Randy Schultz

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  1. Ikshtendinker says:

    Trump 2020 Hillary is a lizard

  2. Maryjo Boone says:

    Nova is amazing ? I love how he sits and watch people while tilting his head to get a better view. Just awesome ?

  3. Camoboys Beardies says:

    I love fetty wop n flamin hot chetto as u can tell from my profile pics ive got sum myself they are just awesome love ur content Brian ill always be a fan

  4. Dj C says:

    Hillary for sure is cold blooded

  5. Gabriel Pinto says:

    Great vlog

  6. greg szyszka says:

    k n tell lori the gecko got to stockbridge MI just fine thanks.

  7. Kire Huberle says:

    Stefan Broghammer from Germany has an Albino Nil Monitor too

  8. ABI STARR says:

    Are all rhino iggy's that tame or is Bella special? Would love a pet dinosaur like her

  9. Let's Just See With BB says:

    Wow has it been that long for chicken strip? He has grown so much since the vlog you introduced him on! Wow! And still amazingly beautiful! Love him!

  10. Jeni Gordon says:

    Watched you on NERD! Glued to the podcast even when they video was broken! Thanks for making that happen! Kevin has so much knowledge and you have a positive delivery of knowledge! Thank you!

  11. Alivia R says:

    I’m in the marines and the period I was at bootcamp and mct I didn’t get watch your videos so I’m a little bit behind but I just wanna say I love watching your videos and my friend will always say “what you watching on YouTube, your snake guy”. But love your videos, thanks for making them!

  12. ABI STARR says:

    PS love looking at your Malagasy species. Was lucky to go to Madagascar last year and have seen the day gecko and fimbriatus in the wild

  13. Viggo Vmaris says:

    Where the leopardgekkos at ???

  14. Jeramey Belden says:

    Can't wait to see the white king

  15. Mrs. PuppySaver For life says:

    Haha….Hillary is a lizard…LOL. that was too funny ? I loved seeing all of the lizards today. I was at pet smart over the weekend and they had a gorgeous panther chameleon. I didn’t buy it, as I don’t want to contribute to their breeding abuse, but was very tempted.

  16. Sherry Lynn Madcat says:

    Love the lizards. Always love the lizards. I saw you on the podcast last night hours after it was over or I would have been telling them to get you to bed. You were having a great time but almost falling over. I knew it was going long for you when you missed a couple of jokes and just nodded with a smile lol
    * Anyway, you take care and have fun! We want you back to your family, BHB and the Reptarium all safe and sound. That goes for Mr. Cameraman too! Yeh you, Jay. Don't go trying to look innocent. Have fun guys!

  17. Keith Payne says:

    You forgot potatoe lol

  18. Tabetha Sowell says:

    Oh my gosh! Toothless is getting HUGE! I remember when he was itty bitty! ?

  19. BigD 303 says:

    At 0:14 shows another real dangerous snake

  20. hailey kramer says:

    Elvis is getting sooo big!! Such a handsome boy!!

  21. James Kleiber says:

    Can i come work for you?

  22. Lindsey Watkins says:

    The scientific name of the crested gecko actually changed. They are correlopus ciliatus

  23. Rafail Georgiadis says:

    I have been waiting for this vlog ?
    Thank you btw ?
    Greetings from stockholm ??

  24. Resi Schmelz says:

    Great collection of lizards that you have

  25. kingsley's mom says:

    I loved it

  26. Shawna Smith says:

    I'm a Dragon fan. Love lizards. Snakes are wonderful but, this vlog was awesome thank you.

  27. Johnny R says:

    The start of my day was truly amazing. My baby Banana Ball from Brian Barcyk arrived! 🙂

  28. J D says:

    Talking about being a lizard person, flash to crooked Hillary. I love it! Epstein didn't kill himself, flash to crooked Hillary.

  29. Catherine Adams says:

    You should answer people's questions on the blog

  30. Franco Luco says:

    Hi Brian, why isn't Andy in the video?

  31. batoulornitho says:

    I love ackies ! I wish somme day I could produce some melanistic ackies it would be crazy !

  32. Heather Moore says:

    When you open the expansion, maybe make the vlogs longer than 15 minutes to incorporate all the new stuff.

  33. Chelsea Robinson says:

    Do u have any baby karmas or plan on baby karmas in the 2020 breading season? Or do u have a suggestion on where to get one in Sacramento ca

  34. Yuri GAGArin says:

    Try keeping a Sailfin Lizard, that lizard is from Asia and it is very beautiful lizard.

  35. Jonathan Bacon says:

    so cool

  36. Erica Bl says:

    Are the turtles getting a door on the enclosure, then you don’t have to pick them up?

  37. Rick Nichols says:

    Awesome live show with NERD last night!

  38. Mitchell Whitehead says:

    Dude! I love you even more now. Hillary flash was funny as [email protected]&&.

  39. Josh Wainscott says:

    I have a Nike monitor named Kevin he’s really small though

  40. Louise Allen says:

    Loved this love my lizards

  41. Amber Jones says:

    Such beautiful lizards. Thank you for sharing Brian! ?

  42. Jadden says:

    I would love a monitor but they do get big

  43. Kaylon Brown says:

    Leopard gecko

  44. John Phillips says:

    Elvis is in the building love Bella reptarium looking amazing and peaceful really looking forward to the coming weeks with the new part of the reptarium as the man himself would say it’s going to be AWESOME ??????

  45. ProtopulsarGames says:

    Brian isnt even gonna mention the Tokay Gecko… I think he's still scarred

  46. your friend Tami says:

    I love all your beautiful lizards and geckos. Bella is a sweetheart!

  47. your friend Tami says:

    Lol toothless looked like he had a perm in his hair at first…lol that was so cute.

  48. swedish JENNIFER says:

    Hi!!! Tank you for all amazing videos. Do you think it is ok to hold a snake at a snake show, it is the only way for me, but is it bad for the snakes? Take care

  49. Tyler K5 says:

    I love ubusuku!!

  50. Edward Proctor says:

    I've been asking for this video for the last year lol thank you#!!!!

  51. Kwanza Lumumba says:

    thank you for making the video that I wanted to see from you. You must have read my comment yesterday LOL

  52. psycho alien says:

    This was everythingg!???? makes me want a lizard more an more helping with my fears. Thank you for everything you do Brian. Lunch love from Gainesville Florida

  53. Michael Stevens says:

    Brian, where is Verde??? Or anyone else know…. just wondering

  54. benjamin wright says:

    No Tokaye today?

  55. John Lash says:

    The giant leaf-tailed geckos are really cool that's one gecko I always love to add into my collection

  56. alex walter says:

    Brian can we see a vlog with all of the different snakes at the reptarium now? I think that would be awesome to see the ones we don’t see often.

  57. Alejandro Lorenzo says:

    Maybe keep a change of clothes at the reptarium XD

  58. MichaelSimpson MSLP says:

    WTH with the Hillary shot!!! A place you should not have gone, up to now, I thought much, much better of you. Really disappointed.

  59. Erik van Zantwijk says:

    What happened to Andy the forest dragon??

  60. Chris Christy says:

    Thank you so much for this video I think the only lizard you forgot to mention although you have plenty to mention from was potato well I know you'll get him in the next video or down the road thank you keep up with the great content as always Brian have a great day

  61. Steven Miller says:

    Are all of Rhino Iggys going to be in the same enclosure when the new it's all said and done?

  62. MJ Varela says:

    I liked this video before I even finished it

  63. Spenny Z says:

    Hey Brian! Question for you, I just had my boa out and realized that the hole where his tongue slips into (forget the term) looks kinda red/purple but definitely a different couloir than the rest of mouth. Is this normal or is this a sign of mouth rot?

  64. Ethan Selig says:

    Drinking game: take a shot everytime Brian says “habituate” or any other derivative of the word. Have fun!

  65. Melissa Wilson-Lukkes says:

    It would be awesome if you bred Bearded Dragons. There are so many amazing morphs and they are a very popular pet.

  66. Chris's 24/7 Bail Bonds, Inc./ Jacksonville, FL says:

    Taz is my favorite?

  67. Vanessa Vieux says:


  68. MJ Varela says:

    Loved the video!! Great editing, lighting everything.

  69. Michelle Morningstar says:

    Hello Brian What An Epic Video Love Lizards and Chameleon thanks so very much love it .. thanks Brian..oxoxox

  70. Steve Munn says:

    Inspiring ????

  71. Peggy Little Dragon says:

    Bella is my favorite!❤️????

  72. Lisa Tomsky says:

    Absolutely Amazing Vlog Brian ??? you definitely picked the first one to be my favorite ? I love Elvis he definitely has my heart ?

  73. Tanvir Ahmed Siddique says:

    Where is toki gecko

  74. R Miller says:

    Good afternoon Brian Lori, Noah and BHB crew. Can't seem to pick a favorite of the lizzard. I like them all! Hope you all are having a wonderful day.

  75. Azurle Angey says:

    Hey I was so happy to see the podcast with kevin last night. I watched the entire thing. Learned a lot, and you answered my question regarding Tinley. I wondered why you weren't in Kevin's vlog there, because I would have loved to see you two go around. Completely understand your reasoning for not going and respect you even more(already high respect your vlogs helped convince my bf to let me get some snakes lol). Also respect your approach to drama, its a drain it really is when you let it in. I do have my moments like Kevin where I am not taking the bs and will destroy lol. But you have to just keep walking forward and avoid that pothole. Would love to see more from you both, I already learn so much and love the conversations and i especially treasure how long you two have been in the business and the experience you both share with us. Lots of love!

  76. Yoshwin Padayachee says:

    You should a prank on Noah and Erik by putting a gecko on your back and acting like you don’t notice it.
    Love the videos

  77. Yahya Warsi says:

    I love lizards and I also loved this vlog!

  78. Jesse_ K says:

    I was wondering about Taz. Such a cool lizard.
    Also you should make 20min long videos when the expansion is complete

  79. Global Clips says:

    im so sad i missed the sail on bhb

  80. Shekino Williams says:

    Hey Brian,really appreciate everything you do. Love your passion for these animals and I am a lizard ? lover. Awesome creation,and which one of your animals name Fetty wapp

  81. G Gibson says:

    Ooooh!!! So much cuteness and beauty in one vlog!!!! Thanx Brian….u n ur critters are lucky to have each other… to everyone

  82. Crystal Mendoza says:

    I had a question about my bearded dragon. I heard that they don't need a water, but just to spray them in the morning. What do you think about that? I have been misting my dragon in the morning but not sure he's get enough water

  83. Sara Orthner says:

    HEY brian! you should try to break a record for most lizards captures in one photo!

  84. Kevin Poe says:

    You missed a few like the two savannahs, potato, the pink tongue, and prehensile tail skinks, and a few others

  85. C Janow says:

    I have a question. What kind of license do you have to have to keep all of these animals? What kind do you have to have to buy animals out of the US?

  86. khandi 75 says:

    Woq Elvis has gotten huge

  87. Jackie Barker says:

    Perdida loves Brian.
    Toothless had a bedding Mohawk. Lol

  88. Puerto Rican says:

    Jurassic Reptile world

  89. Ethan Castleberry says:

    Brian or any brb employee please help I ordered a snake on black Friday and today I received two snakes one I ordered and one that was sent for someone else but had my address on it the animal is safe and warm but please contact me

  90. Christine Kilroy says:

    Like you Brian,I started out as strictly a snake gal, but over the years that I’ve added Crested Geckos, Leopard Geckos, Gargoyles and a Irian Jaya Blue Tongue Skink to my reptile family. I’m still hoping to add a leacheanus someday …

  91. Marcus Barnett says:

    Can u show your mossy frogs

  92. Randy Minor says:

    Great to see all the ? lizards ?

  93. Tanja Sørensen says:

    Where is potato. ?The tiliqua multifasciata

  94. Kena Tinl says:

    awesome animals. thanks for sharing. have an awesome day..!

  95. XxxechodragonxxX p says:

    Which is better tegu or monitor?

  96. MadeYaLookC says:

    I love tazzy I want a tegu so bad! can you do a video with him in it some more?! ????

  97. Jayson Newland says:

    I wanted a rhino iguana but they cost a lot

  98. Alex D says:

    Chicken Strip is a cool lizard like when you show him

  99. Ellie Young says:

    Wow Elvis does love u x

  100. Barbara Weekley says:

    You have alot of cool lizards Brian

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