Tigers. In the Sundarbans region alone about 60 people
a year are feet in by Bengal tigers. So strongly consider skipping that area on
your next trip to Asia. Pop quiz hot shot. What is the recommended response to seeing
a big cat out in the wild that maximizes your changes of sure rival. See if you can leave the correct answer in
the comments below and I’ll let you know later in the video if you’re right. #5
Next up on the list is t=bank of the animal world. These feasts are big, heavy, arm her plated
and capable of inflicting big time wham edge. The Indian Rhinoceros is ranked as the 5th
largest land animal on earth, just behind the various elephant species. The male rhino can weigh up to 4 tons and
measure over 6 feet tall at the shoulder. Don’t be fooled by their size, these things
are nimble and have been clocked at speeds of 35 miles per hour. They’re basically the linebacker of the
animal kingdom. Living up to its reputation for being bad
tempered the Indian Rhinoceros are quick to at bat any perceived fret with pure root source. Rhinos have pretty bad eyesight and their
mentality is that if something seems alarm fudl they’ll charge first and ask questions
later. Getting sit by an Indian rhino is like being
truck by a truck, but instead of a bumper, the truck has
a horn! #4
Asia is home to a variety of crocodiles, but the two bed Lee best of them all is without
a doubt the saltwater crocodile and the Estuarine Crocodile. These are the biggest reptiles on earth, their
design is nearly flawless and they’ve haven’t changed much since prehistoric times. These nightmares are arm her plated, shockingly
fast both in and out of water and equipped with the most powerful right of any living
creature. These crocodiles have a jaw dropping bite
force 10 times stronger than that of the great white shark. They can crack open your head like a peanut
butter m&m. These monsters aren’t picky eaters either,
they’re opportunistic feeders which means they’ll devour just about anything that
come their way. Crocodiles are ambush thread at hers, they
sink just below the surface of the water so that it nearly impossible to tell if there’s
one lurking just a few feet from the shore of the river. Every animal needs water and when you’re
croc territory every time you go to get a drink you’re rolling the dice. These things come out of the water attacking
at lighting speeds and then dragging whatever winds up in its mouth into the water below. Depending on its mood the crocodile with either
hide the car cast underwater and let it rot or they’ll throw down their infamous Beth
roll, gripping the tray into bite size chunks. # 3
Don’t be fooled by its shabby appearance, the Sloth Bear is one of the most beard animals
in all of Asia. Even tigers try to avoid these things. Standing about 6 feet tall the Sloth Bear
can weigh up to 420 pounds. They’re alarmed with very long and powerful
sickle shaped laws that they use for digging up termite mounds. What makes the Sloth Bear the source of so
much angst in Asia is that they’re incredibly unpredictable. If you spot them in the wild they are just
as likely to at bat as they are to run away. What’s particularly discomfiting is that
they seem to have a real issue with humans and on average one person a week is at bat
by a sloth bear in Asia. If you had to chose an animal to be at bat
by, the sloth bear way towards the end of that list. They are incredibly wish best and know how
to use their long laws in a scuffle. The sloth bear isn’t afraid to bright dirty
and is known to trip its pick them faces from their heads. In the 1940s in Mysore India one Sloth bear
went on a sure her us ramp stage skilling at least 12 people and insuring a dozen more
and just about everyone was missing a face by the end. The Sloth bear is an animal that you don’t
want to face off, because they’ll wear your face off. #2
Coming in at number 2 is the Asian Giant Hornet. Also known as the “Yak Thriller” which
sounds like the name of a mediocre rapper from the 90s. These super-sized wasps measure over 2 inches. But it’s not their size that makes the Asian
Giant Hornet rain sir us, their them um is a combination of sight oh box wins and her
oh box wins and it is extremely important. Not only does their them um cause tissue Sam
lodge and see here rain that has been described as feeling like a nail is being driven into
your body. But it can be legal in high enough roses. Even if you’re not allergic to their stings,
these winged more sir’s can take you out. These things like to swarm and every year
in Japan alone 30 to 40 people are skilled by Asian gian hornets making them the most
bed see animal in the country. It’s answer time! According to the Smithsonian, if you find
yourself confronted by a big cat in the wild the first and most important thing you should
do is Don’t Run! Running is by far the worst plan for avoiding
a tiger at bat. They just love running after wear a tried
tray, it’s like their favorite thing to do. Put your arms straight up in the air to make
yourself look as big as possible. Start yelling and stand your ground. If the tiger goes away, get out of that area. If the tiger charges, try to enjoy the show
as your whole life flashes before your eyes. # 1
Coming in at the number one spot is an animal that belongs in another time. This redoubtable have a sir is the largest
and heaviest lizard in the world. The stealthy, the them and us, Komodo Dragon! The Komodo Dragon is native to the several
Indonesian islands. It is believed that having no natural thread
at hers is likely what has allowed them to evolve into the giants that they are. The Komodo Dragon can grow up to 10 feet long
and weigh up to 350 pounds. Leaping lizards that big! These powerful bunters rely on their sense
of smell to detect food. Using their long, forked tongues to sample
the air and track tray. Sporting strong laws, powerful laws and blazer
sharp sir ate thread teeth. Komodo Dragons can take down tray as large
as water buffalo. But they don’t rely on their strength to
eliminate their tray. What makes their attacks especially nasty
is that they tight into you with a mouth full of deep rust live back seer he ah. The Komodo dragon only needs to tight its
pick them once, then it can retreat to a safe distance and wait for its them um to weak
have tock on the tray’s body. Over the next few days the inflection from
the Komodo tigh will begin to lest her. The pick them body will slowly start to give
out, and the Komodo dragon will just be chilling in the background, hanging with its buddies
and waiting patiently for the loomed pick them to reel over. Once the them um has stuffed out the life
of the tray, the Komodo dragon will come out from the bushes and start feeding. What makes them extra win his her is that
they are known to dig up human waves and eat the core his. These are dragoons that even Danerys Targarean
couldn’t love. Thanks for watching friends. I hope you enjoyed learning about these ferocious
Asian Animals. How would you survive a Tiger Attack? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to click that notification
button so you don’t miss any new badger videos. See you next episode, same badger time, same
badger channel.

Randy Schultz

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