Another Dinosaur Rap (Behind The Scenes)

Another Dinosaur Rap (Behind The Scenes)

Coma Niddy: So right now we are filming or
we are preparing to film the WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP uh we’re in love with the dinos. Dustin: Wait, the what? I’m not sure how that
part goes again? Coma Niddy: Oh. That part goes WHOOP WHOOP
WHOOP! [music beings]
Uh we need to be on the lookout for these two crazy dudes rapping about dinosaurs. Oh
my goodness. [music ends] Coma Niddy: Actually one of these things is
not a dinosaur. Which one is not a dinosaur. Dustin: Actually more than one of those is
not a dinosaur. Coma Niddy: Is this a Dinosaur? Hmmm let’s
play the game. Is this a Dinosaur? If you think it’s a dinosaur press the like button.
[laughs] Yea that thing. What is this? Is that a Dino?
If you think it is a Dino hit the like button. If you think it’s not a Dino, hit the like
button. I’m in love with the Dinos. Making it rain
so slow. Playing cards and rulers do work! You have to act like a dinosaur. REEEERRRRAAAA
REEEEAAAAAAAH Oh wait wait I had the wrong hand. Dustin: Yes. Anatomically correct.
Coma Niddy: WrrrreEEEAAAh WEERRRREAAAAH Dustin:I don’t. I never actually tried to…B-KAAAAH!
That’s a dinosaur. That’s a fair dinosaur sound. Coma Niddy: Dinosaurs! Valeria: Wait wait.Stop stop stop. You’re
hands are covering his face. [slow motion] STOP STOP STOP Dustin: Yeah! Mike look at this. Look what went in. Look
which one went in. Coma Niddy: OOOOOOH! WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP That’s
not a dinosaur playa. So this is happening while we’re rapping.
And it’s like Jasmine: I was wondering. Are you going to
like measure them? Dustin We have to start separating them out Coma Niddy: Quality control here. Dustin: Oh I took a couple of calipers out
of your thing. I’m in love with that Dino. Some…oh Coma Niddy: And now you’re thinking Coma Niddy’s
Coco! Dustin: Oh that’s my part! That’s my part.
That’s me! Styracosaurus in a photo. Frill spikes count
them ocho. Coma Niddy: Laughs Dustin: See the saurus Argentino. Weighed
like 80 grand in kilos. Is it on? Cool! Welcome. We’re gonna make
some fro-yo. I found out today. First of all ABC, always be learning. I learned that ice
cream is generally cheaper than cool whip um and which is cheaper than fro-yo. And instead
of filling a whole bowl of fro-yo which would be expensive, we’ve going to fill the bottom
of this with ice cream and ad a think layer of whip cream on top. Yea that’s the plan. [laughs] so good. WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP I’ve had that song in my head now for…ever Zaza: I wake up with it every morning now. Coma Niddy: You got to go all in. Dustin: Is that good? This is me eating froyo! Coma Niddy: Keep going keep going Valeria: Oh my good. hahaha Coma Niddy: I’m a dinosaur toy. Dustin: That is a Plesiosaur which was a marine
reptile, lived in the same time, equally as bad-ass, but technically not a dinosaur. Coma Niddy: Dinosaurs also lived on land uh
Plesiosaurus did not. No Dinosaur uh that we know so far lived in the water also Plesiosaurus
gave birth like bloop. Dustin: That’s the sound it made. Bloop! Coma Niddy: Bloop!
Dustin: Bloop! Coma Niddy: Bloop!
Dustin: Bloop! Dinosaurs just out your window! I’ll get that gimme like. It was better than
I thought it would be actually. Coma Niddy: Yeah! That was like your first
rap in a music video. Dustin: Yeah!
Jasmine: Yeah! Dustin: I made it mom! [laughter] [music begins]
T. rex is so cliche’ Stegosaurus was yesterday
See to me that Dino-popularity Depends on how long they been on the big screen
Don’t let them movies fool you These other dinosaur cool too!
You got to tune to YouTube Or go to Google
If you want to hear these Dinosaur Gurus [music ends]
[slow motion] depends on how long they been on the big screen

Randy Schultz

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4 thoughts on “Another Dinosaur Rap (Behind The Scenes)

  1. The Dinosaur Show says:

    This was so much fun! I wonder if there'll be a sequel…


  2. Briinaliina702 says:

    Bahaha…you guys are hilarious!

  3. cnax123 says:

    It was great Comma Niddy

  4. Greg Braam says:

    The three who disliked didn't think they were dinosaurs.

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