ALLIGATOR VS CROCODILE – Who would win a fight?

ALLIGATOR VS CROCODILE – Who would win a fight?

What’s the Difference Between Alligators and Crocodiles? Many people are unaware that there’s a difference between alligators and crocodiles and use both terms interchangeably to describe any large water-dwelling lizard with big teeth. What they don’t realize is that, despite some similarities, the two reptiles don’t look or behave the same. They also belong to different biological families Differences in Physical characteristics Alligators have a wide “U”-shaped, rounded snout like a shovel, whereas crocodiles tend to have longer and more pointed “V”-shaped noses. In alligators, the upper jaw is wider than the lower jaw and completely overlaps it. Therefore, the teeth in the lower jaw are almost completely hidden when the mouth closes, fitting neatly into small depressions or sockets in the upper jaw. This is called an “overbite”. However, in crocodiles, the upper jaw and lower jaw are approximately the same width, and so teeth in the lower jaw fit along the margin of the upper jaw when the mouth is closed. Therefore, the upper teeth interlock with the lower teeth when the mouth shuts. Crocodiles have a jagged fringe on their hind legs and feet; alligators do not. Alligator have webbed feet; crocodiles do not. The American alligator is the larger of the two species of alligator and typically ranges from 6-12 feet but can grow up to 19 feet. The Chinese alligator is smaller, typically about 5 ft with a maximum length of about 7 ft. Crocodiles are the largest and heaviest of present-day reptiles. The Nile crocodile of Africa and the estuarine crocodile of Australia are the largest species; they can grow up to 20 feet in length and weigh over 1,000 kg. Differences in behavior Differences in behavior are also apparent. Most people regard crocodiles as more aggressive than alligators, and this is true of some species. When cleaning alligator pools, some zookeepers can tread on alligators without eliciting a response, though crocodiles almost invariably react aggressively. Habitat Alligators prefer freshwater while crocodiles can better tolerate brackish water because they have functioning salt glands on their tongue. This allows crocodiles to easily filter out salt. While alligators also have these structures, they appear to have lost the ability to use them for excreting significant amounts of salt and hence preferring to stay in freshwater areas. Today, crocodiles are found in the tropical habitats of Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas. They normally live near lakes, rivers, wetlands and even some saltwater regions. One of the largest known populations of American crocodiles is found in the Dominican Republic’s at a large saltwater lake called Lago Enriquillo. On the other side alligators are found in America and China. If an alligator fought a crocodile, which animal would win? Here I will let you choose! I tend to bet on the power and aggressiveness of the crocodile!

Randy Schultz

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    Your videos are very awesome! Very informative and unique.

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    Crocodile definitely wins.

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    A killer whale vs great white shark. PS: u are so pozitive on what do you like, and your opinions are right

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    Wow.. great video


    Its a crocodile îs sou savege

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    The crocodile would win

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    Awesome video. I usually get bored at some videos like this, but it's almost impossible to get bored while watching one of yours. Thanks for the facts and The Crocodile for The Win.

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    Depends on the species

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    Cine e român

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    Two creatures I want nothing to do with. I seen one bigger than my car before. They are dinosaurs!

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    I like you because you have a channel in english and one in romanian nice work dude

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    Came from two peoples who made chanell,, Lumea Lui DeDo" # DeDoman + make a video blue shark vs hammerhead shark or anaconda vs cobra pls?!

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    Fa un clip și despre strămoși crocodilor sarcosuchus

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    The crocodile

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    I like chenal

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    Crocodile Wins!

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    Crocodile is truly the Winner no, Contest

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    Crocodiles can get much bigger than 20 feet. The largest was over 28 feet.

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    Alligators will win i think

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    You have no idea what your talking about. Crocodiles have webbed feet to. In fact they have more webbing due to there mostly salt water environment.

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    Croc wins of course

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    Yor videoclip îs shmeker

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    This is a tough one because a Alligator is more robust but a crocodile is more aggressive but if they are the same size then the Alligator would have a bit of a better chance of winning but if both are average sized then I would choose the Crocodile

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    I doubt they'll fight, probably just play patty cake.

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    Depends on the size of both animals fighting

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    Crocodile would win, it is bigger, more stronger and more aggressive

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    Crocs can survive in more environments.

  51. Staley Pharmaceuticals says:

    Alligators smell when snow is comming. Last polar blast in the South East, they stuck their nostrils just above water before the water froze. They thawed and survived. Imagine seeing all those snouts above frozen water. They survived! Gator for the win.

  52. mariobahama says:

    Depends on species, but Saltwater crocodiles and Nile crocodiles will be the strongest of all. However alligators are dominant over american crocodiles while these crocs are larger on average then alligators. But salties and niles are not only larger, and heavier, but also got a much more vicious attidute

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    pfp 50-50.

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    I m from india i like your video s u give good info.

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    I want to know more about Upper Joe and Lower Joe 🙂

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    Female alligators are loyal to their male while female crocodiles are whore.

  58. Square Pickle says:

    My money is on the gator… Stronger bite force (which he failed to mention), and when comparing them at their maximum size gators also tend to be heavier than crocs (again, which he failed to mention)… I'm noticing a pattern here with animals he favors. He left out a lot of factors when comparing the lion and tiger as well. Only focusing on the size of the tiger and completely disregarding the lions superior combat abilities, harsher environment, and more dangerous rivals. Even going as far as to claim that tigers always win when they fight in captivity, which couldn't be farther from the truth.

  59. Black Jaguar says:

    Sir what is black caiman?
    Is it crocodile or alligator?

  60. Rayven Records says:

    Saltwater croc

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    Why does this commentator talk like a robot… it's so annoying!

  62. LORD LEX says:

    I am a robot….I am a robot…I am a robot…..

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    Alligator is stronger!

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  65. thriddoctor says:

    Saltwater crocodiles can reach over 28 feet and Nile crocodiles around 23 feet.

  66. Patrick P says:

    Extra fact, they both do "The death role" one do clockwise, the other counter-clockwise, i just don't remember which one. 🌊🐊

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  68. Michael Colapietro says:

    two the same size the Alligator will win its stronger and smarter. However the bigger one always win and Nile and saltwater crocs get huge

  69. Markús Böðvarsson says:

    The croc wins no question

  70. Sergio Meza says:

    Thos fight is the equivalent of a trex vs a tarbosaurus very similar creatures but the rex is a little bit stronger so it wins.

  71. Mainak Deb says:

    Covered well.. but a discussion about gators is incomplete without talking about caimans. The croc has a more formidable reputation no doubt.. but an actual fight is a different thing.. and i wont bet on either

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    Crocodiles win

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    No doubt crocodile

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    We also have alligators in Jamaica, but they probably don't get any bigger than 8 feet

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    You forgot the biggest crocodile was found in the Philippines..Lolong…🇵🇭

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    Cine e roman

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    Depends on size

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    Beginning of the video I thought he said big dick but he said big teeth lol

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    Alligator will win on crocodile

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    Gators even submit to woodpeckers. I watched Woody defeated them many times.

  82. Lou Cifer says:

    A 15ft alligator vs a 15ft crocodile the alligator will win, I was at a alligator park in Florida the guy told me all tho the crocodile is more aggressive against humans the wider mouth tends to scare of the crocodile

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    Alligator would win

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    Alligators are cooler and I like them a lot more

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    Generally speaking, Crocs will win because they’re bigger while Gators will win if they are of the same size.

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    CROCCODILE will win becuase croc is more bigger and angryer so croc wins

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    You sound like a6d

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    Crocodiles have a stronger bite force than alligators

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    If your not a gator YOUR GATOR BAIT go gators

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    Crocodile would win because he is bigger and has more powerful bite than alligator

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    I think the crocodile would win because it's larger, more dangerous,and it could drag the alligator in water and kill the alligator.

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    Dumb comparison, Crocodile wins

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    "The upper jow"

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    U never Showed any Fight! The Information is NOT Clear to say who would win if a fight was to ensue. Your NOT Tell anyone anything much. NOT Going to Subscribe Thanks for nothing much other then the Pictures.

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