Amazing Dragon from matches! Matches Chain Reaction Amazing Fire Domino

Amazing Dragon from matches! Matches Chain Reaction Amazing Fire Domino

you I think this is the most beautiful thing
I have ever made in my life and it makes me so said to destroy it but I know that tens
of thousands of my subscribers are my subscribers because I promised to build
a dragon and burn it in my last video so I must keep my word otherwise I would
never destroy it so I just would like to apologize from the art lovers in
advance but no problem I will be more careful in the future about what I say
if you would like to support me you can do this if you watch the whole video from
the beginning till the end if you like the video click the like button if you
don’t like the video click the dislike button and tell me in the comments
section how can I be better and next time I will it’s okay I appreciate it
and I don’t know what will be my next video yet but something cool I promise
so consider clicking that subscribe button ok let’s see what the big guy
thinks about this and don’t try this at home because it’s not a game
fire is not a game

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Amazing Dragon from matches! Matches Chain Reaction Amazing Fire Domino

  1. Mokso says:

    I also made a Pirate Ship which is killed my iphone 8 plus 🙁

  2. BK BK says:

    Seguro que este señor es la reencarnación de un fallero de Valencia.

  3. Gitesh Patil says:


  4. S.K. says:

    I feel like you should build these models and sell them instead of blowing them up lol I'd buy a wooden dragon

  5. Football team says:

    Я только только канал создал кому не трудно посмотрите первый видом и подпишитесь ) взаимно.
    На накале будут конкурсы на деньги,

  6. Football team says:

    Я только только канал создал кому не трудно посмотрите первый видом и подпишитесь ) взаимно.
    На накале будут конкурсы на деньги,

  7. Nimish Gupta says:

    Extremely great

  8. J-Free In the house says:

    This guy is a good guy

  9. suryansh sharma says:

    Can we make this like you in home


    This is the coolest thing I’ve seen built from matches

  11. MIA CLARK says:

    I love how he points the mouth of his unpredictable fire-breath directly at the woodshed 👌 lol

    Awesome job dude!

  12. Dark Elf says:

    ты безумец черт возьми

  13. Jean Bush says:

    Wow! That was perfect. Always loved dragons.

  14. Cynthia Harris says:

    This video is awesome and I absolutely appreciate that you plant trees

  15. Andrew Smith says:

    That was pretty badd ass bro

  16. AncientLegandofInsainity says:

    That dragon is so amazing and all that time and effort is just wow!! As much as it sucks that it had to be burned AHHHHH IT BREATHED FIRE
    It went out like a champ, that was so coooool!!!

  17. Ms. Kelly T. says:

    just join the family

  18. Ms. Kelly T. says:


  19. Jaz_gamergirl1 says:

    I like how the dragon mouth blow fire 🔥 like if was actually real 🖤🖤🖤 awesome match dragon 👏🏻

  20. Jaz_gamergirl1 says:

    I like how the dragon mouth blow fire 🔥 like if was actually real 🖤🖤🖤 awesome match dragon 🐉 👏🏻

  21. Sceptile says:

    best part was the fire breathing.

  22. James Francis says:

    Like because cap shirt

  23. Tempe says:

    Oh my gosh, it really is beautiful! You are a genius!

  24. Jerry Bailey says:

    I Think that dragon just cooked itself. Awesome 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍

  25. Perry E. Zarlitter says:

    Perry thinks this dragon is a bit self-destructive and wonders how from an evolutionary perspective such a thing would come into existence. Nice dragon.

  26. RadeonRyzen15 says:

    4:25 "Here Comes The Airplane………"

  27. Duncan Pohl says:

    Loved that dragon! I understand your having to live up to your word, and the fire blasting out of the dragon's mouth was pretty impressive, but I would love a dragon sculpture like that hanging on my wall!

  28. prakul rabadia says:

    I like you bracelet

  29. Chris Davidson says:

    Love your content. Keep it up!!!

  30. pap hoved elsker says:

    i just subed because you build this its AMAIZING🤯

  31. William Lint says:

    how many times did he burn him self.

  32. Daniel Torres says:

    Amazing 👏👏👏 Could you tell me the name of the song you used at 1.40?

  33. Sherry Lee says:

    😳it was beautiful!

  34. David Williams says:

    Great job amazing I agree after all that work I hated to see you burn it up but the fire breathing was worth it.

  35. Aisha Nawab says:

    so what is the tree about?

  36. Pizon Kenji0 says:

    Hello tell me how to be you hahahahahah

    Dang dude you are so pretty creative😍😺🙀👷💪💪💪💪💙💚💜💛💓💓💓💓💕💖💗💞💘👍👍👍👍

  37. Deku is cute says:

    Dragon: my time…. has come…. the battle is finished! jaw closes and head comes off

  38. obeytheranchxclips says:

    7:13 my big brother on the mic

  39. *Top Series* says:

    Wow 🔥 dragon …… ❤ it

  40. Jacob Silver says:

    Stop it is bad for you

  41. Business Joe says:

    You’ve never fed a dragon!?!?

  42. kimberly costa says:

    valorizo o seu trabalho mas fiquei um pouco decepcionada e talvez não tenha sido o melhor ângulo

  43. MCRaccon says:

    Mom: dont worry, this is normal

  44. zouz9159 says:

    It was magik ! Incredible !
    I suscribe when I saw this video !

  45. Vitória Oliveira says:


  46. Wirallein_ - says:

    Ich Feier deine Videos einfach richtig ab ich bin zwar deutscher aber das ist ja egal also ich fahr jetzt nenn sind einfach richtig richtig richtig cool ich Feier sie einfach ab

  47. Mona Ujagare says:

    Amazing 😍😍

  48. Diana Lee says:

    Now, that’s a real wyvern my guy.

  49. Tobias Bagger says:

    Match Shop: How many matches do you want?
    Mokso: Yes.

  50. Solareclipsewolf 18 says:

    I love the flame breath that happened

  51. Bilal Ayyan says:


  52. Skywatcher Sandra says:

    New friend here. Ty for sharing your awesome videos and time with us ALL. Wow. You are absotively talented. HUGS and blessings from NY State 🏞

  53. Lucas White says:

    7:27 Mother of Dragons has awoken!!

  54. Francesco Orano says:

    When you don't have to do anything better in your life.

  55. Chelsey Meme says:

    First Off uhhh… smacks lips


  56. oscar perez says:

    Muy bueno me encantó

  57. Elizabeth Luo says:

    Mokso you are so good at drawing! <3

  58. Shawn Kenaga says:

    I just watched 3 of your episode's and I just have to say coooool🔥💥

  59. Skyler McNamee says:

    Good dragon

  60. Samantha Sperber says:

    So amazing you should do a deer now!👍🏻👍🏻

  61. Ben Miller says:

    That was awesome!!!!

  62. Alexander Plummer says:

    Have you ever considered a career out of this?

  63. Alison Scott says:

    Two dragons one to burn and one to keep!!!!!

  64. Adam Huballah says:

    You are very cool

  65. ᴍᴏᴛᴏ ᴍᴏᴛᴏ says:

    You look and sound like the person who makes everyone around you happy

  66. tmsb tmsb says:

    just wooooww

  67. Gray Blackhelm says:

    Seven minutes! My god, seven minutes and we finally get to the light!

  68. Bhavna Jain says:

    Ghost rider pet dragon rider

  69. Suat koçar says:

    I appreciate your works. Because you spend too much tıme on them.

  70. Leo Billinger says:

    man an actual fire breathing dragon

  71. vallon cubbing says:

    ITS real fire dragon

  72. •fallen wolf• says:

    Now THATS a fire breathing dragon!

  73. Matty Lee Chambers says:


  74. Pierre Dignand says:

    Awesome fire breathing Dragon.. 👊🤘🖖

  75. Gacha Drawings ;3 says:

    ( •-• )

    Bunny bought you some machsticks 😀

  76. Galaxy Dragon says:

    These are so cool! I feel bad for you because you do it to entertain your viewers to make them happy. But these are just…. INCREDIBLE!!!

    You work so hard… but in the end it's comes out amazing! It was worth it! PS: buh bye dragon 🙁

  77. Doperafael says:

    Why would you Burn it

  78. Marie Haley says:

    The volcano is awesome

  79. Charles Soriano says:

    Good work it was very amazing

  80. DJ B-Nas-T says:

    Make a big volcano out of matches

  81. Alif Ahmed says:

    7:27 it was a real dragon

  82. abdul jabbar says:

    who like to like the comments okeh

  83. smichos1 says:

    You are the best

  84. the Танос says:


  85. the Танос says:

    По плану это дракон из игры престолов, судя по чертежам, а не птерозавр

  86. Barrett Ragins says:

    That was burtiful

  87. Tampons Wett says:

    Das sieht echt verdammt gut aus 🙂

  88. Georgette Hardy says:

    Very cool!

  89. Shakeel Shaikh says:

    Please don't burn

  90. Gerlie Barasbaras says:

    Hours took

  91. 魔法院 says:

    Make a shark😂

  92. Tina Hamilton says:

    I love the move with the ladle in his mouth.

  93. jesus aranda says:

    Cuanto fosforo gastaste

  94. Communist chameleon says:

    I like how for every vid he plays a tree

  95. ail m says:

    제가살게요 제발태우지마세요

  96. Zephen Powell says:

    make A B25

  97. Sumera Reshi says:

    Oh my gosh! There is no limit to your creativity.

  98. Katrina Wilde says:

    This hurt me ;-;

  99. Gaëtan Lecuyer says:

    Super le travail.

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