Ann Miura-Ko: Investing in Thunder Lizards

Ann Miura-Ko: Investing in Thunder Lizards

What are the principles, what is the manifesto for Floodgate? The first is that we believe that we invest in what we call thunder lizards. Now thunder lizards are inspired by Godzilla and Godzilla is hatched from radioactive atomic eggs which represents the entrepreneur and it represents how their genetic makeup is significantly different from anyone around them. They’re then hatched, they swim across the Pacific Ocean and they emerge in Tokyo harbor with an attitude. And you’ve seen pictures of Godzilla probably where he has trains kind of hanging out of his mouth and he’s chomping on buildings and something’s kind of firing out of his mouth, that’s Godzilla, that’s the thunder lizard taking over our market. That’s the thunder lizard ambition that we like to fund.

Randy Schultz

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