Ahhh!!! Camel Spider Chews My Finger!

Ahhh!!! Camel Spider Chews My Finger!

– I’m Coyote Peterson and
you’re never gonna believe what I have cupped in my hand. Are you ready? One, two, three. (dramatic music) Ah! It’s going up my arm! (dramatic music) (suspenseful music) By the light of day, the desert appears to be
void of any living creatures. And if you find yourself in the
heart of the Sonoran Desert, the intense sun
and scorching heat can reach temperatures close
to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Survival in those conditions
without water and shade is almost impossible. However, as the sun
disappears beyond the horizon, and the cool darkness
of night sets in, the seemingly
uninhabitable desert awakens with creatures. Exploring the desert at
night is a true adventure. Right now I’m sitting
in the middle of a wash, which is pretty
much the equivalent of an animal superhighway. I say we head that direction and see what we can find. Power up your flashlights
to brave the night and you’re almost certain to
have some animal encounters that you are not
likely to forget. Oh jeez. Come here. Check this out. – [Camera Man] You got some? – [Coyote] Yep! Woah! It’s neither a
scorpion or a spider. It’s a solpugid. Also known as a wind scorpion or a sun spider. Now they’re actually
really fast, so I’m hoping he’s
just gonna stay– – [Man] How dangerous is this?
– [Coyote] on that rock. Well they’re not venomous,
so it’s not that dangerous. But if you look at that front
set of mandibles right there? Get your finger close to that and you’re gonna
get quite the pinch. And these guys
have an incredible defensive posture. Look at that. They
will not back down. That is for sure. Okay,
stay right there on that rock.
– [Camera Man] Oh my gosh. – [Coyote] Okay. I’m gonna… alright, he’s like, okay! I’ve been spotted. You gonna go on my hand? There we go. Look at that. Oooh boy, stay there. Stay there, stay there. – [Man] No. – [Coyote] Okay, don’t
want it on my back. Don’t want it on my
back. Get on my hand. Oh my gosh! It feels so creepy. Like a tarantula, only faster, thankfully it doesn’t have
a stinger like a scorpion. Look at that. Okay. Stay. Now these arachnids have become incredibly famous
on the internet. We actually have them
all over the world and there’re some famous
pictures out there floating around where
people will actually hold them up in
front of a camera with a forced perspective
to make them look so much bigger than
they really are. This is honestly the biggest
one that I’ve ever seen. And just like any arachnid,
they do have eight legs but this front setup here
which is actually nine and ten, are the pedipalps. And unlike a scorpion,
they don’t have pinchers, but they have all these
sticky little hairs. So let’s say, I hope he doesn’t
lunge out and bite me, if a moth flies
towards him like that? You see that? Watch. Like that. He can grab with those pedipalps and those little
hairs are sticky and then he shoves his prey right into those front mandibles and oh, come here, come here. And then he’s got dinner. And that’s basically
like being thrown into a set of
giant, razor-sharp– – [Man] Oh! – [Coyote] sheers. Look out,
he’s coming towards your leg. Okay, I got him, I
got him, I got him. (exhaling loudly)
(suspenseful music) Okay, that gets
your heart racin’. – [Man] Have you been
bit by one of these? – [Coyote] No. Worst case scenario,
if I am bitten by this creature,
it is nonvenomous. Most people think that
this is a venomous animal like a scorpion or a spider but a bite from this is gonna cause
a little bit of irritation, but if I take a bite,
I’m gonna be just fine. – [Man] Would you be
willing to take a bite? – Really, you had to ask that? – [Man] I dare you. – [Coyote] I mean,
this is the biggest one that I’ve ever seen. It actually could kinda
prove a cool point that they are not
venomous despite the fact that they look like
they’re the predator from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s
famous movie. Getting this speedy
arachnid under control was rather difficult but once I had it gently
placed in my fingers, it was time to test out those
vicious-looking chompers. I’m Coyote Peterson and I’m
about to enter the strike zone with a solpugid. Ready? One, two, (dramatic music)
three. (dramatic music)
Ow! Ow! Aahh! Ooh, yeah,
can you see that? Holy cow that hurts. Wow, that pressure
is unbelievable. Oh my gosh, his little
mandibles are razor-sharp! Ow! Jeez that hurts, like
little tiny needles going into my finger. – [Man] So how was that? – That was not fun. He didn’t actually break skin, although it felt like
he was cutting through using his mandibles
like scissors. As you can see, Mr.
Solpugid is just fine. I think I’m a little
worse for the wear but the point is, I’m actually not bleeding and he certainly
is not venomous. Not a creature that you
need to be afraid of. Just when I thought the
creatures of the desert couldn’t get any more bizarre? We bump into the solpugid. And gettin’ bitten by one? Guys, that’s an experience
that I’m certainly never gonna forget. But hopefully we’ve proven
that these little arachnids are not venomous and their bark, sorry buddy, is far
worse than their bite. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave! Stay wild! We’ll see ya
on the next adventure. Alright little predator. Back
off into the desert with you. (suspenseful music) If you thought the solpugid
made your skin crawl, check out my encounter with
a true living nightmare, the giant desert centipede. And don’t forget, subscribe! To join me and the crew on this season of
Breaking Trail. One really interesting
feature about this centipede, is see how he’s got that
dark spot on his tail? And those two little, oh! That’s close to my hand.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Ahhh!!! Camel Spider Chews My Finger!

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  10. Brutus Brutus says:

    I watched this trying to give myself courage to catch these when they get n the house so I can remove them instead of kill them! Not sure if it worked or not

  11. Rudy Amezquita says:

    my buddy who was n Afghanistan said r bigger there & dat he has to kill em wit a shovel.he also said dat dey kick d shovel away a lil bit b4 he hits em

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