Alligator Snapping Turtle Bites Researcher

Alligator Snapping Turtle Bites Researcher

What have you got there? Researcher: Um, oh,
a small adult alligator turtle. Macrochelys is the genus. It’ll bite a little bit, but the only reason he wants to bite me
is because I’ve
got him tangled up in the net. For the most part they’re nothing to worry about; you can swim with them, fish with them,
and all
that and they’re nothing to worry about. But when you get one like this
where you wants to bite you, you’ve got to be careful. There we go. (chomping sound)
Researcher: (yells out) Oh, he got me. Okay. He’s got me. What do you want us to do? Researcher: Um… Oh… Want to help him?
Somebody want to help him? Researcher: No, don’t touch the turtle. No, he’s going to have to do it.
He’s got to release it. You can’t pull on him or anything;
that will just make it worse. Researcher:
Somebody get the pliers out of my bag, quick. You need pliers?
Researcher: No, I don’t need ’em any more. Hmmm. Are you okay?
Researcher: Yeah, I’m fine.
I can’t believe this. You need stitches?
Researcher: I don’t know. No, it’s okay I don’t need a bandage on it,
I mean I
don’t want one on it; it’s throbbing too much. You need to stop the bleeding
and that’s how you’re going to stop it. Researcher: It’s stopped.
Look, it’s stopped. Yeah, he didn’t crunch down on it —
he crunched down on it twice. You saw him, he was holding on to
too much
to where I couldn’t pull out. I didn’t want to move. None of us wanted to do anything
you could feel what’s going on. None of us wanted to do anything
you could feel what’s going on. Researcher: Yeah, yeah. A fisherman could probably sit on a bank
every summer afternoon for a year, or two summers in a row, and probably never see

one of these come out of the water, or even surface to breathe. Females lay eggs on land, other than that
they’re really rarely ever found.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Alligator Snapping Turtle Bites Researcher

  1. Jared T says:

    he took that like a man.

  2. Joey B Smooth says:

    WOW for a science person he too getting bite really well.

  3. FisherDudeGuy says:

    got his one hand out…. now bite the other haha

  4. Orbot says:

    OUCH! That turtlw was fast! Got him as soon as he let go! I think that turtle was a bit pissed about being caught, so hewanted some reparations, lol!

  5. amandalynn merritt says:

    heres where he made the mistake… lets grab a 75 lb turtle by the face

  6. chris branstetter says:

    @donny29dsm must be a big feller to pick up 300 lbs

  7. l0ltxtit says:

    did he say it's a small adult? THAT THING IS ALMOST AS BIG AS MY BEAGLE.

  8. mookeychase0907 says:

    @TheMysteryman334 I been shot before and I didn't yell scream or panic but if that turtle woulda bit my hand like that I could see myself hollering…

  9. Ink-Bleedful says:

    you need pliers just to remove that thing

  10. Chris24hrbail says:

    Yes! Score one for mr. Turtle!

  11. Diatsu says:

    I figured it would bite his finger right off.

  12. undocumentedspot says:

    so they are kind of persistent , never give up on their bite.

  13. Benj Katon says:

    This creature needs to be extict

  14. Grimno says:

    "Ah he got me…" A good reaction. My reaction probably would have been "OH DEAR GOD HE"S GOT ME! SHOOT IT! SHOOT IT!"

  15. desirefirst says:

    i'll never go in the water again

  16. LETSGOBULLS8 says:

    the turtle did what anyone else would do, you mess with it, take it out of its environment, its gonna defend itself

  17. KingDededeMaster says:

    Well now. That sure 'bites'.

  18. comfortjjc says:

    i like his reaction. like i never thought this would happen but its cool im gunna get through this

  19. Helena Knox says:

    I was scared to watch this video. That turtle is brutal! And the researcher is pretty hardcore. I definitely would've been blubbering. Dude is lucky he didn't lose his fingers.

  20. RastamanVibrations91 says:

    I'm guessing the title of his research was "Do snapping turtles snap?"

  21. flaminshiz says:

    Good god I thought the dinosaurs were dead

  22. Scrotie McBoogerballs says:

    damn i wanna cook that thing… think the meat tastes like crocodile

  23. Tourist says:

    @RenoDoctor i dont think "tough work gloves" will help just a thought

  24. phillyflash43 says:

    Those things are why I'll never understand why people engage in the sport of "noodling" for catfish…you could lose a whole hand to one of these…

  25. Spun says:

    The way he was holding that turtle was lol

  26. Johnny Massacre says:

    I could have told you within 5 seconds to destroy this creature with a bomb of some kind, judging by its nightmarish appearance.

  27. TameTurtlez says:

    the interesting thing is the turtle still thinks he's biting the victim once something is in his mouth (the tool), so the researcher still has his other hand close to the turtles mouth. but if you ask me, i think his other hand got bit when the video cut off, loool.

  28. FeartheSting says:

    Its funny because he said "you have to be careful when they want to bite you". When he puts it down, it bites him

  29. L Daws says:

    the sound when it bites is like in cartoons. lol

  30. PinkOld says:

    That made my legs hurt just watching it.

  31. zach hop says:

    took it like a boss

  32. xsplatermasterx says:

    thank you for giving us full instruction of how dangerous snapping turtles can be

  33. Nogusaurus says:

    took it like a manly boss

  34. Lawrence Hall says:

    Gotta be faster than that!

  35. JaRellz2 says:

    sounds like he bit into an apple..

  36. Sam B says:

    I have actually seen these alot at our lake lot. We found a baby swimming close to shore with half a tail. So we named it Nub. We never saw it again. But we did catch another one crawling on shore a moth later

  37. A2Kaid says:

    I would have used an electric stun gun on the snapper to get the jaws to release.

  38. Darkforestization says:

    That could have easily have taken his finger off! I am surprised he did not lose a finger in this scenario.

  39. Dave Durham says:

    Nice bite,good release.Glad no one was hurt in this video.

  40. BigMikeMcBastard says:

    Electricity causes muscles to contract.

  41. Tigerpuffer says:

    Handling Common Snappers has become part of my regular fishing/herping trips, and I finally got bitten yesterday. This one was thankfully way smaller than the one in this video (and the ones I usually run into) and it was a Common, so their jaws are way less jagged, but still, it wasnt fun. It was about the size of a dinner plate, and the bite felt like slamming my finger in a door. Still swollen and painful the next day. Dont handle these guys unless you know what you're doing or expect a bite!

  42. Da Fa says:

    and know think of that a turtle have a higher bite force than a shark 😀

  43. mysupersniper says:

    I would cry like a baby and cut its head off.

  44. Nico Muslera says:

    0:52 the bite


    I bet that guy wanted to bash it over the head with a rock

  46. Delticola says:

    He lost the nerves in the tip of his finger, lost the nail that grew back perfectly. Nerve damage. There is a reason the finger didn't get bit off, it's where the finger landed in the jaws, not in the cutting front part, but toward the middle, less cutting and more crushing.

  47. Brian Bumstead says:


  48. Bette says:

    i saw one of those but the shell was smooth looking but the head was long and looked like a snake

  49. Andrew Tornadoboy says:

    I think the turtle is SMILING afterwards!

  50. Kingtot says:

    I would bite the turtles "finger" for payback. So it knows how it feels.

  51. Jonaskowa says:

    I knew if he hold it like that the alligator snapping turtle will get him

  52. ilikemoneygreen says:

    one happy looking turtle. 1 to 1 now. researcher got to net the turtle and the turtle got a bite.

  53. RainmanJhof says:

    "The turtle was released back into the wild unharmed" I bet they gave it a kick or 2

  54. heArt beAt productions says:

    why do i not believe any of the captions

  55. bigwooleycritter says:

    Rare? Uhhh….ok.

  56. John Booker's Full spectrum says:

    Camera man/producer/director "he's got to do it". Ya that's right don't help a human being in trouble.

  57. Dooh Maa says:

    Turtle 1 point, researcher 0 point

  58. Poodleinacan says:


  59. Daniel Sturby says:

    he handled that well

  60. Borderline Person says:

    A true professional… Kept his cool & did exactly what needed to be done in order to keep his finger!

  61. phillyguerrilla says:

    He's fortunate he didnt lose a finger!

  62. 1TICKHAND says:

    trying to be turtle man look what happened!!!

  63. Andrew Tornadoboy says:


  64. ShortFingeredShreder says:

    Still got his finger!

  65. Ruben van Gestel says:

    He asked for it..picked it up the wrong way

  66. Troy Meadows says:

    *He got me*
    "What do you want us to do…?"


    Wait, let me try this again…what kind of turtle is this again?

  68. shanustheanus says:

    What? It was clearly another 'expert' who said that because only the guy being bit knew what the best way to get him off was. As he explained. One of the camera crew actually asked to help.

  69. julius the python says:

    Reminds me of the time I got chomped by a 13 foot Burmese python. Was working for a rescue group, and the big girl was in a bad mood. Yeowch!

  70. Leah Owens says:

    God at the crunch. AAAHHHHHH

  71. senatorlou says:

    those things collect fingernails

  72. Turtl3land says:

    oh smart after he releases the bite keep ur hand near the stick in his mouth really smart! that must of hurt.

  73. ribi12100 says:

    why you have touch her head you know that attack immediatly

  74. Max Lachance says:

    I dont think so he seemed very calm about it

  75. Joshua says:

    Luckily for him it was a small one. Those alligator snappers get HUGE.

  76. venture790 says:

    He's lucky to have kept his finger. Poor guy.

  77. peter blundell says:

    These are good ppl in this video releasing the creature unharmed, its why I respect you guys

  78. cruciferousvegetable says:

    I always thought that if you are bitten by one of those, you are losing whatever fingers go into that mouth.

  79. carlos hernández says:

    This guy is a professional he knows whats up. He has to get her from the head in order to set her free what a dumb people that misjudged the owrk of a professional

  80. Always Good Boyo says:

    I would have cut the cam went and got the biggest rock and dropped it on the turtles shell/head about 50 times after this

  81. Jamie Bush says:

    These things are everywhere in eastern ky. Different species though.

  82. Jack Ross says:

    1:04 dudes thinking  'damn, that's my wanking hand ummm ' 1:24 dude has a cry about pliers ..  NO! I don't need em any more lmfao!

     Secondly, good on Mr Turtle.  I don't know much about them.  But I'm certain that picking wild animals up by their chin and nose, isn't very considerate.

  83. Jack Ross says:

    1:54  Dude seems like   Yeah  Yeah  Yeah because I'm the professional.    oh wait, let me rethink that.

  84. whalesong999 says:

    It pays to know what the condition of the turtle is.  I was bitten with a glancing slice on a middle finger by a common snapper and it swelled and turned purple after a few hours even with care and cleaning.  Went to the ER and got anti-biotic treatment for what was probably salmonella.  Healed up after a number of days.  The turtle had an unusual tan appearance to the skin and was not a healthy specimen.

  85. ThEmAdJaCkHaTtEr says:

    special tool? you mean a knife?

  86. Bobbin' Williams says:

    1:25 "No, I don't need em anymore."

  87. PJ Grantland says:

    totally deserved that bite man.i've seen one of those "rare" snapping turtles the past 5 times i went to the park and everytime i go kayaking

  88. wowforreeel says:

    This is why I only do research on dandelions.

  89. Ahmad Alqaraien says:

    shir you didn't harm the turtle after jamming a knife into his mouth

  90. Tactical operator run n gun duracoat master of the deserts of Utah says:

    The researcher was released back to his office harmed.

  91. Prismatic Spirit says:

    OW! oh he got me!

  92. Prismatic Spirit says:

    he didnt even scream that loud xD what a brave man

  93. MrHooskerdu1 says:

    Pour water on its head to make him open his mouth.

  94. Robert Griffin says:

    I grew up on Spring Creek on Lake Seminole, the one thing our old folks always told us was they wont let go till in THUNDERS. That's why I know better than to put my hand ANYWHERE near the mouth!

  95. Moon God says:

    Wise man said,"don't play games with nature fella"!

  96. Jonathan Smith says:

    that less tragic than what I was expecting, glad all he got was a cracked fingernail and cut on the finger

  97. David Stevens says:

    I used a schrade brand sharpening steel that was probably from the 1970's its a blunt but chiseled steel with a high amount of raised grain, the flat steel sharpens knife edges.   I saw one the other night in someones gun cabinet collection.  I need to find this one and do a video on it as there is so much debate that it was a knife.

  98. UNLebanon says:

    Maybe the turtle thought the researcher was trying to steal his pizza.

  99. Thorny Turtle Ranch says:

    I love the comments. This is me. I'm still playing with turtles 30 years later. See my couple videos and see hundreds more soon on my new channel. I learned how to avoid being bit luckily, hopefully it holds out.

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