An Asteroid Didn’t Kill the Dinosaurs, Here’s a New Theory About What Did

An Asteroid Didn’t Kill the Dinosaurs, Here’s a New Theory About What Did

A group of scientists is saying that the asteroid
impact that killed off the dinosaurs might’ve changed the world far more than we realized! Some 66 million years ago, a 10-kilometer-wide
asteroid hit the Yucatan Peninsula and the global effects killed more than three-quarters
of all species, including dinosaurs and many ocean-dwelling life forms. The immediate aftermath was earthquakes, tsunamis,
and volcanic eruptions, as well as vaporized rock launched high above the surface that
heated as it fell back to Earth, sparking fires. And these fires are what changed the climate
and decimated most living things! According to this new model: Soot from the
global wildfires was heated by the Sun and lofted high into the atmosphere. There, it created an impenetrable barrier
around the globe. Just picture it… The planet is as dark as a moonlit night in
the middle of the day, meaning little to no photosynthesis. Any plants not killed by wildfires are dead. The the lynchpin of the ocean food chain — phytoplankton
— is gone. All the species that rely on these for food
are dead. The atmospheric soot causes global surface
temperatures to drop by as much as 28 Celsius over land and 11 over the oceans. But the soot in the atmosphere keeps absorbing
sunlight, heating the stratosphere, sucking up water vapour, and destroying the ozone. Eventually the atmosphere is cleared of soot,
but only after a year of darkness, and then the environment is decimated. This is not a planet to call home. Amazingly, this model shows it doesn’t take
a lot of soot for this kind of global devastation to happen. One simulation used just 5 billion tons of
soot, about a third of what scientists think was actually produced after the impact. But this simulation isn’t exact to how the
world was 66 million years ago. Still, it’s a sobering thought. While nuclear warfare or a smaller impact
wouldn’t have the same effects, either would still put enough soot into the atmosphere
to cool the surface and heat the upper atmosphere, potentially changing the global climate enough
to wipe out multiple species. Speaking of wiping out species like dinosaurs,
what colour were dinosaurs really? We dug into it in this episode right here. Let us know what other interesting science
questions you’d like us to answer in the comments, be sure to like this video, and
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Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “An Asteroid Didn’t Kill the Dinosaurs, Here’s a New Theory About What Did

  1. Ado•kuree 104 says:

    Mouse were evolved from dinosaurs. So I assume few dinosaurs survived and evolved. Many creatures and species changed and mutated or either physically evolved because the asteroid,

  2. Mohamad Hafiz says:

    The opening and the ending is much louder than the fact given
    You should higher your voice or you will be only talking to your self

  3. R6-D2 says:

    It was a blessing in disguise for Tyrannosaurus Rex. The poor bastard couldn't pick its nose.

  4. Charles Long says:

    I’m sure this cute actress knows nothing about what she’s taking about, just rehearsed and reading Q cards.

  5. REAl REAction says:

    All of this is made up.

  6. De niro Wasabi says:

    that's happens if a non educated woman watch some short ass fake documentary on youtube with no education and evidence at all, she's like "my new theory will chance everything!" she need some brain cells

  7. Raven _ says:

    Reported for fake news

  8. rippenburn says:

    Stop misusing the word 'decimated' you fucking retards.

  9. Bryce Wakefield says:

    What does a woman know all she knows is make up

  10. hanzy snuppet says:

    Heres the truth the dinasours will die and also us cause is the end of the world

  11. sudeep chaudhary says:

    What if the first apocalypse was generated by a species far smarter than dinosaurs(and from some other galaxy and maybe the meteor was the most effective bomb we've never seen) to wipe them out and to get control over the planet earth for their own survival because of the annihilation of their own planet and maybe we are just the evolved descendants of the species left by the destroyers who are ruining the nature of this planet again and proving the existential fact that history does repeat itself?

  12. dennyadkins21 says:

    Your not hot enough for me to believe this bs

  13. tord guns says:

    what if the asteroid was a UFO and we are the aliens

  14. British_Tanks 04 says:

    Honestly, I think the Dino’s were killed for a reason. Cause why has this event happened agian????

  15. Maintenance Birdhurst says:

    My name to ture i wont to no wont you no a about binosaur

  16. Leonardo Kenny Hindra says:

    66.000.000 years >> 666 >> Iluminati detected

  17. Andrew hazelton says:

    Worst fucking clickbait ever with the most retarded content it’s like saying the gun didn’t kill a person the bullet did

  18. Xernius says:

    The dinosaurs died because they had no yoghurt

  19. dumbcreaknuller says:

    you need to stop believeing in millions of years. i too believed in that bullshit until i saw enough evidence to prove no single muntain on earth is made of stone. when you realise that all the landmass we see on earth is made of mud, you realise its from a flood and since some of these muntains have buildings inside them, it proves, they can't be millions of years old.

    the fact that dionsaur bones are found on the surface, proves that they are very fresh and new since they are younger than the flood. based on the oldest tree that is alive on earth that is 3000 years old, the flood can't have happend much before that.

    most likely the flood happend 5000 years ago and caused mass extiction, how ever the dinosaurs was not part of this, since they are present after the flood.
    its possible they existed before the flood but if they did, we chould find dinosaur sceletons somewhere inside the muntains.

    nowdays you and all the other mouthers out there, are tellig the same lies to the masses that whats on the earth is millions of years old.

    if you had seen what i have, you would not believe in any dating of the earth anymore since the evidence contradict these dates.

    all you people can lie as much as you wish and call it fact, but mother earth does not lie, and her wounds tells its all no matter what you may want her to be.

    all the muntains in the world are made from mud that formed in the flood.

    you need to wake up. the rest of the world is still dreaming.

    the modern scientific narrative is wrong. the truth is biblical.

    what modern scientists are doing nowdays are making fools of themselves when they states that muntains are millions of years old compleatly ignoring what the ancients had already tried to make us remember.

    now scientists have decided that noahs flood was a tiny one. they are all deluding themselves because the evidence that the flood was global is everywhere.
    its because they beleive thats what they see as muntains have always been there, that they think the flood was a tiny one but that is not true.

    the flood covered most if not all of the earth and the formation of muntains came from the hardening of the mud left over by the flood.

    whe you stop seeing muntains as stone and start seeing them as mud, you will realize how its possible they could form in months and years and not this steady state limbo of scientific dogma.

  20. Ben Roberts says:


  21. GuardianVerse Products says:


  22. 5upremists says:

    Extinction by starvation

  23. Spiraling Universe says:

    Carbon dioxide rose sugers rose in plants nutrition lowered food became junk food physical and mental diseases rose.

  24. I clinically have a micro penis,but says:

    Where is the theory

  25. no way out says:

    the facts being presented in this video are sheer speculation ..

    reason being.

    1: asteroid impact causes mass gas clouds and usually depicted with a flash of light throughout the atmosphere..? what chemical compound caused the light to be generated and what gases where present to form a UV repellent barrier? ( STRANGE SCIENCE HERE YOU ARE AGAIN )






  26. RBB BEAR BEAR SAMA says:

    Naw the asteroid killed the DINOS after that it killed off all the stuff DINOS need to live

  27. Ma Reyna Arellano says:

    I thought it qaa a volcano lol

  28. Brazy Boy says:

    There is a thing called "rouge" and when a planet goes "rouge" it floats around, and isn't orbiting, a planet so huge hit the SUN you may think it would have burned off before hitting it, but it could been so big it was bigger than Jupiter while hitting it, what it did made the Sun tired, making it colder, making the Earth colder, dinosaurs were reptiles if you didn't know, it being cold was bad new for dinos and plants, first the plants die, then the herbivores die, then the carnivores died, after that the ice age came along, the sun got all that warm light back, as you know the ice age was after the dinos, killing of all the animals from HEAT, they were all furry to survive the ice age, after them dying a new age of life was born, (there was another kind of humans that didn't survive the ice age, yes there WAS two kinds of a human, like a female and male.)

  29. fukqyou asszhole says:

    If an Asteroid hit and did this then the sea going dinosaurs would have easily survived, yet somehow they didn't. The real truth is they never fucken existed.

  30. Pablo Rodriguez says:

    What if it wasn’t an asteroid, what if it was a ufo, and were the aliens

  31. CM15 says:

    did they recover the asteroid?

  32. JVertKay says:

    Are ya dumb. Dinosaurs died because it heard Ali A intro music

  33. ananth619 says:

    I was expecting something like the aliens from mars to have come and destroyed the species here and eventually evolved to become humans..

  34. Birdman Junior says:

    We killed dinosaurs history is a lie

  35. Stick kid Man 3000 says:

    actually dinosaurs still exist. Its called birds

  36. Scott Brandts says:

    People, you're all wrong. All the dinosaurs coughed, sneezed and farted at the exact same time and it caused the world to explode, taking these uncouth gas-bags with it!!

  37. Junior allen says:

    Liar Liar pants on fire it's the meteor that killed the dinosaurs ha EXPOSED MA SIS

  38. Murray Flewelling says:

    This is hardly news. Terrible click bait.

  39. Clown Whisper says:

    Reported clickbait

  40. Junaid Arshad says:

    Dinosaurs should have destroyed due to Climate change which is effected by asteroid and we have to live this world so dinosaurs must be died

  41. Martin Price says:

    So how could the ozone possibly recover afterwards?

  42. CelestialBox says:

    What a terrible voice!

  43. Phillip Harrington says:

    Dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time.

  44. Asrat Mengesha says:

    An Asteroid Didn’t Kill the Dinosaurs, Here’s a New Theory About What Did" hahahahahaha!!!!!!!! right?thanks.

  45. Devonte Sanders says:

    What if we(humans) were on that asteroid that lead dinosaurs to extinction as microorganisms

  46. Nayia Playz says:

    This is fake. Oh and i love dinosaurs.


  47. KRATOS 805 says:

    Not the answer I was looking for…?

  48. Laura Vernon says:

    H y

  49. cleo says:

    In the days of Noah, the earth was awash in minerals. Everything grew large.
    Flood came and washed everything into piles. ie: copper, magnesium, animal bones. Large animal bones were called dinasors. Rest of "dinasor"; made in Chinese factory. Check it out.

  50. Chelle Pinzon says:

    Pls come on people not a million years a thousand a thousand!!!!! Its a thousand years if its a million then its 2.002.018 see if its a million then its a 2milliontwothousand eighteenyears see a thousand

  51. Jesse C says:

    New theory: seeker didn't provide this clickbait video, my internet service provider and google did.

  52. Kyle Huffman says:

    How do ya know an astroid killed the dinosaurs when ya werent alive to see it. U cant just rewind time and know everything. They never existed.

  53. DestroyerHD says:

    Steroids killed dinosaurs duuh

  54. wei ge says:


  55. Bonnie The Bunny says:

    Its was a tuisiami

  56. Flowlikewater. Belikewater says:

    Damn the Dinosaurs had a really really bad day…

  57. Luis Espino says:

    Ughh yea mission control we got a belligerent dumbass ass here

  58. Danielle Mould says:

    y when dinosaurs were no longer did mammal's rule the earth y didn't dinosaurs come back

  59. hummingbird f says:

    No, They evolved into birds

  60. Michael Wolff says:


  61. Linda Klase says:

    You can’t kill off something that never existed.

  62. BigFoot Bubba says:

    Many researchers believe the large dinosaurs were all dead Millions of years before the Chicxulub crater
    66 million years ago. researchers believe the fossil records show most large Dinosaurs were dead about 100 million years before that impact.. just like Jurassic park is fake so is the asteroid impact off the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico that killed off the dinosaurs 66 million years ago…. There were already dead and the climate/fossil records prove it.

  63. Enoch Chow says:

    It's the death star…….


  64. Lemon says:

    It was shaggy

  65. Myers Family says:

    read the Genesis, God flooded the earth for 150 days.Only Noah’s family survived,and few Animal that fits the genesis 6.i

  66. Lourent says:

    The astreroid accelerate extinction, created by a period of active volcanism for thousands of years. In short, if the asteroid had not impacted, sooner or later, there would have been a great extinction aswell. Period..

  67. 27845 54872 says:

    why dinasours didnt come back after extinction?

  68. Milan Suleic says:

    But what if the asteroid didn’t killed just the dinosaurs ???

  69. korben willmott says:

    pretty sure it means that the asteroid collision didn't wipe out the dinosaurs , then explains that the events that unfold because of it do, cause my little brother even thinks than the asteroid hit then instantly they all died, the video was to explain to people who didn't actually know, its all well and good if you already do

  70. Ondřej Ch says:

    Bullshit, dinosaurs be killed by humans.

  71. Ruth McVeigh says:

    STOP LYING It as the strongest asteroid

  72. ConsciousPower says:

    im wondering if dinosaurs have actually existed.
    I think that its a lie or something

  73. Sports Coverage2854 says:

    OK so there is a crater on the earth could've killed dinosaurs, but what if that crater was an asteroid or planet that went so fast and tilted our earth and that's what made that whole but something else did kill the dinosaurs.

  74. HELL WITH IT!! B. L. A. says:

    Often wonder how frogs are still alive because they are a species that is most susceptible to environmental changes and used as an indicator for environmental changes today

  75. Og Clue says:

    U sound smart but dumb at the same time who told u this?

  76. theguyintheworks says:

    Obviously it was dinosaur AIDS. Stay safe, folks.

  77. WHAT THE WHAT THE says:

    Asteroid is not that big to kill all the earth ;-; it’s just a medium rock

  78. Max Slaughter says:

    My theory is aliens decided to wipe out dinosaurs so they could use earth.

    Apes DNA +alien DNA =human

    Threat to humans on earth?? Lions rather than T Rex’s lol

  79. ihate says:

    I got to dislike the video, video was made just to clarify the residual effects of a meteor hitting the earth. Yall just want to hear yall selves talk in circles.

  80. Maggie Margaret says:

    Why are they (whoever they are) or she saying this is a new theory? Most people knew that it was "the result" of the asteroid's hit – not the impact, since we also knew the impact would only have affected an area – not the entire globe and dinosaurs reigned far and wide.


    It was birds… aerodactyl than vrnadaur plants were created

  82. Jordstampat Golv says:

    fake news

  83. SammySay says:

    Still need an impact or an absolutely major Volcanic event!

  84. Ryan's & Kyle's FNAF World says:

    Is this true? Because you could put anything in YouTube. Are you just trying to make views?

  85. Glen Waldrop says:

    This is almost exactly what we were taught in high school.

    This is not new at all.

    What the hell… ?

  86. Jon Snow says:

    Your owner my client did not kill the victim, neither did the bullet….it was the injury of the brain.

  87. cutie cups play toys and game garcia says:

    But why there's no dinosaurs in the world?

  88. тαкιуσ мєι says:

    Birds were living at that time, right? If an asteroid hit and killed ALL dinosaurs, why aren’t birds extinct? ???

  89. Eddie Benson says:

    You know she might have a point cause if it did hit then where the hell did it go it ain't everyday a big a asteriod just well disapear

  90. Ollie Kempe says:

    They are faking so I saw a real dinosaur go to a desert and stay there for about 100 days and you would find one

  91. Roikku Dev says:

    I've known this very same theory since 1990. I just came here for the girl. Wasn't disappointed.

  92. Jyessi Terriaynt says:

    This isn’t a new theory scientists have always told it this way

  93. Jeremiah Gilbolinga says:

    The astreod didnt hit it was a comit the book of extinction of dinosaurs

  94. natalie ᗒᗣᗕ says:

    bro stop clickbaiting mf

  95. David Shirley says:

    Shoot, Tim talked about this crap in Jurassic Park in 1993. Fake News!

  96. Wat Dis says:

    What next? New scientific discovery that the earth is flat?

  97. Robert Wayne Vernon Jr says:

    It is all just reconstructive history that is probably true.

  98. sly fly says:

    your all wrong, no asteroid hit earth. earth had 2 moons at one point, one was in close orbit that eventually crashed into earth. also dinosaurs arnt hundreds of millions of years old, thats just a myth ,

  99. Tomorrows Last Funeral says:

    The dinosaurs are still alive! They must be hanging out with Santa, Elvis and the Easter Bunny at the end of the rainbow with a bunch of leprechauns. It's interesting so many people so firmly believe that dinosaurs existed. Well that's not how meant to say it because I believed too until about 5 years ago. It really bummed me out to at first and I really didn't want to believe they weren't real, but hey, what ya going to do? Well so, for one a T-Rex or anything even close to that size could never live on land. Animals that big could only survive in the water. At least on Earth anyway because of strength of our gravity. That's why real large animals such as giraffes and horses can't lay down two long or they will die from weight of their organs and their blood. It's sad to say but like many things we were taught or learned that were cool, it's still an unproven theory. Also there has never been a confirmed dinosaur bone found. I know we think they have or even have been told that they found a couple foot bones or vertebrae and (brand new, newly named and appointed so called "Dinosaur Experts" soon properly named as they took different poisons around the country) figured out what the rest of the thing must have looked like back then( when then actually was is still argued about constantly and just theory)and then put it together like a jig saw puzzle that no one has ever seen or heard of before ever, because that's what they said. Who said? And then what happened? OMG, it was wonderful! They just started finding these crazy things all over the place. Thousands of them. Then all of a sudden they have tons of species and they are all friggin really amazing and super cool. And then they put a couple skeletons together but we're on the fence and arguing about what they really looked as they tirelessly put another one together that's a collection of bone fragments from all over the place and then kaboom! All of a sudden and we are talking pretty fast, not decades. they know every single detail about all of them and introduce more and more. It seems like they almost knew everything about the new ones before they even found a real full skeleton of it. Well that's because they did. And they still don't. Have a skeleton that is. They seemed to know everything from what they ate, and how they see and smell, to how they hunt. They even have colors and stripes and spots. No one anywhere on earth has ever found a dinosaur hide or a piece of dinosaur skin. And no they can't prove what they might have looked like using a mosquito petrified in tee sap. Not yet anyway. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Really I will because I want them to be real. Probably more than I care to admit. I mean it's not like I have dinosaur sheets on my bed right now that are super soft and cozy with pictures of Raptors on them or anything. I'm to old for that so I don't, have them. Of course not. But the point is, if you research it, you will obviously find a lot of evidence contrary to the dinosaur theories. Not a big surprise. All theories have different theories, that's fact. But what you will find(and don't just go taking the first little thing you read saying they have) that no one has ever found any complete dinosaur skeletons or remains to say they found a Dinosaur as we know it, not even close. Nobody has ever found enough that they could even begin to make a sound theory on any of these things that supposed scientist claim to know Did anyone find Big bones? Yes. Did anyone find Mega shark teeth? yes( Huge maybe,but lived in ocean). Do you know somebody that knows somebody who found some fossils of Dino's and were gonna turn them in and get lots of cash and maybe be famous? Maybe. But where is the cash and confirmation that it was a Real dinosaur fossil or bone? Dinosaurs or animals that live on land or die on land don't turn into fossils. They erode away just like all bones do. You will never find one. Yes I know that some will argue saying "but wait, there was a great flood that covered the whole world and lots of dinosaurs drowned and that makes fossils. Well maybe it that's possible. You can look at the time the flood happened and when the meteor hit( these times are arguable theoretical times also) but then again it doesn't matter that those times may not jive because it goes back to the fact that! THEY HAVEN'T FOUND ANY BONES PROVEN TO BE FROM ANY DINOSAURS CLAIMED (theorized ) TO EXIST. Maybe there are some preserved dinosaur skeletons in the tar pits. Maybe we just don't have a way or the technology to get one out. Just like we don't have the technology to go to the moon again just yet because they supposedly lost their homework, oop's I mean the paperwork with the coordinates. Supposedly, well no, not supposedly, one of the head astronaut, and not just him, stated that no one that's still alive from back then (except maybe the black woman who actually was the one that came up with those coordinates to the moon in the first place that was on The Steve Harvey show about 6 months ago and is still alive) that knows the coordinates to get back and we don't have the technology anymore. Wonder how they lost everything.Hey wait, maybe China stole the moon info, because right after we went to the moon they actually( really happened) tried to make a fake movie of them taking a trip to the moon to fool their citizens into believing they could and got totally busted, I mean flat out busted, Big Time. Wait! That makes me so confident and proud that we did it for real at about the same exact time. Wait, Hold the phone man, Didn't China just recently send a rover to the moon? That's right they did. Just recently and unless it came back, I'm pretty sure its there right now still taking samples and pictures? Well, so much for no one knowing the coordinates to get there. Huh, guess China is stealing intellectual property. Whoa, stop the train! What if they are the ones that stole all our moon mission stuff. Dammit, their holding out on us with our own stolen technology. I thought the president had a good relationship with China. Can't he just call and ask them to give us our stuff back or copy it or share. Bummer. I call bullshit! Not on our moon landing stuff per say, but on dinosaurs. Alright, so here's why and what happened after I had read something upsetting which got me started checking into the whole dinosaur theory. At this next point though, it already wasn't looking very good for Barney. On a family staycation I bought a piece of petrified dinosaur bone in the gift shop in the Village of Watkins Glenn in upstate NY. It had a nice little case and a tag on it saying it was authentic and how old it was and stuff. Buy the way Watkins Glenn is a place famous for waterfalls, hiking and it's also a dinosaur fossil hot spot. One of the most beautiful places you could ever see so check it out. You are not allowed to chip away and look for your own there because it's a State park and those areas are protected and kinda dangerous Also the Race track there is famous.Sorry, so anyway that was a while back, about four or five years ago. So soon after I sent it (the dinosaur bone) to a University(also in upstate NY) to be tested. It wasn't very much to have it done and I kind of explained to them in a letter why I wanted it tested and what not. It was supposed to or could of taken up to 6 or 8 weeks to get the results back but only about a week and a half later they contacted me by phone. And they said they had my results but that they hadn't charged me yet and wouldn't charge me anything unless I wanted them to send it back. So I asked why. Then she explained. Then I said "Thanks, no that's ok, I don't need it back". was a dyed piece of petrified elm tree. I asked why don't I have to pay for the testing though? She said they already knew. I geuss it makes sense that when you work at place that tests that type of stuff all the time, and at that level, you know things. So after talking with her just a little bit longer cause she was super cool and sounded, well nice, I said thank you again, thank you very much. I know more than enough now. Surely not enough to scream at the world yelling out " It is impossible that any giant prehistoric animals ever existed and in no way was there ever one thing tuts anything like a dinosaur or of the kind ever!) I really hope that's not what I'm doing now. I mean I just stumbled on this video by accident. So I had no intention of blabbing all over the place. I just noticed that 100% of the comments I read seemed to be from people who were stern on their Dino facts and time periods and stuff. But hey, lookThere was a lot of big animals and who knows what else a long time ago. So many living things have become extinct it's truly unfathomable, But the whole Jurassic park thing and what's in the museums, the ones on TV and even real museums like the one in New York do not have real dinosaurs in them. The ones they have on display and the way they make them look, in my opinion anyway, are completely theoretical. Sorry kids….thanks for reading. Please don't slay me to bad, I have children. Well their all grown up now and don't care, but still. Thanks and Your welcome. Merry Christmas. Later ^!^

  100. Andy says:

    Look at the pupils in her eyes folks, what do you see ?

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