Annoying Orange – Gumbrawl

Annoying Orange – Gumbrawl

-Hey! Hey, Rainbow Snake! Hey, Rainbow Snake, hey! -I’m a worm, not a snake. -Snake! Hey, hey Snake! -I’m not a snake! -Do something a snake would do. -Stop! -A snake wouldn’t say it like that. He’d say it like, ssssssstop. [laughs] -I’m a gummy WORM. -A gummy worm? What makes you gummy? -Well, I’m made of– -Is it because you don’t have any teeth? -You can clearly see I have teeth. -Hey, do you talk like this? -You know very well I don’t talk like that. -I bet you do. I bet you talk just like this. -Stop doing that! -Sssstop doing that. [laughs] -Stop it! Just stop it! How are you this incredibly annoying? -Hey, hey Worm! Hey, Worm, hey! -What? What?! Whaaat?! -Knife. -With your teeth. Use your teeth. -Oh… Knife! -[screaming] -Wugh! Yikes! -(both) Good-bye, cruel world! Oh, it’s curtains for me. Curt– Whoa! -Whoa! -(both) Do you know what this means? -Yeah! We’ve got worms! [laughs] -Blue. Definitely blue. -No way, that’s my favorite color! -Wow, we have so much in common. -Yeah, you don’t know the “half” of it. [laughs] -Oh, just shut up. -Seriously, Orange. We’re trying to– -Reconnect? [laughs] -[growls] So angry right now. -I could just lose my head! -You could say that again. -Huh? -Knife’s back! [worms screaming] Yikes! Ugh, who uses a knife to cut gummy snakes? [all yell] Wow! [worms laugh] [laughs] Wait, why are we all laughing? -Brothers, we are impervious to the knife, do you know what this means? -We are invincible! -(all) Hoo-ah! -Geez, these snakes are throwing a real “hissy” fit. [laughs] -Our delicious dominance is imminent! -Ha-ha! Not if we have anything to say about it, you’re not. -Gummy bears. -Prepare to eat dirt, you filthy worms! -Gladly. -Yeah, we like dirt. We’re worms. -Yeah, well, mark my words. The– -Hey! Hey, Bear! Hey, Bear, hey! -Come on! I was about to deliver a really cool line! -Sorry to, uh, burst your bubble there, fellas, but you ain’t havin’ a gummy war without us. -Chewing gum? -Heads up! -Whoa! -Sorry to “drop” in unannounced. -Oh, come on! They both had awesome entrance lines; you couldn’t interrupt those guys? -No way. That would’ve been un-bear-able. [laughs] -[growls in frustration] -Sir, there’s so many of them. I’m–I’m scared. -Don’t be. This will make our victory all the sweeter. -Hoo-ah! [all emitting war cries] -Holy cow! [fighting sounds] -Can’t… move. -So… everybody’s stuck, huh? -Yeah. -Yep. -[sighs] This happens every time. -Whoa, talk about a “sticky” situation. [laughs] -Well, it’s true what they say: “There are no winners in a gum war.” -Friends, I believe we’ve learned a very important lesson today. -Yeah, you should never bring a knife to a gum fight. [laughs] -What the heck are you even talking about? [all scream] Captioned by SpongeSebastian -Sorry, I… just don’t know what came over me just then. -It’s okay. I’ll let you off the hook this time. [laughs] -Stop it, already! -Hey, hey Worm! Hey, Worm, hey! -What? What?! Whaaat?! -Knife. -With your teeth.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Annoying Orange – Gumbrawl

  1. Annoying Orange says:

    HEY!!! Subscribe to my channel for some really KNIFE videos every week! HAHAHA! 🍊💨

  2. Yenissel Gonzalez says:


  3. Pretty Eyez says:

    Lo mas estupido

  4. Mindy Parker says:

    Pickle shaped like knife Annoying Orange watch out

  5. Carlos Rivera says:

    Where’s the Gummy Fish? 🐟

  6. Patricia Miller says:


  7. J R says:


  8. Kristine Julius says:

    Hey annoying orange what you up to hahahaha 😂 I love your videos

  9. Anakin the Emo Spunge ÒWÓ says:

    the nostalgia tastes like oranges.

  10. tanya sanchez says:


  11. Pheng Thepphalath says:

    Orange own knife who would guess

  12. That gymnast avery says:

    Love you annoying orange i subscribed to yur channel!!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁

  13. Raudel Cervantes says:


    Gummie Worms:Girl kids
    Gummy Bears:Boy Kids
    Gum:Moms (not bernice and kesha)

  14. Saturn says:

    3:08 and 3:09 you mean sssticky situation

  15. Syeada lovely says:

    Biggest gummy worm

  16. MarioMario0321 says:

    Dang I’m watching this yet I’m wearing braces, I’m craving so much gummy right now

  17. Cathy J says:

    I'm a kid and I annoy my friends at school hey you really knife it

  18. Evan Coleman says:

    3:05 Gummy Worm This Happens Everytime

  19. Frank Hughes says:


  20. Evan Coleman says:

    3:06 Time

  21. Connor Burns says:

    It’s clear that when orange says knife, there’s a knife

  22. philips_ yoongs says:

    0:42 whatttt

  23. Evan Coleman says:

    1:39 Laughing

  24. Stacy Price says:

    I love you orange

  25. Earl Rossbach says:

    Oo a gummie ball

  26. silverlish says:

    ‘The u

  27. Deb .Davison says:

    I was pretty young when this came out!

  28. lolo3232 says:


  29. Cream & Friends says:

    Gummy Bear:Tiktok

  30. It’s Mochii says:

    Old memories…

  31. Carmela Covarrubias says:

    Gummy Worm:Mlp
    Gummy Bears:Spk

  32. Sanitykhane 439 says:

    Scooby gummy

  33. Joshlolax says:

    who just cuts a gummy work in half in the kitchen?

  34. Chandra Mohanarao says:

    Orange can you make pear mad and kiss him?

  35. Md abdul Muhit says:

    I Love you orange ❤️😘😍😘❤️

  36. Phoebe Pacholski says:

    Annoying Orange what are worms eyes made of

  37. •Diamond Sunflower• Fern says:

    2:52 all of them start fighting lol and they get stuck L M A O omg

  38. Shirley Rowlinson says:

    Tait video was a werm

  39. MaySee says:

    so gummies are fighting.

  40. MaySee says:

    rainbow the girly worm

  41. learing with barbies says:

    Hey orange
    Can you meet barbie?

  42. Dont you dare Spit at me says:


  43. Creative Videos 13 says:

    1:42 why are we laughing

  44. Nette Hamilton says:

    I do have a favrit sour gummy worms but it's sweet I dare you to try it

  45. JD Naranjo says:

    Me:mom there is a snake in the house
    Mom:its gummy eat it
    Me: ewww

  46. Jamie Freeman says:


  47. Doriana Coratella says:


  48. Sage The Super Gamer says:

    Why is it that every time I watch this, I laugh so hard?!?😂😂😂

  49. Carlisle Manliclic says:

    Gummy worm? More like swormy worm haha

  50. Jayjay Ante says:

    eats video

  51. A.J. gaming channel says:

    How many times orange says knife

  52. سايكو says:


  53. cats toy review says:


  54. cats toy review says:

    , little princess 11

  55. cats toy review says:

    My channel cost money

  56. Chalan C says:


  57. Golden ninja Buddy says:

    Mine is gummy snakes

  58. max Phillips says:

    Gummy worms

  59. Demi Kennedy says:

    You so funny ….

  60. Demi Kennedy says:


  61. Skillz 0005 says:

    The real question is…

    Why is he cutting the gummy worm

  62. Pete Guth says:

    Me: Because it’s the annoying orange :I

  63. Jolly Yau says:


  64. Zero The hedgehog says:


  65. Zero The hedgehog says:


  66. Zero The hedgehog says:

    that is funny somuch better the gummy bears that face is funny to

  67. Benny Patrick says:

    Do you know venom? I love venom!!

  68. Altin's World says:

    Hey hey gummy worms gummy butt

  69. Acorn9999 / EAS Scenario Fan says:

    3:23 Screaming GOAL (and fighting)

  70. İlyas Göksen says:

    0:33 Ssssssssssssssstop doing that XD

  71. TeenageBronco says:

    (WWE Bell rings)

  72. google bad says:

    she sayed she tolded me she eatd a car

    like so brody can see

  73. M&M Squad says:

    Sour gummy worms

  74. Kermit_witha_gun says:

    2:56 I thought for a second he said something different

  75. xXFlying_CowsXx says:

    Who cuts a gummie worm with a knife?

  76. peach.TM says:

    I miss this content.

  77. RGaming GD/GT says:

    actually someone the won the gumwar who is it i know his name phil and BOB

  78. Harvey Johnson says:

    Gummy knife!!! Ha ha ha ha ha get it knife!!!!

  79. jordanmark2828 says:


  80. Emmanuel Beltran says:

    cjlblgkiojf nvihjbbgiodjsaiodjdf0oghu[pls-=20


  81. Lena Baker-Sigl says:

    Shhhhhtop doing that

  82. Philip Sharrock says:


  83. Keanu King says:

    I'm eating a lemon better save your friend

  84. Tacosllama Ocampo says:

    In the end: their all just gum and food

  85. superrhy9001 says:


  86. Daniel Rodriguez says:

    Gummy Worms vs Gummy Bears vs Chewing Gums vs Gum Drops!
    Winner 🏆: The Knife 🔪.

  87. Esmanur Bolat says:

    0:43 – 0:46 😂😂😂😂😂

  88. Lord Vader says:

    Oh boy,I missed you!

  89. fatima haffice says:

    why are they Two worms

  90. fatima haffice says:

    How can worms Talk 😂

  91. Just Makin Some Tae says:

    The oranges laugh is iconic

  92. Blake Evans says:



  93. Hortencia Delgado says:

    Orange orange orange orange orange orange why did the snake I mean why did the snake go boom boom cuz he's an apple get it now Apple

  94. Hortencia Delgado says:


  95. Prince Fronzo says:

    Me when a dude interrupts me 0:41

  96. woody and friends says:

    Armies represent in the war
    Gummy worms=US Army 🇺🇸

    Gummy bears=British army🇬🇧

    Chewing gum=Nazi army🇩🇪

    Extra gummies= Russian army🇷🇺

  97. mia's plushies says:

    I love gummy worms!😄😍

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