– Woah, oh, oh, oh, oh! She’s not happy at all, like she tenses up and instead of running through she’s kinda stopped. Those are actions that
you definitely notice. – It’s ’bout to get hot and heavy in here. – Yeah. – Ow! God that hurts, ooh! – Super excited, we have
a really cool event here October 20th, here at The Reptarium. Can you imagine the experience offered if we can actually let
people swim with Ivy? (gong ringing) – Hey, good morning everybody and welcome to the vlog! We have another case of poop soup here with my girl Lucy. Which means we’re gonna do some heavy snake handling today, if that’s okay. And I think Ivy kinda
messed her cage up too. So we’re definitely gonna spend some time handling my big, beautiful snakes today. And guess what? I think our weary
travelers, Eric and Noah, are finally back, that’s awesome. It’s gonna be an absolutely epic vlog, I hope you guys will enjoy it. Let’s go ahead and have a
great time and get it goin’. – [Brian] And look who is back! – What’s happenin’? – What is goin’ on, of course, for you, of course for you guys that don’t know it, Eric was over in the UK for a
little bit, visiting family. – Yeah, yeah! – [Brian] It’s great,
how’s it feel to be back? – Dude, I love my country, I love America. No, England was really cool, but it’s definitely nice to be back. Just seems like a dream
now, you know what I mean? You’re over there, but no, seeing the family, seeing some
sights, it was really cool. Glad to be back at work here. – [Brian] That’s awesome. What was the coolest thing over there? – Man, it’s hard, probably
the sausage rolls. – [Brian] What? – They’re these little English sausages in a flaky croissant, there’s nothing like it in the states. – It’s almost like, what
do they call them here? – Pigs in a blanket! – Pigs in a blanket, yeah. – Yeah, but it’s nothin’ like that! – [Brian] It’s nothin’ like it, huh? – It’s so good, it’s so good.
– [Brian] Oh my gosh. I saw you had fish and chips, of course. – Fish and, yeah maybe
that was the best thing, yeah, ’cause they’re fresh. – [Brian] Oh, they’re fresh. – They’re so good. – (laughs) I don’t know. – It was the food. – Well, it’s good to have Eric back. Noah’s going to be back here later, too; he was traveling as well. Lori was traveling, I was all alone. – My gosh, yeah! – Well, obviously I had
Jessica and Bruce, but I mean, – Well, yeah, still! – My family was all gone! – I know!
– I can’t wait to see Noah. – They were all gone,
I was left all alone. – Oh, and by the way, welcome back. We’re gonna have to go mess with Lucy ’cause she pooped in her water, so. – Oh, gosh.
– So let’s jump right into the fire, okay?
– Yep, let’s do it. – All right, so we’re gonna
go ahead and take out Lucy and because Eric’s back,
he’s going to help me out. And I figured, you know,
it’s a good time to kinda give her a little bit
of play and enrichment and stuff like that. I’ll let Bruce go ahead
and clean up the poop soup and we’ll just take her out ad hopefully have a good time with her. And hopefully she doesn’t
poop or pee on us. And hopefully she doesn’t bite us. You in a good mood today, girl? You okay, sweetheart? Hi baby. Hi, how you doin’, baby? Oh, here you go, ow! Gosh, that hurts. They’re so strong. The thing I don’t want to happen
is her go in the poop soup. ‘Cause we’re gonna be handling
her, the last thing we want- – How is she? – She seems like she’s
in a good mood today. So I would say you can grab her. Man, she’s a big snake! All right Bruce, have at it man, have fun! And again, I’m gonna just go ahead and spend some time with Lucy. Let her kinda crawl
around and really, it’s I tell you guys, there is
nothing more impressive than a snake like this. I mean, she’s got a tremendous
amount of strength, energy, and you know, when people
come to The Reptarium and just hold, like, Butterscotch, which is a good, probably,
five feet smaller and 50, 60 pounds, maybe
even 100 pounds less, they get wore out. And I always tell ’em, “Just wait, if you were handling
Lucy, you wouldn’t,” whoa! – Sorry, I should have
gotten right up on her. – Yep, yep, yep. We just need her to calm down. She’s just gettin’ a little riled up. So I’m gonna just really gently, and the deal is, when you’re
handling a snake like this, sudden movements are the bad thing. You don’t want to run in
front of her face, number one, and number two, you don’t wanna be like
doing really quick, sudden movements with her. You wanna try to keep her real mellow. And I’m just gonna kinda throw
her up here just to kinda manipulate her a little bit. But she’s all over the place, guys. She is a tough one, there’s
no doubt about that. And one of the things I’m looking at her, is her tongue movement
’cause I wanna get an idea. If her tongue starts sticking out, that’s usually aggravation. And I don’t want that. It’s okay, baby. It’s all right, sweetheart. That’s one heavy snake. That’s a big snake, but an absolutely incredible snake. The good news is, big snakes like this, actually will wear out relatively fast and you can kinda… Whoa! – Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Sorry, Brian. You okay? – Yeah, I slipped on the pee. Got pee all over me now. Look, I got crap on me. – [Eric] Smells good, though. – Yeah. (rhythmic music) Again, a big snake like this takes a tremendous amount of
energy for them to move around. So if I can get her to just
kinda wear out a little bit, becomes a pretty awesome snake. Whew, I’m wore out too
though, that’s the problem. Oh my gosh. Let me know in the comments if you guys would love to get in and
handle a snake like Lucy and just spend some time with her. Again, we’re talking about doin’ that “swimming with” experience, where you could swim with
a big snake like Lucy or Ivy, the anaconda, of course, RJ the alligator, Elvis the monitor, whatever, I really want to make that
happen this next year for sure. But oh my gosh, she’s a big snake. And what happens is she’ll
wear out a little bit, but then she’ll kinda get her energy back if I give her too much time. So I’m gonna continue to try to see if I can keep her moving. Take a look at how long
that snake is right there. Literally, goes from one
side of The Reptarium all the way to the other
side of The Reptarium. And you can certainly see, remember how I was telling you guys that I’ll give you 50
grand for a 30 foot snake? If you saw this in the wild, you’d probably think
it was 30 foot, right? ‘Cause that’s a long snake. But again, she’s just over 20 foot. Last time we measured her,
she was 20 foot two inches. She’s got a long way to go
before she hits 30 foot. And someone asked me the other day, “do snakes ever stop growing?” And the answer is no, they
actually will grow forever. You know, Lucy’s gonna grow
until the day she passes, it just slows down tremendously. She’s at 20 foot two inches right now, and the next 10 years, she may grow three to four foot. So that’s not very much growth. Three to four inches a year,
maybe, and that’s about it. But they will start to
get more thick, too, and more heavy, so, but we don’t want her to be fat. We want her to be lean and mean. She’s got great body tone,
you can see she’s not spread, her scales aren’t spread, she’s just kinda that perfect body tone where she’s really muscular and not a bunch of fat. ‘Cause the fatter they get, the more they’ll have fatty liver disease and it shortens their lifespan, so she’s kinda like the perfect animal. We’ll definitely keep her
at this weight for sure and just let her get
longer and longer but, ooh, I tell you what,
what an awesome snake. (rhythmic music) All set and ready to go, Lucy actually kinda chilled out, just been hangin’ out here, so I think that she’s okay, so we’re just gonna go
ahead and grab her up, keep her movin’! Come one, baby. Come on, big girl. There you go, sweetie. There you go, up you go, up you go! You can just tell her mannerisms that she’s not happy at all, like she tenses up and
instead of running through, she’s kinda stopped. Those are actions that
you definitely notice, and again, right up into her tree like she always does
when I put her in here. So, cage is all clean, no one got bit, I almost killed myself
by slipping on her pee, my leg smells like pee now,
but I think, all in all, it’s a nice way to start the day. And guess who else is back! – Yeah!
– Oh my gosh, the dynamic– – What up playa
– The dynamic duo is back in the house.
– Oh yeah. Welcome back.
– Reunited. – Love him! – [Brian] My gosh, you
guys were really far apart. You were UK, you were LA. – Yeah, that’s like, almost
as far as you can be. – I know, right? – But you know what, late at night, I’d look
at the moon and I’d think, “Maybe Noah’s lookin’ at that moon.” – I was.
– Right now. – I was, it’s funny that he
says that ’cause every night, every night, I would look into the sky and I would see a little star just twinkle just like, twinkle, and I’m just like, “That’s Eric.” – Oh, Jesus!
– I could tell. It’s about to get hot and heavy in here. – Yeah, yeah.
– No, I’m just kiddin’! – All right. (laughter) – [Brian] So you guys
are back to making videos over on Noah’s channel, so – Yeah, big ideas comin’. – [Brian] All right, big ideas. So, uh, you guys can do that. Any good stuff out in LA? You had a good time? – Oh yeah, there was a lot of cool stuff. I could go on forever. You know, easiest way, just
follow me on Instagram. (cartoon ding) – [Brian] That’s right, go ahead and follow him! TheRealEricChambers and, uh, BarczykNoah over here. All right, so it’s good to
have both you guys back. – All right, see ya. – [Brian] You just got
back, what are you doin’! – I just got back, and my
pain tolerance is so low. This hurts so bad right now. Usually, this is just
another walk in the park. – [Brian] Oh my gosh. – A little hungry- Owwwww. (groans in pain) He’s pullin’, oh! Yup, welcome back. – [Brian] Welcome back, Eric.
– Good to be back, I love it. Ow! God, that hurts. (groans in pain) – Super excited, we have
a really cool event here, October 20th, here at The Reptarium. You know the movie “Crawl”,
that alligator movie? I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s out on digital,
and Blu-Ray, and guess what? We are premiering it here, October 20th, and even better than this, my friend Savannah, from Gatorland… – Are we there yet?
– No. – Are we there yet?
– No. – How much longer? – We’ll get there when
we get there, Savannah. – Are we there yet! – …is gonna be here to hang out with us and watch the movie, and just kinda hang out with you guys. So we have a limited number of tickets, so October 20th, you want
to come to The Reptarium. After hours, nine o’clock,
we preview the movie and have a great time
here, pizza, you know, drinks, stuff like that, really good time. Limited number, so go ahead. In the description, I’m gonna put a link and you guys can sign up, or you guys can go to Make sure you get those
tickets before they sell out. Got some more baby gargoyle
geckos hatched out! What do we have, Jessica? – We have our first
reticulated one of the year. – [Brian] Oh my gosh, so these are like, little blotchies, right? – [Jessica] Yeah. So it will have probably
red or orange blotches. – Oh my god! – They’re so jumpy. – Such a little, feisty little dude. And then we have a striped one, too? – Yep, these ones are Nosferatu and probably Bloody Mary? – Okay. – Just ’cause, the blotched one in there. – Gotcha. Oh, that’s such a cutie,
I tell you what, that is. Oh, absolutely adorable. Ah, it’s cool, we still have a bunch of
gargoyle eggs hatching. I’ve told you guys we’re working
on kinda the gargoyle room that we’re gonna have. Like a little, mini
Reptarium, for Rhacodactylus, Uroplatus, some other
geckos and stuff like that. So we’re excited. So, uh, awesome, some new little babies. We have a bunch more or what? – Yeah, we have some eggs incubating. Not a ton more, but, um, I’m thinking they’re gonna get going a ,little later this year ’cause we grew out so many last year. – Right. Yeah, I gotcha. – So they’re not quite ready yet. A couple more months. – Okay, cool, and do
you think our Deadpool and Dracula lines will be ready this year? – One of them laid slugs, so.
– Oh my gosh! – Actually, two of them did. I just wanna give them
a little bit more time. They’re probably not sexually mature yet, just laying slugs. – Good, well that’s awesome. That’s gonna be amazing. Cool things, I love these guys, it’s awesome to see babies. With a little fun with
Lucy earlier in the vlog, I figured why not go
ahead, get my girl Ivy, that’s gonna eventually one
day be much larger than Lucy. She had her first kinda
disaster in her cage today, so we’re just doing some
maintenance on her cage. Now, I figure, much like Lucy,
I can just spend some time habituating her to handling. We’ve been takin’ her out
almost every single day, ever since we got her, and to be honest with you, she’s never once kinda
shown any propensity, or any kind of actions that
I thought that she could potentially bite or do anything bad. We still haven’t really
got the confidence yet to let other people handle, because an anaconda bite, even this size, is a pretty serious bite. And we don’t want anyone to
ever get bit at The Reptarium, so we probably still need
to have a month or so of handling her, before
we kind of just readily take her out where people
can handle an anaconda here at The Reptarium. But as you can see, she is a puppy dog, and she’s doin’ so well, and again, like I mentioned earlier, could you imagine the experience offered if we can actually let
people swim with Ivy in a big pond? I mean, how awesome is that gonna be? You guys know I did it once and it was the most crazy and awesome
thing I’ve ever done. So Ivy’s amazing and
even though she’s only about nine foot, it’s
amazing how strong she is. She’s not quite as strong as, say, Lucy, but still pretty crazy for this size. And when she gets big,
it’s going to be ridiculous to see how absolutely strong she is. And again, with her eating
as much as she is right now, she’s gonna get big quick,
let me tell you what. As a matter of fact, we’re
gonna get her cage cleaned up, and I think tomorrow or the next day we’ll go ahead and feed
her a couple more rabbits. And just continue to see this
girl grow and grow and grow. But I tell you what, big
anacondas are amazing. And although she’s not a giant yet, she’s well on her way. Just a little, quick package
to unbox here for you guys. I’m pretty sure this might be a T-shirt. You guys are awesome. You guys are always taking care of me when it comes to sending
me awesome things. And I’ll try to see if I
can’t open this somehow, without breaking anything that is inside. And sure enough, it’s a T-shirt. I’m gonna look at that in a second, and let me just take a look. Oh, I remember this, this
is, uh, I remember you! Okay, so this is actually
from, let’s see here, got a letter in here, I’m
gonna read in a second. So this is actually from Morgan, I’m gonna read that in a second, and uh, she sent a picture. She actually came to visit us here. I think it was in, like,
the middle of the summer or something like that. So, Morgan, thank you so much! I appreciate you, and again,
I will read your letter and get back to you. I cannot thank you- Let’s see what she sent! And, oh my gosh, that shirt
is absolutely priceless! Oh my god. I love this, this is
definitely the types of shirts I love, so I love when you guys send it. Definitely got the E.T.
thing goin’ on, the dinosaur, love it to death. You’ll definitely be seeing
me sport this shirt for sure, so, uh, thank you guys again. PO box is always in the description. I am a large. Not that I’m begging you guys for shirts, but nevertheless, uh, pretty awesome. Thank you, Morgan! Handling big snakes, baby sand boas, and Noah and Eric are back. What an absolutely amazing vlog today! If you enjoyed this, you can
check out a baby snake video right here, and if you like giant snakes, here’s an entire playlist over here. Can you hit that subscribe
button right over there? And while you’re at it, can you turn those post notifications on? Be kind to someone today, and I promise, I’ll see you tomorrow.

Randy Schultz

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    I love the E.T. TRex shirt 🤣

  96. Leyton Middleton says:

    U know it's bad when u dont know what a sausage roll is😂

  97. Shane Yorks says:

    Lucy is a beautiful giant

  98. hailey kramer says:

    I would do it with any of them EXCEPT Lucy 😂😂😂 I’d like to think I’m brave when it comes to reptiles but shes over my limit 🤣🐍❤️ I’d love to watch or just pet her alittle!! Love your vlogs as always!!

  99. Nicky Engelbrecht says:

    Where did I miss the baby sandboas? I saw gargoyle geckos not sandboas.

  100. Annie Kwaussie says:

    Love Lucy. How old is she?

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