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  1. John Comeau says:

    How are you gonna get them in the building your gonna have to remove the entire front door and frame and possibly some of the opening

  2. Tails en' Scales says:

    Love seeing the process of the new repterium

  3. Chris Layland says:

    I just brought home a bearded dragon last week and made a slap stick stand for the enclosure. I sure enjoy watching all the construction on the new place! Looking forward to seeing all it come together

  4. maDDog 3F says:

    I love these build videos. Thanks for bringing us along.

  5. Matt Evans says:

    Hey Brian I hope you read this. We have the same moving obstacles at my job. If you can tilt up the ends and slide some heavy towing straps with the loops on each end. If your enclosure is 6 feet deep. A 12 foot strap will give you three feet on either side and if you take a couple 2×4’s and feed them through the loops on the straps. You will get these two 8ft long handles about 3 feet up for people to lift from.

  6. Claudia Forstner says:

    Use a pallet truck to move the cages .
    I like these vlogs.Its very interesting to see, how the cages are built.

  7. Sonia Hanley says:

    Enjoyed the vlog Brian watchin it all come together is amazing I’m so glad
    U r able to share this with us :)I can’t wait to see it all finished:)

  8. Debbie Oakes says:

    Looking good. Play safe have fun.

  9. Ashley Olar says:

    Take some 4×4 (or bigger), put wheels underneath what u put together

  10. Matt Shiflet says:

    Absolutely love seeing the expansion come together, keep em coming!

  11. Hope E. Wan Kenobi says:

    Y’all need an electric palette jack to move those enclosures.

  12. Mortal God says:

    It is amazing the way these cages are built!
    so much attention to detail!
    Lucky animals to live in cages like that!

  13. Robert Hope says:

    You really stretch the definition of “minimum required space”, don’t you?

  14. Lois Jones says:

    I love it!!!

  15. Robert Hope says:

    “This is our gator enclosure” shows wood box smaller than my shower…. 🙄

  16. Da Parrott says:

    /love the content.

  17. Ethan Does Everything says:

    Put a tow strap under it and then you can hold the tow strap and put people on both sides and hold it higher up while the enclosure is lower

  18. Emalii Wise says:

    You should get some piano rolling carts or moving cartsthey can hold thousands of pounds and normally only ten inches tall max

  19. kincade Craft says:

    By 2 Dolly’s with 4 weeks so you can set it on them than roil it in

  20. ivy ashley says:

    Update on two headed turtle??

  21. Michael Mathers says:

    To get them in the building put peaces of PVC on flower and u can role it right in

  22. Sunny Walls says:

    Will Bella get a bigger cage too?

  23. harrison paulsell says:

    Looking great

  24. B. Hauck says:

    Use four wheel dollys like the ohio fish rescue use, call big rich. He’ll show you the way👌

  25. Dratz Inc says:

    Brian , you need furniture dolly's to move the the new enclosures into the reptarium. They are sold at home depot.

  26. Mj East says:

    I love seeing things be built! Especially if they are going to be built to house animals in.

  27. Krista Bauer- Valle says:

    Put them on something with 4 wheels that way it’s not to high to get them back home looking good tho

  28. Mj East says:

    I love behind the scenes stuff

  29. Lisa Reinhardt says:

    Its getting so exciting seeing all of it come together.

  30. Danielle Blevins says:

    I really enjoy your vlog. The enclosures are magnificent. I can’t wait to see it all coming together. Brian are you feeling ok?

  31. J Hurley says:

    Hi Brian , exciting times ,I love watching the builds and can't wait to see them finished with the animals in them ,I think the rhino iguanas cage needs a higher level added. I recommend using pallet jacks to move the enclosures, keep up the great work.

  32. Darryl Payne says:

    I for one really enjoy you Build videos

  33. Put this in your pipe And smok it says:

    My absolute favorite channel you rock

  34. Shirley Leaton says:

    It wouldn't you if you never brought us with you on your journey. Thank you Brian 🐍

  35. paul walmsley says:

    Hey Brian, can you not use a stacker truck to move your tanks with extended forks? I can't wait to see the finished product

  36. Alex D says:

    Red wings suck LETS GO CAPS

  37. Bindi's Creative Crafting by Bindi Salton says:

    Its exciting. . Watching it all come together… plus the feeling of accomplishment by actually doing some of the construction. . Makes it truly yors..
    Can't wait for install day.

  38. Mae P says:

    Building vlogs are my favorite!

  39. pitbull21350 says:

    11:06 you're welcome

  40. Melissa Orthman says:

    They have hydraulic carts made for moving heavy items. You can have them super low to the ground.

  41. Dusty Watts says:

    I really enjoyed watching this…❤️ #REACHINGUNREACHABLE

  42. Ernest Minnix says:

    Dont worry Brian I love watching they build the cages and I would love to see how you bring the cages inside the building

  43. Jody Boatright says:

    Good Afternoon 🌞 Had Physical Therapy today, everything looking good so far. 😍

  44. dizney_xb Ashley Dickens says:

    Try little scooters like kids have in gym class. They are short and flat to help slide the enclosures In

  45. Angela Conley says:

    Use a fork lift or one of those u push with ur hands similar to a forlift

  46. Jack Wambeke says:

    You should get a blue and yellow uromastyx and name it Stormfly

  47. Small Plays says:

    These building vids are the best, cant wait for them to move in!!! Im a Big fan from the netherlands btw!

  48. Razor Ransom says:

    Brian, do you have any of those easy mover pads. My family used them for carios and giant dressers and drawers. It makes it so easy, no matter your floor type. Go for the bigger size ones. Only other issue is retrevial of those pads in tight spaces but otherwise its a good investment and work probably work for that cage moving issue.

  49. Banana D says:

    I am loving seeing the building and progress it’s great to see how it’s all made from scratch xxxxx awesome xxxxxx

  50. brokenredflag says:

    To move them, try an acient tecnik where they poot round sticks underneath the box, then as it rolls foword, a stick is left outside and behind the box, then that stick is trasichend on the front again. As you move the process will continew but the box will move every time. Hope you get it. Pardon my english, i speak spanish.

  51. Tianna and Digit says:

    cages look amazing

  52. Crickett Hinton says:

    to help move them you need to watch the tv show Tanked they have tank movers looks like they took boards 2×4 maybe and made a box and put wheels on them they set the tanks on them and roll them where they need them. i hope i explained that ok lol guess i should of said it doesn't have to be as long as the boards cut to suit your needs

  53. Florin Hamilton says:

    Use a couple of couch rollers to move the cages in

  54. Christine Carver says:

    I love Stewart…he enjoys what he does and gets so excited!

  55. Alain says:

    I love watching these "behind the scenes" videos, getting to see how everything is build. This gives me so much inspiration and ideas to use with my enclosures. It's great that things are coming along so quickly. Keep up the great work Brian, and stay safe!

  56. brokenredflag says:

    Yea i enjoy it….a lot… much. Lolol👍👏👌⭐❤

  57. Paul M says:

    You could use something like a piano dolly to move the cages.

  58. brokenredflag says:

    Im so glad the crocadiles will have space. Cant wait. Their so big

  59. Shae Muir says:

    I love seeing the build and the process of it like it's crazy how these enclosures are turning out and I enjoy seeing this alot

  60. Lucy92Hase says:

    Have you thought about using europallets and forklifts to transport the enclosures?

  61. Mark Exon says:

    Love it find it very interesting to see how the builds go

  62. Sherry Brzeczka says:

    I love seeing it all come together!!

  63. Brenden Phillips says:

    Have you considered investing in a manual pallet jack? If you have any type of jack that will fit under and slowly lift it up enough to fit in a pallet jack that would make moving it a ton easier. May need a few spotters on the side but it would make transport over flat surfaces a ton easier. I'm no expert, that is just my opinions based off my experience using them the past few years and what I've seen people use them for over YouTube. Love the content man and as always I look forward to seeing you in my feed. Wishing you the best in all your endeavours.

  64. NinasBeauty! says:

    I actually love seeing these being built. I was wondering if you would be doing a couple videos of you going here where they are made because I remember you did the same thing last time before the reptarium was complete 😃. The process and techniques are so cool and unique! I love that there is something even newer with the “Water Drip” look! 😃💙

  65. PixelJunk 89 says:

    I have a few channels I relate to but I don’t have animals.. one dog 🐕 lol but it has become my number1 channel and I watch it “every day” keep your dreams going bro. You always make my day 👌🏽

  66. Mike dpike says:

    Old school. Use pipe as rollers. It’s looking awesome.

  67. Karen Williams says:

    I'm so sorry about Karma, Brian. My heart goes out to you and all your extended family. Karma had a wonderful life. R.I.P.

  68. TheSephradragon says:

    You might be able to rent some piano dollies to move some of the enclosures

  69. bill frank says:

  70. Robin Tramell says:

    I wanna watch every step of everything….your AWESOME BRIAN….and i love to hear you say…"its looks absolutley INCREDIBLE"… everything looks amazing

  71. Lisa Evans The Fam says:

    I love everything you vlog Brian.

  72. jay mcmillan says:

    Use pipes they will roll on that's how I move heavy steel beams

  73. Pike Simson says:

    When it’s all said an done how much do you think this will cost?

  74. Walter Fink says:

    Yes, watching part 2 of the Reptarium, being built, is very interesting. The rest of the process, is going to be interesting, as well. Your daily travels are also interesting.

  75. shelby Osborn says:

    I have always wanted to know how enclosers are made. Thank you for showing this Brian 🙂

  76. RRR Reptile Ray Raz says:

    That place is fkn cool 😎 pardon my French , but outrageous joint for sure , definitely one good way to do it , if I had the money I’d get one for my Emerald for sure

  77. Vernon Ingram says:

    Hey Brian! There are these straps movers use.. Forearm Forklift or Shoulderdolly I think they’re pretty much the same (Forearm Forklift makes shoulder and forearm moving straps, I’m referring to the shoulder straps). They let a couple people move very heavy objects. They run underneath the object you’re moving and around your shoulders. 600 lbs is definitely within the weight capacity of this method, though the enclosure is probably a bit unwieldy due to its size, so I would use four people. You would only need to lift one side of the enclosure to get the straps underneath. Then you just walk it to where it’s going. You could also use this method to put it on something with wheels, leaving the straps in place underneath to lift the enclosure off closer to its final place to minimize physical effort. If this method won’t work hope you figure it out! Can’t wait to see everything in place! Your animals will certainly appreciate these new enclosures 🐍🐊🐢🦎

  78. Elizabeth Lovell says:

    Definitely wheels!

  79. Ramon Cortes says:

    Thanks for sharing the excitement of building the extension of your reptile zoo bryan,,i cant wait till its done im excited😄

  80. Jessica Miller says:

    I have an idea for helping move the enclosures in!!! Amzon has spotted plant rolling caddies that you can stick under the corners so you would have to do minimal picking up and then you could roll through the doors and they are not that tall either so you should still have clearance

  81. Danielle Stofko says:

    I love seeing everything being built. It's very interesting!

  82. keith knight says:

    Ain't the rock iguanas cage going to be to talk to fit threw your door? I'm loving this building series

  83. Elizabeth Lovell says:

    I think it’s great that people actually see you building the enclosures yourself. People can be very quick to criticise, and some would be happy to say that you pay others to do the hard, dirty work. This way they can’t.

  84. Phat Budz J says:

    Look into those air bags they use to move furniture around. You just have to get it on top of them then they basically turn into like a hovercraft.

  85. Recyclops Destroys says:

    I was expecting one of those glass panels to fall on you….glad that wasn't the case. Stay safe Brian.

  86. Dread D says:

    Easy way to move the reptarium enclosures is to use one or two inch pipe and set up a roller bank rotating the back roller to the front. Same procedure as the Egyptians used to move block. We use the same technique to move large air handling units that reside in mechanical rooms. Hope that helps. Cheers.

  87. Nicole Fowler says:

    Use those wheel platforms that fish tank builders use!!! Look up platform dolly!!

  88. Jen Tebo says:

    I enjoy seeing the build!

  89. Myia Lynn says:

    i loveeee these videosss of the expansion so much i get super exited when its about this

  90. Lil Red says:

    you need moving dolly

  91. Holland's Heroes says:

    You VLOG what ever you want I love watching you grow. You and yours are amazing and give me such joy and encouragement in my life, Thank You!

  92. gaming with xxdocxx says:

    Moving straps that go on your arms 2 straps one person on each side i dont know what exactly there called but im sure you get what im talking bout

  93. Chopper Briggs says:

    Love all your videos, doesn’t matter where you are. First thing I do after I get home from work is watch your blog. I’m over on the Lake Michigan side of your state. ✌🏻

  94. Christine Elmore says:

    I am so glad things are going great. The new enclosures look fantastic. Wish I could be there when you add them to the reptarium but live in the UK plus family issues make it hard. Good luck and all the best.

  95. Pamela noirot says:

    Can't you wait to put the doors on until they are in the reptarium. ? If they are on a pallet can't you move them in with a machine that moves stuff on pallets?? Of course we're excited to see everything thats why we watch you every day !

  96. Mark Hall says:

    Yeah mate keep it up

  97. Cheryl Clark says:

    Thank you for letting us see how the enclosures are being built. We can appreciate all your hard work and planning when we or others come to see it in person. They are very awesome and I know the animals will love their new habitats.

  98. Cassie Mcmahon says:

    Hey Brian! Use a dolly (what I know then called) that are used for moving pallets around, to move the enclosures. They can take a lot of weight and sit very close to the ground

  99. Lynan Washington says:

    Seeing someone’s hobby turn into what you have is amazing. Getting to see the possibilities in your furthest imagination become brick and mortar is so fun! Keep us in the loops!!!!

  100. Bathroom Critic says:

    I love these build videos!!!

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